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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 80

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

80. Surname Ying

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Zhao Lejie: “It doesn’t uphold martial ethics. Go up and talk about martial ethics with it!”

“It’s not that I won’t go up.” Ji Qingfeng spoke with emphasis and seriousness, “But the key is that it has to understand what I’m saying!”

Without much ado, Ke Lin immediately said, “YDS, head to the south of the base station!”

Qi Sicheng said, “Give Gale the northern side!”

Jiang Yu continued, “Leave the western part to the Individual Soldiers.”

Just as Huo Yan was about to speak, a few mecha pilots from the Frontier Army nearby said, “We’ll go to the east.” He paused, then continued, “What about KID?”

Zhao Lejie pointed upwards to the high place, “Go talk about martial ethics.”

The others from KID: “…”

The pollutants loomed above, countless at a glance, especially the gigantic ones, created a tremendous impact. Without hesitation, all mecha pilots headed to the landing pad, preparing to take off for combat. With the arrival of the Frontier Army, the mecha pilots on the battlefield had already rested for half a day, which was more than enough for seasoned mecha pilots.

“First, blast away the pollutants at the entrance!”

“There are still others inside the base station; we can’t let them breach this area.”

As You Su walked forward, he noticed that the person who was originally standing beside him had disappeared.

The base station was the nearest supply point for the A-14 frontline, containing a large reserve of energy from the Frontier Army. There were also non-combat personnel inside, and regardless of the circumstances, they had to secure the defense system.

In the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, all the staff were caught off guard by this sudden situation.

“We have detected seven locations with Black Hole-like magnetic fields.”

“The situation at Base Station B-147 in the north is stable, but Base Station A-26 has excessive pollutant levels!”

“The Chairman has led the expert team here, has connected to the communication, and inquiries have come from the Star Alliance control!”

Chairman Li Jingyan of the Dawn Mecha Alliance connected to the communication and asked, “What is the current situation now!?”

“The contamination levels in Qiu Jin have been skyrocketing and are approaching 7000!”

Such contamination levels were getting close to a Frontier Contaminated Zone. The staff, observing the data, muttered, “This thing is no ordinary giant… It has intelligence.”

“This indicates that it reacts to our attacks.”

Major Guo said, “The attacks may not be entirely ineffective; we just can’t see the results.”

Dealing with a Super S-level pollutant was not as easy, given the significant difference from S-level pollutants.

The Super S-level that freely entered and exited the Contaminated Zone, perhaps weak in defense itself, posed an incredibly threatening danger due to its peculiar abilities.

A soldier suddenly said, “Major, I found information on an S-level recorded in the Frontier area, but the last record was 50 years ago.”

When this statement was made, everyone fell silent.

A pollutant from 50 years ago—how many years had the Black Hole been roaming around???

“Its excretion has exceeded our original estimates. This pollutant needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.” Old Qiu, observing the escalating situation in the Contaminated Zone, solemnly said, “It expelled more than before, indicating it can control each expulsion. The unknown amount of pollutants within its body is a variable. We cannot let it go, nor can we continue to ignore it…”

“If we continue to ignore it, Qiu Jin will become the biggest internal threat in the Dawn Alliance, the first ‘Frontier Contaminated Zone’ within Star Alliance territory.”

Everyone remained silent, with only the continuous alert sounds from the system.

Li Jingyan asked, “How long does it take to use heavy weaponry?”

Old Qiu responded, “I brought a team over; they’ve obtained data from the corpses of the deceased S-level pollutants. To simulate the data and manufacture the weapon casing, it will take a minimum of 36 hours.”

Li Jingyan asked again, “Can you guarantee it will kill the Black Hole?”

“The power of this heavy weapon is sufficient to kill the Super S-level pollutants recorded in the history of the Star Alliance.”

The old man said earnestly, “Please believe in the Frontier Army; it is the only possible way to kill the Black Hole.”

On StarNet, within the Dawn Galaxy, many netizens were closely monitoring the situation in Qiu Jin. The public outcry was too significant, and the Mecha Alliance couldn’t suppress the matter without shutting down the Competition-level system. However, within the scene, the increasing pollution levels made it challenging for signals to spread out clearly. Some station signals were even entirely disrupted, and the area around the Black Hole had become entirely obscure, with only a few functional perspectives remaining.

Because Base Station A-14 served as the signal source, several cameras within were still operational. All netizens who couldn’t observe the situation from other perspectives rushed over.

Seeing the dense mass above, everyone’s hearts were tense, and the oppressive feeling approaching them weighed heavily.

[Didn’t the situation improve yesterday? Why are there suddenly so many now?] [How can there be so many pollutants… it’s terrifying.] [If you have time, you can check the live broadcast perspective on the Dawn Frontier side; the situation there is even more dire.] [Being a professional mecha pilot is not an easy job; entering and leaving the Contaminated Zones is always a risk.]

In the past, there were situations where live broadcasts documented incidents in other star domains.

However, this time, with the Black Hole under everyone’s attention, the situation grew increasingly dire. Numerous people were concerned about the mecha pilots clearing the frontlines. Some mecha pilots and maintenance personnel spontaneously applied for support from the Alliance.

[What will happen if the situation in Qiu Jin isn’t resolved?] [The Contaminated Zones have been stabilized for so many years, and the Alliance has emergency handling capabilities.] [Many mecha bases have spontaneously gone to assist; we can only trust the mecha pilots!]

While many people were following on StarNet, the situation in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone had not yet seen relief.

The base station, as the primary energy support point within the Contaminated Zone, stored a significant amount of energy and was often harassed by pollutants. Since the incident in Qiu Jin began, many pollutants had attacked the base station, but the defense system had prevented them from causing a significant impact.

However, this time, partial damage to the defense system led to the leakage of the reaction produced by the energy, attracting more and more pollutants.

As the pollutants increased, the defense system was approaching its limits.

Inside Base Station A-26, mecha pilots were hovering above the station, trying to remove as many pollutants as possible from the periphery of the defense system.

After a few hours of rest, Ying Chenlin’s physical condition improved significantly.

He assisted the staff with other tasks, and when he arrived at the control room of the base station, the Frontier Army soldiers who remained in the base station were communicating with the Qiu Jin Management Bureau.

—The Dawn Mecha Alliance and the Frontier Army decided to activate heavy weapons to kill the Black Hole.

The main screen in the control room was filled with numerous pollutant reactions, each reaction aligning with the terrifying scene in the sky. This surge was more overwhelming than the previous attack by the Giant Wolf. The A-level pollutant reactions had almost doubled, including several mutated species with pollution levels approaching S-level. A-level and A-level mutants were manageable, but the challenging part was the appearance of four S-level pollutants above the base station.

Qiu Jin had encountered several pollutants so far, but a scale like this had never appeared before.

During the recent expulsion period of the Black Hole, the entire Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone showed reactions from 10 S-level pollutants.

The heavy weapon would be fully prepared in 36 hours. In the remaining time, they not only needed to deal with the current S-level pollutants but also be ready to respond to any additional pollutants that might emerge during the Black Hole’s expulsion period.

A staff member said, “The Management Bureau has sent a rescue team for us. Some of the repaired S-class mechas meant for maintenance have already been sent over together—”

Before the sentence could be completed, a sudden incident occurred. One of the Individual Soldiers who was providing support on the west side of the base station was hit by an S-level pollutant from above, causing its wear and tear to drop to 80%.

The unexpected situation caught everyone off guard. Since the appearance of the Black Hole, there had been no casualties among the mecha pilots. However, clearing pollutants was inherently a high-risk task, especially when facing S-level pollutants.

“Where’s the rescue team?”

“The Gale team from the north has sent Zhao Lejie for reinforcement.”

“The damaged mecha has been brought back.”

A staff member said, “Mr. Ying!”

Ying Chenlin didn’t stay in the control room. He quickly ran back to the rest area, grabbed his tool kit, and rushed to the base station’s landing pad. From a distance, he saw a mecha returning with a damaged one. The damaged mecha had circular corrosion marks on its surface, with one on the cockpit.

When Jiang Yu returned with his friend’s mecha, there was no response from his friend on the communication channel.

To the west, there was an S-level pollutant with corrosive properties. This pollutant had the ability to release strange vines. Mechas entangled by these vines would suffer from the corrosive liquid released by them. Jiang Yu’s friend, who was originally eliminating A-level pollutants, was ambushed from behind by this S-level pollutant. By the time he reacted, he was completely bound.

When Jiang Yu rescued the mecha, its damage had already dropped to 80%.

The damaged mecha was placed on the landing pad, and the liquid flowing from the mecha corroded the surface of the landing pad. The staff operated the decontamination agents on the landing pad, spraying them on the mecha. The potent neutralizer counteracted the corrosive effects of the liquid, but there was no response from the mecha’s pilot.

“Life signs are still present! The mecha pilot is unconscious!”

“We need to open the cockpit to rescue the person.”

“Give me the neutralizer, and get me a set of protective suits.”

Ying Chenlin took off his jacket, took out the necessary tools from the tool kit, and quickly put on the protective suit. “Install all monitoring devices and scan the internal situation.”

A staff member said, “Leave this to us; please rest assured.”

Jiang Yu watched Ying Chenlin swiftly board the mecha, earnestly entrusting him, “Thank you!”

The rescue environment on-site was not optimistic, with ongoing battles and inevitable vibrations.

A staff member took a high-angle assist robot, scanning the situation outside the mecha cockpit. Seeing the damaged area, the staff member, with some knowledge of maintenance, frowned, “It’s a bit tricky. Some of the corrosive liquid has entered the interior of the mecha.”

Although the neutralizer had eliminated some of the effects of the corrosive liquid, its elimination was not comprehensive. Residues were still present in some crevices of the mecha’s frame. As the damaged area gradually flowed into the mecha’s interior, it caused damage to some functions.

The damage to the mecha was the least concerning situation; the most worrying part was the cockpit.

The cockpit was completely sealed, and generally, this corrosive liquid would not have a significant impact on the cockpit. However, now there were severe corrosion marks on the periphery of the cockpit, and forcibly opening the cockpit might lead to the penetration of corrosive liquid from the crevices… If such a situation occurred, it could potentially affect the mecha pilot inside, who was currently in a state of unconsciousness.

Ying Chenlin assessed the situation, and looked up slightly. At this moment, it was crucial not to cause any further disturbances.

The sky was bright, but the pollutants above the defense system blocked out all the light, resembling a dark cloud forecasted by a storm.

The mecha’s silhouette moved through these dark clouds, creating a gloomy and threatening environment that left the onlookers breathless.

News of the mecha pilot’s incident also reached the Management Bureau. When they heard the news, they knew that the most worrisome situation had occurred.

“Are we a step too late?” Major Guo frowned. “Has the rescue team not reached the base station yet?”

Inside the base station, there were only medical robots. When a large amount of contamination appeared, the Frontier Army’s doctors, along with mechanics and mechanics from the mecha bases within the Management Bureau capable of participating in on-site support, formed teams and jumped to the scene to deal with the sudden situation.

“The environment for jumping on the site is too unstable.” A staff member said, “Affected by a large amount of pollution, the jump trajectory has deviated. We are constructing a stable jump frequency, and it is estimated that it will take another 10 minutes to reach the rescue scene.”

What was initially a task that could be completed in a few minutes became increasingly difficult due to the sudden situation.

Suddenly, a soldier said, “Major, there is a mechanic participating in the work on-site.”

The scene switched to the site, where a mechanic wearing a protective suit was already dealing with the situation in front of the cockpit. Being blocked by the protective suit, the person couldn’t be clearly seen. Major Guo frowned slightly, “Are they base station personnel?”

The person in charge made a judgment, “That’s not a staff member; it’s Mr. Ying, a very talented mechanic.”

Seeing this, an elderly person observing the damage to the mecha hesitated and asked, “Surname Ying?”

The person in charge said, “Mr. Qiu, do you know him? He is a mechanic for KID, very young, and very skilled!”

Major Guo turned his head to look at the old man. Old Qiu had long been engaged in the research of Frontier pollutants, concentrating on the development of pollutant materials in his early years. Nowadays, many heavy weapons of the Frontier Army come from his research. Since his arrival in Qiu Jin, his focus has been on the Black Hole. Most of what could attract him was pollutants, and it was rare to see him interested in other people or things.

In the somewhat noisy control room, the main screen displayed the emergency rescue scene on the landing pad.

The face of the mechanic was obscured by the protective suit, and the outline of a young body could be vaguely discerned.

A young person…?

The old man thought, his gaze staying on him for a moment, and after a while, he said, “Then I probably don’t know him.”

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