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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 81

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

81. A-Class?

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The moving robots hovered high above, scanning the damaged mecha comprehensively. They used data imaging to present the internal conditions of the mecha one by one. This S-level pollutant had extremely strong corrosiveness, and various parts of the mecha’s interior had been more or less corroded by the infiltrating liquid, especially the mecha’s elbow, where the metal nerves were completely severed.

For the mecha pilot, who had a strong sense of connection with the mecha, this undoubtedly felt like experiencing the pain of losing a limb.

The perspective inside the base station was exceptionally clear, and all the spectators who were focused on Area A-26 saw the severely damaged mecha.

Since the development of the Black Hole incident, this was the first damaged mecha to appear. Many spectators, out of fear, exited the perspective, while others anxiously watched the damaged mecha.

[Can’t this mecha be sent to the Management Bureau through the jump point?] [No, it’s too severely damaged. Corrosion has caused stability degradation in various parts of the mecha, and the intense pressure during the jump would lead to its disintegration directly.] [I see the Management Bureau has dispatched a rescue team.]

Many mechanics and experts who couldn’t reach the scene were also paying attention on StarNet. Seeing such extensive damage, they couldn’t help but feel helpless. The station’s environment was too harsh, lacking large and stable instruments and an on-call team of mechanics.

[Strong corrosive damage, corrosion burning with toxicity. Once it enters the cockpit, it’s game over.] [We can only hope that the mechanic on-site can stabilize the situation, at least holding on until the rescue team arrives.] [Who is the mechanic going up?] [.. I know! There’s only one mechanic on-site, and it’s Ying Chenlin from KID.] [How skilled is he…?] [He’s so young. Can he handle it alone?]

How skilled was he…? This question was challenging to answer. All they could say was that standing on the League maintenance platform had already proven part of his capabilities. During the League, he seemed to have participated in repairing the damaged mecha attacked by Blood-Devouring Crows.

Moreover, since the Black Hole incident, if they observe the A-26 perspective, they could see that he often assisted other mecha pilots in performing mecha self-checks… but all these observations still couldn’t clearly determine his actual strength.

Behind a layer of images, except for those present at the scene, no one knew how skilled he really was.

The thunderous sounds of battle continued. Mecha pilots were doing their best to remove pollutants from the vicinity of the defense system, but there were still many pollutants crawling on the defense system, launching attacks bit by bit.

Under the defense system, after the staff examined the data imaging, they looked anxiously towards the high point where the mechanic in protective gear was attempting to dismantle the cockpit’s outer armor. The corroded outer armor suddenly fell from the high point.

The protective suit seemed to have no impact on his operation and judgment. The staff knew Ying Chenlin was a mechanic, but seeing him quickly dismantling the mecha was a different experience. The other party dared to start working without planning any blueprints, having only seen the data imaging on a similar robot.

“Don’t get close to these things. The odor generated by the corrosion is toxic,” Ying Chenlin reminded from above.

The staff nodded, “I’ll go get the purification device right away.”

Ying Chenlin’s movements were swift. He removed the outermost layer of armor and proceeded to cut through the metal nerves to enter the cockpit. The conditions in the station were too harsh, lacking various large instruments in the maintenance area. Methods like directly stripping the entire cockpit, as done previously, were entirely impractical in these conditions. The only viable option was to open the cockpit safely and rescue the mecha pilot.

Fortunately, there was no need for a disassembly operation. What he needed to do was open the cockpit safely.

The protective suit somewhat affected his sense of touch. As his right hand reached into the inner side of the armor plate, he could still hear the sizzling sound of corrosion beside his ears. Some liquid contaminated the protective suit, seemingly attempting to erode his limbs through the thin protective layer. However, Ying Chenlin’s brow remained un-creased.

On the contrary, those sounds didn’t affect him at all. His hand delved deep into the armor plating, threading through the corroded metal nerves and liquid. He precisely located the almost unreachable latch that had been corroded. Upon touching it, his other hand unhesitatingly removed the mechanical clamp and, with a thunderous sound, pulled the armor plate, dragging the metal nerves down from their high point.

People watching the scene on the screen marveled at his skilled and swift disassembly work.

[He’s disassembling it so quickly…] [Doesn’t he need auxiliary judgment? He’s disassembling so boldly.] [The key is that he didn’t make any mistakes! Take a closer look; all the armor plates have come off, and the cockpit inside is unharmed.]

The mechanic hung around the outer edge of the cockpit, without any auxiliary tools. All the disassembly operations revolved around the mecha, solely relying on his legs wedged into various crevices of the mecha.

Messages from the rescue team had already been sent to the control room, and the mechanic was about ten minutes away from the scene, requesting the on-site staff to perform a simple cleanup to buy time. When the staff brought the purification device over, there were already around ten corroded armor plates on the ground.

“So fast?” The staff hurried to the monitoring screen. Ying Chenlin didn’t remove all the armor plates; instead, he created an opening on the side of the cockpit, large enough for three people to pass through. At this moment, only the last piece of armor plating remained in this opening.

Ying Chenlin looked at the last armor plate in front of him, raising his eyes slightly to glance upward.

Several mechas were mixed in the pile of pollutants, their red and white figures standing out prominently.

Observing this, the staff noticed that Ying Chenlin’s actions had stopped. “Mr. Ying?”

“Why isn’t he continuing the disassembly?”

“Isn’t the next step to dismantle the cockpit to rescue the pilot?”

In the control room, the elderly man spoke up when he saw this, saying, “The next step in disassembly can’t proceed.”

A staff member nearby asked, “Is it because of insufficient tools?”

“No,” Old Qiu looked at the young man on the screen. From the side he chose to dismantle to the present, nearly all the operations were close to perfection, making it challenging to find fault. “Tools are sufficient; the key lies in the surrounding environment.”

“Do you see the high position? It’s difficult for mecha pilots to control their position during battles. Impacts like the previous one can even lead to the internal antenna pole being snapped off,” Old Qiu continued, “Mecha repair is an extremely delicate job, especially now with corrosive liquid appearing inside the mecha. Have you considered the scenario where vibrations during the disassembly process cause corrosive fluid to flow into the cockpit?”

The staff members were momentarily stunned.

The mecha pilot inside the cockpit only wore a combat suit. While combat suits could resist pollution, they might not necessarily resist corrosion.

If the liquid flowed backward, the mecha pilot inside would be corroded.

Old Qiu looked at the young man and said, “So, he can’t proceed with the next step… We can only wait for the rescue team to arrive.”

The battle in the area continued, not only around the base station but also in the intense fighting directly above it.

Under the shining sunlight, pollutants at high altitudes were vaguely discernible. The massive S-level pollutant blocked more than half of the field of view, surrounded by many accompanying A-level pollutants. Ji Qingfeng had finally managed to snatch back KID’s Giant Wolf corpse from under the foot of that dishonorable pollutant but ended up being thrown far away by the pollutant.

Controlling Theo, You Su hovered around, knocking pollutants away one by one. In addition to aiming, he caught sight of the scene beneath the defense system in the gaps. The damaged mecha remained in place, and the mechanic in the protective suit looked up. You Su’s aiming came to a slight pause.

Under the protective suit, the mechanic gestured slightly and pointed to the damaged mecha at his feet.

“You Ge, what are you doing over there?” Ji Qingfeng flew back, sweeping away the surrounding pollutants.

“Change the battle plan.” You Su swiftly flew above the defense system, stopping in front of it. “In the next 10 minutes, don’t let them get close to the defense system.”

“Stay in front of the defense system?” Huo Yan hesitated slightly, looking down to notice the damaged mecha below. “The damaged mecha hasn’t been sent back to the control bureau.”

Huo Yan was a former soldier, and he knew what that meant.

Not sending it back to the control bureau meant that the situation could only be repaired on-site.

He readjusted his posture. “I’ll block that S-level behemoth. The rest of you, guard the defense system. Don’t worry about the small pollutants; just keep an eye on the big ones.”

“Captain Qi, Captain Ke, and Frontier Army along with the Individual Soldiers, can you hear me?”

Huo Yan contacted other mecha pilots. “There’s something that requires everyone’s help.”

The mecha in the high altitude adjusted their postures, and the mecha flying from afar approached.

When Ying Chenlin saw all the mecha moving, he was slightly startled. He turned to the staff, “Adjust the robot’s perspective, notify me of any changes immediately.”

The bewildered staff immediately responded, “Yes!”

The mecha pilots distributed over the defense system received communication from KID. The mecha pilots who were previously deviating from the plan adjusted their postures at the same time. All of them were evenly distributed in various positions above the defense system. This instant adjustment was immediately captured by the observers from the control bureau, and the staff listening to internal communication were momentarily stunned. “KID’s Captain Huo has adjusted their strategy.”

Another staff member said, “The mechanic has resumed work. He is dismantling the cockpit shell!”

Ying Chenlin wiped away the liquid on the surface of the cockpit with his hand, swiftly scanning the surroundings of the cockpit. As he expected, the liquid had already penetrated it, but the cockpit had not yet suffered corrosion. The outer layer material used on the surface of the cockpit was the strongest part of the entire mecha, and at this moment, it was still protecting the mecha pilot inside.

The entire mecha was positioned diagonally, maintaining a certain balance without experiencing any vibrations.

Ying Chenlin poured the neutralizer into the gaps around the mecha. The corrosive effect was somewhat reduced by the neutralizing liquid, but it still had a certain destructive power on the human body. Finding the right disassembly angle, he took a deep breath. “Hold on.”

Once the mechanical clamp descended, there was no turning back in the dismantling process.

[He’s started moving!] [Can this work? There’s so much corrosive liquid around the cockpit.] [What’s going on with that S-level pollutant? Wasn’t it only bound a few times? Why is there so much liquid?]

Everyone nervously watched the mechanic’s operation.

The staff closely monitored the robot’s control screen, helping Ying Chenlin clearly see the flow of other fluids inside the mecha and trying to eliminate the flow through the cockpit as much as possible. When the first piece of outer cockpit armor fell from above, he noticed a change somewhere and exclaimed, “Upper left side of the cockpit!”

Everyone’s hearts were lifted. Ying Chenlin quickly blocked the flowing liquid from the front.

Using the mechanical clamp, he pried open a certain part, changing the direction of the liquid.

Without stopping at this point, he reached into the repair pocket under the right leg and took out a small welding and melting gun.

It was a small, portable welding tool specially manufactured for use by mechanics.

“Continue.” Ying Chenlin clamped the mechanical clamp on another gap in the cockpit, completely welding the dismantled part around the cockpit to ensure that the liquid would not flow in before proceeding with the next disassembly.

[Stabilized…?] [Stabilized!]

The cockpit shell had multiple protective outer panels, and to ensure that no liquid entered, the disassembly of each one was crucial.

After sealing one gap, he quickly assessed the next target. The mechanical clamp moved downward, and he rapidly switched tools, completely removing the most crucial panel.

Light entered the dark cockpit, revealing the mecha pilot wrapped in metal nerves in a state of unconsciousness.

Ying Chenlin shouted towards the interior, “Gas mask.”

The staff immediately had a small robot bring it up.

Ying Chenlin removed the protective gloves, took the mask from the robot, and leaned sideways to put it on.

Pressing his body against the cockpit, he barely reached the mecha pilot’s face. The moment he attached the gas mask to the pilot’s face, the mask automatically conformed to his facial features.

Protection against toxicity was in place; now, the goal was to prevent the intrusion of corrosive liquid.

Ying Chenlin put on his gloves again, and half of the protective suit was covered in corrosive liquid.

At this critical moment, a large pollutant from above broke through the defense of the mecha pilots and charged straight towards the defense system.

“Hu Luobu!” Ke Lin shouted urgently.

Hu Luobu replied, “No, I can’t catch up!”

The sudden change made everyone’s hearts race. With the speed of that pollutant, a collision with the defense system would undoubtedly cause vibrations.

Suddenly, an Energy Cannon shot at a tricky angle, hitting the pollutant just before it was about to collide with the defense system, sending it flying and stabilizing the delicate balance.

Theo breathed a sigh of relief. “Good thing we arrived in time!”

“Time is running out,” You Su raised his eyes. The pollutants they had diverted earlier were approaching again. “I estimate we can hold on for another 5 minutes.”

High up, all mecha pilots had clear roles.

Protecting the entire defense system from vibrations was an impossible task. Their numbers were too few to achieve all-around protection. They could only analyze and protect critical contact points from certain angles of force, minimizing internal vibrations as much as possible.

Everyone watching the rescue efforts observed You Su’s movements, their emotions fluctuating with his actions.

In this stable environment, Ying Chenlin’s hands remained steady.

He continued his orderly work, undisturbed by the outside world, seemingly entrusting all potential risks to the mecha pilots outside the defense system.

“The rescue team is here!”

A rescue team composed of the Frontier Army arrived at the outskirts of the base station at this moment. Under the cover of several mecha pilots, they entered the base station. Upon entering, they witnessed the dismantling work from above. In the five-member rescue team, a brightly dressed woman in work clothes quickly ran to the control platform. “He has started the dismantling work and can’t get into a mecha. Find a way to maintain his balance.”

The staff was surprised to see her and asked, “Are you KID’s Boss Shen?”

“I’ll take over the work here.” Shen Xingtang, a retired battlefield mechanic, was familiar with on-site operations. With just a glance, she knew exactly which step Ying Chenlin had reached.

The Frontier Army’s mechanic also approached, observing the operations on the monitor. He couldn’t help but comment, “Quite daring, using the method of dismantling while repairing.”

But it had to be acknowledged that this method was the fastest. In a special environment, such an approach could quickly rescue the mecha pilot.

With the arrival of the rescue team, they quickly set up anti-seismic measures at the scene. Everyone’s tense hearts finally relaxed. The mechanic above the mecha removed the last blocking plate, creating a complete rescue passage.

When Ying Chenlin descended from above, the onlookers finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The chest of the mecha had a large hole, with residual corrosive liquid at the opening. A gap, just wide enough for two people to pass through, had been created in the position of the cockpit. The area around the gap had been meticulously adjusted by the mechanic, displaying traces of temporary and special welding. Not a drop of corrosive liquid entered the cockpit.

Those watching couldn’t help but admire the temporary rescue passage created in just fifteen minutes under these circumstances.

Other mechanics and medical stretchers had already reached the high point. When Ying Chenlin took off his protective suit, sweat covered his forehead.

Seeing Shen Xingtang, Ying Chenlin was slightly surprised, apparently not expecting her to enter the Contaminated Zone.

However, Shen Xingtang smiled slightly and gave him a thumbs up. “Chenlin, well done!”

With a young face, Ying Chenlin displayed skills that no one dared to underestimate.

The injured mecha pilot was rescued from the cockpit, with stable vital signs and not a trace of corrosion on his body. The Frontier mechanic gave him a solemn military salute, and Ying Chenlin humbly returned it.

A doctor nearby said, “Thanks to your help, this rescue went so smoothly.”

When Ying Chenlin turned his head, he recognized the doctor.

It was the one who had examined him when he was on Tianyu Star.

Carrying a medical kit, the doctor said, “Later, go to the medical office. Protective suits may not block all toxins. Let’s do a checkup.”

“Thank you,” Ying Chenlin replied.

The rescue at the scene continued. The Frontier mechanic handled the damaged mechas, and Shen Xingtang, seeing Ying Chenlin still standing there, hurriedly sent him to the temporary medical office inside the base station.

Outside the scene, the mecha pilots returned to their original combat positions, eliminating the pollutants in the vicinity.

[How did the mecha pilots outside achieve such unity? Their speed is incredible.] [My teacher said the biggest difficulty in this repair was maintaining balance in such harsh conditions. All the efforts of the mecha pilots were to protect the internal balance. Didn’t you notice that there were rarely any large pollutants attacking since the start of the cockpit dismantling?]

Everyone on StarNet witnessed the coordinated scene between the mecha pilots and mechanics, and although it lasted only a short fifteen minutes, each minute was the result of everyone’s efforts. The greatest pressure fell on the mechanic inside the scene, and almost all the dismantling work was done by Ying Chenlin alone. In the uncertain external environment, he could maintain such calmness during the operation.

[I now believe that KID has recruited a freak…] [Oh my god, I was nervous the entire time. His hands are too steady.] [I apologize for questioning his professional level before!]

Inside the Management Bureau, everyone’s hearts relaxed. Old Qiu looked at the young man. Just as he was about to zoom in for a closer look, the young man had already turned and followed the doctor into the building.

Inside the base station, a lounge had been transformed into a makeshift medical room.

Ying Chenlin had already undergone a simple physical examination. He wanted to go outside to help, but Shen Xingtang rushed him back, strongly insisting that he take a rest.

The vibrations from the battles outside transmitted into the building. Ying Chenlin sat in the corridor outside the lounge, playing scenes from outside on his light brain. It was challenging to clear the several S-level pollutants that had come this time. The mecha pilots, whose top priority was protecting the defense system, led them into a broader battlefield, avoiding a repeat of incidents where a pollutant broke through the defense system.

Ying Chenlin lowered his head slightly, and as his hand rested on the light brain, it accidentally swiped down, causing the live feed to disappear.

He was about to turn off the light brain when he caught a glimpse of a temporary file on the screen, unclassified under other programs.

It was a temporary file of a mental spectrum, extracted from the previous mecha he piloted. It was the A-level mental power diagram space he shared with Yuan.

At that moment, the door of the adjacent treatment room opened.

The doctor emerged, surprised to see Ying Chenlin still there. “Why are you waiting here?”

Shen Xingtang had forcefully insisted that Ying Chenlin rest for three hours.

Unable to leave, Ying Chenlin nodded slightly and asked, “Is the mecha pilot okay?”

“He should wake up in a few hours.” The doctor looked at the young man in front of him. “Thanks to you. If it were a bit later, even if he wasn’t corroded by the liquid, he would be affected by the toxic gas generated from internal corrosion.”

Ying Chenlin relaxed when he heard that the person was okay. “That’s good.”

“Come in.” The doctor held a data tablet. “Your examination report just came out, and I happened to be looking for you.”

Ying Chenlin was puzzled but followed the doctor into the room.

As soon as he sat down, a temporary data tablet was handed to him, displaying the temporary examination report on vital signs. 

After handing over the data tablet, the doctor began to say, “During this period, have you undergone any training, or have you changed your medication formula?”

Ying Chenlin was slightly stunned but truthfully replied, “No.”

For the past few months, he had been taking medication according to the doctor’s prescription. The dosage had decreased, but the medication formula had not changed.

“That’s strange.” The doctor took out another data tablet and showed it to him. “Take a look at this. This is a sample of your physical and mental power taken during the examination on Tianyu Star.”

The two data reports were placed side by side, and some changes in the pattern’s characteristics became particularly noticeable.

Ying Chenlin went to the hospital for a check-up every two months, and there were always changes in the pattern’s characteristics. However, the changes were not as significant as the comparison of these two reports.

“I told you before that there was an issue with your mental power, but what surprised me was your physique.”

Pointing to the sample of his physique, the doctor said, “During the inspection on Tianyu Star, your physique was still B-level. But in this report, the upper limit of your physical strength has been raised by two intervals.”

Ying Chenlin was momentarily stunned and asked, “Two intervals?”

“The terminology might be a bit ambiguous. To put it simply—”

The doctor said seriously, “The upper limit of your physique has reached A-level.”


OH OH OH Important things must be said 3 times! This means we’re closer to Yuan’s awakening!!!

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Yay!!!! He's getting closer

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Thank you for the translation! there are some sentences here where the pronouns should be changed from her to him, since the subject is Chenlin.

Very exciting arc so far, looking forward to reading more

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