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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 82

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

82. Evacuate

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The upper limit of his physique reached A-level? When Ying Chenlin heard these words, he hesitated and looked at the two reports. The latter one, at the end, had a conclusive medical report stating, [The patient’s upper limit for his physical strength interval is A], in black letters on a white background.

“Indeed, both mental power and physique possess postnatal growth potential. This has been recorded in medical history, with an occurrence of approximately one person per hundred thousand. It’s rare, but not unheard of, and you are the most special one,” the doctor said, observing Ying Chenlin flipping through the data tablet.

“You told me that you were once an S-level mental power user, and after surgery, your mental power decreased… I’ve never seen a case like yours before,” the doctor continued, “To be frank, you are the first.”

Ying Chenlin’s focus was on his physique. Mental power was the initial medium for operating a mecha, while one’s physique determined the mecha pilot’s stamina.

With outstanding physical strength, piloting a mecha would become even more effortless. He opened his mouth slightly and, after a moment, asked seriously, “Can I drive a mecha for a longer time in the future?”

The doctor noticed a glimmer of anticipation in the young man sitting in front of him. “I can only say it’s uncertain.”

Ying Chenlin was surprised. “Why?”

Wasn’t he already at the upper limit of A-level?

“This is the reason I wanted to talk to you.” The doctor flipped through the physical strength report to the middle part, pointing to one of the patterns and explaining to Ying Chenlin, “Have you noticed? The upper limit of your physique has reached A-level, but your lower limit is still at B-level.”

Ying Chenlin looked at him puzzled.

The doctor paused for a moment and explained, “Generally, an advanced physical strength indicates that a person’s physique has transitioned from B-level to A-level and stabilized within the A-level. This interval fluctuation range has always been within A-level. However, your interval is from B-level to A-level, with a high upper limit and a low lower limit.”

This was the most bewildering aspect of this report, and the doctor was witnessing a patient’s physique producing such a vast span for the first time. “Moreover, as I mentioned before, there is a wavelength in your mental power that is different from A-level. In your latest physical examination report, this peculiar mental power wavelength has lengthened.”

Ying Chenlin remained silent, listening to the doctor’s explanation of the report.

“But this is just a result detected under the condition of your mental strength being in a calm state,” the doctor noticed the change in Ying Chenlin’s expression, “Even if the lower limit remains unchanged, the rise in a mecha pilot’s physique is seen by our Frontier doctors as an increase in potential.”

“With your medical history having no precedent, I represent a personal opinion by saying it’s uncertain, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

“Not being impossible” means there was a possibility.

This was the best news Ying Chenlin had heard.

The doctor observed the young man sitting beside him and, seeing that Ying Chenlin remained silent, was about to offer more explanations when he suddenly noticed Ying Chenlin handing over a light brain. The light brain displayed a mental power chart with very noticeable fluctuations, almost chaotic, yet with a distinct sign.

The mental power curve, especially in the middle part, showed wavelengths remarkably similar to those in Ying Chenlin’s examination report.

Ying Chenlin said, “I’d like you to take a look at this chart.”

In the diminishing daylight at high altitudes, the blinding rays weakened with each passing wave of attacks. The pollutants that had gathered around the base station decreased slightly. The mecha pilots received support from a Frontier Army specialized energy emitter brought by the rescue team. It had a stronger energy shield than the Tank mechas, diverting most pollutants away from the vicinity of the base station.

However, this did not signify an easing of the situation in Qiu Jin. The end of the Black Hole’s expulsion phase did not lead to a dormant period. Its powerful absorption capacity during the absorption phase worsened the situation in Area A-14. Large areas of terrain disappeared, and the Frontier Army was forced to retreat several kilometers, gradually approaching Area A-16.

The mecha pilots returning from external battles had a brief rest before departing again, piloting the repaired Competition-level mechas provided by the support team.

Shen Xingtang observed the members of KID’s team, who, after resting for less than half an hour, were driving the repaired Competition-level mechas away. Twelve hours had passed, and there were still 24 hours remaining until the confrontation of heavy weapons with the Black Hole.

In the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, Li Jingyan, the chairman of the Alliance, brought the internal expert team from the Dawn Galaxy, and all of them had arrived. They accelerated their efforts to research heavy weapons.

During this time, alarms continuously sounded in the control room, and the various anomalies exhibited by the Black Hole made time even more precious.

“The Black Hole has entered another expulsion phase!”

“Injuries reported at the front line, already sent to the two base stations within the Contaminated Zone for treatment.”

“…Another report of an S-level pollutant! The number of Black Hole expulsions is still rising.”

As more and more pollutants emerged, the combat mecha pilots entered a state of fatigue. Newly arriving mecha pilots joined in. When there were only 18 hours left, the mecha pilots in the top ten mecha bases in the Dawn Galaxy had essentially arrived, reaching a total of 120 participants in the cleanup mission. However, the overall situation in Qiu Jin had not effectively improved.

As the number of mecha pilots increased, the pollutants multiplied.

The pressure from various Star Domains of the Star Alliance focused entirely on the Mecha Alliance headquarters in the Dawn Galaxy. Li Jingyan knew that using the Frontier Army’s heavy weapons within the Dawn Galaxy was a matter of great significance. Therefore, when deciding to employ the weapons, he had already prepared a public announcement.

On StarNet, the severity of the Qiu Jin incident spread thoroughly when the Mecha Alliance issued a unified announcement. The information about the Super S-level pollutant mentioned in the announcement quickly spread to the First Star Domain and throughout the entire Star Alliance. The Alliance issued an urgent containment statement, expanding the containment area not only to the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone but also extending beyond it to three planets outside Qiu Jin.

Within the Star Alliance, Contaminated Zone incidents occurred almost every year in each Galaxy. However, the Qiu Jin incident was the most severe anomaly in the entire history of all Mecha Alliances within the Star Alliance, featuring the appearance of a super S-level Black Hole within an internal Contaminated Zone.

In the Third Star Domain, CEF4’s mecha base.

Ace, a mecha pilot who had just finished an internal League match, opened StarNet. He focused on the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone within the remaining signals’ perspectives. His fellow  mecha pilot teammates approached, and seeing what he was observing, one of them spoke, “It’s been several days. Hasn’t the Dawn Galaxy resolved this matter yet?”

“No,” Ace said. “The latest announcement states that there is a Super S-level pollutant present.”

The Mecha Alliance in the Dawn Galaxy had a low profile within the Star Alliance, partly due to the gap in strength and partly because it was located in the peripheral area of the First Star Domain, with relatively backward resources and technology. The appearance of a Super S-level pollutant in such a Galaxy was undoubtedly a disaster, and it occurred within an internal zone.

“Haven’t they sought assistance from other Galaxies? Isn’t the Dawn Galaxy considered lagging behind in the First Star Domain?”

The mecha pilot didn’t quite understand. “This is a Super S-level pollutant. Can they handle it?”

“I don’t know,” Ace said, looking at the remaining live broadcast perspectives on StarNet. He could vaguely see the traces of mecha battles. “But they are very united.”

More and more people focused on StarNet, and the magnetic field in Qiu Jin became increasingly abnormal under this attention. Even so, all mecha pilots within Qiu Jin were still managing to hold the situation.

When Ying Chenlin emerged from the mecha cockpit, he looked up at the distant sunset. The sun set, and the moon rose as usual. Only a small portion of pollutants remained in the air, and the carcass of the Giant Wolf still lay above the defense system.

“Other mecha pilots have already contained the pollutants outside the base station. We will evacuate in another hour,” Shen Xingtang said, seeing Ying Chenlin sitting atop the mecha. The twilight sun shone through the transparent energy shield, casting a faint glow on the young man. “Is there anything you need to take care of?”

The use of heavy weapons had an undetermined range of damage, and all personnel within the base station needed to evacuate in advance.

This period happened to be the absorption phase of the Black Hole, and the external pressure from pollutants was not that significant. It was the best time for evacuation.

“No, I only have one tool kit,” Ying Chenlin said and added, “And their spare mechas.”

During this time, KID had a fruitful harvest, but due to the lack of storage, everything had to be squeezed into the storage compartments of the spare mechas.

“After going back, there will be more tasks. I’ll have to contact Xiao Zhang to take an extra shift another day,” Shen Xingtang said. There were staff members calling her from afar for assistance.

Shen Xingtang acknowledged and turned to see Ying Chenlin still standing in place. “Don’t worry about them. After we evacuate, the Frontier Army will come in to deploy heavy weapons. Other mecha pilots will follow suit in evacuating.”

Ying Chenlin said, “I’m just thinking, I don’t seem to have helped much.”

Shen Xingtang smiled, rubbing Ying Chenlin’s head. “You’ve already helped a lot.”

Inside the base station, people moved around sporadically. Ying Chenlin stopped in place, looking at the carcass of the Giant Wolf in the sky. He was wondering if there would be a chance to take this thing away when they left.

As night fell, a specially constructed jumpship was parked on the base station’s tarmac. The jump coordinates from the base station to the Management Bureau had been set up. All personnel boarded the ship, carrying various data instruments.

When Ying Chenlin hadn’t boarded the ship yet, he heard a staff member beside him say, “The magnetic field in Qiu Jin has completely gone haywire. Now, the only safe places are the two base stations, and also the jump point here.”

The night wind was particularly strong, rustling past everyone. There were still traces of pollutants hovering over the defense system. The stable environment had reached the optimal jump time. Two mecha pilots from the Frontier Army served as the ship’s drivers, ensuring the safe evacuation of everyone from Qiu Jin.

When Ying Chenlin turned off his light brain, the blurry signal perspective could no longer observe the ongoing battle ahead.

Inside the ship, the pilots were conducting final confirmations.

The jump point inside the base station lit up, and the ship lifted slightly. The jump commenced with a 5-minute countdown—

[300, 299…]

The Black Hole in Area A-14, which was in the process of devouring, stopped its absorption phase, and the vortex in the center of the Black Hole reversed.

In the dark night, pollutants noticed the fluctuation of energy, and crimson eyes looked towards the Base Station A-26 one by one. Amidst the rustling wind, mixed with the ground’s buzzing vibrations and the roaring propulsion sound of the ship starting, the countdown reached 25 seconds.

At this moment, a pollutant emerged from the ground outside the base station, flipping soil and debris, pressing its entire body on the defense system, and emitting eerie soundwaves towards the inside of the base station. The alarm system of Base Station A-26 rang out with a deafening noise.

In an instant, Ying Chenlin stuck to the window, seeing the colossal pollutant outside the defense system.

Shen Xingtang quickly walked to the cockpit, “What’s happening!?”

The ship’s pilot, seeing a large wave of approaching pollutants on the screen, was suddenly startled, “Has the frontline been breached?”

Shen Xingtang said, “This pollutant is not from the previous wave of pollutants.”

An urgent communication came from the Management Bureau, “Ship GK-1444! The environment is unstable! The Black Hole has entered the expulsion phase!”

“Reporting to the central bureau, GK-1444 has entered the jump process and cannot move,” the pilot cursed, noticing changes in the surrounding environment due to the arrival of these pollutants; the magnetic field began to fluctuate. “There are 180 seconds left in the countdown!”

Boom! The pollutant rising from the ground was a gigantic vine-type pollutant.

At this moment, it used its vines to sweep away the Giant Wolf on the defense system. The rapidly moving vines found the weakest point in the defense system and launched a fierce attack on it.

In the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, the emergency situation made everyone tense.

The vines struck violently, but the only two combat-ready mecha pilots were piloting Ship GK-1444.

“That opening doesn’t have any light energy components! It’s going to be broken!” a staff member exclaimed.

Once broken, the stationary jumpship would be attacked directly.

Major Guo quickly said, “Notify other mecha pilots to come back and help. Assist the ship in evacuating!”

“It’s too late, Major. There are other pollutants in the vicinity.”

A soldier shouted, “They are blocked on the way. The Black Hole’s expulsion phase is two hours earlier than we expected!”

In a moment, cracks had appeared in the defense light circle at the opening, and the Bureau staff remotely controlled it, pushing the defense system to the highest level.

Inside the ship, the mecha pilots in charge of driving exchanged glances. One of them opened the emergency cabin door, saying, “No choice, I’ll go down to block it—”

Another mecha pilot retorted, “No, the environment is already harsh, and the magnetic field is unstable. Single-person operation is difficult to stabilize within the jump channel.”

“No choice.” The mecha pilot was about to leave.

“Someone went down!”

A voice came from behind, and the two Frontier mecha pilots turned around, noticing a figure jumping down from the rear emergency cabin door of the ship.

The young man’s clothes were lifted by the ship’s turbulence, and he took a few steps to steady himself when he jumped from a height.

“It’s KID’s mechanic pilot!” someone shouted.

The pilot was stunned, “Too risky.”

“Close the cabin door.” Shen Xingtang stopped the pilot who wanted to go out. “He’s a mecha pilot, leave it to him.”

At that moment, the vine-type pollutant in the sky above the base station completely broke through the fragile defense, and the incoming vines extended infinitely, rushing directly towards the location of the jump ship.

Just before the critical moment of its collision with the front of the ship, a red mecha swiftly positioned itself in front of the ship. Its sharp Light Blade repelled the flexible vines, and the mecha adjusted its position. The Light Blade turned into an unstoppable blade, repeatedly cutting through the vines’ attacks.

The pilot, who was about to retreat, decisively turned around and returned to the pilot’s seat. “Close the cabin door!”

The collision between the Light Blade and the vines was like a dazzling swordfight display. The red mecha’s thrusters propelled it forward.

In the blink of an eye, the mecha pushed the vines back dozens of meters.

At the Management Bureau, the staff quickly reported, “Support from a mecha pilot!”

“Identification code KID-HJYK, an unidentified mecha pilot.”

Li Jingyan suddenly looked at the red mecha.


It’s about to go down!

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