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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 83

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

83. Lone Army

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

The ship’s thrusters hummed while gathering power, creating concentric waves, and the jump program countdown gradually decreased.

The incoming vine had a very tough outer skin, maintaining its fierce forward momentum despite the mecha’s multiple attacks. It seemed to sense the threat from the mecha in front of it, switching its target to the mecha, and aimed a sweep at the mecha’s lower body.

The right leg of the red mecha was grazed by the vine, briefly disrupting its balance.

“Be careful!” someone inside the ship exclaimed.

At the moment when the vine was about to bind the mecha, the red mecha supported itself with its right hand on the ground, executing a graceful backflip to avoid the vine’s assault. In a hurried retreat, it managed to stabilize its posture. The thrusters beneath its feet forcefully collided with the vine.

Close call.

Ying Chenlin quickly adjusted the parameters, slightly increasing the flexibility of the Light Blade. Among all the KID backup mechas, this one had the least wear and tear. The parameters of the new mecha hadn’t been precisely adjusted. He could only repel the vine while adjusting the combat parameters to values that suited him.

Another sudden attack forced Ying Chenlin to retreat a few meters, but the next moment, he quickly pulled back, holding a certain safe distance. He glanced at the slowly advancing time inside the mecha.

…still 120 seconds.

Everyone watched as the red mecha, after being swept by the vine, quickly adjusted and, with almost no pause, charged at the vine again. The closest ship pilot had a clear view of the close-quarters combat and refrained from pressing the communication button. He saw that the mecha in front, even if pushed back, always maintained a certain safe distance from the ship.

The mecha pilots in the front line were well aware of this safety distance, without needing any specific reminder.

The pilot: “Entering the final check, we’re preparing for the jump.”

Shen Xingtang’s gaze also fell on Ying Chenlin, and she clenched her fists slightly.

Inside the ship, all crew members’ eyes were fixed on the figure at the front, watching as he repelled the threat of the vines beyond the ship’s jump range. The Light Blade he wielded was like an impenetrable wall, completely blocking the agile vines’ attack route.

In the Management Bureau, all personnel were doing their best to stabilize the jump program. Li Jingyan’s gaze was fixed on the red mecha, the one with the KID designation. Mecha pilots with the ability to operate KID mechas were scarce…

After arriving at Qiu Jin, he heard that Ying Chenlin had been on the battlefield.

Li Jingyan: “Speed up the program, a single mecha can’t hold on for too long.”

“Checking the jump system!”

“Jump channel construction complete!”

“Oh no! Pollutants are coming in through the breach in the defense system!”

[jump time countdown: 60, 59…]

Mechanical electronic sounds announced the final one-minute countdown. At this moment, the crew inside the ship suddenly noticed something in the sky and exclaimed, “Above!”

The barrier that was torn open by the vines left a gap of nearly two meters. Pollutants on the defense system seemed to sense the energy emanating from inside the defense system and hurriedly crawled in from other positions, eagerly rushing through the gap. Pollutants descended from the sky, swiftly charging toward the ship’s jump point in the center of the landing pad.

Everyone thought: Darn!

The impact of a certain pollutant destroyed the signal tower nearest to the breach. This scene was broadcast to StarNet through the only live camera feed. Everyone anxiously watched the situation inside the base station. However, with the intensification of the magnetic field environment, the transmission signals to the external StarNet were finally completely disrupted at this moment, and all signal sources instantly ceased.

Qiu Jin’s ongoing StarNet signal was completely cut off.

[The signal was cut off!?] [My goodness, did the ship successfully jump away!] [I’m really anxious!!! I want to know if they’re safe!]

Inside the base station, the situation took a sudden turn for the worse, with only the final 15 seconds remaining in the countdown.

Inside the ship, everyone lost contact with the Qiu Jin Management Bureau as a flying-type pollutant was about to collide with the jumping ship. Suddenly, the mecha engaged in the battle ahead raised its right hand. Mounted on his right hand was a cannon-like weapon, and a rapidly charged projectile was shot out, sending a pollutant flying just five meters away from the ship.

Countdown: 13 seconds —

Ying Chenlin quickly adjusted the distance, switching his main weapon to the Thunder Magnetic Cannon. He raised his hand, targeting another flying pollutant, firing one shot after another.

Countdown: 8 seconds —

Shen Xingtang stood by the window closest to the red mecha inside the ship, her eyes filled with worry.

Countdown: 6 seconds —

The vines launched another assault, and the red mecha adjusted its position once again. The weapon in its hand transformed into a Light Blade in an instant, colliding head-on with the vines and sending them flying.

Time seemed to stretch, and the eyes of the man inside the cockpit were calm and rational. All the red signals on the radar became his targets, resolutely defending the last safety distance behind him.

“Don’t even think about getting through,” Ying Chenlin whispered.

The countdown entered its final moments —

[Jump countdown: 3, 2, 1! Jump initiated!]

A roaring wave swept through, and the pollutants attempting to approach were once again blasted away by the red mecha’s Thunder Magnetic Cannon. The propulsion system, along with the jump’s generated waves, dispersed the surrounding pollutants, and the large ship behind him disappeared from its original location.

At the same time, the safety distance behind Ying Chenlin vanished.

Without the safety distance, his range of action expanded. The first target he locked onto was the instigator of all this.

Inside the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, all personnel were busy.

Li Jingyan said, “Activate the emergency backup signal source and restore the station signal!”

The staff: “The signal source has been activated! The signal has been restored!”

“Chairman, the Ship GK-1444 has safely entered the jump channel!”

The activation of the emergency signal source restored communication with the Qiu Jin Control Room, but the extensive real-time image was essentially rendered useless. They could no longer observe the situations on other battlefields. Only internal images from the base station could be utilized. All personnel engaged in repair work. When they managed to barely restore the temporary real-time image inside the base station, what they saw was a red mecha maneuvering in a limited space.

On the base station’s internal landing pad, as the red mecha swiftly passed through, the vines behind followed at high speed.

Chasing one another, the mecha still had the energy to observe other pollutants. The Thunder Magnetic Cannon in his hand became a crucial weapon to repel other pollutants.

Nervously watching him, a staff member asked, “What is he trying to do!?”

He led the vines to scramble everywhere, but they couldn’t catch the mecha.

In the next second, the mecha turned at lightning speed, swiftly grabbing the tail of a vine.

The vine that was originally led by him was forcefully pulled, and both sides exerted force. The instantaneous tightening caused the previously led vines to entangle and form a massive link.

The mecha let go, and the pollutant entangled by its own vines roared in anger. However, its vines couldn’t freely move and thrashed around. At this moment, the mecha performed a reverse swing, delivering a powerful blow, and sending the vines upward. Unable to freely bind its prey, the pollutant, stimulated by the slash of the Light Blade, violently pulled back its vines to avoid the attack.

It was precisely during this pullback that the massive vine knot it had formed got stuck in the high gap of the defense system. Ying Chenlin was waiting for this moment. He quickly approached, concentrated energy in his Light Blade, and fiercely struck the vines towards the outside of the defense system. As the vine recoiled from the attack, it, along with other pollutants attempting to squeeze in, became completely jammed in the three-meter-wide opening.

Unable to pull it out, and other pollutants were completely sealed out due to the jammed opening.

After blocking the pollutants, Ying Chenlin quickly switched targets and headed towards the buildings inside the base station. Some of the buildings had already suffered damage from the pollutants. He used the Thunder Magnetic Cannon to beat back several pollutants, then approached and delivered powerful blows with the Light Blade.

People from the Qiu Jin Management Bureau instantly comprehended the situation, and Li Jingyan understood the other party’s strategy in an instant.

Seal the opening; the next step was to clear out internal pollutants.

Ying Chenlin scanned the radar, swiftly judging the movement changes of the internal pollutants. When he came out of the spaceship, he didn’t think much. Other mecha pilots were on the front lines, and in the unstable magnetic field, it was best for the spaceship to have at least two people as pilots. Most of the people on the spaceship were non-combatant staff, maintenance personnel, and doctors. Thus, the most suitable person to stay behind after the spaceship was him.

Since he was staying behind, he had to ensure the security of the base station.

Inside the Management Bureau, other staff members were still trying to restore part of the base station’s signals. The sudden outbreak of the pollutants caused everyone to be caught off guard. Mechas rushing to support from the front were blocked by other pollutants that suddenly appeared. The pollutants erupting this time were even more numerous, targeting the mechas on the battlefield.

Mechas in battle carried energy diffusers, which, in this environment, were tools to attract pollutants.

All mecha pilots felt the difficulty. Other members of KID wanted to return to help defend the base station, but they were blocked midway. Ji Qingfeng forcefully kicked away a pollutant and used a Binding Lock to capture another. “Why are there more!? Is there any response on the base station’s side!?”

Qi Sicheng said, “There’s a response. The spaceship has successfully jumped.”

Lu Xi quickly judged, “But the signal is affected. The base station over there may have suffered an impact.”

Ke Lin frowned, “…..did a fish escape the net?”

Lin Yao swept away a pollutant with a Long Blade, resolutely defending the line behind him. “Why are there more and more?”

Ji Qingfeng, “This Black Hole’s stomach is really weak. I strongly believe it’s intentional.”

Hu Luobu heard his complaint and said speechlessly, “Intentional indigestion!?”

Zhao Lejie, “……You not saying anything was okay. Now that you’ve spoken up it’s become disgusting!”

As night fell, everyone’s vision was somewhat limited.

Everyone exerted all their efforts to stop the increasing number of pollutants. They almost blocked a line of defense about a kilometer outside the base station. This was the effort of nearly forty mecha pilots, with the Frontier Army blocking the way, and more than forty mecha pilots in the northern base station intercepting.

Even though the spaceship had jumped, they still needed to protect this base station. Heavy weapons still needed to be transported through this station for the next jump. Once the base station was destroyed, the risk of transporting heavy weapons in a few hours would increase. However, more and more pollutants were emerging. Even if they wanted to allocate manpower to help, they were blocked halfway, and were only able to see the blue light spreading from the base station in the distance.

“Could something have happened to the base station!?” someone asked.

You Su’s gaze fell in the distance, faintly able to see a massive pollutant crouching on the defense system. He raised his sniper scope, and the long-range magnification allowed him to notice the intact defense system in the distance. Under the blue light, there was vaguely a red mecha moving. “No, there’s a mecha over there at the base station.”

Huo Yan immediately said, “Stop them, we can’t burden the base station anymore!”

In the cockpit, Theo’s *hyperopia view captured the situation. He asked in confusion, “Is there a red mecha moving over there at the base station? Is that a KID mecha?”

*hyperopia – farsighted

“Yes,” You Su shifted his gaze, and his Sniper Cannon hit a nearby pollutant with a thunderous sound. “Someone didn’t follow the spaceship.”

Night had fallen, and there were still four hours left until the delivery of heavy weapons.

The red mecha successfully killed an A-level pollutant for the seventh time. All of its actions were fluid, and under its consecutive defense, the incoming pollutants lost their combat capabilities one by one.

The mecha’s body was already stained with red and green blood from the pollutants. The entire landing pad was damp, and the carcasses of dead pollutants were scattered in pieces. Finally, when the last pollutant died, the entire base station returned to quiet. Most importantly, the building housing the control room and the surrounding key structures maintaining the jump signal were well-protected and suffered almost no damage during the battle.

“The defense system can still hold!”

“The control room is intact, and we can establish a stable communication channel through it.”

“The jump point is intact, and there are no issues with weapon transport!”

“They actually held on…” The staff members watched the barely restored live image with the red figure. They had prepared for possible damage to the base station but hadn’t expected this person to completely withstand the assault and protect the station facilities.

Inside the base station, Ying Chenlin tilted his head slightly and looked up at the S-level plant-based pollutant. Its vines were entangled and sealed in the opening, and the more it struggled, the deeper the vine knots penetrated the opening, entwining with the energy shield forcibly opened by the defense system.

However, the opening was still an opening, the weakest point in the entire defense system.

Under the struggles of the S-level pollutant, cracks faintly appeared around the opening, seemingly on the verge of being torn open completely by the S-level pollutant.

Ying Chenlin threw the pollutant’s corpse aside; there was no time to deal with the pollutants now.

To preserve the defense system, the pollutant at the top needed to be eliminated.

“Chairman! He’s gone outside!” The staff captured the red mecha venturing out in the dim image.

Li Jingyan approached the control desk, his gaze tightly fixed on the red mecha. “…He wants to deal with that pollutant.”

Tonight, the night wind was particularly strong. When Ying Chenlin flew out from the entrance of the base station, he got a full picture of this pollutant from a high vantage point. It had a total of the Eight Vines, with branches displaying a green-brown color, standing at a height of about seven meters. All its means of attack were the vines in its hands. Seeing this pollutant, Ying Chenlin’s mind instantly recalled the Nine-Dragon Rattan he encountered in the Banute Contaminated Zone.

Though both were pollutants that used vines as weapons, the vines of the current creature were even more tenacious.

Ying Chenlin quickly assessed the situation and dashed towards the pollutant the moment the Eight Vines noticed him.

As the Eight Vines descended, he swung his Light Blade backward, making a powerful slash that caused wounds on the vines.

…Sure enough, it takes 80% energy concentration to make an impact.

After the strike, Ying Chenlin quickly retreated, and the injured the Eight Vines violently attacked him.

The consecutive attacks were like whips coming from all directions, attacking from almost every angle.

Ying Chenlin flew, narrowly avoiding the attacks, his Light Blade concentrating on the one vine tied to the defense system.

As the Eight Vines swept again, Ying Chenlin evaded, and then swiftly attacked the tied vine.

“He wants to cut off that vine,” Li Jingyan understood Ying Chenlin’s objective. If they let this pollutant continue pulling that vine, the opening in the defense system would eventually be torn apart. When that happened, with a larger opening, large pollutants would flood in, and the base station would be impossible to defend.

But on the contrary, if this vine were cut off, the opening in the defense system would be completely sealed. With the tenacity of the vine, as long as there wasn’t a sudden assault by an S-level pollutant, it could easily endure until the time for weapon transport. Moreover, this vine was securely stuck, much more stable than the wolf carcass that could be moved at any time.

After a moment of contemplation, the situation on the battlefield changed in the blink of an eye.

While evading attacks, the red mecha concentrated all the energy on its Light Blade to sever the Eight Vines’ knot. After a dozen consecutive strikes, the vine knot stuck in the defense gap was completely severed, and the S-level pollutant the Eight Vines winced in pain before crashing to the ground.

With the elimination of the vine knot threat, the red mecha flew even faster, colliding rapidly with the Eight Vines.

When the Light Blade struck the main trunk of the Eight Vines, it bounced back, and the counterforce made Ying Chenlin’s hand numb.

Seizing the opportunity, the Eight Vines retaliated, delivering a sweeping blow that sent Ying Chenlin flying. The vines suddenly caught the red mecha, and the constricting attack caused considerable damage to the mecha.

Frowning, Ying Chenlin, in the external space, held the Thunder Magnetic Cannon in his left hand and fired it toward himself. The sudden paralysis pushed him away from the grip of the vines. Taking advantage of the momentary relaxation of the Eight Vines, he swiftly moved away from its grasp.

Inside the cockpit, alarms sounded, indicating irreversible damage to the mecha from the recent entanglement. Being a spare A-class mecha, this unit had few S-class components, and its outer armor’s endurance was far inferior to an S-class mecha.

Ying Chenlin turned off the alarm, evading the vine’s attacks.

After several encounters with the Eight Vines, Ying Chenlin had learned that only the Light Blade with 80% energy concentration could inflict damage. Other attacks would be countered by the vines.

The Eight Vines’ attacks swept again, and Ying Chenlin chose to avoid, using the Light Blade once more against the vines.

The vibrations transmitted through the sensory nerves made Ying Chenlin understand the abilities of this Eight Vines pollutant. Apparently, it possessed a rare robust type of counterattack among defensive abilities. This pollutant had extremely high defensive capabilities due to its robust exterior, and the counterattacks allowed it to inflict damage back on its opponents.

However, due to this ability, aside from being agile, the Eight Vines’ trunk was cumbersome.

To deal with it, one had to target its root.

The roots of the Eight Vines penetrated deep into the ground, originating from below. However, the roots remained in place.

After a brief judgment, Ying Chenlin quickly maneuvered. It seemed like the Eight Vines knew that this type of attack was ineffective against its prey and boldly extended the vines to chase. Its most proud feature was its defensive power, but it was now used against itself, stuck in a certain place; otherwise, it wouldn’t have lost one of its vines.

But it didn’t matter anymore. It wouldn’t be stuck in one place again, nor would it let this prey injure its body.

The mecha’s thrusters were pushed to the maximum, and Ying Chenlin’s flight speed was rapid. Each flight rushed toward the Eight Vines’ trunk. The Eight Vines also seemed to realize this, making every effort to protect its trunk. The vines extended toward the predator that was relentlessly chasing them. This pursuit continued until two of the vines were entangled, and the Eight Vines suddenly realized that something was wrong.

However, the airborne red mecha didn’t give it a chance. It swiftly grabbed one of the vines, locking down the Eight Vines once again, reminiscent of replicating the operations within the base station. This time, the knot was stuck on the vines itself, one vine was severed by the mecha, and four vines entangled due to the opponent’s elusive movements, instantly sealing off its range of motion.

At this moment, the red mecha charged towards its trunk once again.

The vines hastily blocked its path, but the red mecha didn’t use the Light Blade this time. Instead, he stepped on the vines, and a highly charged Thunder-Magnetic Cannon struck its body forcefully. The resulting recoil sent both the mecha and the pollutant flying.

The Eight Vines couldn’t control its body and toppled backward, revealing the bottom of its deeply embedded roots.

The mecha was sent flying by the recoil, but just before leaving its attack range, Ying Chenlin reversed the thrusters, the powerful thrust providing him with a counterforce, assisting him in a rapid charge towards the roots of the Eight Vines.

When the Light Blade touched the roots of the Eight Vines, the fragile roots were instantly severed.

The pollutant emitted a painful howl, and the remaining vines thrashed violently towards Ying Chenlin.

He didn’t dodge. S-level pollutants were intelligent; he could surprise them once, but it didn’t guarantee a second surprise attack. Gritting his teeth, Ying Chenlin used the Thunder-Magnetic Cannon to blast away the soil, once again cutting off the roots.

The vine’s whip passed by his mecha, and Ying Chenlin swung his blade once more.

The immense pain drove the Eight Vines to an instinctive desire to escape. With its last remaining vine, it scraped the ground, attempting to crawl away in another direction.

“Trying to run? You can’t escape.”

Ying Chenlin increased the energy output, cutting off its roots once again with a powerful strike.

Everyone from the Management Bureau watched nervously, but no one spoke.

Only watching as the glint of the blade swiftly flashed over the pollutant—

One strike after another, the ground was completely upheaved, and the strength of the escaping Eight Vines gradually diminished.

Finally, it weakly lay on the ground, struggling feebly for breath, emitting a faint, mournful howl.

“Is that pollutant dead?” someone asked.

Li Jingyan frowned and observed, “Not yet, but it’s close.”

The red mecha halted above the body of the Eight Vines, its outer armor showing damage on various levels, some even revealing the internal metallic nerves. Even so, in an extremely short time, it had forced an S-level pollutant into this state.

When the Light Blade was inserted into the body of the Eight Vines without any hindrance, everyone knew the fate of this pollutant was sealed.

Just as they were about to erupt into cheers, pollutants in the sky above the base station became increasingly dense, and even a large-sized pollutant locked onto the red mecha.

The radar emitted a warning sound, and pollutants from different levels attacked the front lines.

“Pollutant alert! Pollutants are rapidly approaching!” 

“What’s happening!?” Li Jingyan shouted.

“There’s an anomalous outbreak point very close to the base station.” Major Guo focused on the radar of other battlefields. “Pollutants have broken through the defense and entered!”

The night wind rustled, carrying the sound of pollutants.

Ying Chenlin pulled the Light Blade out of the Eight Vines’ body, and the radar in the cockpit emitted a deafening roar. He glanced upward, seeing the approaching pollutants.

The Management Bureau fell silent, everyone staring at the battlefield.

No mechas could come to support; the base station became the innermost vacuum—

Only one mecha remained, a lone army holding its ground.


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