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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 84

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

84. Hundreds of Enemies

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

The humming sound of flight grew closer and closer, and various details in the night sky fell into Ying Chenlin’s ears through the mecha’s empathic nerves. It expanded gradually, as if the entire world was given an acceleration boost.

Ying Chenlin’s blade cut through the Eight Vines’ body, peeling off its unique anomalous crystal. Green-brown blood dripped from the Light Blade, soaking into the upturned soil. He activated the thrusters beneath his feet, propelling him directly into the sky.

The mecha’s damage reached 60%, and there was still 20% to go until the end of the battle!

The red mecha jumped into the air, its agile figure apparent even beyond the night sky. The Light Blade defended steadfastly in front of the defense system, one slash after another.

The live view inside the base station gradually blurred as the distance increased, and only one viewpoint was still illuminated in the entire control room. It was difficult to track the red mecha outside the defense system.

Li Jingyan anxiously said, “Can’t the other live images be repaired?”

“There’s nothing we can do, Chairman.” The staff had done their best to make repairs, but the magnetic field and the live station had been damaged. They could no longer observe the situation on other battlefields through live images. Even in the base station with the best signal, they could only capture footage from the two intact internal live facilities. “The images we currently have are only internal. Using internal cameras cannot capture the image outside the defense system clearly. This level of clarity is already the limit!”

Others turned their gaze to the blurry image; all they could see was the fast-moving light in the night sky. They couldn’t distinguish whether it was the light from the thrusters or the Light Blade. However, during the mecha’s actions, the red dots representing pollutants on the radar were decreasing.

Major Guo said, “We’ve already called a squad back for support. Hopefully, he can hold on for another 10 minutes.”

“His damage should be high.” The staff anxiously said, “He can retreat to the base station or, at the very least, use the base station as a shield.”

Li Jingyan, however, looked at the blurry figure. “He won’t go back.”

“If he wanted to go back, he wouldn’t have come out in the first place.”

The night wind raged, and the sound of burning energy appeared in Ying Chenlin’s ears. In the process of rapid flight, he saw, beneath his field of vision, pollutants crawling and gathering. They jumped up with great effort, as if attempting to catch the red mecha.

Ying Chenlin dismissed the persistent alarms of the mecha system, calmly scanning various data, and finally focusing on several energy canisters stored in the warehouse. He explosively fired the Thunder Magnetic Cannon, blasting open the path ahead, and coldly surveyed the pollutants. “Not enough.”

He manipulated the mecha to ascend rapidly, the illuminated Light Blade and Thunder Magnetic Cannon emitting a frenzied energy aura that drove the pollutants mad.

Inside the Bureau, all personnel could no longer see the silhouette of the red mecha, and the light seemed to be moving away from the base station.

Everyone’s gaze stayed fixed on the radar system. The number of red pollutants gathering were increasing. Major Guo, puzzled, spoke, “The mecha pilot is attempting to draw the pollutants away from the base station, but it’s not enough. His flight pattern involves spiraling forward left and right.”

This flying method maximally attracted the attention of all surrounding pollutants.

From the radar, it seemed the mecha pilot was trying to pull the pollutants away on a large scale, seemingly attempting to draw away all the pollutants.

Old Qiu urgently said, “This can’t be done. The damage to his mecha is estimated to be around 60%. If he continues like this, he won’t withstand the attacks from so many pollutants. The mecha will be shot down outside the base station when its damage reaches 80%.”

Li Jingyan asked, “Can’t we reach the pilot of KID-HJYK?”

The staff replied, “No, our communication requests received no response.”

“We have a new squad arriving at Qiu Jin. They have headed to the Jump Zone and are expected to join to support in 15 minutes.”

“15 minutes for support is too late!” Major Guo looked at the others. “Has the support team broken through?”

The staff said, “They’ve broken through! They are rushing toward the base station!”

The support squad had arrived!

The tense and urgent feeling in everyone’s hearts was slightly relieved, but the next moment, they heard an urgent report from a nearby soldier.

“Major, the number of pollutants attracted by KID-HJYK has reached over 400!” The soldier looked at the displayed pollutant count on the system, shocked. “Flying-type pollutants are attacking him, and an S-level is rapidly approaching!”

At that moment, there was a change in the blue dot representing KID-HJYK on the radar.

Instead of moving forward, his mecha was rapidly flying backward.

Li Jingyan stood upright, eyes filled with disbelief. “He’s flying back.”

Flying back?! Was he risking his life? His rear was filled with pollutants he attracted!

Major Guo said, “Quickly contact him, and inform him that reinforcements are on the way!”

The staff had no choice but to continue using the base station’s loudspeaker, “Mecha KID-HJYK, please retreat! Your reinforcements are on the way!”

In various locations in Qiu Jin, the mecha teams fought on the front lines. With the joint protection of Gale and YDS, the KID team tore open an opening and quickly rushed toward the base station for support. From a distance, one could see the dense pollutants in the air and on the ground, along with the red mecha flying in the air.

Ji Qingfeng exclaimed, “What the heck, isn’t that a mecha from our mecha base!?”

Lu Xi used the aiming view to look outside and noticed the heavily damaged mecha. “It’s not good. There are too many pollutants. His mecha might not hold up!”

“He hasn’t retreated!” Huo Yan accelerated the thrusters, attempting to communicate with the other side through short-range communication. “No response.”

You Su shifted his gaze away from the scope and said directly, “Then shout.”

Without a second word, Ji Qingfeng switched to the external loudspeaker, pushed it to the maximum, and took a deep breath. “Chenlin!!!”

The deafening sound spread through the external amplifier, almost deafening Lin Yao. However, the actions of the mecha in the distance did not stop.

“Can’t he hear that?” Ji Qingfeng angrily said, “The distance is still too far!”

The range of sound propagation was limited, and KID’s mechas accelerated forward.

At this moment, a communication request popped up on their communication channel.

You Su quickly agreed, and the next second, a male voice echoed in the communication channel, “Don’t come over!”

The voice had just fallen, and the KID team suddenly froze.

You Su, through the aiming scope, captured something, and he abruptly stopped the mecha.

Seeing the Artillery stop, Huo Yan immediately shouted to Ji Qingfeng in front, “Da Feng, stop!”

Ji Qingfeng barely halted the mecha, and he could now clearly see the situation in the distance. “Why stop!? Chenlin is still ahead!”

You Su said, “If you don’t want to be blown away, stop.”

Ji Qingfeng: “Huh?”

In the vast night sky, the red mecha rapidly flew backward. The pollutants below noticed the mecha’s movement and rushed towards him. However, the red mecha showed no fear. At some point, he retracted his Light Blade, instead holding a Thunder Magnetic Cannon.

Ying Chenlin calmly controlled the mecha’s flight. Seeing that the mechas on the radar were no longer approaching, he redirected his focus to the front.

With one hand, he snapped off the cap on top of the energy tube. The concentrated energy instantly flashed, and he tilted the tube slightly. As the energy fuel dripped into the pile of pollutants, it immediately drove them into a frenzy.

The mecha’s back seemed to have eyes as he narrowly avoided one flying pollutant after another. After emptying one tube, he consecutively emptied three more.

Once all the energy was depleted, the mecha casually tossed the empty tube aside. Simultaneously, the Thunder Magnetic Cannon in his other hand began a lengthy charging process.

The mid-range Thunder Magnetic Cannon targeted the location of the distant pollutants. The condensed thunder-magnetic energy exploded in an instant, creating an intense fireball when it hit the distant battlefield. The flying mecha, affected by the shockwave, was forcefully thrown backward, smashing through pollutants along the way. In a location even farther from him, a powerful burst of flames rapidly soared.

In the distance, KID’s team outside the battle saw this sudden turn of events.

Ji Qingfeng was hit by the heatwave, and his mecha recoiled: “!!!”

Lu Xi questioned, “What is this!?”

Huo Yan immediately deployed the protective shield in front of everyone. “An energy fuel explosion!”

The intense flames resembled a rapidly spreading fire dragon, following the bodies of the pollutants soaked in energy fuel. It formed a massive ring of fire along the outer edge of the defense system.

The glaring fire projected through the base station’s blurred perspective and into the control room. Everyone stared in astonishment as they witnessed most of the pollutants on the radar remaining in their original positions, with even the vulnerable B-level pollutants directly killed.

“An energy fuel explosion…” Major Guo observed, “He flew backward to pour the energy fuel onto the pollutants.”

This type of energy fuel explosion didn’t have the same pronounced effect as the Artillery’s Sniper Cannon bombardment on Tianyu Star, but back then, Tianyu Star used toxic spider silk as an explosive auxiliary material, along with assistance from other mecha pilots. However, this mecha was only one pilot, and he dared to use an energy explosion.

Most crucially, the mecha pilot’s damage level was already quite high. If he were careless and affected by the explosion, the powerful destructive force might even take him down.

“Major, the pollutants’ reactions are decreasing!” The soldier, looking at the radar response, stared at the flames in the field of view. “He held his ground alone.”

Not only did he hold his ground, but he also single-handedly annihilated a large number of pollutants.

For the entire battlefield, this was undoubtedly a crucial maneuver!

The staff member said, “The mecha has flown out! It crashed into the base station.”

The raging fire circle burned, and the scent of scorched earth spread in the surroundings.

The red mecha recoiled in the raging flames, finally crashing above the base station. The mecha’s internal alarms buzzed incessantly; the damage level had reached 85%. The mecha slid down from the base station, finally crashing heavily at the entrance.

Inside the cockpit, Ying Chenlin breathed heavily, streaks of blood running down his forehead. He looked at the radar emitting a sizzling sound and said, “…just in time.”

At the critical moment, he raised the mecha’s autonomous defense system to the maximum. After the damage level reached 80%, he converted all the mecha’s energy into defensive protection for the pilot. Only then could he escape the explosion.

The surroundings were filled with floating mental tendrils. To avoid unnecessary injuries, he disconnected the empathic connection when firing the Thunder Magnetic Cannon. He didn’t let the mecha’s body sense the pain during the explosion.

…The person was only lightly injured, but the mecha was no longer functional.

Ying Chenlin wiped away the blood on his forehead. The mecha’s systems were progressively malfunctioning, and the communication channel was filled with his teammates’ calls. He barely saw several red mechas rushing over; his teammates had arrived.

Ji Qingfeng’s voice sizzled, “Risking your life, brother, couldn’t you wait for Huo Ge to arrive and activate the shield?”

“Can you hear Chenlin’s response?” Huo Yan shouted anxiously, “We’re coming to save you!”

Ying Chenlin had just replied, but unfortunately, the mecha’s internal systems were damaged, and his voice couldn’t transmit.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in the sky, and he was then lifted by another mecha.

The gunfire from a Sniper Cannon sounded nearby, knocking several pollutants away.

Ying Chenlin raised his head slightly and saw Theo above him. Theo’s speed was fast. After striking the pollutants, he quickly retreated, heading swiftly toward the entrance of the base station.

His vision completely darkened. In the dim cockpit, Ying Chenlin could only hear the booming sounds around him.

When the sound ceased, he noticed the mecha being gently placed on the ground. He felt the external force of gravity.

After a while, there were muffled footsteps, someone stepping onto the mecha.

Finally, it stopped at the position of the cockpit, and he heard the sound of tapping on the cockpit.

The man’s voice was blocked by layers of panels, but Ying Chenlin could barely hear the voice; it was You Su.

He glanced at the pocket on his body.

Outside the cockpit, You Su looked at the cockpit in front of him. The voice of Theo echoed in his mind, “Ah?! What should we do? It’s so severely damaged, and there’s no mechanic in the base station. We have to rescue him from inside!”

With his peripheral vision, You Su glanced around and finally looked at the building behind him. He remembered there was a storage room inside the building. “Watch him.”

Theo said, “Where are you going?!”

Just as You Su was about to get tools to rescue Ying Chenlin, he suddenly felt a vibration beneath his feet.

He paused, then heard the tapping sound under his feet, as if someone was using a heavy hammer to knock on the cockpit.

You Su immediately crouched on the cockpit, his ear pressed tightly against the interior’s tapping sound. The rhythmic and steady tapping seemed to convey a message. He quickly aggregated these tapping points into information—

‘Go, get out.’

The alarm sounded; an S-level pollutant was approaching!

Theo shouted, “You Su!”

You Su’s gaze stopped on the cockpit, and the cold light in his eyes turned into some interest. “So much strength, it seems there’s no need to worry too much.”

He turned his head to Theo. “Let’s go!”

Noticing the footsteps moving away, Ying Chenlin stopped the mechanical pliers’ tapping on the cockpit. It seemed the other person had heard his command. The tool kit taken from the storage was placed next to him. Ying Chenlin found a flashlight, illuminating the entire cockpit.

Before the mecha system lost signal, he heard an S-class detection report. It should be reinforcements coming from the front line. A certain defense line must have been breached… Yes, there was no need to waste time rescuing him.

The tool kit didn’t have all the tools that the one on the spacecraft had, but for Ying Chenlin, breaking open the cockpit and leaving wasn’t difficult. However, before that, he needed to get the mecha moving…

Ying Chenlin bit the flashlight in his mouth, tilting his head upwards slightly. Choosing to lay the mecha flat outside would indeed make rescue easier.

However, to get out from the inside, laying flat would only place the exit at a higher position, affecting the force point for using the repair tools.

But it wasn’t a big problem. This mecha was at 86% damage… just 4% away from the critical threshold of 90%!

When Ying Chenlin decided to detonate, he had already considered the issue of getting out.

The jump ship safely arrived at the Qiu Jin Management Bureau. Shen Xingtang quickly rushed to the control room.

Many people were standing in the control room, and everyone’s gaze was fixed on that fiery ring. The damaged mecha inside the base station was now visible only through one functioning live imaging instrument in the control room, which also had impaired mobility. The damaged mecha was in the top left corner of the lens, but they couldn’t see the extent of the damage clearly.

“Why did KID’s mecha leave?” A staff member asked anxiously.

The person in charge sighed. “There’s no way. He’s a mecha pilot, not a mechanic!”

Shen Xingtang, watching You Su leave, said seriously, “You Su didn’t leave because he couldn’t rescue him; he seemed to be lying on the mecha just now. The person inside the cockpit is conscious.”

Hearing that there was no problem, many people in the room finally let go of their worries. Their biggest concern was the mecha pilot encountering trouble.

“But having no problems is difficult when trapped inside—” The person in charge paused abruptly, seeing that the mecha seemed to have moved. “Did the mecha just move?”

The soldier: “Are you mistaken? With such damage, it’s impossible—”

Before the sentence was finished, the damaged mecha in the top-left corner indeed moved.

Shen Xingtang said in a daze, “His mecha’s damage hasn’t reached 90%.”

The others were puzzled. Wasn’t the highest damage 80%? 90% was the old standard!

Old Qiu slowly spoke, “80% is the current standard of the Alliance, but in reality, many mechas still maintain a default command of 90% in their programming. 80% is a caution line, and 90% is the true limit. Before reaching the limit, unsealing operation procedures can still make the mecha move a short distance.”

“Don’t forget, the person inside is a mechanic. He knows what the mecha’s limit is.”

Shen Xingtang said, “Mechanics always carry spare tool kits.”

“He wants to get out of the cockpit himself. The mecha is laid flat outside, making it operable externally, but it’s difficult to operate inside. He made the mecha sit up to facilitate finding the force point.” Old Qiu admired the scene, appreciating the bold and calm actions of this mechanic who had prepared for everything.

The mecha in the top-left corner struggled to move its body from the ground, sitting up again under everyone’s gaze.

However, with this movement, the entire mecha left the recording range of the live imaging. The others couldn’t observe it anymore.

A worried staff member said, “Oh no, the mecha is out of our monitoring range. We can’t monitor it from here!”

“Don’t worry, instead of worrying about him, worry about the other mechas,” Old Qiu’s gaze was on the radar warning that had already popped up with an S-level pollutant report. “Three S-leveles are coming… and the pollution reactions of these three S-level are very strong.”

The large fire outside the base station was still burning, but due to the detonation of the energy fuel, more than half of the pollutants had been killed or injured. The remaining pollutants had lost their sense of direction due to the burning energy fuel smell spreading in the air, greatly reducing the difficulty for the other mechas defending. However, it wasn’t over because reinforcements from the front line had broken through, and the S-level pollutants charging towards them were incredibly aggressive.

The defense of the base station was not over yet, and now the defense had turned into five people defending.

However, five people were five people, and the impact of three powerful S-level instantly caused the defense of the five to crumble.

“It’s tough.” Hao Yan looked at the scene in front of him, his mecha was wildly sounding alarms. “These three are stronger than what we fought before.”

Lin Yao asked, “Can’t we handle three against five?”

Ji Qingfeng looked at the pollutant report. “Yao Bao, in a fight, it’s not about quantity but quality.”

Lu Xi nodded. “Can’t handle it. The pollution reaction of the frontmost one is 1.5 times that of the Steel Wing Bird we encountered earlier.”

“Split into three groups,” came the voice of You Su over the communication channel.

Ji Qingfeng hastily asked, “You Ge! Is Chenlin okay?”

You Su swept his gaze over the three pollutants. “He should be fine, still lively and kicking.”

Should be fine? Lively and kicking!?

The KID team couldn’t help but turn around to glance at the mecha lying on the ground in the defense system. For a moment, they didn’t know whether their eyes or ears were playing tricks on them. However, the situation in the field left them no room to ponder too much; the three pollutants were already charging towards them!

Dividing into two pairs, Hao Yan teamed up with Lin Yao, Ji Qingfeng with Lu Xi, and finally, You Su alone.

They had no choice but to face the three pollutants separately; otherwise, the pressure of facing all three at once would be too overwhelming.

The distant fire still burned, resembling a bonfire in the night.

After the KID team split up, Ji Qingfeng encountered the first pollutant head-on. This pollutant emitted tremendous pressure, resembling a Giant Gorilla in appearance and nearly the same size as a mecha. It had the second-highest pollution value among the three. Upon their instant encounter, the Giant Gorilla jumped abruptly from the ground, displaying strange and agile movements. It swung its palm towards Ji Qingfeng.

Lu Xi hastily used a Water Flow Cannon shot to repel it. Ji Qingfeng dodged in a hurry. “Isn’t this too agile, little brother!? Are you a mutated variant among Giant Gorillas!?”

“Da Feng, retreat!” Lu Xi launched another Water Flow Cannon shot, blocking the Giant Gorilla’s forward attack.

However, the Giant Gorilla seemed to sense the change and sidestepped Lu Xi’s Water Flow Projectile.

Lu Xi was astonished. “No good, it’s too agile!”

After avoiding the Water Flow Projectile, the Giant Gorilla switched its target from Ji Qingfeng to Lu Xi and swiftly delivered a powerful blow. Lu Xi frantically used Water Flow Projectiles to fend off the opponent, controlling the mecha to fly backward, avoiding an attack. After evading once, the Giant Gorilla’s attacks continued to press on.

Lu Xi exclaimed, “At this rate, it will get close to the base station!”

Inside the Management Bureau, Old Qiu shook his head. “This is bad; this pollutant has high intelligence.”

Li Jingyan urgently asked, “Have the mecha pilots from the Jump Zone set off?”

“They’ve set off!” a staff member responded.

The imminent battle was about to begin, amidst a tumultuous brawl.

Inside the defense system of the base station, the damaged red mecha’s outer panel was pushed open from the inside, crashing onto the ground. With one hand supporting the outer wall of the cockpit, Ying Chenlin leaned out and noticed the imminent attack.

The Giant Gorilla’s attack was formidable, and its forward speed was rapid. Despite their efforts to control it, the distance gradually closed in on the base station. Ying Chenlin halted his movements, focusing his gaze on the agile Giant Gorilla in the air. “Is its ability speed? No, it’s not.”

The pollutant resembling a gorilla indicated that it belonged to the primate category. Primate pollutants were the most challenging to deal with among all pollutants. This Giant Gorilla wasn’t fast in terms of speed; instead, it swiftly analyzed and dismantled its prey’s movements, much like a human.

Upon realizing this, Ying Chenlin immediately searched for the mecha key he carried.

Most of the mecha keys were given to Shen Xingtang by KID. He only had two mecha keys, one of which was already damaged, and the other mecha’s weapon couldn’t be used to deal with the Giant Gorilla.

Removing the weapon? Not an option. Besides the lack of compatibility, Ji Qingfeng and Lu Xi couldn’t hold on for too long.

Ying Chenlin’s mind raced, attempting to find a suitable solution from the existing conditions.

At that moment, he suddenly noticed something and grabbed a certain protrusion beneath his collar.

Even through the fabric, the sensation in the palm of his hand was exceptionally clear, as if subtly reminding him of something.

No, he still had another mecha.

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