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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 85

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

85. Long Blade

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Ying Chenlin took the mecha key from his collar, and the black and red mecha key remained silent. He lowered his gaze, his mind unusually calm.

Driving an S-class mecha wasn’t impossible, just like in the previous battle where he could hear Yuan’s voice as long as he could withstand the mental strain.

Ying Chenlin examined his physical condition. Fortunately, he had prepared during the previous battle, avoiding injuries in the explosion and refrained from excessive use of his right hand. His current condition was somewhat more ideal than anticipated. If he inputs mental power into the mecha key, it could only be an attempt to achieve the fluctuations shown in the mental power spectrum, remembering the doctor’s explanation after his recent inquiry.

A bold idea surfaced in his mind.

His gaze fixed on the black and red mecha key. Should he take the gamble…?

The thunderous sound of attacks echoed overhead. Ying Chenlin looked up at his teammates, gripping the key tightly.

Outside the base station, the Giant Gorilla’s attack speed had increased. In close combat with such pollutants, every detail on the pollutant would be magnified, allowing the mecha pilots to clearly feel—

Dealing with so many pollutants on the front line, Lu Xi encountered, for the first time, a pollutant with such eerie movements.

It felt as if she were facing not a pollutant but an agile combination of a Stealth-Guardian mecha.

She had heard of the intelligence of primate pollutants, but facing them in combat made her perceive their abnormality. If it were a mecha, it would be manageable, but crucially, it wasn’t a mecha. It was stronger, faster, and more threatening than a mecha.

In a brief moment, Ji Qingfeng had rapidly approached. The Binding Lock Scythe immediately latched onto the Giant Gorilla, and the powerful pulling force dragged him forward. The control effects achievable on a mecha were only half as effective on the Giant Gorilla. “Lu Xi, go!”

“Be careful,” Lu Xi gritted her teeth, activating the thrusters to increase the distance.

“Don’t worry,” Ji Qingfeng said, “I can even control people. Just a mere gorilla—”

Before he could finish speaking, the Giant Gorilla’s eyes suddenly looked at him, a pair of clear eyes, as if they were human eyes.

Ji Qingfeng: “…Really, little brother, can’t I trash talk a bit?”

When the paralysis effect of the Binding Lock Scythe on the Giant Gorilla wore off, it quickly switched targets, swinging its long arms aggressively towards Ji Qingfeng.

Ji Qingfeng rapidly flew backward, barely avoiding the attack. The Binding Lock Scythe hit the Giant Gorilla again, but at the same moment of impact, the Giant Gorilla grabbed the chain with one hand and, with the other, struck Ji Qingfeng in a sweeping motion.

A powerful impact sent Ji Qingfeng flying.

The Giant Gorilla landed forcefully on the ground, its feet firmly planted.

The sinking leg muscles seemed to burst in an instant. Ji Qingfeng, lying on the ground, shouted, “Lu Xi, run!”

Lu Xi gritted her teeth, activating the thrusters. As she escaped, the Giant Gorilla, jumping from the ground, struck towards her original position with a fierce blow. The sound of the breaking wind was intimidating, and the consequences if caught were unimaginable.

Inside the Management Bureau, everyone aimed the only live feed at the battle scene, and the pollutant experts on-site commented:

“Its intelligence clearly surpasses ordinary primates. This pollutant is adept at utilizing its own advantages. I suspect its ability is brain domain enhancement.”

“A brain domain enhancement ability suggests that this pollutant’s intelligence may be higher than that of ordinary humans!”

Major Guo frowned. “It’s difficult. Even with just brain domain enhancement, it’s still an S-level. Even if it doesn’t have other strange abilities, its physical condition already exceeds that of a mecha.”

At that moment, a staff member rushed in from outside. “Chairman! The research team has prepared heavy weapons!”

This news relieved everyone in the control room. The completion of heavy weapons two hours ahead of schedule was good news for all the struggling mecha pilots. The person in charge hurriedly said, “Load them quickly—”

Major Guo interjected, “We can’t transport them right now.”

Li Jingyan focused on the situation in the Jump Zone. The follow-up support mechas had already entered the Jump Zone, but due to the unstable magnetic field, the mecha’s transfer coordinates had shifted. Even if they reached the Contaminated Zone, it would still take time to get to the base station. Precision displacement into the base station was challenging for even Competition-level mechas, let alone military-class heavily-armored multi-person mechas carrying heavy weapons.

“In this situation, if we want to accurately transport heavy weapons, we must at least eliminate the three S-level pollutants near the base station.”

“They are causing the most significant fluctuations in the magnetic field around the base station!”

On the communication channel, the voices of others overlapped, clearly indicating they were all engaged in a tough battle.

They had been fighting continuously for a long time, and some of their senses had become sluggish. Lu Xi knew there was no way to request help from others at this moment. Even if she and Ji Qingfeng couldn’t solve this pollutant, they had to give their all to persevere— at least their resilience could ease the pressure on the mecha pilots arriving later.

The Giant Gorilla looked at Lu Xi again. Lu Xi switched her weapon to the Enhancement Cannon and aimed at the Giant Gorilla’s position before it moved.

When the projectile was about to hit the Giant Gorilla, it quickly jumped aside. However, Lu Xi’s goal wasn’t to hit it. “Da Feng!”

The Enhancement Cannon struck the ground near the Giant Gorilla’s feet, creating a sandstorm-like swirl that almost instantly restrained the Giant Gorilla. Ji Qingfeng seized the opportunity, rushing forward aggressively. He switched his weapon to a blade, and in the brief seconds the Gorilla couldn’t move, he executed a series of consecutive strikes.

Lu Xi exclaimed, “It’s working!”

Ji Qingfeng said, “Again! Let it witness the danger of humans!”

The Giant Gorilla, caught off guard by the attack of these two mechas, roared angrily and once again charged towards Lu Xi. Lu Xi swiftly switched weapons. She wasn’t afraid of the Giant Gorilla dodging; it couldn’t fly, and once it landed, it would inevitably be affected by the ground environment.

As the Giant Gorilla landed again, it appeared in Lu Xi’s crosshairs. With her Enhancement Cannon fully charged, she unleashed a powerful shot the moment it touched the ground! Ji Qingfeng, not far away, quickly followed. As long as they could control the Giant Gorilla and unleash a combo, they could eliminate it.

“Something’s wrong! The Giant Gorilla’s pollution levels are still skyrocketing!” A staff member exclaimed urgently.

Major Guo was puzzled, “What’s going on!?”

Li Jingyan made a decisive decision, “That Giant Gorilla is behaving abnormally! Quickly notify the mecha pilots to avoid it! Stay away!”

The staff member grabbed the loudspeaker, and everyone focused on the tense battle outside the defense system. Shen Xingtang remained calm, but her hands were still tense on the control console. Surrounding the base station were KID’s mecha pilots, and as the person in charge of KID, she didn’t want to see anyone getting hurt.

Suddenly, it seemed like there was a faint light outside the live camera feed. Before she could see clearly—

An unexpected situation occurred!

Suddenly, something moved in Lu Xi’s scope.

She looked puzzled and urgently shouted, “Da Feng, retreat!”

Ji Qingfeng’s blade had already hit the Giant Gorilla, and he was wondering why when he saw something that seemed to be moving under the gorilla’s fur, along its arm. “When did this happen!?”

Immediately, a black pollutant, the size of an ordinary gorilla, emerged and jumped onto the Giant Gorilla’s arm. When it reached the arm, it opened its mouth with a roar!

Like a silent shockwave, Ji Qingfeng hadn’t even touched the Giant Gorilla when he was blasted away by the shockwave.

Lu Xi looked on in astonishment, “It’s not just one pollutant, it’s two.”

Ji Qingfeng crashed to the ground, and this time, the gorilla didn’t attack Lu Xi. Instead, it took advantage of Ji Qingfeng’s fall and pounced toward his position. In her urgency, Lu Xi used the Water Flow Cannon to push the gorilla back. “Da Feng, run!”

In the emergency, Ji Qingfeng propped himself up from the ground and rolled over. He avoided the Giant Gorilla’s ground smash, shouting, “It still has a smaller one on its body that creates shockwave attacks!”

Unprepared, Lu Xi, while locking onto the Giant Gorilla, saw the black Small Gorilla open its jaws with sharp fangs aimed at her.

She was surprised—bad! She couldn’t dodge it!

At that moment, Ji Qingfeng rapidly propelled himself and grabbed the gorilla’s leg, pulling it downward. The Small Gorilla’s fangs were now directed at the sky, and the silent sound waves seemed to generate intense vibrations.

Stabilizing her posture, Lu Xi shouted, “Da Feng!”

When Ji Qingfeng released the gorilla’s leg, it was too late. In the next second, the shockwave attack, along with the Giant Gorilla’s long arm, swept down. He tried to avoid the attack with all his might, but the long arm and shockwave hit his right leg. Intense pain struck instantly, and the entire mecha was violently thrown, crashing into the base station’s defense system.

“Da Feng!” Lu Xi cried out.

Ji Qingfeng’s right leg hurt so much that he saw stars: “Sss—Mother-, this bastard still holds a grudge!”

The two S-level pollutants didn’t leave them any breathing space. As soon as the gorilla landed, it rushed towards Ji Qingfeng’s position. Lu Xi’s quicksand held it for two seconds, but two seconds were far from enough for her to reach Ji Qingfeng’s side to provide protection.

On the communication channel, it seemed like other teammates had noticed the urgency on their end. You Su turned around, setting up a Sniper Cannon and quickly said, “Create distance; I’ll provide long-range support for you.”

Lu Xi accelerated to reach them, urgently saying, “Da Feng, get up and run!”

Just as Ji Qingfeng was about to move, he noticed a report inside the mecha, indicating severe damage to the right leg: “Damn it, can my luck be this bad?”

The moment You Su aimed the Sniper Cannon, the Giant Gorilla’s figure flashed by. By the time he reacquired the target, the Giant Gorilla was less than twenty meters away from Ji Qingfeng.

Suddenly, he saw a thruster flash across the night sky, cutting through the horizon faster than the Giant Gorilla.

Inside and outside the scene, everyone watched the Giant Gorilla charging at a rapid speed. It was too fast, and there was no time!

Just when Ji Qingfeng thought the Giant Gorilla’s long arm was about to hit him, a strange mecha entered his field of view at an extremely fast speed from the left. The black and red-colored mecha, illuminated by the night and flames, formed a faint streak of light. At the critical moment, it abruptly appeared in front of Ji Qingfeng.

A Long Blade clashed with the Giant Gorilla’s long arm. The mecha pressed its chest forward, resisting the Giant Gorilla’s powerful strike.

Everyone’s hearts nearly stopped. When they saw someone coming to the rescue, the staff excitedly shouted, “Great! Reinforcements are here!”

The live feed focused outside the defense system, and even though it was blurry, everyone could see the style of the unfamiliar mecha and its distinctive black and red pattern, along with the silver sword blocking the attack.

Li Jingyan looked at the mecha in astonishment and muttered, “Yuan.”

The staff exclaimed, “The supporting mecha is a single-pilot mecha with the code…”

Before the code could be fully announced, the people in the control room stared in disbelief. The system displayed the corresponding identification, showing the special pattern and mecha code to everyone in the control room – Mecha *Yuan* [S].

“S-class Mecha *Yuan*. The mecha owner is the retired Individual Soldier pilot mecha pilot—”

The staff’s voice choked up, and he read the next sentence, “Sink.”

The author has something to say:

Here it comes, here it comes. I’ll run away first (nervous laughter).


My mind when I read the Brain Domain Enhancement

Gorilla Domain Expansion: Baby Gorilla!

On another note; FUCKIN FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! HE’S ARRIVED!


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