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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 86

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

86. Sink

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zhee

In the control room, apart from the Frontier Army, almost everyone was a staff member affiliated with the Mecha Alliance. Even though they were overseeing team battles, they had heard the name [Sink], the most talented mecha pilot in the Dawn Galaxy in recent years.

“Is that Sink?”

“Sink??? Am I seeing it right?”

“No mistake. This mecha insignia is unique in the entire Star Alliance!”

The moment the silver sword blocked the Giant Gorilla’s long arm, the impact of their collision brought about a tremendous force. Seeing this, the Small Gorilla on the Giant Gorilla’s body jumped onto its arm, opening its fangs towards the black and red mecha.

Ji Qingfeng: “Be careful!”

The movements of the black and red mecha were extremely fast. The next moment, it lowered its body, pulling Da Feng’s mecha abruptly to the side. The air vibrated, and the two pollutants roared discontentedly to the side. At this moment, Lu Xi’s support arrived. She fired a quicksand blast under the Giant Gorilla’s feet, gaining two seconds. By this time, the black and red mecha had already pulled Da Feng away from the center of the battle.

At a further distance, a mecha pilot with a Sniper Cannon aimed through the scope and saw this mecha.

He then shifted his gaze to the damaged mecha lying inside the station, his brows furrowing completely.

“Oh, oh, oh! It seems to be an S-class mecha signal!” Theo scanned the radar, capturing a signal Trace on the radar. “This signal type seems a bit familiar. I remember it’s from our—”

Before he could finish speaking, the pollutant in front of You Su attacked and had already approached.

You Su had to redirect his focus back to the immediate battlefield. He switched to an Energy Cannon suitable for close combat. “Quickly deal with this pollutant.”

Theo asked, “Don’t we need to go support Ji Qingfeng and the others? It looks like there are two pollutants over there.”

“No need,” You Su said. “We need to resolve the situation here quickly so that we can clean up the aftermath for them.”

Theo asked, “?”

Outside the station’s defense system, the black and red mecha once again blocked the Giant Gorilla’s attack. This time, it didn’t stop; instead, it swiftly followed up after landing, closing in on the Giant Gorilla.

Lu Xi quickly flew to Ji Qingfeng’s side. “Da Feng, are you okay?”

“Right leg’s damaged.” Ji Qingfeng severed the mental connection to the damaged right leg to avoid the pain affecting the battle. “I’m fine. Even with just one leg, I can handle it.”

Lu Xi helped the mecha up. “No worries. The mecha that came to support us has arrived.”

Ji Qingfeng stabilized his posture, squinting his eyes to carefully identify, “This mecha… why does it feel a bit familiar?”

The next second, a communication request suddenly popped up in front of him—

[Mecha·Yuan requests to establish communication with you.]

Lu Xi was surprised to see this communication request.

Ji Qingfeng paused for a moment. “No base station number. Is this person an Individual Soldier?”

“Da Feng, I’ve heard the name of this mecha. If I remember correctly, its pilot should be Sink.”

Lu Xi explained, “Individual Soldier mecha pilot, Sink.”

Ji Qingfeng was shocked. “Oh! The genius Individual Soldier pilot from our galaxy.”

Lin Yao, who was fighting in another location, asked, “Ah? What genius are you talking about?”

Huo Yan reminded, “Xiao Yao, focus on the front! Don’t get distracted!”

However, Lu Xi was a bit puzzled. “How does he know our KID communication frequency?”

KID’s operational channel only involved a few KID members, and the channel number for the private channel was known only to the control room and the KID members themselves. When they received the join request, other team members still in battle thought it was urgent support sent by the Alliance.

“Probably from the Alliance,” Ji Qingfeng said without hesitation, agreeing with the request. The next moment, Yuan’s signal entered KID’s operational channel.

Upon the new mecha signal’s entry, everyone in the channel instinctively looked at the mecha code on the communication channel.

Upon seeing [Yuan·S] and the other mecha [Theo·S] side by side in the team, the gazes of KID’s members briefly paused.

To maintain a friendly atmosphere, Ji Qingfeng casually greeted, “Brother Sink, right? Thanks for saving us just now. You’re from the Alliance—”

Before he could finish speaking, the signal from Yuan quickly lit up.

“Qingfeng, Lu Xi.” A somewhat weak male voice appeared in the communication channel. His voice was fast and calm as he explained, “It’s challenging to deal with two pollutants that are closely attached. I’ll go and separate them, and gradually break them down.”

Ji Qingfeng responded quickly to the sudden call, but then he suddenly realized, “Brother, your voice sounds a bit familiar, haha.”

You Su’s tone was indifferent. “It is familiar. I used to hear it every day at the base station.”

Huo Yan: “?”

Lin Yao: “???”

Without hesitation, Yuan’s pilot rushed out almost at the moment they spoke.

In the midst of astonishment, Lu Xi immediately followed Yuan’s pace. “Da Feng, let’s go!”

“No!? Wait!” Ji Qingfeng was stunned for a moment. “Damn it!!!”

The black and red mecha, upon noticing Lu Xi’s arrival, turned to attack the Giant Gorilla. The speed of his silver sword was extremely fast, using the sword with his left hand. The movements between raising and lowering the sword had no deviation whatsoever. The flowing attack speed seamlessly integrated with the mecha’s own speed, as light as a passing breeze, almost merging with the wind.

Inside the cockpit, the mental power consumption generated by the high-level empathy was rapidly depleting.

When the mental empathy nerve contacted Ying Chenlin’s limbs, and when his consciousness empathized with Yuan’s, what Ying Chenlin felt was a lightness that other mechas did not have. Reconnecting with this cockpit after many years, he didn’t sense the fatigue of piloting a mecha. The lithe mecha body was seamlessly connected to his control, and every movement felt inexplicably free.

Forcing A-level mental power into an S-class mecha, Ying Chenlin gambled on what the doctor said was possible, betting on the possibilities brought by mental resonance. He had previously rebooted Yuan’s consciousness twice, which meant that the possibility of a complete reboot existed.

However, inputting mental power into the key was an endless abyss. Even if he knew the wavelength range of the mental power spectrum, it might not be possible to reach the mental power required for Yuan’s mecha to fully activate. This was a high-stakes gamble, once he depleted all his mental power, it meant that he wouldn’t even have a chance to support combat with an ordinary mecha. However, if successful, he could use the mecha with the highest compatibility with his mental power.

Fortunately, he won this high-stakes gamble.

But he wasn’t sure how much time he could bet.

He recalled imagining scenes of cooperating with Yuan in battle many times. However, when the actual battle came, he found that all his imagination was nothing because it was too familiar. When he achieved empathy with the mecha, it was as if he had returned to the battlefield from many years ago, back to when he was eighteen.

Inside the highly resonant cockpit, all that filled it was his mental power, and a voice in his mind became unprecedentedly clear: “Chenlin, pollutant information captured, S-class pollutant report *2.”

Ying Chenlin’s chest heaved slightly, and his calm gaze focused on the opponent in front of him.

He had no time to think about anything else; his attention was solely on the pollutant. In his state of heightened resonance, deeper memories of combat seemed to surge up. His blank mind had no room for unnecessary emotions. Mechanically, he sought every vulnerability in the opponent before him.

“Left side?” Ying Chenlin engaged his thrusters to the maximum, and the silver sword struck down on the left side of the Giant Gorilla.

The Giant Gorilla, attempting to retreat, had to raise its arm to defend, slowing down for a beat.

“Right lower side,” Yuan’s voice reminded him.

Ying Chenlin’s mecha and its voice moved out simultaneously. The silver sword in his hand swiftly changed directions, from a cleaving motion to a thrust, precisely hitting the Giant Gorilla from bottom to top. He exerted force with his left foot, altering the direction of the thrusters—this time to the left!

The silver sword entwined with the Giant Gorilla. With the rapid movements of the mecha, he didn’t passively wait for the Giant Gorilla’s attack but instead kept up with the Giant Gorilla’s speed, countering its moves. The silver sword in his hand was extremely fluid, colliding with the Giant Gorilla’s long arms with each strike. The Small Gorilla on the Gorilla’s body was not to be underestimated; attracted by the prey, it followed suit. The Small Gorilla roared towards Yuan again, sending out shockwaves.

Ying Chenlin thought—lower right.

Yuan turned his body, an ultimate spin in mid-air, passing by the vibrating airwaves.

The Giant Gorilla didn’t expect the prey to evade. It took advantage of the interval and attacked the side of the mecha. The strike seemed inevitable, and the Small Gorilla on its body opened its mouth, ready to deliver another blow. Suddenly, the turning mecha stabilized its posture rapidly. The thrusters pushed to the limit again, and with the propulsion force from the thrusters, the mecha adeptly turned and utilized the inertia-generated rotational force from bottom to top, striking the Giant Gorilla.

Lu Xi had just caught up and was about to assist in the attack when she blinked and saw the opponent rapidly increasing the distance.

So fast…! This kind of sensation of speed, just like the first time she cooperated with You Su.

Inside the Management Bureau, all those who were initially bewildered gradually reacted. In the blurred combat perspective, a new battle was unfolding, almost at a speed difficult for the naked eye to capture. In the distant view, where the night sky and flames intertwined, they could only see the brilliance generated by the silver sword colliding with the Giant Gorilla repeatedly. Gradually, memories surfaced in their minds about the illustrious achievements of this mecha and its pilot.

Sink, the Dawn Galaxy Individual Soldier genius was the first legendary mecha pilot in the current Star Alliance to achieve the Grand Slam.

Unfortunately, just when everyone thought he was about to embark on his Individual Soldier era of glory, this mecha pilot decisively retired and disappeared without a trace, virtually untraceable on StarNet. Everyone believed he had retired and vanished, but who could have imagined that he would reappear in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone?

Amidst their amazement, someone in the control room raised a question.

“But why is Sink here!?”

“Yeah, I didn’t even realize he was here.”

“Is he a support mecha pilot? Wasn’t there a team of mecha pilots sent in for support?”

“Can a jump be this fast!”

The person in charge asked in confusion, “Retired mecha pilots shouldn’t receive a summons, right?”

The Alliance only issues summons to active-duty mecha pilots, and since the appearance of the Black Hole pollutant, countless mecha pilots had gone to Qiu Jin.

Not long ago, there was another team of mecha pilots sent in for support, but even with support, can they arrive at the base station so quickly? Other supporting mecha pilots are still positioned five kilometers away from the base station.

As the voices of confusion in the control room grew louder, Li Jingyan, who had been silent all along, spoke up: “I brought Sink here. I requested his assistance. It’s not surprising that the support arrived quickly. The jump coordinates were originally near the base station. It’s just that due to magnetic field interference, most mecha pilots’ jump coordinates deviated. With Sink’s ability, stabilizing the magnetic field and jumping precisely to the base station is entirely feasible.”

When Li Jingyan spoke, the attention of all the staff around was drawn to his words.

“They came just in time!”

“With Sink here, we can definitely protect the base station before reinforcements arrive.”

“Is that the Flowing Fire Sword!?”

Major Guo from the Frontier Army exchanged a glance with Old Qiu but didn’t expose Li Jingyan’s statement.

In the corner, Shen Xingtang, who had been silent, looked at another corner of the real-time perspective. There was only one working perspective inside the base station, and during the battle, everyone’s attention was focused on Ji Qingfeng and Lu Xi. However, she kept watching, and in a corner that others didn’t notice, she saw an Individual Soldier mecha swiftly passing through the blurry edge of the screen.

The image was very brief, so brief that it might not even have lasted a second.

But from that angle, the direction in which the mecha entered the battlefield perfectly matched the entrance of the base station.

An underage Individual Soldier mecha pilot, retired due to illness, and the timing of retirement was not far from joining KID.

Shen Xingtang looked on in astonishment, ‘8,000 credits… Baobei, are you a Bodhisattva?’

Amid her shock, she suddenly remembered Ying Chenlin’s mental power and physique. She urgently asked, “How long will it take to send weapons over!?”

Major Guo looked at Shen Xingtang and replied, “Weapons can be dispatched at any time, as long as the magnetic field inside stabilizes.”

Inside the arena, the multiple close encounters with the black and red mecha made it difficult for the Giant Gorilla. It repeatedly tried to use the angle while evading to avoid the mecha in front of it, but this mecha had extremely strong close combat capabilities and higher agility than the prey it previously encountered. The most important thing was the strange weapon it carried, and every strike on the Giant Gorilla resulted in a burning sensation.

The Giant Gorilla swung its arms in anger, sending the mecha in front of it flying.

Instantly, the Individual Soldier mecha stabilized its posture as it was thrown away.

Inside the cockpit, Yuan’s voice echoed again, “Chenlin, there’s an S-level on its left shoulder.”

Ying Chenlin’s gaze focused on the small pollutant on the Giant Gorilla’s left shoulder. The thrusters changed direction almost without interruption, and the tip of the silver sword in his hand glowed red. Then, he abruptly slashed towards the Giant Gorilla’s position.


The silver sword, like a giant hammer, collided head-on with the Giant Gorilla’s long arm. Flames quickly engulfed the blade, and one strike followed another, pinning the Giant Gorilla completely to the ground.

In the direct collision between the black and red mecha and the pollutant, only the swift and decisive flowing fire and light remained, dragging a long trench in the scorched earth.

The black and red mecha’s silver sword weapon was agile and swift, both in its flexibility during swings and the speed of its strikes.

The S-class mecha Yuan’s Flowing Fire Sword was embedded with an anomalous crystal carrying the ability [Wind Fire].

Although not a dual-attribute S-class crystal, it possessed flames comparable to wind, primarily using fast assaults. With its additional fire attribute, when used properly, it could deliver both a heavy slashing impact and a burning effect.

Under such violent strikes, the Giant Gorilla opted for melee defense, gradually retreating.

However, this defense was short-lived because, in the next moment, the Flowing Fire Sword changed direction, charging straight towards the Giant Gorilla’s left shoulder.

The Giant Gorilla tried to raise its arm to resist, but in the process, it felt a burning sensation and a sudden halt—

In the cockpit, Ying Chenlin sensed a slight gap. As if anticipating it, he swung the Flowing Fire Sword, directly tossing the Small Gorilla flying from its left shoulder!

“Lu Xi!”

Lu Xi, who was behind him, came over, and a shot of the Flowing Sand left the big Gorilla immobilized, “Leave the big one to me and Da Feng. Go after the small one.”

Ji Qingfeng limped over, grabbing the Giant Gorilla, “Handover this side…”

Their response was somewhat heavy breathing. The communication channel suddenly fell silent, only the heavy breaths from Yuan’s mecha signal sounded, causing Ji Qingfeng’s heart to tighten. Just as he was about to go up to help Ying Chenlin, he heard Ying Chenlin’s response—

“I’ll handle the small one.”

Ji Qingfeng: “Fuck! We’ll resolve this soon!”

Huo Yan’s voice also came in, “Xiao Yao is getting closer. We’ll aim to resolve it within 5 minutes.”

The two S-level pollutants were thoroughly separated, and KID’s two mechas skillfully seized the most opportune moment to completely widen the distance between the Giant and Small Gorillas. Lu Xi and Ji Qingfeng had already figured out how to deal with the Giant Gorilla earlier, and now, with both control and melee, they were even more adept.

Everyone marveled at Sink’s operations. However, Li Jingyan couldn’t be entirely happy. Since Yuan entered the scene until now, he had only been using the sword in his left hand, and the right-hand had been used only a few times. Li Jingyan had reviewed Ying Chenlin’s data and knew that this kid’s mental and physical abilities had declined since retirement. Given his current condition, it was impossible for him to pilot Yuan.

Ying Chenlin only used the Flowing Fire Sword and did not employ the other weapon Yuan had.

The battle was being forcefully sustained. Li Jingyan asked, “Prepare the heavy weapons. Once they reach the base station, notify all mecha pilots to withdraw from the front line.”

The person in charge hesitated, “But the magnetic field is not stable now. Once the weapons are deployed, there’s no turning back.”

“It will stabilize.” Shen Xingtang suddenly said, “I trust our base station’s mecha pilots!”

Both Li Jingyan and Shen Xingtang knew that this mecha couldn’t hold out for too long, and the time they could buy was very short.

“I’ll pilot it. Inform everyone to get the weapons ready.” Major Guo walked outside with a slight tilt, “They’ll stabilize the magnetic field. Let’s go.”

Inside the Management Bureau, when Major Guo entered the Jump Zone, the heavy weapons were already loaded into a special large mecha. This mecha carried weapons, and its offensive and defensive capabilities were only average. The original plan was to safely reach the base station in stable magnetic field conditions, and then all mecha pilots would clear the way to the location of the Black Hole.

But now, the coordinates for displacement were uncertain.

A soldier: “Major, the mecha will definitely deviate at this time.”

“I know it will deviate. All we can do is get this deviation closer to the base station.” Major Guo did not hesitate as he entered the mecha, pulling up the contamination detection system. He needed to wait for KID to solve the pollutants and find the right time for a suitable displacement.

The ongoing battle inside the arena seemed to be on fast-forward, with everyone observing realizing that the speed of the battle seemed to have increased significantly after the two gorillas were separated. This speed was reckless, and although they couldn’t observe the distant battle, they could see the close-range fight between Ji Qingfeng, Lu Xi, and the Giant Gorilla. Their combat was no longer as cautious as before; they charged recklessly, directly using attacks as a form of defense, leaving the Giant Gorilla with no way to escape.

The swift coordination of the Stealth and Control did not cease the moment they seized its weakness.

The person in charge, witnessing this scene, was momentarily stunned. “KID’s combat speed has increased. This will lead to wear and tear on the mechas.”

Shen Xingtang stared intently, her fists almost clenched.

“Quick, look!”

A mecha’s silhouette appeared at the end of the live-view perspective. Upon hearing the reminder, everyone turned their attention to that particular mecha.

The agile fleeing Small Gorilla jumped and struck the air with shockwaves. Each shockwave was extremely precise, showcasing the exceptional combat capabilities of the highly intelligent primate. Even after breaking free from the protection of the Giant Gorilla, its individual abilities remained formidable.

It attacked the airborne mecha while swiftly approaching the location of the Giant Gorilla.

Inside the cockpit, Ying Chenlin’s forehead was covered in fine sweat. The support of his mental power was reaching a critical point, and he felt exhausted. However, his body and mind continued to operate at high speed. Even though tired, he experienced a sense of exhilaration that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Speed and power analysis complete,” Yuan reported. “Pollutant body strength is 140, recommended concentration index is 60%!”

At the same time, on KID’s communication channel, shouts from his teammates indicated that the value reaction of the S-level pollutant was slowly decreasing.

Ying Chenlin briefly considered and replied, “60% is too slow.”

The flames of the Flowing Fire Sword rapidly condensed, and within less than five seconds, the blade was already ablaze.

The black and red mecha swiftly passed through the moonlight’s residual glow, and the silver sword in its hand traced a path of flames through the air.

The next moment, the silver sword, with incredible speed, blocked its path and fiercely pierced through the Small Gorilla’s body.

A howl echoed through the night sky, and the situation changed in the blink of an eye.

In the Management Bureau, the staff reported, “Chairman! The presence of pollutants in Yao and Yan’s location is starting to weaken!”

“Trace has killed the S-level pollutant!”

“The frontline situation is stable! The support mecha squad has arrived!”

“The team led by Gale and YDS has killed two S-level pollutants!”

“BZZL1 and Black Crow are holding the northern front!”

“Chairman! The Black Hole has entered the absorption phase!”

The live-view perspective became increasingly blurry during the successive battles, and the progress of all confrontations could only be assessed through the system data. Even so, witnessing all mecha pilots fight to the current state, Li Jingyan’s heart swelled with indescribable emotions. His throat tightened, and he said, “You’re all doing great.”

In the Management Bureau’s Jump Zone, Major Guo noticed that the internal pollution index and the magnetic field were fluctuating rapidly. He immediately identified an intermittent point, “Activate the jump procedure for the heavy mecha! Maximize the speed!”

The frontline mecha pilots instantly received this emergency change. Zhao Lejie turned his head and looked into the distance, “Is the sudden initiation of the heavy mecha jump normal?”

“No choice. The stable magnetic field is diminishing,” Qi Sicheng solemnly explained, “Hold on until the last second, allow the Frontier Army to successfully get the heavy weapons inside!”

Time passed quickly, and the transfer time for the heavy weapons was urgently shortened.

Inside the cockpit were Major Guo and four other mecha pilots. After the jump program was initiated, they quickly found precise targets in the chaotic magnetic field. They selected the jump destination as the base station, and the jump coordinates were simultaneously shared with the mecha pilots inside the base station. Mecha pilots near the base station began rapid reinforcements.

In the feast of night and fire, moonlight spilled onto the ground.

The full moon’s light shone on the mountains of corpses and sea of blood, pollutant bodies, and scorched earth—every mecha was in disarray.

Mecha pilots nearby rushed towards the jump location. The signal belonging to the Frontier Army’s heavy mecha rapidly approached during the transfer process. It was a military-class heavy mecha with an exceptionally fast transfer speed.

As You Su rushed over from a distance, he saw the black and red mecha standing on the pollutant corpse. The Flowing Fire Sword was still stuck in the pollutant, almost severing its head. The standing mecha pulled out the sword, and a white energy crystal dropped from the blood and flesh, harmonizing with the moonlight—a beautiful spectacle!

Theo exclaimed, “Oh!!! This is the signal! You Su, I noticed it that day! This is the mecha Ying Chenlin often carries! It’s called Yuan! It looks as cool as us!”

You Su lowered his eyes, noticing the mecha and the right hand that had not been used.

Theo’s chattering stopped instantly, and he immediately reported, “You Su, the coordinates of the heavy mecha are out! There’s a deviation! It’s located three thousand meters north of the base station!”

In a moment, the black and red mecha below soared into the air.

The mecha’s flight left behind a faint afterglow as it rushed toward the coordinates of the deviation.

You Su said, “Follow.”

Theo added, “Here it comes!”

In the high-speed flying mecha cockpit, Yuan’s calm voice sounded, “A swarm of Blood-Devouring Crows has appeared ahead, flying at a high speed. They will collide head-on with the heavy mecha appearing during the transfer.”

“Calculate… Can we catch up?”

Ying Chenlin, breathing heavily, adjusted the mecha’s precision in the darkening field of view. He saw a mecha following closely from behind.

“We can’t catch up,” Yuan’s steady voice reported, “We’re 15 seconds behind.”

Ying Chenlin decisively pressed a button, adjusting the accuracy in an instant, “…Switch weapons.”

Yuan fell silent for a moment, then responded, “Understood.”

The moment when the military heavy mecha appeared under the moonlight, the potent energy of the heavy weapon caught the attention of the remaining pollutants. The news of the deviation spread through the control room and the ears of everyone near the base station. Mecha pilots immediately changed course, heading towards the location three thousand meters north of the base station to cover the weapon’s advance.

“Bad news! It’s a Blood-Devouring Crow swarm! A lead crow is guiding them!”

“And the coordinates are in the canyon, limiting their flight!”

“The heavy mecha is on its trajectory, but it just transferred without side wing protection. It will collide with the Blood-Devouring Crow swarm!”

A mecha, kilometers away from the transfer coordinates, raised its right-hand’s weapon during high-speed flight. The powerful gravitational negative pressure rested on his hand, and the mecha pilot aimed at a rapidly approaching group of Blood-Devouring Crows through the scope. Cold sweat streamed into his eyes.

“Two mecha have entered the vicinity of the heavy mecha! Yuan and Theo!”

“No, the distance is not enough. The heavy mecha is about to collide!”

“Chairman! Energy accumulation has been captured!”

“It’s a Sniper Cannon energy response!!! A mecha is attempting a long-range sniper shot!”

The leader exclaimed, “This distance is too far. Can we make it in time?”

Li Jingyan and Shen Xingtang looked at the radar coordinates together.

In the cockpit, Ying Chenlin’s eyes were as calm as stagnant water. With an unstable right hand, he used all his strength to press the trigger for the sniper shot!

At the critical moment, a sniper shot, covering an incredible distance, crossed the gap in the canyon, cutting through the skyline!

—Precisely hitting the Blood-Devouring Crow swarm just 20 meters away from the heavy mecha!

Author’s Note:

There’s an extra chapter, and in the next one, we’ll resolve the Black Hole.

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6 months ago

Merry Christmas and thanks for the chapter!!

2 months ago

This black hole arc was incredibly long. I was disappointed that at crucial moments, it was only KID that really beared the greatest risk. It’s kind of ridiculous that such great teams couldn’t adapt as quickly as a ragtag team. The whole mission is ending with only one casualty and that’s plot armour my friends 😂 anyway it was quite the thrilling read

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