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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 88

Qiu Jin Grand Canyon Contaminated Zone (Black Hole)

88. Conclusion

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Proofread by Cloud Chip Cake and An Zheee

Upon hearing the response in his ears, Ying Chenlin glanced slightly to the side. In the spacious cockpit, he could see the flickering stars in space and the white waves rolling on the surface of the Qiu Jin planet. His gaze lingered on that planet for a long time, and eventually, he wearily closed his eyes.

Theo said, “Looks like he fell asleep again!”

You Su operated the mecha with one hand, and the warmth of the breath on his neck seemed to gradually subside. Just by looking to the side, he could see someone’s furry head. “Lower the volume of the communication sounds.”

Theo responded, “Oh, okay!”

At this moment, Ying Chenlin’s body slid slightly, and You Su hastily embraced him. The weight pressing on him was very light, separated by the layer of the combat suit, yet he felt a strange sense of contact.

The explosions outside had already swept over, covering most of the planet’s surface. They indeed looked like some peculiar fireworks.

His fingertips touched the back of Ying Chenlin’s neck, then moved upward to touch the other person’s slightly long hair.

You Su paused for a moment, then gently moved upward to touch the child’s head. “Have a good sleep.”

The heavy weapon exploded inside the Black Hole when the half-hour countdown ended, confirming the effectiveness of the strategy. Because the Black Hole’s coverage was extensive, this explosion directly triggered a chain reaction, engulfing the entire Qiu Jin in flames. The detection system failed over a large area, but the only gratifying thing was that the pollution belonging to the Black Hole’s reaction source completely disappeared, along with that eerie magnetic field.

The Super S-level pollutant, the Black Hole, was dead.

Listening to the cheers of many mecha pilots on the communication channel, everyone in the command center finally let go of their worries. “Chairman, we did it!”

Li Jingyan stood upright and said, “Open the entrance of the Qiu Jin Management Bureau. Our mecha pilots are waiting to go home.”

All the staff entered a new state of busyness, but this time, the busyness was no longer filled with fear.

The Frontier Army personnel evacuated from the control room. Several researchers came to report the data on the heavy weapon to Old Qiu. After briefing him on several matters, Old Qiu looked at his student beside him and instructed, “After verifying the data of the heavy weapon, help me investigate a person.”

The student looked at him with confusion. “Sure, teacher. Who do you want to investigate?”

“Mecha pilot Sink, and the weapon on that mecha,” Old Qiu glanced toward the busy control room. “That weapon reminds me of an old friend.”

Hearing him mention Sink, the student was a bit surprised. His teacher usually didn’t pay much attention to mecha competitions. He was more interested in various academic competitions and technical presentations in his field. He never expected his teacher to be interested in Sink.

In space, the Qiu Jin Management Bureau opened the passage outward, and one by one, mechas hovered orderly into the passage. Shen Xingtang had left the control room early, standing with Jiang Simiao on the Qiu Jin Management Bureau’s landing platform, watching as mechas entered. Among those mechas, they saw the red mechas of their KID team.

Before the mechas even came to a stop, the two of them quickly ran over.

After the red and white mechas stopped, the cockpit doors opened, and lively mecha pilots came out.

Lin Yao greeted enthusiastically, “Tang jie! We’re back!”

Shen Xingtang’s gaze swept over each person and finally saw You Su’s cockpit open. When he came out, he was still supporting someone. The person he was carrying seemed to have lost consciousness, leaning entirely on him, held only by You Su’s one arm.

Jiang Simiao walked forward with concern, “Be careful when you come down.”

You Su, with one hand holding the other person, came down from the mecha. After landing, he noticed the gazes of the others.

He readjusted the position, holding the person horizontally, “Fainted, may need to have the doctor take a look.”

Shen Xingtang said, “I’ve already contacted the doctor. Come with me to the medical room now.”

The other members of KID chimed in, “Ah! We’re going too.”

“Go where? The medical area is crowded now, and it’ll be troublesome for the doctors if everyone goes over,” Jiang Simiao stopped them. “After a while, mecha pilots will have to queue up for inspections. Go get your bodies checked! Understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Lin Yao heading towards the storage compartment of his mecha. “What are you all doing?”

Ji Qingfeng limped over, hopping around, “The queue is going to take forever! Let’s check our supplies first.”

As more and more mecha pilots returned to the Qiu Jin Management Bureau, those coming out of their cockpits were already exhausted, chatting as they walked.

“I need a shower when I get back. I feel like my whole body stinks.”

“I want to eat something delicious.”

“For the next six months, I won’t go into a Contaminated Zone again. I feel like I’m going to vomit all over.” Hu Luobu rubbed his eyes, dizzy. “My right hand feels like it’s filled with molten iron, so heavy.”

Zhao Lejie said, “Whether you go into a Contaminated Zone or not, don’t forget the League is still ongoing. You haven’t finished this round.”

Hu Luobu retorted, “Is it fun to injure me? Don’t you need to play for Gale?”

Zhao Lejie, “…”

“Oh right, do y’all from Gale and YDS plan to continue in the League?”

“Really? Qiu Jin is in such a state, can the League still continue?”

“I estimate it won’t be possible. Too many mechas are damaged, and repairs will take time.”

The question of whether they could continue the League was no longer a topic that mecha pilots wanted to discuss. Anyone facing thousands of pollutants continuously for three or four days would end up nauseous. It was still a war of attrition, wave after wave. Most mecha pilots in the Dawn Galaxy hadn’t experienced battles of such intensity. Knowing that the Black Hole was dead, everyone relaxed, just wanting to eat, sleep, and take a shower.

The landing platform in Qiu Jin was almost filled by the mechas. As mecha pilots left their mechas and queued up for medical examinations, passing by a corner of the landing platform, they saw several red mechas parked there. Countless materials were scattered on the ground, and a few mecha pilots in combat suits were picking through them.

The passing mecha pilots: “…?”

“Why are they so happy?”

Hu Luobu: “Whether the League continues or not, there are definitely people willing to go into a Contaminated Zone.”

Zhao Lejie couldn’t face these poor guys and didn’t quite understand, “Isn’t it possible for you to process materials at your own mecha base?”

Lin Yao looked up at his words, “No, if we’re going to share the loot later, our storage compartments won’t be enough.”

“Share the loot?” Zhao Lejie pointed to the almost devastated Contaminated Zone in the distance. “Are you planning to go back to pick up materials?”

Lin Yao said frankly, “Yes, we still have a lot of materials to collect.”

The nearby mecha pilots had heard about KID’s financial situation, but seeing the characteristics of these poor guys up close, they could only shake their heads in speechlessness. As more and more mechas landed, the Qiu Jin Management Bureau became busy coordinating the follow-up, and arranging medical examinations for the mecha pilots. All the staff were busy running around.

Jiang Yu stood at the landing platform, looking for a long time, but among all the landed mechas, he didn’t see a familiar one.

A friend who had previously been injured by a toxic pollutant and had now recovered approached him, asking, “Haven’t found him yet?”

“No,” Jiang Yu asked, “Are you sure it’s Sink?”

The friend explained, “Definitely. When I came out of the treatment room, I heard many staff talking about it. Moreover, there should be mecha pilots on the battlefield who received radar signals from Yuan, right? Why would I lie to you about this?”

Jiang Yu lowered his eyes and said, “Then I’ll wait a little longer.”

“Could he have already gone? Many mecha pilots are queuing up for inspections, and Sink should go for the examination too.” The friend said, “I heard that KID’s mechanic got injured. He saved my life. When I went to see him just now, I couldn’t find him.”

KID’s mechanic…

Inside the Qiu Jin internal medical room, the Frontier Army doctor had urgently conducted an examination. The young man, who was in a deep sleep, had a high body temperature, and his mental power was extremely unstable. This condition had not stopped from the moment he was brought to the medical room until now.

“Disorderly mental power, low blood pressure…”

Each detailed item on the examination report attached to the mecha pilot was marked as unsatisfactory. When the doctor learned that Ying Chenlin had piloted an S-class mecha beyond his level, he became even more troubled. Back then, when he heard the young man inquire about the mental power spectrum, he should have been more cautious. “I knew it! When he asked me about the mental power spectrum, I was sure he wanted to try it. I thought he was a cautious kid, but who knew he would be so reckless.”

Shen Xingtang’s expression was very solemn. “Can it be treated?”

“It’s not about that; the problem lies in his unique physique and mental power.” The doctor briefly explained Ying Chenlin’s current situation. “He seems to have overused his mental power, coupled with physical exhaustion, leading to this condition. Generally, if someone like him exceeds their level and depletes his mental power, it should manifest as a syndrome of mental power shortage. However, he doesn’t show that. His current condition is a disorderly mental power syndrome.”

You Su leaned against the wall, standing there. He could glance sideways and see the young man lying in the medical pod inside the glass partition. He said, “When I saved him from the mecha, he was already unconscious. But there’s a strange situation. My mecha told me that Ying Chenlin’s mecha’s intelligence did not enter a dormant state.”

Shen Xingtang, hearing this, was surprised. “Impossible, right? His mental power is only A-level. Even if he used it beyond his limit, A-level mental power cannot be stored inside an S-class mecha. Without the supply of mental power, his mecha should have entered dormancy.”

Theo hastily interjected, “It hasn’t entered dormancy! It’s not speaking, but I can still sense its intelligent signals.”

You Su said, “My mecha says that Yuan’s intelligence still has a signal.”

The doctor lowered his head in astonishment and pondered, “Strange, it shouldn’t be like this…”

He turned to retrieve Ying Chenlin’s past medical records.

Shen Xingtang was a maintenance specialist; she didn’t understand medical matters, but she knew the difference between S-class and A-class.

Normally, S-level individuals like You Su would have an S-class mecha, and in a highly empathetic state, an S-class mecha could store a portion of mental power to maintain its activation. Even if Theo wasn’t around You Su, as long as Theo’s mecha key stored You Su’s mental power and had enough mecha energy, it could maintain self-activation for a period.

But Ying Chenlin was different. He was an A-level individual, and even though A-level mental power could reach the level for opening Yuan, A and S were inherently mismatched. This meant that the input of A-level mental power was like pouring into a leaking bottle—continuous input was necessary to maintain activation, making mental power storage impossible. Now, with Ying Chenlin in a coma, Yuan should have entered dormancy long ago.

The medical room was very quiet, with only the faint sound of the doctor constantly manipulating the data tablet.

Theo worriedly asked, “You Su, will he be okay?”

You Su replied, ‘I don’t know, depends on what the doctor says.’

You Su looked at the young man sleeping inside the medical pod, and in his mind, he saw the rapid streak of light in the night sky, dazzling after just one glance.

Within the frail body seemed to hide infinite possibilities, always bringing unexpected joy, but unfortunately, he was too fond of showing off.


You Su had heard of this ID before.

At this moment, the doctor next to them suddenly spoke, “I’ve found a possible reason, it may be related to the range of his mental power limit. Do you know who his previous attending physician was? I need detailed medical records, preferably including records of his surgeries.”

Shen Xingtang hesitated upon hearing this, “He got his medication at the Sirius medical station. I know who the doctor is, but I don’t know who performed his surgeries.”

The doctor seemed a bit troubled upon hearing this, seemingly considering other options.

Suddenly, the door of the medical room opened, and Alliance Chairman Li Jingyan walked in.

Shen Xingtang was a bit surprised to see him, “Chairman?”

Li Jingyan nodded to Shen Xingtang and then said to the doctor, “His previous attending physician was on Mingguang Star. I can contact them for you. The child’s medical records have a report in the Alliance, submitted when he applied for retirement.”

The doctor said, “Knowing the attending physician and medical records simplifies things, but the medical conditions in Qiu Jin are relatively primitive. His situation requires a more detailed examination.”

Shen Xingtang immediately said, “I understand. I will contact the Sirius medical station right away.”

Li Jingyan noticed You Su standing in the corner and, after not seeing him for several years, felt that the wildness about him seemed to have receded. The two most regrettable retired mecha pilots of the Dawn Alliance were both here, and he hadn’t expected them to all be in KID.

Turning his head, You Su noticed Li Jingyan looking at him and nodded slightly.

Li Jingyan had many things to attend to, so he left a secretary to assist the doctor. When he left, Shen Xingtang followed him.

Seeing Shen Xingtang coming over, he looked at her in confusion, “Boss Shen?”

“Thank you for the matter with Sink,” Shen Xingtang said. “Earlier in the control room, you helped him out of the situation.”

Li Jingyan paused upon hearing Sink’s name. He looked towards the medical pod behind the glass partition. “He’s an orphan, and all his past achievements are the result of his solitary struggles. Genetic diseases are irreversible, and what worries me the most is his future.”

“It’s me who should thank you for providing that child a place to stay. He seems happy in KID.”

Shen Xingtang was about to say something when Jiang Simiao approached rapidly from a distance.

She had to bid farewell to Chairman Li, considering the situation in the control room at the time. As long as someone directed the matter towards the base station, clues would undoubtedly surface in the playback of the live video. Fortunately, it was Chairman Li’s words at that moment that completely concealed Ying Chenlin’s identity. She didn’t want too much speculation and gossip to weigh on Ying Chenlin, and Chairman Li resolved the situation.

Jiang Simiao said, “Was that Chairman Li just now?”

“Yes,” Shen Xingtang snapped back. “It will probably take quite some time to handle the Qiu Jin incident. I just received a message instructing all the mecha base stations to return and rest. Other matters will be dealt with in a meeting later.”

“I asked you to contact the starship. Are there any familiar routes to take…”

She was cut off midway when Jiang Simiao continued, “I came to tell you about this. Don’t worry about the starship; I just received a message from Boss Zhou. He said he’s waiting for us outside.”

Shen Xingtang was stunned. “Boss Zhou?”

“Cough, yes, our benefactor father.” Jiang Simiao handed her the light brain. On it were the chat records between Boss Zhou and Jiang Simiao, including text chats and a photo.

The photo showed an exceptionally luxurious starship, parked at the Qiu Jin Management Bureau’s hovering station, shining brightly among the other starships from various mecha base stations.

Jiang Simiao said, “Boss Zhou’s private starship came over. He said he saw the situation in Qiu Jin on StarNet and specifically came to escort us back to Sirius.”

When news of the Qiu Jin incident and the Black Hole spread on StarNet, the concerned netizens finally relaxed. They dared not let their guard down from the moment they couldn’t see real-time images. They were truly afraid that an irreversible accident would occur in the Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone, causing a large number of mecha pilots to be injured.

As the Black Hole was resolved, the Dawn Galaxy Mecha Alliance, along with the Frontier Army, issued a brief explanation of the incident. In the explanation, the names of all mecha pilots were listed, including those involved in Individual Soldier and team battles, as well as support from the Frontier Army.

A total of 254 mecha pilots participated in the battle, lasting for 5 days, with no recorded fatalities.

Numerous mecha base stations participated in the operation, and even at the last moment when the Black Hole detonated in Qiu Jin, there were still mecha pilots on their way to Qiu Jin. The unprecedented unity of the Dawn Galaxy was crucial to winning this battle.

[Dawn is so powerful!!!] [Our mecha pilots are amazing; no one got injured, that’s great!] [That’s an SS-level pollutant! There were also large amounts of S-level pollutants. Our mecha pilots held their ground.] [I just checked the list of mecha pilots, and they’re all from our Dawn! Even the Frontier Army is from Dawn!]

Amidst the cheers of everyone, a netizen suddenly noticed a familiar ID in the dense list of mecha pilots.

[Wait a minute??? Am I not mistaken? Is this ID Sink!?] [!!! Did Sink go too? Oh my! It’s been almost a year since we heard from him!]

The Mecha Alliance’s list of participants was very detailed, with each person meticulously recorded. In addition to the mecha pilot list, there was also a list of all the personnel involved in assistance, comprising over a thousand names. The appearance of Sink’s ID in the list of 254 mecha pilots truly sparked discussions among most people. Sink’s retirement was too sudden, and there had been no news after retirement. Who would have known that at this critical moment in Qiu Jin, he also participated in the battle?

[!!! I didn’t see it. When was this? Oh, the real-time perspective was bad at the crucial moment!] [I heard from mecha pilot friends who participated in the Qiu Jin battle that Sink came to support later. He single-handedly dealt with S-level pollutants and, together with KID, defended Base Station A-26. Without A-26, it would have been difficult for mecha pilots to evacuate from the Contaminated Zone.]

In the midst of discussions sparked by a name on the list, a medical ward in Sirius Medical Station was tranquil.

The young man lying on the hospital bed gently opened his eyes, noticing the glaring sunlight outside the window. He didn’t know how long he had been in a deep sleep; he just felt that his entire body lacked strength. Yet, there was an unprecedented sense of ease, a lazy and comfortable feeling. 

He lifted his gaze upward, and blue liquid was slowly flowing through the intravenous tube, ultimately entering his heavy right hand.

During the period he was unconscious, Ying Chenlin seemed to hear many voices—doctors, others from KID. Unfortunately, amidst the multitude of voices, he heard them all but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

“Awake?” a voice came from nearby.

Ying Chenlin followed the sound and saw You Su sitting on the hospital sofa.

He hesitated for a moment and responded, “Awake.”

You Su walked over, pressed the call button, and said, “You slept for a week, quite the sleeper.”

A week? Ying Chenlin was momentarily stunned, and memories rapidly flooded back into his mind. The intense and exhilarating battle not long ago still seemed imprinted in his body.

This wasn’t Qiu Jin anymore.

Seeing the vacant look in the young man’s eyes, You Su confirmed that he hadn’t fully awakened yet and stood by his side.

Just as he was about to pull up the blanket, he heard a weak voice saying, “…You Ge, thank you.”

You Su paused for a moment, “Next time you want to show off, there might not be someone picking you up midway.”

Footsteps approached from outside the door, and following the doctor’s footsteps were various chaotic sounds.

You Su said, “The doctor is here.”

Outside the door, Ji Qingfeng sat in a wheelchair, swiftly pushed by Lin Yao. When they reached the entrance of the ward, Ji Qingfeng almost tumbled out.

Huo Yan, Lu Xi and Jiang Simiao were behind them, with Jiang Simiao running and shouting for Lin Yao to slow down.

When the ward door was pushed open, in addition to the doctor, the lively members of KID followed.

Of course, the doctor didn’t allow this group to enter. They were only permitted to visit after a detailed examination.

“Only half an hour!” The doctor said, “Later, the patient needs to rest.”

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao nodded, leading the way inside.

Ying Chenlin first noticed Ji Qingfeng’s leg and asked him what happened.

Lin Yao said, “Oh, him? He got a leg injury from the gorilla’s attack. The doctor said it’s best to use a wheelchair for two weeks.”

“I said a week is enough, but the doctor insisted on being overly cautious,” Ji Qingfeng said. “Who would have thought that gorilla’s revenge would be so strong? When it attacked my leg, it went all out. It’s not just the pain; I also got a sprain.”

“Oh, by the way, we picked up the gorilla’s anomalous crystal and the one from what you fought.” Lin Yao took out a light brain, handing it to Ying Chenlin. “We can only bring back a small portion of the materials. The storage spaces were too small, and we couldn’t fit much.”

Luxi added, “Qiu Jin Contaminated Zone is off-limits now. We have no way to go back and collect more.”

Ying Chenlin held a light brain filled with Lin Yao’s childish handwriting for accounting records. Aside from some A-class materials, their main income was the S-grade anomalous crystals. He had fought and defeated several mutants, including the S-level speed and strength mutants, the Steel Wing Bird, the Giant Wolf, the Eight Vines, and the Small and Giant Gorillas. All the pollutant’s anomalous crystals were now in his hands. He flipped through them little by little, responding softly, “Next time, I’ll try to expand the storage space.”

“That would be great!” Lin Yao said, then added, “But we didn’t get enough S-grade ones this time. We fought a few more on the front line, but when it came to distributing the spoils, most of the anomalous crystals were given to other mecha bases or mecha pilots. Tang Jie fought for us during the meeting and secured a lot, and I recorded it all in the accounts!”

“Also, the Alliance issued bonuses this time!”

“The Alliance is exceptionally wealthy!” 

Listening to his teammates’ conversations, Ying Chenlin finished reviewing Lin Yao’s account book.

When he reached the end, he also saw a report about the Qiu Jin incident inside.

This time, the Qiu Jin Black Hole event had no records of disappearances or deaths; it was a beautifully fought battle.

Seeing this, the lingering worry in his heart finally eased.

“You probably need to rest for a month. Xingtang specifically instructed that you’re not allowed in the maintenance room during this time,” Jiang Simiao looked at the young man on the hospital bed, “Rest well.”

Ying Chenlin, upon hearing this, was slightly stunned, “How is the League scheduled… how long is it postponed for?”

Lin Yao said, “No more League matches!”

Huo Yan looked at him, “To be precise, the League is suspended for this season.”

Lin Yao leaned over to help Ying Chenlin flip through the light brain. In the Alliance’s accident report, he found an explanation for the suspension of the Mecha League.

– [Explanation for the Suspension of Team Battles/Individual Matches in the Current Season of the Mecha League due to Chaotic Incidents Caused by a Black Hole Outburst]

“Black Hole chaos…?” Ying Chenlin was astonished.

“Didn’t they explode the Black Hole that day?” Jiang Simiao sighed and said, “The pollutants released in Qiu Jin were killed by the heavy weapons, but the alienation caused by the Black Hole exceeded our imagination. Although the Black Hole exploded, all the pollutants it absorbed and couldn’t digest were blown out.”

“There are a total of eight high-risk magnetic field anomalies in the Dawn Galaxy. Now, in those Contaminated Zones that were once in sync with the Black Hole’s magnetic field, there have been no fewer than four S-class reports.”

“The League won’t continue, but in the coming time, Dawn’s mecha pilots may have to frequently immerse themselves in Contaminated Zones.”

Author’s note:

Other mecha pilots in Dawn: Fuckin!

KID: Come work, come money!


Ah I actually wanted everyone to know Chenlin was Sink! But I guess this is something to still look forward to.

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6 months ago

With a whopping 400 chapters + 25 extras, I'm thinking it will take a loooooooong while before the outside world discovers that YCL is Sink. And I'm good with it like this, as long as ML and KID knows his identity, then it's cool.

3 months ago

Loved this action packed arc! Im glad he wasn’t reveal as Sink yet, so many things happened in this arc it would feel quite rushed. The reveal should deserve a big moment on its own.

Thank you for the translation!

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