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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 91

Coria Contaminated Zone (Joint Clean-Up Operation)

91. Line-Up

Proofread by An Zheee and Cloud Chip Cake

Lin Yao sat cross-legged and asked, “Grabbing resources? Is it just a free-for-all?”

“Entering a Contaminated Zone, resources depend on individual capabilities, you can say it’s a free-for-all.” Shen Xingtang looked at the data, especially emphasizing, “This time, people are being sent by two galaxies separately, so the number of slots for our Dawn Galaxy to participate in the mission is also limited.”

Ji Qingfeng: “What does that mean? Is it restricting the team mecha bases or limiting the number of people?”

Shen Xingtang explained, “Limiting the number of people.”

In the Dawn Galaxy, participating in the cleanup of Contaminated Zones has always been left to mecha bases, limiting the number of units without restricting the number of mecha bases.

This was the first time they’d heard of a joint cleanup mission that restricted the number of participating mecha bases.

Ying Chenlin frowned slightly when he heard this. The Coria Contaminated Zone was indeed a rather special Contaminated Zone, and it was also a Competition-level Contaminated Zone.

However, its Competition level was not the ordinary galaxy-level; it was a Competition-level Contaminated Zone used for the Star Domain competition in the First Star Domain. As a high-risk Contaminated Zone with a high number of S-level pollution source reports, limiting the number of mecha bases under such circumstances was truly somewhat perplexing.

Huo Yan: “Most likely interference from the Second Star Domain?”

Lin Yao: “Really? They come to grab our resources and still won’t let us send more pilots?”

“The power play between star domains is not something we should consider.”

Shen Xingtang: “Since the higher-ups have given us this quota, we must not let people from the Second Star Domain take away the resources.”

Jiang Simiao added, “The scale of the Coria Contaminated Zone is much larger than that of Qiu Jin. Besides the mecha bases currently engaged in cleanup tasks, the forces mobilized by the Mecha Alliance are mainly from our Dawn’s top three.”

Huo Yan looked at the prepared list and said unexpectedly, “In the team battles, it’s Gale, Black Crow, and YDS. There are also a few Individual Soldier pilots. It seems like they are the top ones among our Dawn’s Individual Soldier pilots.”

Not to mention the Individual Soldier pilots, just the fact that Gale, Black Crow, and YDS, the top three in the team battles were there was remarkable.

Lin Yao was curious, “Limited slots? BZZL1 is not going? They ranked fourth last season.”

Ji Qingfeng sat up straight when he heard this, “Did the Chairman take notice of us and open the back door? How can we, with limited slots, actually get the chance? What is our latest ranking?”

Lu Xi replied, “The qualifying rounds haven’t finished, but we are in the top eight.”

Jiang Simiao couldn’t help but say, “Why are you always thinking about taking shortcuts every day?”

“Notice you? You’re thinking too much,” Shen Xingtang glanced at Ji Qingfeng, saying, “BZZL1 is in the FS Contaminated Zone, and two other mecha bases are still in other Contaminated Zones, yet to come out. The mission is urgent, and following the order, it’s our turn.”

She wasn’t sure what was going on. During the Alliance meeting’s discussion, when electing the remaining slots, quite a few leaders voluntarily chose KID.

When she heard the news, she was a bit surprised. She didn’t know when she had developed a good relationship with those leaders. She had some acquaintance with the directors of Qiu Jin and Tianyu Star, but she didn’t know any of the other Contaminated Zone’s Management Bureau directors who voted for KID.

“It must be because we’re excellent!” Ji Qingfeng asserted.

Ying Chenlin listened to others discussing. If the number was limited, their side probably could only send five mecha teams. The remaining slots would be selected from the top three mecha bases.

Shen Xingtang sighed and said, “Whether we’re excellent or not, I don’t know, but this time, KID has to send six people.”

“Six people?” Ying Chenlin was a bit surprised.

You Su looked at Shen Xingtang, and his brows furrowed slightly. “If we’re selecting core mecha pilots based on the mecha bases, shouldn’t it be five people?”

“Yes, but the problem is this document.”

Shen Xingtang placed the document about the restructuring of the Mecha Alliance on the virtual screen. “You should have heard about the Mecha Alliance’s restructuring news, right? The basic plan is set, but the implementation time is uncertain. The restructuring here for team battles involves introducing Medical mechas. The environment in Coria is also quite special, and supplies may not be delivered in time. So, the list of six people given by the Alliance includes a Medical position.”

“Gale and those big mecha bases have long been cultivating Medical mecha pilots, and their supplies will also be carried by Medical mechas.”

“As a mecha base that was also elected, we also have a Medical position.”

When Shen Xingtang said this, she looked at Ying Chenlin. Seeing a glimmer of light in the boy’s eyes, she smiled and said, “Our mecha base indeed doesn’t have a Medical mecha pilot, but we have an Individual Soldier mecha pilot.”

Ying Chenlin looked at Shen Xingtang. “Can I go?”

“Why not? This slot is reserved for you.”

During this period, Shen Xingtang noticed.

Ying Chenlin had been in the team’s base for more than two months. Every time he saw You Su and the others go out for a mission, he always seemed a bit lost. Initially, she considered the boy’s physical condition and didn’t let the child go out. This time, keeping this slot was a carefully considered decision. “Eric said your body has basically recovered and you can pilot a mecha.”

With things reaching this point, Ying Chenlin also understood what it meant. He said earnestly, “I’ll get ready.”

“What you should consider is another issue.”

Shen Xingtang pinched her brow, “This mission came too suddenly. Our mecha base doesn’t have a Medical mecha, and we’re going on a mission the day after tomorrow. By then, you can only pilot the spare mechas in the mecha base.”

Ying Chenlin paused slightly upon hearing this. The day after tomorrow?

There was still time; he could adjust and prepare a usable mecha first.

Lin Yao suddenly remembered, “Ah! The day after tomorrow! That means we need to pack up, right?”

Jiang Simiao, “…there’s no need to be in such a hurry!”

As Lin Yao thought about packing, he had already left his seat. “Grandpa Gu said my mecha is repaired. I wonder if the new storage compartment has been installed.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Last time, the nutrient solutions prepared by Sanshui were too unpalatable. Let’s go to the mall and buy something tasty. How about barbecue flavor?”

Lu Xi raised her hand weakly, “I want peach flavor.”

Huo Yan said, “We’re going to Coria, it’s near the Frontier. I’ll say hello to Xiao Guo and the others first.”

Ying Chenlin was still taking notes. Seeing the others leaving, his eyes also drifted over. Beside him, You Su suddenly looked at him. “Not going together?”

“Sure, I want honey-flavored nutritional supplements.”

Ying Chenlin was the last to leave. He hurriedly caught up with the others. When they left, he politely closed the door to the meeting room.

The door of the meeting room was closed, and in the gap, there seemed to be a few heartless mecha pilots talking, leaving only Jiang Simiao and Shen Xingtang sitting inside.

Jiang Simiao still held a pile of Coria Contaminated Zone information in his hands. “Really? Do they know we’re having a meeting? I haven’t finished reading the data!”

“Forget it, let’s check it on the way. They won’t listen now even if you tell them.”

Shen Xingtang lowered her head, avoiding Jiang Simiao and sent a message to Ji Qingfeng, asking him to help bring some apple-flavored nutritional supplements.

Coria Contaminated Zone is located in a remote location. The starship that set off this time was provided by the Dawn Galaxy Mecha Alliance. All mecha teams participating in the mission were specially escorted to Coria’s Management Bureau by the starship.

Because all Dawn leagues had been suspended, most of the mecha teams in both individual and team battle categories are still cleaning up pollutants in other Contaminated Zones.

Considering the complexity of the Coria Contaminated Zone, the Dawn Alliance has specifically reassigned personnel from both team battles and Individual Soldiers. This includes 24 team battle mecha pilots from 4 team mecha bases and 6 Individual Soldier mecha pilots, totaling 30 mecha pilots.

Since learning about the mission, Zhao Lejie has felt uneasy. This feeling persisted until the day of departure when, looking through the starship’s window, he saw the KID team rushing towards the airfield with their luggage.

“Wait, why is KID here too?” Zhao Lejie exclaimed. “Wasn’t it supposed to be BZZL1?”

Hu Luobu looked at him. “Didn’t you read the list carefully? Originally, it was supposed to be BZZL1, but they haven’t come out of the FS Contaminated Zone yet. In the end, KID was chosen.”

The KID group boarded the starship energetically. Ji Qingfeng saw familiar faces and greeted them warmly, “Hey Lejie, nice to see you again.”

Ying Chenlin was at the back of the group. This time, it was only a few of them going on the mission, with Grandpa Gu, his grandson, and Dr. Eric staying behind at the mecha base. Before leaving, Dr. Eric even prepared a portable medical kit for him.

After boarding the starship, he saw many familiar faces. Most of them he had encountered during the last mission in Qiu Jin, and except for a few people from Black Crow’s mecha base who seemed unfamiliar, everyone else he had met before. The Individual Soldier team was also made up of familiar faces, and the leader was someone he remembered, named Jiang Yu.

Seeing him, Jiang Yu was about to come over to say hello when the broadcast inside the starship sounded:

“Please take your seats, our starship is about to take off.”

The mecha pilots went to their respective seats. Ying Chenlin, of average height, was squeezed into the not-so-spacious aisle by the towering and robust mecha pilots. After walking a few steps, You Su saw Ying Chenlin and grabbed the hood of his jacket.

When Ying Chenlin was pulled, he stopped in his tracks. Just as he turned back, he noticed a figure walking up beside him.

Ying Chenlin: “?”

Standing behind him, You Su walked a few steps to the side, “There are no seats up front. Come this way.”

When Ying Chenlin looked ahead, he realized there were no available seats there. He eventually sat in the back with You Su.

Ying Chenlin: “Can I sit by the window?”

You Su gave up his seat for him, and Ying Chenlin sat down.

Seating arrangements in the passenger cabin were not strict. After taking their seats, the starship took off, and discussions began around the cabin.

Once in space, Ying Chenlin could see the scenery outside the window with a sidelong glance. He leaned back in his seat, listening to the discussions of other mecha pilots around him, and gradually succumbed to drowsiness.

Turning his head slightly, You Su noticed the child next to him constantly nodding off. Seeing the person’s head about to slump, he reached out to prevent any potential impact on the window screen due to the dozing off.

Not far away, Zhao Lejie happened to turn his head and glimpsed the scene behind him. He abruptly withdrew his gaze.

YDS’ Hu Luobu, sitting beside him, asked in surprise, “Why are you so surprised? Didn’t you need to go to the restroom?”

Zhao Lejie sat back, “Why do I see Trace messing with their mecha base’s mechanic? Is he trying to dominate the team?”

Hu Luobu: “?”

Turning his head to look, he just caught sight of You Su’s gaze. He quickly turned away.

Zhao Lejie: “Right?”

Hu Luobu didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t bear to look, so he said, “Seems like it. I saw that mechanic squeezed into a corner.”

People in the front kept looking back. You Su didn’t bother responding to the glances of others. He lowered the nearby seat and casually covered Ying Chenlin with his own coat.

In Coria Contaminated Zone’s Management Bureau in the Dawn Galaxy, news from all directions flooded into the central communication room. Contact notifications from mecha bases from different Galaxies from the Second Star Domains were undergoing preliminary checks by the Frontier Army.

“Director, the starship from the Second Star Domain has reached the landing point. Dawn’s starship will enter the channel in 5 minutes. They have passed the preliminary checks of the Frontier Army and are preparing to enter the area.”

The Director of Coria’s Management Bureau frowned slightly. “Ensure the safety of the channel.”

He inquired, “How is the situation in the Frontier Contaminated Zone?”

The staff replied, “Currently stable, the mission can proceed.”

Cooperation between two Galaxies involved many intricacies. Although the Galaxy Mecha Alliance’s affairs were not under the jurisdiction of the Frontier Army, due to the unique nature of the Coria Contaminated Zone, pollutants from the Frontier Contaminated Zone often escaped and entered Coria. As a result, a small portion of the Dawn Galaxy’s Frontier Army was stationed here to oversee the situation.

During this period, the contamination levels in the Frontier Contaminated Zone were already unstable, affecting Coria, the area closest to the Frontier Contaminated Zone.

Originally, the plan was to conduct the cleanup operation after the pollution levels stabilized. However, the banditry of the Second Star Domain led to the early initiation of the cleanup mission.

“Director, can we handle so many mecha pilots this time?” asked a nearby staff member.

“The situation this time is beyond our interference. Chairman Li Jingyan has tried his best, but some bandits are unreasonable,” replied the director, expressing his strong dislike for such opportunistic behavior. However, in the face of power imbalances, there was little they could do.

“The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain this time are not from the Fuli Galaxy,” the director pointed out as he observed the mecha pilots entering the Management Bureau’s area from the Second Star Domain’s starship. “Do you see the person standing at the front? That’s the leader of GBK from the Second Star Domain, and he is not from the Fuli Galaxy.”

The Fuli Galaxy was one of the peripheral systems in the Second Star Domain, relatively impoverished and with fewer Contaminated Zones. The mecha bases affiliated with this galaxy were not numerous. The joint cleanup mission in the Coria Contaminated Zone, which was supposed to involve mecha pilots from the Fuli Galaxy, took an unexpected turn due to orders from the Second Star Domain Alliance’s headquarters. Mecha pilots from various galaxies within the Second Star Domain were sent to participate in this mission.

GBK, ranking second among all mecha bases in the Second Star Domain, had recently achieved the fifth position in the concluded team competition of the Star Alliance Tournament. Their strength was formidable. However, the Dawn Galaxy did not participate in the tournament due to the suspension of matches, resulting in a zero rating.

“This situation is not simple,” remarked the director. The composition of mecha pilots sent from the Second Star Domain indicated that, besides resource competition, this was a form of strategic maneuvering. Otherwise, the Dawn Galaxy would not have deployed its strongest mecha pilot lineup for this mission.

Located on the periphery of the Dawn Galaxy, the Coria Contaminated Zone covered an area that included three planets, including the abandoned planet Coria. This was the birthplace of Coria civilization, but these planets, situated on the outskirts, had been constantly eroded by pollution sources from the Frontier Contaminated Zone, eventually becoming the current high-risk Contaminated Zone.

The remnants of the ancient civilization had long been destroyed by pollutants, leaving behind the complex terrain of the Coria Contaminated Zone.

It was a relatively unique Contaminated Zone in the Dawn Galaxy, not only because its territorial scope spans the Dawn Galaxy, Fuli Galaxy, and the Public Border but also due to its internal environment. It was the most complex Contaminated Zone in the Dawn Galaxy.

Continuous gray mountains, swampy forests enveloped in purple mist, and bizarre expanses filled with abandoned polluted waters – the multiple and intricate terrains make the Coria Contaminated Zone one of the most challenging Contaminated Zones in the First Star Domain to clear.

As the area of the Coria Contaminated Zone came into view, on the observation platform of the Dawn Galaxy Alliance Starship, mecha pilots participating in the mission gazed at the vast gray stellar expanse.

“These three abandoned planets constitute the Contaminated Zone, and the defense system extends to outer space,” explained Jiang Simiao standing nearby. “The defense system with this special structure can only protect a limited area. Therefore, the Coria Contaminated Zone is more susceptible to external influences, and S-level pollutants often escape from the Frontier, entering Coria.”

Ji Qingfeng: “Isn’t that troublesome?”

Zhao Lejie: “Of course, otherwise, do you think the cleanup missions here are so simple?”

Lin Yao pointed to the large circular path outside the planets. “Is that yellow halo the defense system? This is the first time I’ve seen a defense system of this color.”

“This isn’t like the forests or canyons we’ve seen before; Coria has everything, including canyons, forests, and oceans.”

Seeing the excitement on the KID members’ faces, Jiang Simiao had to explain repeatedly, “The last time the Coria Contaminated Zone was opened was four years ago for the First Star Domain Tournament. The difficulty of cleanup was extremely high, ranking third in cleanup difficulty in the First Star Domain, with a pollution value exceeding 6000 throughout the year.”

As the conversation reached this point, the mecha pilots around looked at each other.

The last time it was open was four years ago, which indicates that the pollution level in this Contaminated Zone was already high before being influenced by the Black Hole. The data they received was only the testing data provided by Coria’s Management Bureau. In reality, there are more areas inside Coria in an unknown state, and this cleanup mission carries a certain level of danger.

“Do you see it? The starship over there is from the Second Star Domain,” Zhang Ge pointed outside the window screen.

Lin Yao looked over and said, “Oh, it looks like they brought quite a few people.”

As they spoke, the starship from the Dawn Galaxy had already entered the docking point.

Not far away, the staff were already signaling to the captain, indicating that the mecha pilots could disembark.

Ying Chenlin pushed his luggage and followed the other KID members. Upon disembarking, he immediately noticed the opposite docking point, where the starship from the Second Star Domain had arrived ahead of them. The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain had already disembarked and were following the instructions of the staff for inspection. Looking over, several colors could be seen.

Upon careful observation, there were five different colors. Opposite them were team battle mecha pilots, with no Individual Soldier pilots.

Gale and the members of Black Crow scanned the colors of the combat suits of a particular team on the opposite side. Qi Sicheng’s brows furrowed slightly, “The one leading over there is GBK.”

Ke Lin’s expression wasn’t great either, “Except for the team wearing gray combat suits, which is from the Fuli Galaxy’s Mecha Alliance, the other teams are not from the Fuli Galaxy. Instead, they are teams capable of participating in Star League matches from the Second Star Domain.”

According to the original plan, the resource allocation issue should have been between the Dawn Galaxy and the Fuli Galaxy.

However, the teams sent from the Second Star Domain were not only from the Fuli Galaxy but also included a strong team led by GBK.

The Dawn Galaxy had not performed well in the Star League matches, and among the teams sent, only Gale and the Black Crow had qualified for the Star League’s team mecha battle matches based on the domain score matches. The team sent from the Second Star Domain, GBK, was ranked fifth in the current Star League, and two other teams had previously participated in the Star League matches. Additionally, one team was a reserve for the Second Star Domain’s participation in the Star League matches.

“The Second Star Domain knows how to play; they actually sent GBK,” Shen Xingtang looked across, her eyes icy cold. “It seems they intend to have an early Star League match with us, right, Zhang Ge?”

As soon as the term “Zhang Ge” was mentioned, Zhang Ge from the Gale’s base shivered.

Jiang Simiao glanced at him, “You’ve caught a cold even before the battle has begun?”

Zhang Ge: “…”

Lin Yao called out, “Wow, Chenlin, come over here and take a look. The view is even more beautiful from this side!”

Upon hearing this, Ying Chenlin walked over, observing the gray scenery beyond the docking area. “Indeed, it’s quite unique.”

The attention of KID’s group had already been drawn to the scenery. Ji Qingfeng looked at the densest part of gray and said, “That place definitely has abundant resources.”

Huo Yan checked his optical brain, “Should be the swamp forest area, right? There seems to be a few pollutants there that we can’t see from our side.”

The other mecha pilots: “…”

Did KID and the others have no sense of crisis at all? There’s the fifth in the Star League standing across from them! And they still have the leisure to enjoy the scenery here???

Zhao Lejie pulled the embarrassing Ji Qingfeng back, “Brother, can you maintain some momentum?”

Ji Qingfeng raised his voice, “Who needs momentum to enjoy the scenery?”

Hu Luobu covered his eyes, unable to face the situation, “Could you guys keep it down a bit?”

People from the Second Star Domain also noticed the commotion on the other side. Seeing the chaotic Dawn Galaxy team, a few mecha pilots among them showed disdain.

“Gale and Black Crow, old acquaintances.”

“Another one is YDS, right? I’ve seen the data; their influence is similar to Black Crow.”

“I haven’t seen the team in red uniforms.”

“It seems to be a small mecha base among the top eight in the Dawn Galaxy, called KID.”

“Really? Did all of the top eight come?”

Someone in GBK said, “Deputy Captain Bai, the KID you’re interested in has arrived.”

In the lineup of GBK wearing deep purple team uniforms, a man slightly raised his head, looking at the scattered KID team in the crowd.

His gaze passed over many people in KID, finally landing on the figure at the end of the crowd. “KID’s last person, who is he?”

The staff had come to guide the Dawn Galaxy mecha pilots to enter. While listening to other mecha pilots discussing the opposing teams, Ying Chenlin wasn’t very sensitive to team dynamics in group battles. He had just become familiar with the Dawn Galaxy teams, and in the Second Star Domain, only GBK left some impression on him. It seemed to be a quite successful team in the future.

As he pulled his suitcase forward, he suddenly noticed a sidelong glance from the front.

Ying Chenlin turned his head to look, and among the unfamiliar faces, he saw a man with features leaning towards the Dawn Galaxy.

That person was also looking at him, with a look of inquiry and a touch of malice in his eyes.

Ying Chenlin frowned slightly.

At this moment, he felt a shadow over his head.

Someone flipped the hat of his team uniform and covered it over his head, blocking most of his view.

“Don’t look around while walking,” You Su lazily said, “It’s easy to see dirty things.”

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5 months ago

KID was chosen, because they know how to steal resources. They won't let pollutants grab their resources from under their nose, what more a mere Second Star Domain team. 😂😂😂

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