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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 92

Coria Contaminated Zone (Joint Clean-Up Operation)

92.  Killing Chase

“What dirty things?” Ying Chenlin paused, looking at You Su with confusion.

The light in You Su’s eyes remained faint, and when he met Ying Chenlin’s gaze, he stopped for a moment before saying, “Don’t ask too much, just watch your step.”

“Oh,” Ying Chenlin noticed the steps at his feet.

The mecha pilots next to them moved inside. Theo’s voice appeared in You Su’s mind, “You Su, that person from GBK is still looking. His gaze is really annoying!”

You Su glanced slightly at the back, then quickly withdrew his gaze.

The other party’s gaze towards Ying Chenlin did not converge; it was like observing an object with interest and scrutiny, an undisguised malice, like a rat in the gutter.

KID’s group had already followed the staff and left.

On the other side, GBK’s group remained in place. They were indeed familiar with the other three mecha base stations in the Dawn Galaxy, so KID’s sudden arrival was quite unexpected.

“KID doesn’t have substitute mecha pilots. According to reason, the sixth person should be a Medical mecha pilot.”

“From the team uniforms, it doesn’t seem like a mecha pilot transferred from another base station to KID.”

“But in the battle at Qiu Jin, it seems that KID’s mecha pilot caused quite a stir.”

Deputy Captain Bai’s gaze followed Ying Chenlin until he left before saying, “Just check it out. Since we’re here, it’s simple to investigate a person’s identity.”

The Coria Contaminated Zone has designated rest areas prepared for both sides. After coming down from the parking area, everyone turned to the rest area to place their luggage. The accompanying personnel from the Dawn Galaxy quickly went to establish a unified communication channel for the mechas, and soon they all left.

The remaining mecha pilots had some free time before the departure command came. Led by Qi Sicheng, they held a brief meeting.

Before encountering the people from the Second Star Domain, they hadn’t expected to face such a strong team. This meant that their upcoming mission would become exceptionally challenging.

“Just now, Brother Zhang brought some news. Some people from the Second Star Domain went to the Central Control Room of the Bureau.” Qi Sicheng displayed some data through a virtual screen. “If our performance is not good this time, it is likely to become a reason for the Second Star Domain to criticize our Dawn Galaxy at the Star Alliance General Bureau meeting.”

The people from the Second Star Domain didn’t just send a team from the Fuli Galaxy. Using a reasonable excuse, they requested assistance from the Second Star Domain due to the heavy internal clearing mission load, and that’s how they dispatched base stations like GBK.

Such a reason was “reasonable,” and even if there were complaints from the Dawn Galaxy, they couldn’t stop it.

Ke Lin: “I understand why the Chairman sent us out, but judging from our current strength, we are at a disadvantage.”

“But fortunately, not all of GBK came over. This time they only brought three formal team members, and the person leading them is their vice-captain, Bai Xuyan.” Qi Sicheng presented GBK’s information. “This person is GBK’s deputy commander, especially skilled in commanding large-scale group battles. I speculate that all the teams from the Second Star Domain should be commanded by him. I can only say to be particularly careful with this person; his combat style is very treacherous.”

When Huo Yan heard the word “treacherous,” he was slightly stunned. It was rare to see Qi Sicheng use such a descriptive term. “It’s the first time I’ve heard you speak so seriously.”

The leader of the Black Crow next to him spoke, “Captain Qi didn’t say it wrong. Before, Black Crow also entered the Star Alliance, but we were calculated by GBK’s three-person squad led by Bai Xuyan. In the end, we lost three mechas and were surrounded and killed.”

Hearing this, Ji Qingfeng said, “According to what you said, this GBK is a treacherous old six!”

*those who act unpredictably and absurdly, against common sense or etiquette.

Zhao Lejie added, “Otherwise? Look at the people the Second Star Domain sent. Which one is not treacherous?!”

A group of mecha pilots gathered together to discuss strategies. Ying Chenlin flipped through the light brain to check the information about the team from the Second Star Domain. The coming team indeed surpassed Dawn Galaxy in strength, not just in the difference in tactics or the level of mecha pilots but also in the mechas themselves.

Among the teams sent by the Second Star Domain this time, there were three S-class mechas.

After reviewing the opponent’s data, Ying Chenlin focused his attention on the information about the Contaminated Zone in Coria, primarily looking at the discovered S-class pollution sources.

The strategy for the arrival of the lone soldiers this time was to listen to the team battle management. Qi Sicheng and Ke Lin were good at strategy, so they quickly proposed multiple response plans for the mecha pilots to choose from. Seeing the increasing number of accumulated plans, Qi Sicheng couldn’t help but look towards the KID maintenance team, who rarely spoke. They had interacted with this maintenance team twice during missions, and they were familiar with their capabilities.

“Ying Chenlin, do you have any other insights on these plans?” Qi Sicheng asked, noticing that there was rarely any input from the KID mechanic.

Ying Chenlin, who was discussing pollution matters with Huo Yan, raised his head slightly at the words. “I have no objections.”

The plans proposed by Qi Sicheng and Ke Lin were comprehensive, and the task assignments were reasonable. They even allocated suitable mecha pilots to deal with the characteristics of S-class pollutants.

However, after he finished speaking, Qi Sicheng’s gaze still lingered on him.

Seeing this, Ying Chenlin hesitated for a moment before speaking, “If I have to make a suggestion, I recommend reducing external responses.”

Qi Sicheng was waiting for this sentence. “Why should we reduce them?”

“Aren’t we here to grab resources this time?” Ying Chenlin pondered for a moment and said, “We don’t need to worry about what strategy the opponents will adopt. We just need to efficiently seize the resources we need.”

He continued, “Our strength may be lacking, but this is not the Star Alliance competition. We just need to get the resources we want.”

After all the mecha team leaders finished their meeting in the Coria conference room, the specific details of the mission came down. This time, there were a total of 15 reports on S-class pollution sources, but five of them were judged to be of low risk. Only the 10 pollution sources that had a significant impact on the Coria environment needed to be cleared. This was the main objective of the mission for both teams.

After receiving the mission details, all mecha pilots immediately set out.

Coria’s Jump Zone was vast, capable of accommodating all the mecha pilots leaping simultaneously. Huo Yan led the KID team to one of the Jump Zones. On the way through the central registration area, many mecha pilots’ eyes turned towards Ying Chenlin.

Ying Chenlin deliberately put on the combat suit he had designed before. His combat suit was designed by someone recommended by Shen Xingtang, with special modifications made to the right mechanical arm. This modification was made to facilitate Ying Chenlin in operating his right hand and for timed injections. However, how others perceived it was different.

Several mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain whispered to each other.

Ying Chenlin did not wear a jacket. He ignored the gazes of others and handed over his mecha pilot qualification to the registration personnel.

When the Coria personnel received the certificate of the advanced mecha pilot, they paused for a moment. The mecha mechanics registered before him all had professional certificates. Unexpectedly, when it came to this young man, he presented a mecha pilot qualification certificate.

Ying Chenlin noticed the hesitation of the personnel and inquired, “Is there a problem with the registration? I’m not a professional mechanic; I don’t have a professional certificate.”

“It’s okay to register,” said the Coria personnel. “We need to register the mecha you’re using here.”

Ji Qingfeng noticed the surrounding gazes and frowned. “What are you looking at? Don’t you have certificates yourself?”

The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain nearby sneered. “Not very strong, it seems they just have long mouths.”

*long mouth – I think it figuratively refers to someone who’s all talk(big mouthed)

Lin Yao heard this and asked curiously, “Is it strange to have a long mouth? It’s like you’re talking as if you don’t have one.”

*Lin Yao here probably takes the literal meaning of having a long mouth(in terms of like shape?) I’m not to sure but that’s what it seems like to me

The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain blushed at being spoken to this way. They were about to speak but were stopped by those next to them.

Ji Qingfeng and Lin Yao openly discussed, each responding in turn.

“It’s inexplicable. Who said someone doesn’t have a long mouth?”

“A long mouth is not strange. Some people even have crooked eyes; they don’t look at themselves but at others.”

The Coria staff watched the mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain deflate, suppressing the urge to laugh out loud. Soon, they helped Ying Chenlin complete the registration. However, after completing the registration, when the staff was about to upload the information of the six KID members to the control room, they suddenly froze when they saw the list of mecha models.

Among the KID six, there was no Medical mech.

Thinking that there might be an error in the registration, the staff turned to find someone. However, by the time they turned around, the KID team had already entered the Jump Zone.

There were many coordinates for leaping in Coria, and the various base stations of Dawn had already clarified their responsibilities before leaping.

Even with early anticipation, the sudden disturbance still disrupted the flying rhythm of the KID team.

Not only that, but their attacks had covered all directions while the pollution values soared.

You Su’s voice came quickly, “Fly upwards!”

Without hesitation, all members of KID immediately increased their altitude.

The vines retreated when they reached a certain distance, but from above, they could still see numerous threats in the swampy forest.

“We can’t fly close anymore,” Huo Yan said.

Lu Xi suggested, “Should we enter the swampy forest?”

In a forest with such high pollution values and S-level pollutants, it was challenging to determine specific coordinates base stationd on pollution reactions. Ying Chenlin understood why the Control Bureau could only provide approximate coordinates. In such conditions, unless it was close-range detection, finding an S-level pollutant in the swampy forest was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Lin Yao, seeing the situation, exclaimed, “Ah! If only we hadn’t chosen this place when we were dividing positions!”

Ji Qingfeng looked down, “From high altitude, this place looks the grayest; the resources should be the most abundant. Why do I only see these trees and vines now? I don’t see any other pollutants!”

Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze slightly. Getting closer would expose them to attacks, while keeping a distance made it impossible to lock onto a location.

“I checked the information; these pollutants are flying vine tendrils. They only reside at the tops of the trees,” Lu Xi explained. “Their attack range is about 30 meters, and with the trees nearly a hundred meters tall, if we move through the forest, we can avoid their attacks.”

Ji Qingfeng asked, “So, do we need to travel on foot? Can’t we be lazy and fly?”

“In this situation, we can only enter the forest from our initial position,” Huo Yan thought for a moment. “Chenlin, do you have any other ideas?”

Ying Chenlin had been reviewing the swampy forest data, but this place was an undeveloped area, and many details were theoretical analyses with limited practicality. “Flying at high altitude can’t lock onto the position of the S-level pollutant… I have a method. Do you want to try it?”

You Su said, “Speak.”

“High-altitude flight can’t lock onto the position, and advancing into the forest is too difficult.”

Ying Chenlin pondered for a moment, “Although it’s a bit risky, we need to know what’s inside this forest.”

Lin Yao asked, “Ah? How do we see that? There’s so much information in the data.”

“It’s simple.” You Su casually said, “Lu Xi, Enhancement Cannon.”

Lu Xi was momentarily puzzled but quickly switched her weapon to the Energy Enhancement Cannon, “What are we going to do?”

“Just blast it open, and we’ll find out.” You Su’s Sniper Cannon was aimed at the bottom of the forest, and the Sniper Cannon was charging up to 100%, “Ready.”

The others immediately realized what was happening and hurriedly retreated behind the mecha Theo to avoid any potential shockwaves.

Ying Chenlin also moved along, and as he moved, he suddenly remembered something.

This was no longer the edge of the forest, and going further in might reveal…

“Wait—” Ying Chenlin’s words had just been shouted out, “There might be a swamp underneath.”

The next second, You Su’s Sniper Cannon finished charging, and together with Lu Xi’s Energy Enhancement Cannon, the energy turned into beams that blasted into the forest, creating a large hole. The collision of the Sniper Cannon and the Energy Enhancement Cannon caused a massive explosion, and with the opening of a certain hole, the fire and some swamp gas mixed together, causing a series of explosions.

Looking at it, one big hole after another burst open with booming sounds.

You Su, “…”

“We’re close to the inner part of the forest, and there might be a swamp here.” Ying Chenlin’s voice was a bit low, “I seem to have mentioned it a bit late.”

Ji Qingfeng observed the scene and confirmed, “Indeed, it’s a bit late.”

Lin Yao raised his hand and looked, “Wow, this shot is beautiful!”

Consecutive flashes of fire erupted in the forest. The mechas standing in the air were stunned, and the shockwaves and thick smoke rolled over.

Then, within that thick smoke, a buzzing sound suddenly came—

You Su suddenly said, “Something is coming out.”

“What’s coming?”

One after another, powerful shockwaves swept through. In those shockwaves, a group of pollutants rapidly flew out, rushing fiercely in their direction.

When they could clearly see what that group of things was, the KID group fell silent. ♂

“Fuck! Run!”

In the rest area of Coria’s Management Bureau, team leaders and coaches from various major base stations gathered together. All eyes were fixed on the observer connected to the detection system of the Contaminated Zone, where most pollution data reports could be observed.

As the coordinates representing mecha signals appeared on the detection screen.

Jiang Simiao operated the system, marking the signals of all mechas in the command room. “It looks like all our mechas have successfully teleported, and the coordinates have not deviated.”

The system, specially processed to filter out the detection reactions of ordinary pollutants, now only displayed the mission target [S-class pollutant] and mechas.

Shen Xingtang looked at the distribution of mecha signals on the screen and, upon seeing several densely packed signal points, suddenly had a bad premonition. “Simiao, can you differentiate the signals of our mechas from those of the Second Star Domain?”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Simiao immediately took action. “Sure, give me a moment.”

Soon, the color codes for signal sources on the virtual screen were changed.

Pollutants were represented by red signals, Dawn’s mechas by blue signals, and the Second Star Domain’s mechas were marked with yellow signals.

Zhang Ge, upon seeing this, suddenly stopped. “This is…”

The coach of the Black Crow next to him said, “The mechas from the Second Star Domain have surrounded us.”

Displayed on the virtual screen was a strange encirclement, with nearly 10 yellow signals surrounding the Coria mechas near the swamp, vaguely showing signs of encirclement.

“Is it a coincidence?” Shen Xingtang frowned slightly.

The coordinates from Coria’s Management Bureau to the Contaminated Zone were set at the time of leaping. They were unaware of the Second Star Domain’s leap situation, and vice versa.

“No… It shouldn’t be a coincidence.” Jiang Simiao marked the coordinates of several pollutants. “They arrived at this location through calculation.”

Shen Xingtang looked at Jiang Simiao with surprise. “Calculation?”

Jiang Simiao quickly adjusted the situation of each signal. “Our mission objective is to eliminate S-class pollutants. The simplest way is to choose coordinates closer to the S-class pollutants during displacement. Safe displacement locations can be deduced.”

He quickly pointed out the displacement locations. “The swamp forest is the central location. Although there are only two S-class pollutants here, the distance from the swamp forest to other S-class pollutants is the shortest. Remember, what we can consider, they can definitely consider too.”

“We considered this before and predicted the possibility of confrontation.” Jiang Simiao connected the coordinates of other pollutants, calculated the shortest route, which coincidentally matched the initial coordinates of the yellow signals. “Under normal circumstances, if they want to compete for the resources of the swamp forest with us, they should also send a team… but they sent two teams, and the landing coordinates are not close to the coordinates of the pollutants, but on the outskirts of the pollutants.”

Zhang Ge realized, “Their goal is not the pollutants!”

“Killing pollutants to obtain resources is our idea, but the Second Star Domain doesn’t think so…” When Jiang Simiao saw that the system-calculated coordinates matched the coordinates of the Second Star Domain, he basically confirmed their intention. “They want to eliminate us first and then deal with the pollutants.”

A coach said, “Darn, the swamp forest is a blind spot for surveillance!”

Although the Coria Contaminated Zone was one of the competition-grade Contaminated Zones for the Star Domain Tournament, its zone division was quite peculiar.

Due to the unique nature of the environment within the Contaminated Zone, the practical use of the real-time function of the competition-grade system was limited. When using the zone for competitions, the competition area was mostly set within the real-time monitoring area. However, this time the reports of S-class pollutants covered the entire Coria Contaminated Zone, with most pollutants even outside the competition area. Therefore, it was challenging for those outside the zone to monitor the situation inside the Contaminated Zone in real-time. They could only simulate the in-game battle situation through the competition-grade system.

“Which team is on the side of the swamp forest?”

“It seems to be KID…”

Shen Xingtang pursed her lips slightly. “Not seems, it is KID.”

Zhang Ge shouted, “Quickly calculate the positions and see which route they will take to encircle us.”

“If we only consider the positions, they might enter the swamp forest or head towards the mountains.”

“They are still at a bit of a distance from us. If we change our original route, maybe we can…” Jiang Simiao operated swiftly, and various data converged into lines in front of them. Countless action routes overlapped. Just as he was calculating the positions, he suddenly noticed that their blue signals were quickly moving towards the location of the yellow signals.

Jiang Simiao: “…?”

Zhang Ge asked, “What’s wrong? Did you calculate it? If you did, let others change their routes as soon as possible.”

Jiang Simiao couldn’t express himself clearly, “They are not coming towards us; we went straight into their faces.”

Others: “???”

Jiang Simiao quickly sent a contact signal to the KID team. At the moment the contact was established, Shen Xingtang grabbed the communicator and said to them, “There is an emergency situation to tell you about. People from the Second Star Domain may be trying to surround you. Immediately change your flight route and head to the south of the swamp forest—”

Before she could finish her sentence, a cacophony of voices erupted in the communication channel.

Amidst the chaos and accompanied by sizzling electric sounds, various voices continuously emerged.

“Hurry, Huo Ge!”

“Over here, over here!”

“Damn, why are there so many!”

Others: “???”

In the midst of the chaotic voices, Huo Yan’s voice sounded a bit distorted, “—Boss, what did you just say?”

Shen Xingtang had a bad feeling, “What happened to you guys?”

“Well, it’s a bit complicated.”

“We accidentally blew up the forest, and now we’re being chased by pollutants.”


Oh these Second Star fuckin extras!

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