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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 93

Coria Contaminated Zone (Joint Clean-Up Operation)

93. Counter-attack

“What do you mean by blasting the forest and being chased by pollutants??”

Coaches and team leaders from various major base stations around were full of question marks upon hearing this. Shen Xingtang fell silent and looked at Jiang Simiao beside her.

Jiang Simiao trembled as he opened all the options for detecting pollutants on the detection system. The originally somewhat empty signal screen immediately became densely packed with red pollutant signal points. These signal points closely followed the blue dots representing the KID signal, not decreasing but increasing.

Everyone: “…!”

“Don’t bother explaining the complicated situation.” Shen Xingtang gripped the communicator. “We probably understand.”

Huo Yan: “That’s good then.”

This situation was so clear that everyone could see it!

Zhang Ge looked at the red dots of pollutants in disbelief. There were indeed pollutants in the swamp forest, but in such a large forest, pollutants were usually separated. Even if they accidentally provoked pollutants, at most, there would be around a dozen attackers. However, the number displayed on the detection system was at least two hundred. How did KID manage to provoke so many pollutants in just half an hour!?

Zhang Ge: “Did they poke a nest of pollutants?”

“No poking, but they blasted it.” A coach nearby wiped off sweat.

How they managed to blast so many pollutants and end up being chased, others dared not imagine.

Jiang Simiao looked at the chasing route. “No way, they can’t turn back now; they can only charge forward.”

He looked to the coaches from other base stations for help. “Can you think of a way?”

The coaching team: “…”

Damn, how do we save this situation?!

All major base stations knew that KID liked to mess around, but once they became a teammate, this kind of messing around was like a ticking time bomb. Once it exploded, it left people without a strategy. This time, it was even worse—just at the beginning, they directly messed up the plan!

Coria needed to eliminate a total of 10 S-class pollutants this time.

Among them, there were 6 on the main planet, and the other 4 were distributed on the two side planets.

According to their original arrangement, YDS and Black Crow were to go to the two side planets respectively, while KID and Gale were responsible for the main planet. The Individual Soldier s were supposed to deal with the S-class pollutant located the farthest away. The most crucial aspect of this plan was actually KID and Gale. The original plan was for KID to be in the swamp forest, and Gale in the gray mountains on the same planet. The two teams were supposed to converge as they advanced inward from both ends.

However, with KID’s mishap, the two teams couldn’t rely on coordination, directly causing Gale’s team to collapse.

Zhang Ge began brainstorming, “Wait, don’t panic. Maybe there’s another way.”

“Actually… why not let KID take these pollutants up?”

“It might not be our disadvantage. Perhaps KID can handle one versus two?”

Jiang Simiao looked at the route screen and forced a smile, “I don’t know if he can handle one versus two… but they did charge up with the pollutants.”

In the swamp forest, the two teams from the Second Star Domain have reached their respective locations. The leaders of both teams are cross-referencing the location signals received from their bureau, confirming that from the direction of the Dawn Galaxy, two teams and six Individual Soldier s have been dispatched.

“As expected, it’s similar to what Captain Bai suggested. Dawn Galaxy really placed forces like this on the main planet.”

“With this kind of encirclement mission, bringing Individual Soldier s is not a good idea. It’s difficult for Individual Soldier s to coordinate with the team’s combat mechas. To be safe, they will definitely have the Individual Soldier s positioned separately.”

“If they proceed like this, it’s quite certain that they intend to use a converging approach to systematically eliminate the pollutants.”

Looking at the signals on the communication interface, both teams from the Second Star Domain know that the current situation is unfolding according to the sequence they had originally anticipated. They have considered the strategies Dawn Galaxy might employ, but compared to the military strength of Dawn Galaxy, the Second Star Domain is well-equipped.

With ample military strength, they don’t need to make arrangements like deploying Individual Soldier s.

… They also have the capacity to drive certain people out of the Coria Contaminated Zone.

Among the teams on the main planet, the one that’s more challenging to deal with is Gale. They originally thought they would encounter Gale in the swamp forest, but instead, they encountered KID.

“It doesn’t make a difference who we face. If it’s Gale, we’ll deplete Gale’s combat strength, buying time for GBK. If it’s KID, it’s even simpler. In an environment like the swamp forest, forcing them to retreat is straightforward.” One of them said, “It seems KID didn’t arrange Medical mechas. Their endurance is much weaker than Gale’s.”

“If KID encounters us as Captain Bai suggested, they should retreat.”

“If they don’t retreat, then following Captain Bai’s suggestion, let’s drive them into the swamp in the forest.”

The leader of the Second Star Domain team said, “Extract KID’s route and see how they move. We’ll disperse and flank them according to the plan.”

The teams from the Second Star Domain immediately understood the leader’s intention. They input the received location information into the radar system, and the intelligent system calculated the fastest action route. Only through this calculation did they realize that KID and their group were actively approaching them.

“KID is actually coming towards us voluntarily?”

“Could it be a trick?”

The leader remained calm, not panicking due to KID’s unusual actions, and said, “Let’s separate first and flank them according to the plan.”

However, the mecha pilots responsible for the detection system suddenly exclaimed, “Leader, something’s not right! Their movement speed is extremely fast!”

“Very fast?” The leader questioned, “How long until they get close to us?”

“At this speed… 1 minute? No, about 40 seconds!” the mecha pilot quickly responded.

Such a fast speed? It was very quiet around the swamp forest where they were located. When they looked into the distance, there was a faint disturbance.

Hearing this speed, the leader hesitated. Suddenly, he had a bad premonition, “They should be entering our scanning area. What’s the situation with KID on radar scan?”

“No! Leader, it seems like there’s an explosion in front!” the mecha pilot reported.

“I saw flames in my scope. There are explosions in the swamp forest!” 

“It’s a series of explosions, and they are coming in our direction!”

Hearing this news, the leader quickly looked into the distance and indeed saw smoke rising from the distant forest. Before he could determine what was happening, a group of dark figures seemed to appear in the sky above the forest within their field of vision.

At this moment, the mecha pilot responsible for scanning had a trembling voice, “Leader, there’s a significant pollution reaction behind KID!”

The scanning results were immediately shared on the radar screens of all mecha pilots. Several blue dots, accompanied by densely packed red dots, were rapidly approaching them at an extraordinarily fast speed. The speed was so fast that the grand scene quickly became visible to the naked eye.

Mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain: “…?”

The leader was astonished, “What on earth is going on!”

Above the swamp forest, this usually tranquil forest was a bit restless at the moment.

Explosions seemed to chain react, one after another, creating black smoke explosions in the forest. Flying-type pollution creatures and forest-dwelling animal-type pollution creatures were all disturbed by these explosions, rushing together in a certain direction.

Among the flying-type pollution creatures were various strange-looking insect-like pollutants, each with a bizarre and extremely fast appearance.

The buzzing vibrations of winged flight affected the surrounding communication conditions, causing intermittent interruptions in communication between KID and the Coria team.

“Damn, that one looks so ugly!”

“Wow, Da Feng, that flying one looks cool! Just too noisy!”

The most annoying aspect of insect-type pollution creatures is that most of them have abilities that manifest through sound.

Not only did it affect the signals, but there were also neurotoxin-type pollutants among the insect pollution creatures, which posed a challenging threat to the mecha pilots.

Alarms kept ringing incessantly, and Huo Yan was busy dealing with various information. The voices of his teammates fluctuated constantly in his ears.

“Huo Ge, there are mecha units ahead.” Lu Xi’s scope caught the silhouette of a mecha. “Looks like they’re from the Second Star Domain.”

Just having heard vague information from Shen Xingtang, Huo Yan, affected by the pollution, had a bit of difficulty with the communication signal. “I just heard Tang Jie say something about the Second Star Domain coming to block us.”

“And what about one against two? I couldn’t quite hear it.”

Ying Chenlin, upon hearing this, slightly turned his head. Seeing a large number of pollutants behind them, he quickly manipulated the location of the enemy mecha. Once the distance between the two sides shortened, entering the range, the mecha would be scanned by the radar. Ying Chenlin blocked the pollution information, and when he saw the position of the Second Star Domain mecha on the radar, he knew what was happening.

He confirmed, “They are here to block us. At our current speed, we’ll just enter their encirclement.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Isn’t that too underhanded of these guys!”

Lin Yao exclaimed, “Are they really coming to surround us?”

“Of course, there will be a fight.” You Su lightly chuckled, “When facing an S-class, do you think the other side will compete with us fairly and kindly?”

Ying Chenlin also felt the same way. He said, “Not just the other side, if resources are to be contested, clashes are inevitable. Rather than forming an alliance with us and wasting time on post-mission distribution, a more straightforward approach is to prevent us from even encountering the S-class. That way, the pollutants will naturally fall into their hands.”

The Second Star Domain obviously considered this joint clean-up operation as their own interest output. Although it appeared to be a joint task on the surface, in reality, this mission was similar to what Shen Xingtang had previously said about the Star Alliance competition. When they truly faced each other, both sides would not give in, and conflicts were bound to occur. The people from the Second Star Domain obviously knew this, and instead of waiting for conflicts to arise after the collision, they chose to take the initiative. The best place to strike first was this swampy forest.

With the opponents plotting in advance, there was no need for them to maintain any friendly attitude.

“So, we don’t need to be polite with them either,” Ying Chenlin adjusted some values inside the mecha, “Let’s also make sure they can’t encounter the pollutants.”

KID’s other members turned their attention to Ying Chenlin. “How should we deal with them?”

However, Ying Chenlin looked at You Su and said, “It’s up to you, You Ge.”

Upon hearing this, You Su laughed and asked, “What do you need me for?”

Ying Chenlin, “To shoot a few more rounds.”

Others, “Oh!”

The mecha pilots from the Second Star Domain realized that something was wrong when they saw the densely packed pollutants. When they saw so many red dots on the map, they thought it was some illusion created by KID. However, when those pollutants appeared in their field of view, they realized that it was all real.

“So many pollutants!?”

“They’ve only been here for a short time. How did KID manage to provoke so many pollutants?”

“Could the smoke in the front forest be their doing?”

“These morons! They probably fired into the swamp in the forest.” The leader didn’t expect to encounter such reckless individuals who could cause so many explosions. They were definitely not just firing a single shot in the forest. “We will be affected this way. Retreat quickly!”

As they were about to retreat, suddenly, a Sniper Cannon shot came from a distance, heading in their direction.

This shell passed under their feet, swiftly rushing into the forest, and an explosion followed—

At this moment, a sudden sound came from outside.

A Stealth mecha inside KID’s mechas raised an external loudspeaker and shouted in their direction, “Brothers ahead.”

“Make way, you’re blocking our escape!”

The mecha pilots lowered their heads, seeing explosions in the forest below, pollutants rapidly charging in their direction within the billowing black smoke!


They probably knew how these pollutants came about.

Several KID mechas were flying haphazardly, dragging the pollutants along. Quickly, they opened up a space in the sky above the forest.

Looking from a distance, it was almost a sky filled with pollutants, as if all the pollutants in the entire forest had been drawn over.

Not only that, this method of flight completely blocked their route for side retreat.

In the process of fleeing for their lives, the flying KID mechas used Energy Cannons to blast the surrounding attacking pollutants. For a moment, gunfire was chaotic within the mass of pollutants, and a few shots even landed in the forest, drawing out more pollutants.

The external loudspeaker continued, “The Artillery is ruthless, brothers, take cover!”

The next second, another Sniper Cannon shot came from afar, smashing into the forest on the other side of the Second Star Domain’s mecha unit. Immediately, explosions echoed, and countless pollutants rushed in.

How the hell are they surrounding KID like this?! They are about to be surrounded by these pollutants!

“Damn it! Pollutants are coming at us!”

“They’re doing this on purpose! Dragging us into the water!”

“The pollutants are all coming up.”

The leader of the Second Star Domain’s mecha unit had an ugly expression. Since the communication request sent to KID was not accepted, he had no choice but to take out the large loudspeaker. “KID, are you doing this on purpose!?”

“Oh? What do you mean by intentional? Who would deliberately attract so many pollutants for no reason?” Ji Qingfeng replied nonchalantly, “Besides, this is legitimate defense. Pollutants are all over our faces. Should we just stand there and take a beating without using weapons to protect ourselves? I even opened the loudspeaker to warn you that the Artillery is ruthless and told you to run. If you still linger in front of us, is it our fault?”

He sighed and continued, “Right, Yao Bao, even a good dog knows not to block the way. What are these people doing standing in front of us?”

Lin Yao, without avoiding a big deal, opened the loudspeaker and chimed in, “Exactly, exactly. We reminded you from a great distance. If you don’t run, don’t blame us, right?”

“S-level pollutants, and you don’t go looking for them. Why stop here?”

The Second Star Domain mecha unit knew they were in the wrong, but facing KID’s rogue tactics, they couldn’t argue back.

The leader, wearing a fierce expression, informed others to retreat. Although this deviated from the original plan, at least KID was held back by these pollutants, and for the moment, they couldn’t break free. “Don’t waste time with them. Let’s leave this place. Don’t let these pollutants dictate the pace.”

The other mecha pilots understood the situation and immediately retreated from the swampy forest.

Seeing this scene, Ying Chenlin glanced at the radar positions inside the mecha.

Now they want to run? It’s too late.

Behind them, KID saw the situation and changed direction one after another. Their thrusters were almost pushed to the maximum, and the energy response on their bodies was reduced to the minimum. The decrease in energy response caught the attention of some sensitive pollutants, and many even bypassed KID and flew straight towards the mecha unit of the Second Star Domain. 

KID’s mechas scattered and fled, and the planned routes they took happened to block the path of the Second Star Domain mecha unit. Amidst them, You Su mixed in, firing at the pollutants with guns and, without caring about consequences, provocatively fanning the flames. As many cannon shots crossed over the Second Star Domain’s mecha unit and fell into their escape route, pollutants from all directions rushed toward them.

Ji Qingfeng remarked, “These people have clearly never experienced life’s beatings. With so many pollutants following, they dare to wildly use their thrusters. If they don’t run, who else can they blame?”

“Who cares who’s to blame? KID is too familiar.”

Anyone who has gone through battles like Qiu Jin’s would consider dealing with this kind of pollutant attack trivial.

With Qiu Jin, there were even S-level pollutants flying along!

“Not enough. The mecha unit from the Second Star Domain isn’t that foolish. Our actions are too obvious; they should notice soon,” Ying Chenlin observed positions, maintaining the energy output of the thrusters. By now, he had caught up with some of the Second Star Domain mecha units’ flight. “We need to make them the sole target of the pollutants.”

Ji Qingfeng asked, “How do we do that?”

“There’s a more direct method, and they might not even notice it.”

Ying Chenlin kept an eye on the Second Star Domain’s flight status. “But we have to wait for them to notice the thruster problem.”

As they continued flying forward, suddenly, the Second Star Domain team noticed that no matter how fast they flew, the pollutants behind them not only did not decrease but were increasing.

“Leader, something seems off!”

“These pollutants don’t seem to be following KID anymore.”

“They’re all coming towards us.”

The leader of the Second Star Domain quickly locked onto KID’s mechas flying behind or to the side. He suddenly noticed an issue with their thrusters and reacted immediately. “It’s the energy output. They’ve reduced the thrusters’ energy output, so some pollutants will notice us.”

The leader didn’t expect KID’s rogues to be so shrewd, actually using this energy difference. The more advanced pollutants in the area were more sensitive to energy responses and sharper in capturing prey. The thruster issue would undoubtedly be discovered by the advanced pollutants.

“Reduce the flying speed, decrease thruster energy consumption, and avoid the pollutants,” the leader ordered.

The Second Star Domain’s maneuverability was strong, and following the leader’s command, they immediately reduced the energy output.

As expected, after they reduced the energy output, the pollutants chasing them seemed to lose interest in some targets, and their numbers decreased.

Seeing the mecha unit of the Second Star Domain slowing down and gradually approaching them, KID’s group looked somewhat surprised at Ying Chenlin. However, Ying Chenlin had already anticipated this. He shouted, “Lu Xi, switch to the Water Flow Cannon, and I’ll leave the aiming to you.”

“Alright!” Lu Xi slowed down and positioned herself at the rear of the team.

Her water control cannon had opened its field of view, aiming at the bottom of their squad’s mechas, waiting for the mechas and the Second Star Domain’s mechas to fly parallel.

As they slowed down, their speed was slower than KID’s mechas. Soon, the mechas from behind caught up.

The leader had a bad feeling but maintained a slightly lower energy output. This was the way to shake off the pollutant tracking. The remaining task was to leave the swampy forest airspace and find a way to escape.

Just at that moment, a few pollutants passed by them and exploded.

Water Flow Projectiles from the Control mecha  from directly behind burst in the air above them. Water Flow Projectiles were originally control projectiles, and the splashing water had a decelerating effect. Some mechas from the Second Star Domain were splashed by the Water Flow Projectiles. Although the control effect did not hit, the water splashed on the mechas, causing displeasure.

“Is KID’s Control mecha  malfunctioning? Water Flow Projectiles are all over the place?”

“She even attacked our side. Even if they want to clear pollutants, I’ve never seen it done like this before.”

The leader frowned, saying, “KID, keep your mechas away from ours.”

Ying Chenlin, flying above him, slightly lowered his gaze, observing the dispersing effect of the water flow projectiles. “Hmm, we’ll leave soon. Don’t worry.”

The leader felt something odd about his words, but as soon as he spoke, KID’s water flow projectiles stopped firing. Even the other KID mechas began gradually moving away in the direction below them. Initially, the retreat seemed like a good thing. However, after KID’s mechas left, they realized the pollutants weren’t following KID but were still relentlessly pursuing them!

“Leader, something’s wrong!”

“KID has accelerated and gone from below, but the pollutants haven’t followed them.”

“All the pollutants are coming towards us!”

The leader suddenly froze, realizing more and more pollutants were gathering around. KID, who had been following them, had now dived below the pollutants, flying close to the forest. He slightly lowered his head and saw the gun muzzle of the Artillery mecha pointing diagonally in front of them. With one shot, the pollutants in the forest surged out again, flying densely in their direction.

“What’s going on!?”

At this moment, KID’s loudspeaker sounded again: “Brothers ahead, have a safe journey. We’re withdrawing!”

The Second Star Domain mecha pilots: “?”

After saying that, KID’s group disappeared into the forest on the other side, which had not been triggered by the explosions. The heavily damaged forest was completely changed, and a large number of pollutants flew upwards, quickly blocking the path below the Second Star Domain mechas.

Because they slowed down and reduced energy output, they missed the opportunity to escape quickly. Now they were completely surrounded by pollutants.

The leader was stunned. “What’s going on!?”

In Coria’s Management Bureau’s lounge, Jiang Simiao persistently sent communications to KID’s group, staring at the densely packed red signal points on the detection system. When they tried to contact KID, it was already too late. Under the influence of a large number of pollutants, their communication signals may or may not have been sent out, and all they could see were red, blue, and yellow signal points mixed together.

“They said it’s a one-to-two situation! But they didn’t mention using their lives to make it a one-to-two!”

“Really? Being this close, could they have already started fighting?”

Zhang Ge looked at a yellow-blue point that was about to overlap. “Maybe, possibly…”

Shen Xingtang glanced to the side. “The damage levels of the mechas seem okay. They probably haven’t started fighting to the death yet.”

Others: “Quick, quick, can we contact them?”

Jiang Simiao’s computer terminal was almost smoking. “It’s not that easy to contact. The communication channels are all filled with electrical currents—”

At this moment, KID, which had escaped the widespread interference of pollutants, finally connected with Jiang Simiao.

Huo Yan said, “Sanshui? What did you just say? The signal isn’t very good.”

Jiang Simiao quickly asked, “The pollutant swarm, you didn’t engage with the Second Star Domain, did you?”

“No, we’ve already escaped from the pollutant swarm,” Lin Yao said.

As soon as he finished speaking, they suddenly saw the signal representing KID breaking free from that dense cluster of red dots. They had indeed left the red pollutant swarm. In the lounge, other coaches and the leader stared in astonishment. Most of the pollutants were following the yellow signal representing the Second Star Domain.

“Holding them off?”

“That’s not right! Why are the pollutants following them?”

Everyone was confused.

KID’s team explained in a clamor, various voices mixed with electrical interference, and in half a minute, no one understood anything.

Jiang Simiao said, “One person speaks! How can anyone hear you when you all speak at the same time!”

Ying Chenlin spoke up, “We used water flow projectiles to splash energy onto their mechas.”

Others in the lounge: “?”

“It means we threw a few energy canisters at them.”

Ying Chenlin asked very seriously, “Will the Alliance reimburse for this?”


You’re a hundred years too early to be messing with KID.

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