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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 94

Coria Contaminated Zone(Joint Clean-Up Operation)

94. Restricted Area

The lounge fell into silence for a moment. After a while, everyone turned their gaze towards the personnel from the Dawn Alliance in the lounge.

Feeling the scrutiny from all directions, the alliance staff hesitated for a moment before speaking, “The essence of this joint mission is…”

As the scrutiny deepened, he changed his tone, “It’s not that a report can’t be filed. In such situations, the Alliance will definitely provide reimbursement.”

Beside him, Zhang Ge from the Gale Base reacted from his astonishment, “Even if the Alliance doesn’t reimburse, we at Gale will reimburse for you. For the matter of a few energy canisters, even if it’s five or twenty, I’ll reimburse it for you.”

Other base stations remained silent, looking towards Zhang Ge one after another.

Jiang Simiao looked at the generosity of the Dawn Alliance’s first affluent base station. So, this was the difference between base stations?

Shen Xingtang relaxed, “Did you hear that? Even if the Alliance doesn’t report, Gale will back us up.”

The generous offer from Gale Base conveyed through the buzzing communication channel reached KID’s team. Upon hearing someone reporting the reimbursement of energy canisters, KID’s team felt relieved. After all, the energy canisters used in this mission were brought from their own base station, and using one meant spending money. Now, with someone else covering the reimbursement, KID’s team felt reassured.

After the communication channel was cut off, Shen Xingtang and Jiang Simiao looked at Zhang Ge with a hint of unclear emotions in their eyes.

Zhang Ge, easily provoked, felt strange, “Boss Shen, is there anything else?”

“Old Zhang… no Boss Zhang,” Shen Xingtang said, “Thank you so much.”

Zhang Ge felt inexplicable, sensing a bad premonition.

He suddenly noticed the gaze of colleagues next to him, especially the person from Gale Base, who had an expression of wanting to speak but hesitating.

A coach from Gale Base approached, explaining softly, “Zhang Ge, you missed the meeting last time due to a cold. In Qiu Jin’s report for the Alliance, he already reported this amount of reimbursment.”

He gestured a number.

Zhang Ge:?

Zhang Ge looked at the leaders of other base stations, and each one nodded sympathetically towards him.

Only KID’s two members were still immersed in observing the detection system, with joyful expressions on their faces.

The coach patted him sympathetically, “If it doesn’t work out, you can also do some off-the-books accounting.”

Zhang Ge: “…”

The situation outside the swamp forest was soon noticed by the lounge on the other side. The people from the Second Domain sat in the lounge, and several monitoring personnel with gloomy expressions reported, “Probably due to the influence of pollutants, we can’t establish contact with the two teams at the swamp forest… The signals are all cut off.”

The people from the Second Domain didn’t look too good; originally, they were most reassured by the Swamp Base.

The Mechas from the Dawn Galaxy were not particularly strong, and facing two teams, they could easily clear KID from the Dawn Galaxy and then have their two teams go harvest the two S-level pollutants in the swamp forest. However, who would have expected the situation to turn out like this now.

“Can’t establish contact?”

Staff: “Yes, and they might be surrounded by pollutants.”

The inspection system displayed a bright red, indicating the presence of pollutants all around.

Those who couldn’t be contacted were within the encirclement of these red signals, and it might take a long time for them to escape from this encirclement of pollutants.

The lounge fell into silence. The middle-aged man standing in the center spoke with a stern face, “Contact Bai Xuyan and inform him about the situation in the swamp forest.”

In the control room of the Coria Contaminated Zone Management Headquarters, the director, who had just entered, heard the news from the staff about the Second Domain lounge and showed a hint of a smile on his usually gloomy face. “It looks good on our side in Dawn. Is it because of KID?”

“When I knew KID before, their boss was about the same age as me. I had a few encounters with him in meetings. He passed away, and I couldn’t go back to see him before he died. Is the team leader this time Shensheng’s daughter, Shen Xingtang?”

“Yes,” a staff member said, “Director, you’ve been in Coria for a long time and may not know much about the internal situation of the Dawn Alliance. I heard that KID was able to come over with base stations like Gale because of recommendations from some people within the alliance.”

Coria’s Director was surprised, not expecting that KID had such good connections within the Dawn Alliance. “Who recommended them?”

“It seems to be the directors from Tianyu Star, Qiu Jin, and Fiarge.”

The staff member continued, “Not only that, I heard their performance in Qiu Jin was very impressive.”

Coria and the Dawn Galaxy Headquarters are too far apart, and they rarely participate in offline meetings; most of the time, they conduct meetings online.

Coria’s Director didn’t expect that in just a few years, KID’s development would be so surprising. “So, how did they manage to keep the two teams from the Second Domain there?”

“The swamp forest is in a monitoring blind spot, and the ground-base stationd system can’t project. I’ve sent mobile perspective robots to check the situation.” The staff member looked at the detection system, where the screen displayed a vivid red response of pollutants. “We don’t know the specifics of how they did it.”

“Currently, we only know that the pollutant reactions there are more active than usual.”

Coria’s Director said, “The two pollutants in the swamp forest are indeed strange.”

The swamp forest is a blind spot in the Coria Contaminated Zone. Since the influence of the Black Hole reached this area, they have been investigating all S-level pollutant reports. However, they still haven’t figured out what kind of pollutants those two in the swamp forest are. They don’t even know what these two pollutants look like.

The staff member was about to say that the vivid red pollutant reactions might not have much to do with the S-level, but when he heard the director mention pollutants, he suddenly remembered something: “Right, some time ago, we also submitted a report on an S-level pollutant here to the Frontier Army. Old Qiu investigated and compiled some data.”

“He hasn’t inquired about Coria affairs for a long time,” Coria’s Director said.

The staff member asked, “Old Qiu was looking into old files from 20 years ago in the Restricted Zone. It seems to be related to the information about the pollutant that caused the massive change in the Coria Contaminated Zone.”

“A pollutant-induced massive change?”

“Are you not familiar because you recently arrived? That pollutant burned down half of the swamp forest!”

“And who resolved it in the end?!”

“It should be the Frontier Army, but I don’t know who killed it.”

Coria’s Director recalled this incident, and his face eased slightly. It was an S-level mutant pollutant that caused a major change in the Coria Contaminated Zone 20 years ago. It took two days, and in the end, the Frontier Army’s leader personally beheaded it.

That leader’s surname was Ying, once the sharpest blade in the Frontier Army.

In the swamp forest, KID was unaware of the situation outside. They were taking advantage of the blown-open forest to continue their infiltration.

The original swamp forest was densely covered with narrow and thick jungles. Now, due to the explosion’s impact, most of the pollutants have been led away by the people from the Second Star Domain. The previously obstructive flying vines have burned off quite a bit, making the path into the forest particularly easy to traverse.

Huo Yan looked up and could still see many pollutants flying in that direction. “It seems that the people from the Second Star Domain won’t be able to come over for a while.”

Ji Qingfeng said, “Then shall we proceed according to the plan? First, take the two S-level pollutants in the swamp forest and then go to help Gale.”

With only their two teams on the main planet, Gale went to the mountain range, and they were in the forest.

Ying Chenlin could see the radar positioning information sent from Jiang Simiao not long ago. There were a total of three teams from the Second Star Domain left on the main planet. Two of them were holding them in the air over the swamp forest. This wasn’t the main issue. The main problem was the other team.

The other team was GBK, the strongest in the Second Star Domain.

From a strength perspective, anyone facing GBK would be at a disadvantage.

You Su finished examining the radar map and said, “Gale might end up facing GBK.”

“Maybe, but GBK’s position is very strange.” Ying Chenlin said, “Their position can’t reach Gale, nor can it reach the S-level pollutants. It’s a bit unclear about their purpose.”

The Second Star Domain’s transition position is very peculiar. If the two teams on this side of the swamp forest aim to clear them out and monopolize the two nearby S-level pollutants, GBK’s position is even stranger. They are not in a position closer to the S-levels in the mountains but are instead on the outskirts of the mountains.

Huo Yan said, “But if we really end up against GBK, Qi Sicheng and the others are the most likely to delay GBK.”

He continued, “And I’ve also checked. The location where Gale is situated is within the monitoring range of the Coria Contaminated Zone. GBK shouldn’t dare to openly deal with them, right?”

Grabbing resources and making some moves behind the scenes is not a problem.

However, once exposed in the monitoring view, whether it’s Dawn or the Second Star Domain, they will face criticism.

“They definitely won’t dare to be so bold.” Ji Qingfeng said, “There are people discussing this matter on StarNet. Even if the Contaminated Zone doesn’t have real-time imaging, some environmental test data within the Contaminated Zone is publicly available on the official website. With so many eyes watching, GBK will have to play it honestly.”

Lin Yao added, “If all else fails, we can send another team to bomb a group of pollutants to help Gale.”

Ji Qingfeng nodded, “True, Gale is covering our energy reimbursement.”

KID and the others thought for a moment and felt that this method was feasible.

They relaxed, focusing on the pollutants in front of them.

Ying Chenlin and the others followed KID into the swamp forest. The close-range radar scans became much clearer, and their forward speed increased.

The pollution reactions were active in the swamp forest. The coordinates provided by the regulatory agency were within the specified range, and they quickly reached the first set of coordinates.

“Indeed, the path was blasted open,” Ji Qingfeng remarked.

“Aren’t we nearby?” Lin Yao looked at the data and asked, “Did we blast away the S-level pollutant?”

“No, the coordinates of the S-level pollutant are changing, but the changes are within the designated area,” You Su explained.

Ying Chenlin had been monitoring the pollutant coordinates. “The possibility of a mobile pollutant being of the plant type is low.”

However, it was indeed strange. Ying Chenlin, looking at the radar information, noticed that this particular pollutant was in motion.

The movement itself wasn’t suspicious, but what caught Ying Chenlin’s attention was the trajectory of its movement. Normally, if it sensed disturbances from the counterattack on the forest, it should either move towards the counterattack or avoid the range of sniper bombardment.

But this pollutant didn’t do either. It didn’t completely leave the impact zone of the explosion.

Seeing this peculiar movement, Ying Chenlin couldn’t help but look at the position of the other pollutant.

Possibly due to being focused on the location of the S-level pollutants, he suddenly noticed something unusual.

Ying Chenlin said abruptly, “The distance hasn’t changed.”

The others from KID looked at him in confusion. “What distance?”

“The distance of the S-level pollutant,” Ying Chenlin clarified.

Lin Yao checked the position. “Huh? Aren’t we getting closer to the S-level pollutant?”

“He’s not talking about our distance to this specific S-level pollutant,” You Su explained. With his attention still on the radar, he ignored the incessant voice of Theo in his mind and simply said, “It’s the distance between these two S-level pollutants in the swamp forest.”

Near the swamp forest, there are two S-level pollutants, marked as A and B.

When they just entered the forest, the distance between A and B was about 15 kilometers. Now, A has undergone some displacement, but the distance between A and B surprisingly hasn’t changed from the initial data.

Lu Xi said, “The farthest pollutant is also moving!”

Lin Yao pointed to the radar map and said, “Ah! That distant pollutant is about to enter the red-marked area.”

On the swamp forest map, there is a region completely marked in red.

“Oh, by the way, I’ve always wanted to ask, what does this red area mean?” Ji Qingfeng pointed to a location on the map and asked, “Does it mean a lot of pollutants?”

Lu Xi said, “I remember San Shui mentioned that we shouldn’t go into that area, but he didn’t specify why.”

On the communication channel, You Su spoke up, “That place is the Coria Restricted Zone.”

Coria Restricted Zone…? Ying Chenlin hadn’t heard of this place. As he pondered, he suddenly noticed something moving among the shadows of the trees, rapidly approaching.

He urgently exclaimed, “Everyone, get down!”

Upon hearing this, the members of KID quickly dropped to the ground.

At that moment, a fierce gust of wind suddenly swept by, flying over the top of KID’s mechas.

The surrounding trees were cut off simultaneously, falling towards the KID mechas in a chaotic manner.

The mecha radar alarm sounded, indicating that their position overlapped with a certain pollutant.

Ying Chenlin raised his head abruptly, locking eyes with a pair of red eyes between the fallen trees.

It was a strangely shaped mantis.

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