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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 96

Coria Contaminated Zone(Joint Clean-Up Operation)

96. Relationship

On the communication channel, Huo Yan shouted, “Such a huge Female Mantis!?”

Ji Qingfeng replied, “Come on, bro. Can you even tell when it has mutated to this extent?”

“How can’t you see?” Huo Yan said, “This is a female. The one that helped us fight the pollution before was male.”

In the dim environment that heightened certain sensations, when Ying Chenlin saw the gigantic creature, he also saw the appearance of the pollutant. It was a massive Female Mantis. Although it was referred to as a Female Mantis, its body displayed not the usual green color but a dry brown similar to tree bark. Its entire body resembled a withered and aged shell, with only a pair of eyes as black as a stagnant pool.

Ying Chenlin instinctively wanted to leave, but the next second, he suddenly noticed the stickiness under his feet. A sensation of rapid descent made his mind instantly clear, and he subconsciously raised his left hand.

But when he wanted to attack, he suddenly remembered something and stopped his hand.

Not only was there the Female Mantis at the high point, but the previous Wind Blade mantis was also there.

You Su noticed its movement, and when it raised its forelimbs, You Su’s Sniper Cannon aimed at it.

“Can’t use the Sniper Cannon!” Ying Chenlin urgently said, “This place is all swamp!”

You Su was suddenly stunned, scanning around, and found that KID’s mechas were mostly trapped in the swamp.

The fire caused by the Sniper Cannon could trigger a large-scale explosion in an instant. For others whose mechas were stuck in the swamp, this would undoubtedly mean bearing a direct impact.

Not only that, when they saw the coordinates displayed on the map, everyone was suddenly stunned.

“Oh my goodness… What is this thing?”

“Did we teleport?!”

In the Coria Lounge, the moment the sizzling electrical sound cut off, Jiang Simiao initially thought there was a problem with the communication signal inside the Swamp Forest. However, when he attempted to resend the communication request, he suddenly saw a chilling message.

“Is the communication not connected yet?” Shen Xingtang looked at Jiang Simiao.

At this moment, the leader of the Black Crows suddenly spoke, “Check the coordinates.”

In the visuals, the two S-rank signals representing the Swamp Forest were overlapped, all appearing around KID.

“No, the distance to the other S-class wasn’t that close, right? Just a moment ago, it was still 15 kilometers away?” Zhang Ge, astonished, couldn’t believe what he was seeing and stared at the coordinates. “How did it teleport so quickly?! Can it move that fast?”

“It’s not that it achieved rapid displacement, but the position of KID’s mecha signal has changed,” Jiang Simiao presented the information that appeared on the monitoring system to the main screen of the lounge. “In just a few seconds, Huo Yan and the others’ positions shifted from the middle of the Swamp Forest to the forest edge. What moved wasn’t the pollutants but our KID!”

As soon as this was said, the people around were suddenly stunned.

Several coaches hurriedly came forward to take a look. When they saw the location information of KID, they couldn’t sit still instantly.

“Something’s wrong!? Just now, I heard them say that the mantis pollutant doesn’t have Wind Blade’s anomalous ability, right?”

Zhang Ge, with a shocked expression, quickly walked to the nearby detection system. “Is it another pollutant?? But how did it do that? It should be 15 kilometers away from the mantis.”

With such an unbelievable situation and radar location information, everyone in the room realized a possibility.

“This type of pollutant is likely to have spatial-type anomalous abilities,” Jiang Simiao looked at the detection system, trying to contact KID but couldn’t establish a connection. “Only spatial-type anomalous abilities could possibly affect communication. Have you forgotten the sand lizard we encountered in the Tianyu Star? It affected the entire Tianyu Star Base Station C with its spatial influence.”

The leader of the Black Crows stepped forward, “No, it’s more than that. Its space isn’t just a simple separation… what you need to pay attention to is its anomalous ability.”

At the mention of abilities, the others in the room fell silent.

Shen Xingtang looked at the leader of the Black Crows, “What about its anomalous ability?”

“Among all existing spatial anomalous abilities, the most common are Territory and Enhancement classes. However, any spatial anomalous ability will always carry a characteristic, restricting its range to an area centered around pollutants. Based on the information we currently have, this pollutant can achieve the long-distance displacement of a group.”

The Black Crows’ leader spoke, “So it possesses the rare spatial displacement anomalous ability.”

“Spatial anomalous crystals are already rare, with displacement being the rarest in space. Previously, the anomalous ability of the super S-class pollutant, Black Hole, was also classified as spatial displacement by the Star Alliance.”

The leader of the Black Crows looked at the detection screen, where the main screen represented the positions of various mecha signals. “You should know that currently, there are only five spatial displacement anomalous crystals in the entire Alliance. This is a rare anomalous crystal that money can’t buy.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the room immediately understood.

In the entire Alliance, there were only a few anomalous crystals, and encountering one was like hitting the jackpot.

Several coaches nearby looked at Shen Xingtang and Jiang Simiao. As long as KID could kill this S-class pollutant, the S-class spatial displacement anomalous crystal would belong to KID.

“But encountering this pollutant might not be a good thing.”

Shen Xingtang looked at the monitoring screen. “There are plenty of S-class resources in other areas of the Second Star Domain. Why would they ask GBK to intervene in the Coria Contaminated Zone?”

“Do you know why Dawn has consistently ranked at the bottom in the Star Alliance competition?” Zhang Ge, upon hearing Shen Xingtang’s words, spoke with a somber tone. “Our mecha equipment is actually inferior to others. When we grasp the data of a base station and make full preparations, the next time they come out, they bring different weapons.”

“For mecha base stations, each type of anomalous crystal is like a weapon.”

Zhang Ge said, “They might have a massive weapons arsenal and it continues to grow. That’s also the reason why Chairman is desperately trying to keep resources in Dawn.”

Class-rank resources in the Coria Contaminated Zone have not been touched by anyone so far. Coupled with the fact that it has been closed for nearly four years and, along with the known Class-rank resources, there are some potential resources yet to be discovered. Large base stations like GBK never lack funds to purchase anomalous crystals and materials. For the Second Star Domain, this place is like an untapped treasure trove. They not only want this mine but also covet the rare resources that might be unearthed from it.

The leader of the Black Crows frowned, “This is indeed not good news.”

“KID performed a 15-kilometer displacement. People in the Second Star Domain are not blind; they are also paying attention to our movements.”

Shen Xingtang said in a deep voice, “They will abandon other targets and prioritize seizing this anomalous crystal.”

“Zhang Ge, something is not right.” The staff member responsible for monitoring the movements of the Second Star Domain’s mecha units turned around and shouted, “The mecha signals on the main planet of Coria have been cleared.”

Zhang Ge turned back, “What does that mean?”

The staff member’s expression was grim, “We can’t detect the mecha signals from the Second Star Domain anymore; they’ve shut down all external signals.”

Shen Xingtang’s face looked anxious, “This is bad.”

“Quick, have KID shut down the signal too!” Zhang Ge turned to Jiang Simiao.

Jiang Simiao looked at the communication system in front of him that showed no response, “I’ve been trying just now.”

“But we have already lost contact with them…”

At the same time, inside the gray mountains, the man in the cockpit received a message from behind in Coria. A radar map, condensed by others, appeared in his field of view. “Spatial displacement anomalous ability.”

The mecha pilot asked, “Deputy Bai, isn’t this the anomalous crystal that our base station has always wanted?”

Bai Xuyan looked into the distance. On the other end of the mountains, the continuous swamp forest, detailed coordinates appeared on his radar system.

“Some people may not be very powerful, but their luck is indeed good.”

KID, cut off from the outside world, had no idea what was happening outside.

They were currently under attack in the swamp.

Almost all mechas, except for You Su, were trapped in the swamp. These swamps were like the quicksand encountered on Tianyu Star. They were completely immobilized, and there were two menacing mantises around.

The Female Mantis remained motionless on the tree, while the wind blade mantis slowly roamed the trees, launching wind blades one after another, hitting the mechas.

Lin Yao, Huo Yan, and those with protective shields were safe, but the other mechas were unprotected. Under the relentless cutting of the wind blades, they would eventually be worn down.

“Fuck! This won’t work!” Ji Qingfeng was feeling extremely uncomfortable from the attacks. “How about letting You Ge blast it, being burned by fire is better than being beaten here.”

Lu Xi lowered her eyes slightly, “If we continue like this, we will be dragged deeper and deeper.”

“Can’t blast it,” Ying Chenlin looked around, “Firing a Sniper Cannon here would result in a continuous bombardment. The trees are dense, and before we escape, we might be crushed under fallen giant trees.”

“Even if we manage to escape, a portion of our mechas may have damage reaching 60%.”

Normally, they would just retreat, but now, going back to Coria and returning here would make these two pollutants potential prizes for the Second Star Domain.

Huo Yan asked, “But why were we transported here? This doesn’t make sense, such a long distance.”

“We need to figure out what their relationship is.”

Indeed, something was off. When they were transported, Ying Chenlin noticed that the spatial range unfolded around the Wind Blade mantis. It was this spatial range that caused them to be affected and transported because they happened to be around the mantis. However, the Wind Blade mantis did not display any spatial displacement ability in its initial behavior. On the contrary, it acted mechanically, capturing prey instinctively.

So, this spatial displacement ability must belong to the giant Female Mantis in front of them.

But what was the relationship between these two creatures?

Why could the Female Mantis determine their location through the Wind Blade mantis and transport them to this position?

Ying Chenlin first thought of a symbiotic relationship.

However, these two pollutants were both insect-type pollutants, and it didn’t make sense to explain it using a symbiotic relationship, especially considering the considerable distance between them.

Ji Qingfeng, while enduring the attacks, pondered, “What kind of relationship… as a male and female, what else could it be besides love?”

Lu Xi remarked, “Love? I heard that when mantises mate, the female eats the male.”

Ji Qingfeng corrected, “mantis crazy love.”

Huo Yan suddenly said, “Speaking of which, have you guys noticed that the Wind Blade mantis has slowed down? I just calculated, and the interval between its wind blades has increased several times.”

Ji Qingfeng, “Now that you mention it, it’s not as agile as before.”

Hearing this, Ying Chenlin looked at the two mantises on the high ground, trying to see through the black shadows.

“I think I understand.” He suddenly saw something and said, “I know what their relationship is.

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