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Genius Mechanic

Genius Mechanic: Chapter 98

Coria Contaminated Zone(Joint Clean-Up Operation)

98. Vital Part

Play a big one? Finally, the others from KID entered the range of the Female Mantis, looking at Ying Chenlin in confusion.

“I’m very interested in playing a big one, but can this big one be quick?” Ji Qingfeng exerted effort to restrain the Female Mantis. The binding lock scythe on his mecha,after modification by the base station repairman, could withstand greater pulling, but this kind of pulling didn’t include a strength competition with the mantis. “I’m afraid that if I can’t control it, we’ll both collapse together.”

Ying Chenlin lowered his gaze to the radar, where the signals displayed showed anomalies, but the position of the Second Star Domain’s mechas couldn’t be seen. Obviously, the other party came prepared, and their goal was likely the crystal of this Female Mantis’s ability.

The opponent approached silently, apparently not wanting to leave any Traces on the Coria Administration’s monitoring system. Since the other party went to such lengths to avoid surveillance, it wouldn’t be good to let them return empty-handed.

Ying Chenlin said, “Someone wants to come and snatch things; it’s not good to let them leave empty-handed.”

Upon hearing this, You Su chuckled, “Aren’t you afraid of playing too much?”

“When we were teleported earlier, I noticed the time for spatial displacement; the time difference doesn’t exceed 5 seconds.”

Ying Chenlin said, “I trust your accuracy. Do you trust me to count seconds?”

You Su lowered his eyes slightly, able to see the mecha pilots trapped in the swamp below, unable to move. Looking through a mecha,he seemed to see the earnest and shining eyes of someone inside the cockpit when speaking. His tone was slightly lighter, “Why wouldn’t I trust you?”

Ying Chenlin paused slightly, “Will you listen to me counting?”

You Su casually replied, “Sure.”

Lin Yao’s reaction was a bit slow, “Huh? Aren’t we going to run for our lives?”

“Run.” Huo Yan pulled the Windblade Mantis closer, “Chenlin means to detonate before teleporting away. We need to reciprocate with some courtesy.”

Detonate before teleporting away!? Lin Yao and Ji Qingfeng instantly became excited upon hearing this.

Ji Qingfeng blushed and excitedly looked at the Female Mantis beneath his feet, “We escape, and then detonate them in place, right?”

Lin Yao’s eyes lit up, “This is interesting!!! Can we blast them out of the game?”

However, Lu Xi expressed some concern, “But GBK is so smart. We’ve used this trick once before. Will they fall for it again?”

As this was said, there was hesitation among the other members of KID.

The damage caused by explosions could be minimized if the opponent was prepared. They were trapped in the swamp and couldn’t move freely, but the Second Star Domain’s mechas were free, and considering they had recently tricked the opponents, they couldn’t be naive to think the enemy wouldn’t be cautious.

Ying Chenlin, however, said, “Do you know how to detonate to truly hit the vital points?”

The positions of the mechas on the radar remained motionless. The three teams of mechas rapidly approaching could feel the increasing fluctuations in pollution levels around them. The two teams of mecha pilots who had been tricked by KID not long ago didn’t have good expressions. They were relatively famous mecha squads in the Second Star Domain, and they had been unexpectedly outplayed by a small base station in the border system.

This reversal not only exposed flaws in their plan but also made KID discover the existence of this spatial displacement-pollutant ahead of time. Now, they had to close their mecha signals in advance to approach KID. Moreover, they had to find a way to snatch back the anomalous crystal from KID’s hands.

“Captain Bai, sorry.”

“KID’s current position is motionless. Could there be a problem?”

Bai Xuyan asked, “Are you saying that they used Artillery firepower to bombard the pollutants in the forest and attracted it to you?”

“Yes, you still need to be cautious of their Artillery; their tactics are a bit chaotic.”

Other GBK mecha pilots added, “This is the inside of the forest, and they are also in the forest. Using Artillery is like playing with fire, only effective against you when you’re in the air.”

The team leader’s face looked slightly grim.

“You should be grateful they couldn’t deal with those two pollutants. They seem immobile, probably trapped in the swamp.”

During the rapid flight, Bai Xuyan was analyzing the radar map coming from behind the Management Bureau. Clearly, KID hadn’t moved for a long time. There were only two possibilities for this situation: either the opponent deliberately set a trap or they were unable to move.

Obviously, Dawn wouldn’t choose the former in a situation with dispersed forces. It could only be another pollutant causing trouble for KID. Mecha movements leave Traces, but in the radar information they captured, KID’s displacement could be said to be nonexistent. It was as if they were constantly trapped in a specific location, unable to perform long-distance displacement.

At least from the information available on the radar, this spatial displacement ability crystal was powerful. The other anomalous crystal, whose effect was unknown, was also not inferior.

“Captain Bai, the Gale team has also turned off their mecha signal.”

“Do we need to implement the second plan? Guard against Gale’s encirclement?”

Bai Xuyan replied, “Don’t worry about Gale; Qi Sicheng is very shrewd. They won’t come to save KID.”

To Bai Xuyan’s surprise, KID was actually able to hold off two teams with just a few people. This gave him a new understanding of the KID base station. However, it made sense; KID’s combat strength had indeed improved a lot during this period. After the match, Bai Xuyan also watched the edited KID battle videos by the coaching team in the base station. He was originally curious about the weapons made by Yuan but noticed KID’s capabilities from the performance in that video.

It had to be said that Shen Xingtang’s takeover of KID brought about many changes. However, this team still had many weaknesses, and it couldn’t go far in the Star Alliance Tournament.

Bai Xuyan remembered the recent incident at the Sirius auction where he was tricked by Shen Xingtang. His gaze slightly darkened, “No need to be polite to KID.”

The mechas maneuvered through the forest, and they saw KID’s coordinates right in front of them.

The signals around the mechas started to undergo noticeable changes. Bai Xuyan instructed the others to spread out, avoiding entering the spatial anomaly Contaminated Zone. Several mechas took a turn, and from a distance, they could see KID trapped in the swamp.

As Bai Xuyan was about to approach, he suddenly spotted a Control mecha through the scope. In the next second, before they could get closer, that Control mecha, as if to prevent their approach, fired several water projectiles in their direction.

“KID has spotted us!”

“Watch out for the water shots from the Control mecha. They won’t use Sniper Cannons, so they’re relying on the Water Flow Cannon.” Bai Xuyan observed through the scope that most of KID’s mechas were in the swamp. He also saw the subdued mantis in the swamp and furrowed his brow slightly. “A mantis, really?”

Everything was within his expectations. He ordered, “Leave the firearms in the rear support, don’t engage. Stealthily approach and assess the situation. Split up and first confirm the status of the pollutants.”

The two original mecha squads rushed forward. Faced with this troublesome water projectile barrage, the mecha squads looked at the Control mecha in the swamp. Did that mecha pilot think they could buy escape time by using these water projectiles?

In the swamp, KID’s group was trapped and powerless to resist. Only one Control mecha persistently attacked them with the Water Flow Cannons, seemingly attempting to prevent them from getting closer. The mecha squads from the Second Star Domain had initially expected a head-on confrontation with KID, but these guys were trapped in the swamp, completely helpless.

Bai Xuyan took a few steps back as a water shot passed by him. He noticed the swamp terrain in front and said, “Maintain some distance from the swamp. They act recklessly with firearms; they might act irrationally.”

Standing outside the swamp, he used the scope to observe the situation in the distance. Suddenly, he saw a small red circle hidden around the swamp.

The center of the circle was the mantis. Bai Xuyan was slightly puzzled. Was that the territory of the mantis?

As a precaution, he instructed, “Be cautious of the red circle on the ground; it might be the territory of that mantis.”

The mecha squads didn’t dare to approach, fearing the influence of the mantis.

At the same time, the mecha squads saw the Artillery mecha trapped in the swamp raise its hand. When the Artillery mecha lifted its cannon, these mecha pilots had already been on guard, “Are these KID people foolish? Trying to trigger an explosion and break free from our encirclement?”

All the mecha squads had already prepared to increase their defense when suddenly, Bai Xuyan saw the Stealth mecha pilot who had been holding the mantis suddenly release the restraining scythe in their hand. Immediately afterward, the red area’s glow, which had been present before, intensified.

He exclaimed, “No! It’s displacement! Quickly, stop the mechas !”

Other mecha pilots tried to approach, but it was already too late.

The Stealth mecha in the swamp, not forgetting to broadcast through a loudspeaker, said, “Sending a big cannon your way to savor, goodbye——”

In the moment when the red light intensified, the Energy Cannon in the hands of the Artillery mecha suddenly scattered. As the close-range scatter lit up, the flames surged along the swamp gas like rapid-moving fire dragons. Bai Xuyan hastily retreated, but the exploding fire dragons were faster than he anticipated, roaring through the entire swamp and rushing towards all the mechas .

The Tank mecha,stationed in place, opened its protective shield intending to defend. However, the next second, its lower limbs suddenly ignited, and the explosion climbed up along the ground, forming an explosion on its mecha. Not only the Tank mecha,all the mecha squads from the Second Star Domain suddenly realized that the flames, which were supposed to explode in the swamp and swamp gas, had actually reached them.

The alarms of each mecha blared. Bai Xuyan urgently ascended, but as he ascended, he suddenly saw a fire dragon shooting towards him, instantly igniting on the surface of his mecha. In the moment of the explosion, he suddenly thought of something and angrily looked towards KID’s position.

It was that Control mecha!

The successive explosions attracted the attention of most people, including Coria’s Management Bureau.

The energy generated by the large explosion corresponded to KID’s coordinates. Moreover, at the moment of the explosion, they simultaneously received damage reports from multiple mechas . The mechas  from the Second Star Domain, when subjected to significant damage, autonomously opened up, and damage reports flooded into the central control room of the Coria Star’s Second Star Domain.

Damage: 60%, 55%, 45%, and so on —

In an instant, over a dozen mechas suffered damage.

The leader of the Second Star Domain stood up in shock. He saw that among the damaged mechas , there were even GBK mechas . “What’s going on?”

In the lounge of the Dawn Galaxy, when they received news of a massive energy explosion in the swamp forest area, everyone immediately stood up. However, when they focused on the original coordinates, they found that the signals of the S-class pollutant and KID had all disappeared, replaced by several signals from the mechas  of the Second Star Domain. 

Zhang Ge was astonished, “The signals disappeared…?”

“Impossible, would the Second Star Domain go to such extremes!” Jiang Simiao, full of resentment, stood up and was about to confront the Management Bureau, “I’ll go and confront them!”

At this moment, Shen Xingtang suddenly grabbed him, “No, look over there.”

Jiang Simiao was stunned and abruptly looked at the monitoring screen.

The report of KID and the S-class pollutant appeared 15 kilometers away.

Suddenly, the channel that had been disconnected for a long time regained a signal. The sizzling sound of electric currents resonated, and the voices of KID’s group came alive.

In another part of the swamp forest, KID and a few others were dragging the mantis, flying high and looking at the massive fireworks 15 kilometers away. Several mechas  were unharmed, but the surface of one mecha was charred by the flames, and the footsteps of a Stealth mecha were still burning with sparks, quickly extinguished by the Control mecha’s Water Flow Cannon.

“Phew, you almost burned me there, bro.”

“Why is the swamp gas still catching fire in the air? Luckily, Xi Mei helped extinguish the fire.”

“Fire, fire, fire!!!”

“Look over there, the explosion is too bright, so beautiful!”


In the lounge, a group of people looked in astonishment at KID’s location. No one knew what had happened, listening to the sizzling sound of mixed voices. Jiang Simiao held back tears in his eyes, and from the sizzling electric current, he heard something. “What are they saying?”

Shen Xingtang translated, “They’re saying that the ten energy canisters exploded beautifully.”

Zhang Ge: “?”



KID should be put under arson watch. They really have a thing for fire.

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