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Genius Mechanic

Author: Li Wenjiu(李温酒)

Raws: 天才维修师

Chapters 400 + 26 extras(Completed)


In the year 1245 of the Star Calendar, the S-level mecha athlete [sink] shone brightly, setting numerous records. Despite his immense glory, he announced his retirement after achieving the grand slam, leaving countless fans feeling regretful and saddened.

During the same year, the KID base’s mecha maintenance engineer revoked his team doctor qualification for violating league rules. The base’s owner had no choice but to release a recruitment announcement, which instantly sparked a heated debate within the league.

“What? Hiring? How much is the salary?”

“As we all know, KID is very poor. Don’t bother applying.”

“There are so few mecha mechanics and yet you offer this kind of salary, are you taking people as fools?”

Before long, the KID base actually recruited a mechanic. The mechanic wore a hat that obscured his face and loose long sleeves, revealing faint glimmers of cold light from intricate mechanical hands within the sleeves. He appeared frail and delicate, more like an ornament than a mech repairman.

“Is his right hand a prosthetic? Mechanical hand? Are you kidding me? Can it be accurate?”

“I doubt he can even lift an outer armor plate.”

Two years later, the Mecha Alliance underwent restructuring, requiring the team doctors of the alliance’s base teams to participate in battles. The KID club submitted its roster, and there was a new ID on the list—[sink].

The people in the league then realized that KID had not only recruited a mechanic but also one with explosive combat power.


Ying Chenlin was reborn and returned to his genetically mutated 18-year-old self.

During that year, he had just won the first grand slam of the Mecha Alliance, following his heart and pursuing his dreams relentlessly. However, two years later, he suffered from genetic backlash, leaving him disabled in half of his body, leading a life confined to a wheelchair.

In his most difficult years, it was the KID’s boss who took him in, giving him a chance, teaching him a new profession, and pulling him out of the abyss. Starting anew, he turned down offers from various bases, resolutely retired before his body deteriorated further, and applied to become a mecha mechanic at the KID base.

Repaying the debt, recovering his health, starting over again—he had experienced the pinnacle, and even if he was full of scars, he was determined to reach the summit once more.


  1. This story is about growth, strength, and coolness. It involves character development and progression with more focus on career and team growth than on romance.
  2. The protagonist goes from being a mecha pilot to a versatile and composed mecha mechanic with unknown attributes and fighting abilities (Upstream).

Content tags: Strong – Strong, Mecha, Exciting, Upgrade, Relaxing

Search keywords: Protagonist: Ying Chenlin ┃ Supporting roles: You Su, Ji Qingfeng, Lin Yao, Huo Yan, Lu Xi, Shen Xingtang, Jiang Simiao ┃ Others:

One-sentence summary: The great demon king returns to his peak.

Theme: Setbacks do not define one’s future; one should fearlessly move forward.

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