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Genius Strategy Discourse

Author: 李温酒

Raws: 天才攻略论[全息]

Chapters: 214 (Completed)


Genius Su Mo has accumulated numerous honors, surrounded by fame, but due to his F-grade physique, he’s unable to log into the virtual star network, thus diverging from the era of the star network.

Su Mo thought he would lead a mundane life day by day until his life’s end.
Until he encounters the holographic exploratory online game ‘Heavenly Realm’—

A completely new virtual mode online game that shatters the limitations of physical attributes, allowing unrestricted entry into the holographic world.

Less than three months after the launch of Heavenly Realm, the Heavenly Enigma mission is completed, the realm-wide demon seal is activated, and countless players achieve fame through battles, causing shifts and changes in the Heavenly Realm rankings.

However, the art style of the Demon King Momo differs a bit from this game world.

“Help? That comes at a different price.”

“It’s 11 o’clock, I need to sleep.”

“Next chapter? Can we start at eight in the morning?”

“Tomorrow won’t work, I need to have a medical check-up.”

Later, ten minutes before the camp battle begins, players from all camps stand ready in formation.
The vice commander asks, “Momo, should we lay an ambush first or go straight in?”
There are a few seconds of silence in the earpiece before the calm voice of the youth speaks, “Swift and decisive, I don’t do all-nighters.”


When Yu Zhen saw Su Mo for the first time, the youth stood at the entrance of the special medical room for rare diseases, staring at the candy in his hand in a daze.
When they met again, the youth was polite, and under the introduction of an elder, he called him ‘brother’.

Su Mo was restrained and polite, intelligent and clever, always wearing the appearance of a good child.
Little did people know that beneath his frail body, he couldn’t hide his youthful spirit, nor could he conceal his proud and resolute nature.
There’s laziness and capriciousness, the kind of appearance he liked.


  1. Holographic online game, genius ‘Medicine Jar’ shou x ‘Male God’ gong This is long, passionate, and strong x strong.
  2. The synopsis has been carefully revised, retaining the previous content.
  3. Over 90% of the story revolves around the online game, containing many original elements. Some game settings are inspired by current online games, with the main holographic game designed to resemble traditional online game modes. There will be no adherence to writing guidelines.
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