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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 1

Prologue : God’s Descent Day

“Looks like you’re recovering quite well,” the female doctor looked at the patient on the opposite side who was undergoing rehabilitation, sighing, “It’s been half a year, and you can finally be discharged.”

The young male patient sitting across from her, You Rongyi, nodded lightly in gratitude, “Thank you, doctor.”

He wore a slightly loose blue and white striped patient gown, with dark eyebrows and eyes, a straight nose, and his pale skin showed through the gaps between his clothes and body, resembling a translucent marble with faint blue veins faintly visible. His slightly curled long hair was tied up high at the back of his head.

From the perspective of the female doctor, the black hair casually clinging to You Rongyi’s cold, white neck seemed like the intricate dark patterns on marble, exuding a chilly texture.

This patient was extraordinarily beautiful, even in the year 2060, where transformation and cosmetic surgery were prevalent, and technology had reached its peak in altering appearances. The doctor rarely encountered someone as naturally beautiful as him.

The female doctor blushed slightly and averted her gaze.

“There’s one more blood test.”


You Rongyi lowered his head, unbuttoned the gown himself, and cooperated with the nurse to expose his body for the blood draw.

He was a very cooperative patient, enduring rehabilitation and treatments without uttering a sound, no matter how painful they were.

Just like now, as the nurse drew his blood, You Rongyi remained motionless, his gaze landing unintentionally on a vase placed on the bedside cabinet next to the hospital bed.

On the wooden cabinet surface stood an exquisitely carved, slender, transparent glass vase, with three pale yellow lilies arranged separately.

“Are you looking at this flower?” The nurse noticed You Rongyi’s gaze and smiled, “This lily is called Corn Lily, and its meaning is strength and bravery. The person who sent this flower hopes you recover quickly!”

You Rongyi raised his gaze, his appearance captivating, and there were two very light teardrop moles under his right eye that looked strangely cold when he looked up at people.

“A great flower meaning,” he said in a flat tone, “but this flower is not for me. You’ve mistaken the blessing; I have no friends, and most of my relatives are dead.”

“No one would send me flowers.”

You Rongyi’s demeanor remained calm, as if he didn’t feel that he had just revealed something cruel to himself.

The nurse was taken aback.

Half a year ago, this patient named You Rongyi experienced a rare and massive car accident on a cross-river bridge.

On the bridge, three overloaded fuel giant freight trucks carrying illegal flammable materials caught fire and exploded, causing the bridge to shatter and collapse into the river below. 371 vehicles on the bridge were all engulfed in the explosion, and those in the center of the blast didn’t survive.

Except for the patient in front of her.

However, You Rongyi’s parents died on the spot. Although he was rescued, he was critically injured and on the verge of death. His condition deteriorated several times, and he was on the brink of being pushed into the hospital’s morgue.

Three months ago, his condition miraculously improved, and all indicators recovered. He woke up from his coma.

After waking up, You Rongyi persisted with great perseverance through the extremely painful rehabilitation process every day. The rehabilitation effect was also remarkable, and so far, this near-death patient could be considered cured.

But to say he was completely cured wouldn’t be accurate.

“Have your brain injuries and memory problems improved?” the female doctor asked with a frown.

You Rongyi shook his head honestly, “No, the recent brain scan still showed damage.”

He paused, “Most of my memories are also very vague.”

The female doctor sighed heavily, “It seems that regarding your brain issues, before you are discharged, you need to consult with Dr. Liu, the neurosurgeon, for another examination.”

Holding the consultation slip given by the female doctor, You Rongyi left under her concerned gaze and went to the office of the neurology department.

The on-duty doctor in the neurology department was surnamed Liu, an experienced-looking elderly doctor with a receding hairline. His brows furrowed instantly when he picked up You Rongyi’s medical records for consultation.

“Your brain tissue suffered irreversible damage in the accident, affecting your brain domain. Your previously outstanding motor skills, cognitive abilities, perception, and learning capabilities have all decreased significantly, below the level of an average person.”

Dr. Liu paused, “The car accident seriously damaged your brain, causing you to forget many things that happened before.”

“We have attempted multiple treatments for your brain domain injury during the three months you’ve been awake. Although it’s 2060 now, and most diseases can be cured, your situation… currently, there is no effective treatment available.”

Dr. Liu paused again, “Personally, I suggest you give up treatment.”

You Rongyi nodded, “Okay.”

These words might sound cruel, but he had been hearing them daily since waking up and had already accepted them, feeling like it was nothing new.

For someone who doesn’t remember anything, they wouldn’t find it cruel to have something wrong with their brain.

“I’ve reviewed your records. Your previous brain domain level – you know, the most crucial level for entering the holographic game – was very high, S-level.”

Dr. Liu lowered his head and glanced at the medical records of You Rongyi in his hand. After a momentary pause, he took a deep breath and reluctantly continued:

“In the past, you were a genius in holographic gaming.”

“But that was for the previous you. Now, your body, your brain—”

Dr. Liu raised his head and pushed the diagnostic report in his hand, looking deeply at You Rongyi’s expressionless face:

“—can no longer support your talents.”

You Rongyi’s gaze lowered and fell on the diagnostic report that Dr. Liu pushed in front of him:

[—Brain Domain Level 2 Disability] [Not recommended for the patient to engage in any type of holographic gaming for extended periods. It places a significant burden on the body, causing neural disorders, intense dizziness, severe headaches, and vomiting.] [—There is a certain risk of death with prolonged access to holographic gaming.]

Now, it is the year 2060. After decades of development, holographic technology has long been realized, and the holographic gaming that was once only discussed in science fiction works successfully emerged two years ago. In just two short years, it swept the world and changed everyone’s lives.

People live, marry, and fall in love in holographic games, experiencing a second kind of life.

The arrival of holographic technology opened a new era of virtual gaming. For those living in this era, real-life gradually became less important. What matters is the life inside the game. Thus, whether one is strong enough in the game is one of the most important concerns for everyone in this era.

Holographic gaming technology relies on the brain’s perception, which is known as the “Brain Domain.” The stronger the brain domain of a person, the stronger they are usually in the game.

People with powerful brain domain perception can become professional holographic game players—one of the most popular and highest-paid professions of this era.

You Rongyi’s original brain domain perception was top-notch, rarely found among millions of people. He was undoubtedly a true holographic gaming genius.

But a car accident destroyed everything.

The doctor sighed in his heart, *Heaven is envious of heroic genius. Seeing You Rongyi bow his head in silence, the doctor felt sympathetic and was about to console the young man when he saw You Rongyi lift his head.

*the great have great hardships to contend with

The look in You Rongyi’s eyes made Dr. Liu pause for a moment.

The gaze was incredibly calm, devoid of any pain or depression from his life being ruined, but it carried an eerie mechanical precision, as if calculating how to extract the remaining value from himself. It sent shivers down one’s spine.

However, this gaze lasted only for a moment and quickly disappeared.

You Rongyi nodded politely, “Thank you for your opinion. I understand my condition.”

He turned around very casually to leave. Before he pushed the door open, as if recalling something, he turned his head and asked:

“By the way, Dr. Liu, before I’m discharged, there’s one more question I’d like to ask you.”

Dr. Liu was startled, “Go ahead and ask.”

“With the premise of death, how long can I stay in the holographic game?” You Rongyi asked.

Dr. Liu was stunned for a moment, recalling the exceptional past records and looking at the handsome young man with deep, inexpressive eyes. After hesitating for a while, he finally slowly uttered a number.

You Rongyi nodded and thanked, “Thank you, Dr. Liu.”

Dr. Liu couldn’t help but advise, “I know there’s no one in this era who doesn’t play holographic games, but if you can avoid it, you should. There are no benefits to it.”

After You Rongyi left the hospital room, Dr. Liu sat in a floating sofa chair, gazing sorrowfully out the window. They were in a community hospital affiliated with Bai Men Pharmaceutical Company. The revenue wasn’t high, and the location was not ideal, facing a noisy street, not suitable for patients to recuperate.

At this moment, the street was displaying electronic floral fireworks. Floating trains passed by through colorful semi-transparent screens, and in the middle of the street floated a massive white oval-shaped airship, projecting over ten-meter-high floating screens on both sides. The screens never stopped loudly promoting the anniversary celebration of the most popular game. Electronic advertising sounds filled the ears.

—This was a common scene in the year 2060.

“Holographic game ‘God’s Descent’ has officially been online for two years, and the world’s first holographic game player professional competition is about to begin!”

“Generous rewards, not to be missed!”

In this era dominated by holographic gaming, a person who couldn’t enter the game was essentially invisible and eliminated from society.

“Such talent and past achievements, all destroyed now…” Dr. Liu muttered absentmindedly.

There was no doubt that You Rongyi would enter the holographic game, but with his current condition, entering the game would be seeking death.

“Ah.” Dr. Liu shook his head and sighed, “It’s a tragedy.”

Author’s note:

This book has more emotional scenes compared to the previous one. Both the protagonist and the love interest have their own individual storylines. You Rongyi (the shou) is the absolute core of the story, so if you don’t like this type of content, please don’t force yourself to read it!

This story is set in a fictional world based on cyberpunk settings from works like “Neuromancer,” “Holographic Rose Fragments,” “Metropolis,” “Avalanche,” etc. It is an imaginary virtual world and has no connection with reality. Please don’t take it as something related to the real world.

I guarantee at least four updates per week, and when my body recovers, I might update daily depending on the situation!

Finally, I sincerely thank all the readers who clicked into this story. I hope you have an enjoyable reading experience (bows).

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