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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 10


Arc 1: Nightingale and The Rose

After the system announcement, within the game, some people were screaming in madness, while others were collapsing into despair.

“Let me out!”

“I don’t want to play this kind of game! Let me leave! You bunch of monsters!”

However, those who had the strength to scream were in the minority. Most people were nearly in a daze, either standing or sitting, completely paralyzed in place.

In the face of the overwhelming shock, they had lost their ability to react and could only listen blankly to the voice that represented the battle.

Slowly tilting his head back, You Rongyi gazed at the cruel expanse of stars that would soon decide the fate of humanity. After a moment, he turned around and made his way through the dazed and crying crowd, walking alone toward the heart of the stars.

“Hey, wait!” Huang Jinghui quickly grabbed You Rongyi’s arm. “Where are you going?”

You Rongyi replied, “Into the game instance, to get the copper tickets.”

“You’re planning to enter an instance?!” Huang Jinghui repeated You Rongyi’s words in shock. Fear was evident in his voice. “Didn’t you hear what the system said just now? If you die in the game, you’ll die for real!”

“But I won’t be entering the game,” You Rongyi asked nonchalantly, “Twenty days from now, when the copper ticket battle ends, even without copper tickets, we’ll die.”

“Entering the instance now to find copper tickets, and after finding them, we can still come out alive.”

Huang Jinghui’s expression froze. Although the reasoning was valid, he was currently so frightened that his hands were trembling; he had no courage to enter the game.

The significance of this game had already transcended that of ordinary games. Life, death, victory, and even the future of humanity were all intertwined within it. The mere thought of it made him nauseous, yet You Rongyi seemed to still have the capacity for action.

As of now, no humans had entered the game; they had all been crushed by this horrifying turn of events.

Huang Jinghui subconsciously asked, “Aren’t you afraid, You Rongyi?”

You Rongyi didn’t answer directly; he lowered his gaze to the hand that Huang Jinghui had used to grab his arm. “If you’re afraid and don’t want to go, we can dissolve our teammateship. I’ll go alone.”

Huang Jinghui was taken aback.

To dissolve the teammateship if he didn’t go, that was just too straightforward!

He didn’t want to go, but he hadn’t even considered the idea of dissolving the teammateship with You Rongyi. Facing such a massive upheaval, You Rongyi’s consistently calm demeanor had subtly fostered an attachment in him. He didn’t want to be separated from him.

“Without us in a teammateship, you won’t be able to enter the game alone,” Huang Jinghui earnestly tried to persuade him. “In ‘Gods’ Descent,’ you need at least two people in a team to enter any game instance.”

“Then let’s wait here and not move. Let’s see how things go for others once they enter the game.”

That was Huang Jinghui’s plan, and it was the plan of most people present—faced with this sudden situation, they wanted to see how others would handle it first.

To put it a bit more darkly, they wanted to see others step on the mines first before deciding whether or not to jump into the water.

“If someone decides to go, I’ll team up with them,” You Rongyi’s logic remained as direct as ever, his tone nonchalant. “Give it fifteen minutes. Think about whether you’re willing to go or not. If you’re not, we’ll dissolve the teammateship.”

Huang Jinghui opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but You Rongyi’s tone left no room for negotiation. He ended up not saying anything at all.

Despite You Rongyi’s pale and fragile appearance, his words and actions were unusually forceful.

After a grueling fifteen-minute internal struggle, Huang Jinghui tearfully agreed, “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

Upon finalizing their decision, Huang Jinghui paradoxically felt a sense of relief and relaxation. He took a deep breath and asked You Rongyi, “Rongyi, the system mentioned that the four galaxies for the copper ticket battle are Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and Sagittarius. Which one are you planning to go to?”

You Rongyi responded, “Which one is simpler?”

“Pisces,” Huang Jinghui replied.

You Rongyi straightforwardly said, “Then let’s go there.”

Inside “Gods’ Descent,” the Pisces Galaxy awaited.

Pisces Galaxy had a vast harbor with an expansive view. A large, semi-circular camouflaged optical glass structure rose from the edges of the harbor, revealing dazzling, colorful nebulae and misty clouds beyond.

The nebulae took on various shapes—roses, candies, and little bears. Nebulae encased countless dream-like, colorful planets.

The glass surface displayed the radiance of the falling nebulae in the form of colorful halos, resembling soap bubbles under sunlight—fantastic and multicolored. Clumps of rocky fragments gathered to form an irregular asteroid belt, circling the harbor’s edge like a vertical flow.

This was the most romantic and pure galaxy in “Gods’ Descent”—

—The fairytale kingdom, Pisces Galaxy.

At this moment, this romantic galaxy was devoid of anyone, and the dark starry sky against the brilliant backdrop exuded a chilling coldness that sent shivers down one’s spine.

“Rongyi, which instance should we choose?” Huang Jinghui clicked on the game instance selection interface at the edge of the galaxy. He continued, “Pisces is a fairytale-themed game galaxy. Although it’s the easiest of the twelve galaxies in terms of instance difficulty, if we randomly select an instance on the interface, we might still end up with a high-difficulty instance.”

Nervously, Huang Jinghui swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “…If we accidentally choose the hardest A-rank instance, we’re done for.”

The difficulty of the game instances in “Gods’ Descent” ranged from F to S, based on the level of the godly bosses within.

You Rongyi’s gaze fell onto the Pisces galaxy game instance selection interface that Huang Jinghui had opened.

The interface displayed planets of various sizes, each symbolizing an instance. The planets in Pisces constellation looked quite adorable, their surfaces painted in vibrant colors and adorned with cartoon patterns.

However, there were no difficulty indicators or content prompts beneath the planets—only the holographic icon of a planet.

Normally, the mechanism of randomly entering an instance was quite enjoyable for Huang Jinghui as a player. But when life and death hung in the balance, looking at the various adorable planet options on the screen made his legs go weak.

He had absolutely no idea which planet would claim his life!

“Choose any, it doesn’t matter,” You Rongyi’s calm attitude injected a trace of tranquility into Huang Jinghui. “We’ll have to accept whatever comes.”

“…So should I make the choice?” Huang Jinghui took a deep breath. After crossing himself on his face and reciting a few Buddhist prayers with his eyes closed and hands clasped together, he murmured, “May the Infinite Lord of Heaven bless us, Guanyin Bodhisattva protect us. Please let it be the simplest F-rank instance and definitely not the hardest A-rank instance…”

Finally, he closed his eyes, trembling, and pressed his finger against the system screen!

You Rongyi saw Huang Jinghui tap on a planet with a rose pattern. The next second, his vision spun, and the system’s voice followed:

[Welcome, both players, to the Pisces galaxy’s B-rank planet instance—’The Nightingale and the Rose.’] [Background Introduction of This Planet Instance: Two hundred years ago, there was a country named Nightingale on this planet. Situated in the center of a sea, it enjoyed a pleasant climate and breathtaking scenery, making it one of the most prosperous countries on the entire planet.

However, everything changed abruptly when a cruel king ascended the throne. He implemented tyrannical policies and mercilessly slaughtered his own people, leading to the downfall of Nightingale. The country transformed into a desolate and decaying island amidst the sea.

Ever since then, this island began producing a peculiar rose that blooms even in the cold winter. These roses emitted a sweet and tangy fragrance, and their color resembled blood—strikingly beautiful. This phenomenon turned the forsaken island into a winter wonderland.

Two hundred years later, you are a group of curious university students who want to explore Nightingale Kingdom’s history and witness the wintertime rose spectacle.] [Main Quest: Find Four Withered Nightingale Blood Roses in the Ruins of Nightingale Country on the Island and Make Them Blossom during the Winter Rose Ceremony.] [Priest (Boss) Quest: Complete the Background of the Instance, Trace the Evil Priest’s Footsteps in Nightingale Country’s History, and Defeat the Priest.] [Upon completing the main quest or the Gods’ Descent quest, clearing this planet instance, the team that finishes first will receive the maximum rewards (materials, copper tickets, items), while the rest of the participating teams will receive basic rewards (talent books, star coins).] [Total players for this planet instance: 8. As the number of players is relatively high, please seize the time to complete the tasks and clear the instance ahead of others.] [Players are requested to proceed to the central Nightingale Kingdom Village in the sea to initiate the main quest.]

After a whirl of motion, You Rongyi felt himself touch the ground. Frost brushed against his face, and as he exhaled, a breath of cold air escaped his lips. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

He had landed on a sea island.

The island was covered with vast, endless wastelands. Gazing around, he could faintly make out numerous low, modest farmhouse estates in all directions, and within them were expansive fields of flowers.

It was the heart of winter, and every plant was blanketed in a thick layer of snow. Everywhere he looked, it was pure white. Underneath the snow’s glistening surface, there was a faint hint of red, as if the soil was revealing its color but tainted with a disturbing bloody hue that made one uncomfortable.

Under the white snow, the village lay devoid of life. Snowflakes fluttered down, painting an eerie and eerie scene.

Shortly after, Huang Jinghui also landed nearby. He stumbled upon landing, rolling a couple of times before picking himself up. His first reaction wasn’t to cry out in pain, but rather to open his character panel to quickly confirm the instance level, followed by a scream.

“B-rank instance!”

“While it’s not the hardest A-rank, it’s still no walk in the park!” 

B-rank instances in “Gods’ Descent” were considered high-difficulty.

The S-rank instances were only passable by top-level guild primary profession teams, and A-rank instances were cleared by T0 and T1 teams from major guilds or strong independent teams. Both these top-tier difficulty instances were tailored for elite teams, making them almost off-limits for average players.

B-rank instances were often considered the most challenging for regular players.

Even Huang Jinghui himself found B-rank instances challenging, not to mention leading a newcomer like You Rongyi.

“Huh…” Huang Jinghui couldn’t help but sigh. In the midst of his sigh, he turned to face You Rongyi, who was standing quietly beside him. Their eyes met, and Huang Jinghui was momentarily taken aback.

Snowflakes danced on Nightingale Kingdom, and in just a moment, frost had formed on the tips of You Rongyi’s long eyelashes. He remained completely calm, a statue devoid of warmth, in stark contrast to the freezing surroundings.

“Is it difficult to clear a B-rank instance?” You Rongyi asked.

Huang Jinghui snapped back to reality, scratching his head and said wryly, “For advanced players, it might be simple, but for us, it’s still quite tough.”

“Since we’re here, let’s check out the situation on the island first,” You Rongyi suggested.

The island was covered in heavy snow, and the two of them walked through it, step by step. After a while, when Huang Jinghui’s face felt numb from the cold, they finally reached the edge of the village on the island.

Nightingale Kingdom might look small on the map, but it was actually quite large when you walked through it. Especially with the snow falling and slowing their pace, and with no heating tools in Huang Jinghui’s backpack, he began to fear he might freeze to death by the roadside.

As the sky darkened, the once silent and pitch-black island became illuminated by lights in the windows of the deserted houses. The warm orange light shone through the window frames and onto the road, providing a sense of warmth on this silent and frigid snowy night.

“Look, there’s a firelight over there!”

Huang Jinghui, who was shivering from the cold, was ecstatic at the sight of the warm lights. He took a few big steps forward and approached the houses.

Window frames cast dim light. Shadows of people suddenly appeared in the previously empty houses—some standing, some sitting. Their silhouettes were faintly discernible, revealing the outlines of men and women.

There were people here!

Huang Jinghui, whose teeth were chattering from the cold, breathed out a visible mist of air, hurriedly ran up, and was about to knock on the door when You Rongyi, standing nearby, grabbed his hand.

“Wait, can we knock on the door directly?” You Rongyi asked. “Won’t the NPCs inside attack us?”

Regaining some of his senses due to You Rongyi’s question, Huang Jinghui pondered for a moment before shaking his head. “It shouldn’t happen. NPCs in Pisces galaxy instances generally have a favorable impression of players, usually above 60. As long as players don’t intentionally attack or worsen the NPCs’ impression, they won’t attack players.”

That was also why Pisces Galaxy was the easiest game galaxy—they mostly had kind and friendly NPCs with high player favorability.

“Okay.” Only then did You Rongyi let go. “Go ahead and knock on the door.”

Huang Jinghui took a deep breath, then gently rapped on the door.

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