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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 15

Nightingale and The Rose

Fck me, fck me” Huang Jinghui glanced at the monster panel, his face turning pale in an instant, and he yelled at You Rongyi, “This monster’s level is too high, we can’t handle it, run!”

Huang Jinghui grabbed You Rongyi and they ran towards the opera house door like mad, the woman’s raspy singing mixing with birdlike melodies still hauntingly in the air, sending shivers down their spines.

The curtains on the stage finally drew apart under the spotlight, revealing the woman at the center.

Her neck was bizarrely long, like the neck of some avian creature, extending from her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a thick feathered robe, to be precise, it wasn’t a feathered robe at all—layer upon layer of brown-black feathers emerged from her pores, growing on her skin.

Her hands had turned into wings, her feet into bird-like talons. She stood naked, half-human, half-bird, in the center of the cold marble stage. Her eyes had the all-black irises of a bird, her lips protruded into a beak, and on her face was a sinister and eerie smile, as if the exaggerated grin of a theatrical performer had permanently frozen on her visage.

After this “Golden Nightingale” had fully emerged, You Rongyi, who had been looking back, suddenly stopped.

“Why did you stop?!” Huang Jinghui saw You Rongyi halt and was scared out of his wits. “Did you twist your ankle? Quick, I’ll give you a piggyback ride!”

You Rongyi stared intently at the woman’s clasped hands, or rather, what was in the midst of her wings—in the dazzling spotlight, the woman was gripping a withered rose.

[System Prompt: Congratulations, the player has found one of the withered Nightingale Blood Roses.]

“It’s the quest item,” You Rongyi’s gaze flickered, “and it’s in her hands.”

“Professor You, don’t even think about winning at this point!” Huang Jinghui screamed in despair. “Not only is the quest item in her hands, but in less than two minutes, our lives will be in her hands too!”

“You’re just level one, and I’ve just reached level 60. How can we handle a level 68 boss? If she sweeps us once, we’re done for!”

Huang Jinghui desperately pulled You Rongyi, wanting to run. He was so anxious that sweat beaded on his forehead. “Please, let’s get out of here, my *baobei!”

*baobei – treasured object/darling/baby

“If we die here, it’s real death!”

You Rongyi’s strength couldn’t match Huang Jinghui’s burst of strength driven by the survival instinct. He was forcibly dragged by his teammate towards the opera house door.

Realizing that he couldn’t stop his teammate who was determined to run, You Rongyi calmly tried to persuade him, “Don’t run, you can’t escape.”

“Why can’t we escape…”

Huang Jinghui’s opposing voice was cut off by You Rongyi’s cold interruption. “Have you forgotten that the Golden Nightingale sisters are a pair?”

“There’s only one on the stage. Guess where the other one is?”

Huang Jinghui’s movements abruptly stopped, and he looked towards the exit of the opera house.

There, another spotlight slowly descended, revealing the other “Golden Nightingale” that had been hidden in the darkness. A tall, bird-bodied woman with a human head was smiling eerily at them. She lifted her skirt and walked slowly towards You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui in the center.

Huang Jinghui stood still, his expression blank, and he released his grip on You Rongyi’s collar.

“Haven’t you noticed?” You Rongyi’s tone remained as calm as ever. He still had the leisure to straighten out his disheveled collar, seemingly unaffected by the life-threatening situation. “This opera house is designed for entrances from both directions.”

“In other words, the stage actors can enter from the stage or from behind the audience.”

You Rongyi raised his gaze toward the approaching monsters, speaking with his usual calm:

“—In other words, the moment we entered the center of this opera house and became the audience—”

“We were destined to be surrounded by the last pair of Golden Nightingales in the history of Nightingale Country.”


The women, or rather, the ‘Nightingales,’ smiled and slowly opened their lips, revealing their sharp, slender tongues. They moved closer to You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui.

The eerie singing, combined with the bird-like calls and musical instruments, emitted the first note of the play about the fall of Nightingale Country:


At the same time, on Nightingale Island, another Nightingale Country relic—the Rose Palace.

The sacred place the islanders held their ceremonies in was a magnificent palace in the shape of a rose. Its crimson walls were stacked in layers, resembling the blooming petals of a rose. The opulent and exquisite Rose Palace was nestled within, like the heart of a flower. Looking at it from afar, it seemed as if fresh flowers were in full bloom.

Compared to the desolate and cold Nightingale Opera House, this relic of the Rose Palace was bustling with activity. Islanders came and went, busy with repairs for the ceremony that would take place in three days.

Although the island was continuously blanketed in heavy snow, there was not a single flake of snow around the Rose Palace. This mysterious place radiated a warmth from the inside out, melting the surrounding snow.

The entire Rose Palace was filled with a rich, dreamlike fragrance, much like a vibrant rose blooming in the depths of winter. However, this “rose” carried a persistent, elusive undertone of a scent, one that was reminiscent of blood.

—It was the unique fragrance of the Nightingale Blood Roses.

Not far away, atop a snow-covered hill, stood a tall figure silently overlooking the scene. He wore black leather gloves and had one hand crossed over his chest. His index finger idly tapped the outer side of his arm. In the faint light, a barely discernible pomegranate logo could be seen on the gloves.

His eyelids drooped, as if he were amusing himself by watching the spectacle before him.

Someone approached from the side and, with great respect, asked, “Chief, the team is ready. When should we enter the Rose Palace for exploration?”

“Not in a hurry, let’s watch a bit more.” He lightly curled his lips, and his light gold eyes reflected the vast Rose Palace. He slightly extended his hand and tapped the space in front of him. His tone was casual. “Didn’t the team just get injured by that pair of Golden Nightingale monsters over at the opera house? It shows that this B-rank instance game isn’t simple. A level 68 monster caused injuries to my B-rank talent team members, and they couldn’t even retrieve the quest item.”

Hearing this, the newcomer involuntarily broke into a cold sweat on their forehead. “It was our failure for not being cautious enough and getting surrounded by the two of them. We didn’t complete the task you assigned.”

“I’ll go back later and secure that Rose.” They continued, determined to make amends.

“It’s alright, it’s just a main storyline quest item. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t retrieve it.” He waved it off. “We’re not here to complete the main storyline quests.”

“Yes, our team chose the path of [Boss missions].” The newcomer opened their system panel. “This path requires us to explore the instance map, complete the instance background, and defeat the high priest boss. It’s much more challenging than completing the main quest, but it offers substantial rewards, including the item you want, the [Theseus Gem].”

“Good to know. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on what’s essential.” He raised an eyebrow. “What’s our background completion percentage now?”

The newcomer glanced at their system panel. “52%.”

“We’ve been on this island for a day, and the completion percentage is only half…” He clicked his tongue disapprovingly, squinting his eyes slightly as if he were dissatisfied. “It’s too slow.”

A progress of 52% in a B-rank instance after a whole day, no matter how you looked at it, was rather slow. However, despite the casual critique, nobody dared to speak up in the presence of the man before them.

Several teammates nearby remained silent, looking at the man in awe. They were afraid that he might abandon them at a word and proceed to complete the mission on his own.

After all, the man standing before them was Leo, the top-ranked player in the game [Gods’ Descent], ranked 17th overall in total points. He was also the chief player of one of the top six top-level guilds in Gods’ Descent, the [Pomegranate House].

Leo was an S-rank talent player, known as [Blood Chef] Leo.

For him, completing a B-rank instance on his own was a straightforward task.

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