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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 16

Nightingale and The Rose

They were a T1-level guild team under the Pomegranate House Guild. When the “God’s Descent” event occurred, they had already entered the “Nightingale and Rose” dungeon under the leadership of the guild’s chief player, Leo. Their goal was to obtain an S-level material, the [Theseus Gem] before the league started.

In the game “God’s Descent” dropped materials ranged from F to S levels. Materials below A-level could be obtained by completing main quests, while S-level materials were mostly dropped by killing Priest bosses and would not drop repeatedly.

The “Theseus Gem” as an S-level material, was crucial for the advancement of their chief player who was at level 80. It must not be obtained by others. So, as soon as the league began, they rushed into the dungeon, fearing that others might complete the Priest’s task first and take away this material.

However, as soon as they entered the game, a sudden change occurred. The system coldly notified everyone that God’s Descent had started, marking the beginning of a life-and-death gamble for all of humanity. If they died in the game, they would truly die.

Almost everyone in the team was on the verge of collapse. Although they were highly skilled professional players in the game, in reality, they were all ordinary people. No one could truly accept such a turn of events.

Fearing the possibility of dying in the game, the entire team froze in place, and no one wanted to continue following Leo to get an optional S-level upgrade material.

Of course, no one wanted to move for another crucial reason—the presence of Leo, the trump card in the team.

Leo was the chief of the Pomegranate House Guild, undoubtedly one of the top players in the entire server. Even if they didn’t move, as long as Leo completed the dungeon alone, the whole team could survive successfully, exit the dungeon, and even receive rewards!

But this meant letting Leo go through the danger alone. Although it wasn’t honorable, given the circumstances of life and death, no one wanted to be an honorable dead person.

They silently celebrated their good luck in their hearts—they were just B-level talent players. Even though they belonged to the same guild, it was not common for them to team up with a chief player like Leo. In regular team configurations, Leo usually teamed up with four A-level talents or three A-level talents.

But just for clearing a B-level dungeon, a team configuration of 4A1S or 3A1S seemed somewhat wasteful in the early stages of the league. Leo decided to include two players with B-level talents like them in the team.

It must be said that in such a situation, having Leo in their team was incredibly fortunate! They stood still, waiting for Leo to take action.

“It seems like you’re planning to let me clear this game alone. Indeed, it’s quite simple.” At this point, Leo lazily spoke, his tone casual and cold. “But since I can do it alone, there’s no need to form a team.”

“Let’s disband.”

“!!!” The team members panicked. “Chief, you can’t disband the team! Disbanding the team requires the agreement of more than half of the members!”

Someone angrily said, “None of us will agree! You have to take us through together!”

  • This almost threw shamelessness right into the open. But indeed, in “God’s Descent,” disbanding a team required the agreement of more than half of the members and couldn’t be decided by the team leader alone.

“Is that so?” Leo suddenly broke into a meaningfully ambiguous smile. “Since you’re not willing to leave the team alive, I don’t mind dealing with you first and then dealing with the game.” In the instant Leo pulled out his weapon and approached them, all the team members had to fearfully agree to disband the team.

“If you don’t want to disband, that’s fine too.” Leo smiled kindly. “Just do your duty as team members, don’t disappoint me, the chief.”

After this incident, to avoid being disbanded by Leo, their entire team worked hard. From yesterday until now, they worked like horses to fill in the background information, pushing their completeness level crazily to 52.

But now, it’s quite evident that their S-level chief isn’t very satisfied with the current progress.

The team members trembled, looking at Leo.

Leo, contemplating his panel, said, “Are you sure the information you obtained is correct? The clearance material for this boss mission in the dungeon is indeed my level 80 advancement material?”

Seeing Leo finally accusing them without any sarcasm, a nearby team member breathed a sigh of relief. “The credibility is ninety percent.”

“Before, a player landed on this planet, triggered the dungeon’s [Priest] boss, got killed by the [Priest] boss, and cleared the dungeon,” a team member explained. “They saw the dropped rewards, confirming it was your level 80 S-level advancement material — [Theseus Gem].”

Leo lightly tapped his finger twice. “Since they could find the [Priest], their dungeon completeness should be quite high, right? Did they provide any other clues for us?”

“How is that possible?” A team member sighed. “Chief, you also know that completing the background puzzles in the God’s Descent dungeon is notoriously difficult. Completing the dungeon information not only requires intelligence but also strength. The more crucial information is hidden in more dangerous places.”

“If it weren’t for you single-handedly dealing with monsters, allowing us to freely search for clues on the map, our team’s completeness might still be stuck at around a dozen turns.”

“The player who provided us with clues has a completeness of only 8%, just happened to bump into it. He hadn’t even clearly seen who the Priest boss was, and he got killed.”

“Alright,” Leo lazily half-closed his eyes, speaking casually, “One person will accompany me into the Rose Palace, and another will go to another ruin. Put all your effort into finding clues about the background. Once you find them, inform me.”

“Our top priority is the S-level material in the rewards for the Priest mission in this dungeon. Everything else is irrelevant.”

The team members echoed in unison, “Yes, Chief Leo!”

A hesitant team member asked, “In this dungeon, besides us, there seem to be another five players. Should we communicate with them to avoid conflicts and ensure the smooth progress of our mission? As long as we explain our identity and your status, they will probably voluntarily withdraw…”

In this life-and-death situation, the reputation of the Pomegranate House Guild and Leo, the ace chief, could make 99.99% of players choose to voluntarily exit the competition.

After all, no one would want to risk their lives competing with a top player with an S-level talent for the outcome of a B-level dungeon.

Or rather, they wouldn’t have the ability to compete.

Leo waved his hand indifferently, saying lazily, “No need to bother with that. If they want to withdraw, let them. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter.”

These words left the nearby team members horrified and momentarily speechless.

… If they don’t inform the other teams that they are going to do the Priest mission, and the other side thinks they are just an ordinary team blindly doing the mainline task, then when their completeness is full, and the Priest boss appears, the other side won’t be able to avoid it, and it’s very likely that they will die!

Leo’s attitude was too casually relaxed, as if the “God’s Descent” had never happened. He seemed to be playing the game as before, solving puzzles, clearing dungeons, and getting rewards, while others were still ordinary players, dying in the game because of his victory, as if it were normal.

But he clearly knew that these people would really die in the game…

Leo, as if sensing the gaze of his teammates, turned his head slightly, “What’s wrong? Staring at me all this time?”

The team members quickly lowered their heads to conceal their expressions of fear, suppressing their trembling voices, “Nothing…”

“Let’s move right away, Chief!”

At the same moment, in the Nightingale Opera House.

You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui stood back to back in the middle of the opera house. Two human-headed bird-bodied creatures, one in front and one behind, dragged heavy feathered robes, gradually approaching them.

Huang Jinghui’s expression collapsed, and he cried out loudly, “Teacher You, did you guess that we would be surrounded as soon as we entered?”

“Yeah.” You Rongyi admitted without a trace of guilt.

“Then why did you come in!” Huang Jinghui howled in despair.

“Because the mission item is also inside.” You Rongyi looked directly at the approaching women, somewhat puzzled, and asked, “To obtain the item and complete the mission, how else can we win?”

“Isn’t this the time to talk about winning?!” Huang Jinghui, looking at the two monsters approaching at close quarters, gritted his teeth and cursed helplessly, “Teacher You, you’re so smart, you better have some way!”

“Otherwise, I’ll die with you…” Huang Jinghui, originally furious and wanting to say that I won’t spare you even if I become a ghost, turned his head and met the face of You Rongyi.

You Rongyi lightly raised an eyebrow, giving him a look that said, “Then, what do you want?” Huang Jinghui suddenly froze, his voice softened halfway, “…seems like I’m not at a disadvantage.”

“…,” You Rongyi ignored his nonsense and said, “Do as I say, and you won’t die.”

As You Rongyi spoke, the woman behind them slowly raised her head from her bird-like body.

Her slender eyeballs stared at You Rongyi, and her slightly open mouth revealed thorn-like spikes on her sharp tongue. With a quick flick, she suddenly shot it towards them!

Huang Jinghui quickly pulled You Rongyi aside, horrified to see that the tongue pierced through the sturdy chairs in the audience area, directly into the ground.

“Fuck!” Huang Jinghui gasped, “With this force, how much blood would be shed if it hit!”

The younger sister in front of the stage missed her strike, and the older sister on stage began to move.

Her pupils were pitch-black, and from her open mouth hung a tongue full of spikes. Fluttering her wings, she tilted her head and let out a shrill cry, slowly lifting into the air.

Hovering above, with wings fully spread, she looked down on them from a height. The dark feathers obscured the stage lights, and through the dim light, one could see the woman’s head and the bird’s body seemingly twisted together like a graft, with a strong scent of decay filling the entire opera house.

Huang Jinghui was stunned by this scene: “They can actually fly!”

“They can fly, that’s why there are no footprints around here. Isn’t it obvious?” You Rongyi pulled Huang Jinghui and started running, his tone icy, “Don’t just stand there, she’s about to fly over, run!”

Huang Jinghui was staggered by You Rongyi. He saw the woman open her wings, lower her body, and let out a sharp bird cry as she charged towards You Rongyi!

You Rongyi pulled Huang Jinghui towards the second-floor gallery of the audience hall. Huang Jinghui, running and panicking, exclaimed, “Why are you going up? The higher we go, the more vulnerable we are to their attacks!”

“Moreover, the gallery is farthest from the exit. If we run up, we won’t be able to get out at all!”

Huang Jinghui was so distressed that his face turned red. Almost shouting, and without waiting for You Rongyi to respond, the woman swooped down at them again, spreading her wings and sweeping towards You Rongyi.

The destructive force of the woman’s wings was immense. In a momentum that could crush everything, she shattered the decaying spiral staircase and swept towards the back of Huang Jinghui’s head!

Her wings were extremely fast, and Huang Jinghui, still figuring out You Rongyi’s escape route, had not reacted yet. He only sensed a burst of vigor attacking from behind. Just as he turned around, the brown bird wings were right in front of him, and the color drained from his face!

Being struck by this thing, he was undoubtedly doomed!

A pair of pale hands shot out like a phantom from under the bird wings, fingers spread, grabbing his head, and forcefully knocking it downward. Huang Jinghui knelt on both knees, and the bird wings, like an executioner’s guillotine, swept over his scalp!

Kneeling on the ground, Huang Jinghui looked up in a daze. He saw You Rongyi, who had already lowered his body, one hand pressing on his head, slowly looking up at him. His voice carried a bit of rapid breathing but remained calm.

“Huang Jinghui,” a bloodstain slowly slid down You Rongyi’s face, “Trust me, I have a way.”

“You Rongyi, you’re injured!” Huang Jinghui exclaimed in horror.

After a round of bird wing attacks, the woman found that both of them had avoided her under her bird wings. She let out an angry scream, extended her tongue, and was about to strike the two.

You Rongyi didn’t answer. He suddenly pulled the back of Huang Jinghui’s neck, avoiding the attack. The tongue struck between the two, and You Rongyi landed, twisting his waist to roll away, avoiding the tongue that grazed his waist and struck the ground. In an instant, dust filled the air.

As the dust settled, Huang Jinghui gasped for breath, coughing while covering his mouth.

You Rongyi was seen lying on the ground, swaying as he half-supported himself to kneel up. There was a pool of bloodstains on his side, obviously stabbed by the bird tongue.

Huang Jinghui’s face turned pale instantly. “You Rongyi!”

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5 months ago

I have been waiting for ages.Seeing four updates altogether make me shed tears.😭
Ty for the chapter.

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