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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 17

Nightingale and The Rose

The half-human, half-bird monster perched between the first and second floors, its three toes gripping the swaying wooden ladder. She slightly spread her wings, and her pitch-black, bird-like pupils, full of aggressiveness, stood erect, emitting an angry scream as she leaned forward!

Her target was obviously You Rongyi lying on the ground!

Huang Jinghui was filled with regret. If he hadn’t hesitated for a few seconds just now, You Rongyi wouldn’t be injured now…

He suddenly shouted, bent down, kicked off, twisted his waist, and, at an incredible angle, avoided the monster’s diagonal wing attack. Then, he knelt, rolled over, lifting You Rongyi under the bird wings, and started running!

No more hesitation! Trust You Rongyi for now!

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Huang Jinghui carried You Rongyi, running wildly towards the second-floor gallery of the opera house, screaming, “You Rongyi, don’t faint now! At least tell me why you want to go to the second floor and then you can faint! I don’t know anything!”

With You Rongyi lying on Huang Jinghui’s shoulder, he slowly opened his eyes. Half of his face was stained with blood, and his voice was weak. “The king.”

“Go to the second floor, find the king’s chair, and sit on it.”

“The king’s chair?!” Huang Jinghui gasped heavily. “What king’s chair!?”

He suddenly turned his head to survey the second-floor gallery. In the center, directly facing the stage of the opera house, there was a beautifully crafted, gold-wrapped magnificent chair. “Is that it?”


The sound of the half-human, half-bird behind him was ever-present. The woman’s feet clung to the railing, swiftly moving up. Huang Jinghui turned to look, and the opponent had also climbed to the gallery. Cold sweat covered his face, and he sprinted away.

Huang Jinghui had lived for so many years, and except for the 1000-meter test in school, he had never run so fast. It was as if he were a national-level hurdler, holding his breath, leaping over those chairs one by one, racing against the half-human, half-bird relentlessly chasing behind. His face was now crimson.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah—!!” He let out a hoarse roar with all his might.

With only five meters left, the putrid breath of the woman behind him was unmistakable. Just by tilting his head, Huang Jinghui could see the woman’s hollow, bloodless face and her vertically slit pupils.

As the opponent’s mouth slightly opened, a black tongue covered in spikes emerged. He had already experienced the power of this thing. At this distance, one strike could nail him!

Huang Jinghui suddenly tossed You Rongyi on his shoulder forward, throwing him into that golden chair!

In the moment when You Rongyi leaned against the chair, everything seemed to come to a halt, as if someone had pressed the pause button.

The curtains on the stage, which had only been partially opened, suddenly flew open completely. The previously soft and low musical notes became suddenly loud. All the lights in the entire opera house lit up abruptly, and both stages, one after another, were bathed in vibrant light.

The woman who had climbed to the second floor seemed to be summoned by the music and light. Her movements abruptly ceased.

She, or rather, it, folded its wings and stood on the railing. Then, gracefully spreading its wings, it descended from the second floor and elegantly folded its wings, perching in the center of the stage.

The “sister” who appeared in another location also flew onto the stage from the entrance.

As the background music reached its peak, they, adorned in feathered garments, stood facing each other with hollow eyes. Holding each other’s hands, they softly sang, like singers on a music box, starting to sing after triggering the mechanism:

[Once, there were twin sisters from the depths of Snow Island] [They had brown long hair and emerald eyes, captivating the youths in the village with their beauty] [Their singing voices were melodious, and even passing nightingales lingered, collectively singing] [The shy sister, as graceful as flowers on a branch] [The elder sister is as beautiful and noble as a caged bird] [Now they stand before the king, singing with all their might for the great ruler of the Nightingale Kingdom] [Ah~ Ah~ This is the song of flowers and birds, the kingdom of flowers and birds~] [So pure, so bright!]

Because it mixed bird calls with female voices, the song sounded incredibly strange, without a definite melody. Even so, one could hear the endless sorrow in their music.

In this kingdom of flowers and birds, they, resembling flowers and birds, experienced an irreparable and terribly tragic story in the past. In the end, they could only exist in this bird-like appearance, lamenting in obscurity.

As the song concluded, the “Golden Nightingale” sisters lowered their heads within the gradually falling curtains. They bowed gracefully, each spreading one wing, offering a dignified gesture of gratitude.

The lights dimmed and faded away, the music ceased, and the doors of the opera house slowly opened. Everything returned to its original state—as if nothing had ever happened.

Apart from the panting and limp Huang Jinghui sitting on the chair with vacant eyes.

He took a moment to recover, struggling to sit up, and patted You Rongyi, who had fallen on the chair beside him.

“You Rongyi! You Rongyi!” Huang Jinghui called several times, but You Rongyi didn’t respond.

You Rongyi’s face was pale, lips devoid of color, and there was a large, spreading bloodstain on his side. He had lost consciousness.

“Fuck!” Huang Jinghui cursed, quickly pulling out a light blue potion from his backpack. “Hang in there!”

[System Prompt: Player Huang Jinghui has only one bottle of healing potion in his backpack. Do you want to use the C-grade healing potion from the player Huang Jinghui’s backpack on the player You Rongyi?] [C-grade Healing Potion Effect: In a situation where the player’s total health is below 2000, it can instantly restore the player’s full health.]

Huang Jinghui didn’t hesitate: “Use it!”

[System Prompt: Using C-grade healing potion to treat the player You Rongyi.]
[Life points are being restored…]

At the moment of being stabbed, You Rongyi felt everything drifting away from him, and death was approaching.

In an instant, he seemed to see a car being violently blown away, loud cries and roars in his ears, as if countless people were reaching out their hands and pushing him. Each person was shouting loudly, as if he had committed some unforgivable sin.

So, he was pushed and fell downward.

You Rongyi looked blankly at the scene in front of him, which was getting farther and farther away. He closed his eyes, falling into the darkness, feeling an unprecedented emptiness and tranquility.

It seemed that he had been waiting for this moment of death for a very long time.

Suddenly, a pair of hands reached out from the void and darkness, tightly grabbing him, but You Rongyi couldn’t see the person holding him. He only heard the light and calm voice of the other person: “You Rongyi, because of what you have to do, many people wish for your death.”

You Rongyi paused for a moment, and he heard himself reply, “Do you also wish for my death?”

The other person remained silent for a long time. “No, I wish for you to live.”

“Whether in the game or in reality, I hope you can survive until the end.”

“So, to stay alive, kill the Priest, go for the victory because for you—without victory, there is no tomorrow.”

A cold liquid flowed into his lips and tongue, pulling him away from the brink of death. You Rongyi coughed, opening his eyes.

Huang Jinghui was overjoyed, “You finally woke up!”

You Rongyi supported himself on the chair back, swaying as he stood up. He steadied his slightly dizzy head and furrowed his brow, “How long was I unconscious?”

“You weren’t just unconscious!” Huang Jinghui couldn’t help but complain, “You almost died! Your life points were only seven! If it weren’t for the healing potion in my backpack, you would…”

“Where’s the rose?” You Rongyi interrupted Huang Jinghui’s torrent of words, asking calmly, “Did you get it?”

“You almost died just now, and you’re asking about the mission item as soon as you wake up?!” Huang Jinghui raised his head incredulously, met You Rongyi’s calm gaze, and after a moment, helplessly answered, “Didn’t get it!”

“I followed your advice and sat on this king’s chair without moving. I waited for you to wake up. Those two monsters disappeared after the performance ended.”

“But…” Huang Jinghui asked curiously, “How did you know, how did you deduce that sitting on this king’s chair would prevent them from attacking us?”

“Program schedule.” You Rongyi stood up, supporting himself on the chair. His eyelashes were half-lowered, “It’s written on the program schedule that they came here for a performance for the king.”

“How did you know the king’s chair was on the second floor?” Huang Jinghui became more curious. In such an urgent moment, within a minute, You Rongyi could make the correct judgment—”And how could you deduce that sitting on this chair would stop the attack?”

You Rongyi said, “The king’s viewing seat is generally placed in the best position with the best view of the entire opera house, and the best position in this opera house is the center of the second-floor balcony. Without any surprises, the king’s chair would be here.”

“And sitting on the chair would stop the attack,” You Rongyi paused slightly, “It’s just my speculation.”

As You Rongyi spoke, he walked down from the second floor. Huang Jinghui followed him, supporting him with an outstretched hand, asking in puzzlement, “Speculation?”

“Yes,” You Rongyi said lightly, “Even after the ‘Golden Nightingales’ turned into monsters after death, they still take care of and clean this opera house every day. They must cherish this place. And for them, the most significant thing about this opera house is that it’s where they became Golden Nightingales, singing to the king.”

“Generally in opera performances, when the most distinguished guests sit in the chairs, it signifies that the opera is about to begin.”

You Rongyi walked through the audience hall, ascended the stage, and gazed down at the closed curtains. He extended his hand to lift the curtains.

“In the Nightingale Kingdom two hundred years ago, undoubtedly, the most distinguished guest in the opera house was the king.”

“When the king’s seat was occupied, the opera would once again unfold, and they were obligated to return to the stage to sing for the esteemed guests.”

The heavy curtains were lifted, and the vacant stage no longer hosted the singing Golden Nightingales. In the center of the stage, there was only a withered rose.

— It was precisely the withered rose held in the hands of the “Golden Nightingales.”

You Rongyi opened his eyes, “After the opera ends, the actors should leave flowers and praises on the stage, a perfect farewell.”

[System Prompt: Congratulations to the player for obtaining a withered Nightingale Blood Rose (1/4)] [Task (Explore one of the five relics on Nightingale Island (Nightingale Opera House) to find the withered Nightingale Rose) has been completed] [Player Reward: 1000 Star Coins]
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