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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 2

Gods’ Descent Day

Holding the discharge permit given by Dr. Liu, You Rongyi calmly walked through the hospital corridor. The hospital he was in was a rundown community hospital with poor sound insulation. The electronic promotional sounds from outside the window infiltrated the ward from morning till night:

“Global hottest holographic game ‘God’s Descent’ has officially been online for two years, and the world’s first holographic game player professional competition is about to begin!”

“Generous rewards for professional competition, activated talent potion for registered players, and free distribution of F-grade materials!”

“Don’t miss this opportunity!”

The powerful promotional words invaded the ward, injecting excitement into the otherwise pale faces of the patients, making them instantly lively, as if they had regained their strength. They sat up in bed, discussing loudly:

“‘God’s Descent’ is finally having a professional competition!”

“I bet the first champion will be from the Pomegranate House among the six major guilds!”

The discussions were non-stop, as if this place was not a hospital, but rather a lively gathering of gaming enthusiasts.

You Rongyi walked straight through the overly enthusiastic corridor, bypassing the excited fellow patients, heading towards the end of the hallway – his hospital room.

He returned to his room, pushed open the door, and went straight into the washroom without glancing around. Expressionless, he turned on the faucet.


Cold water gushed out, filling the basin. You Rongyi washed his face and looked up at his reflection in the mirror.

His skin was pale, and his jet-black eyes lacked any liveliness. From his neck down to the open collar of the hospital gown, he saw his clavicle and skin covered with grotesque and deformed burn scars, as if licked by a coiling fiery serpent.

Although he had already healed, upon closer inspection, the scars were still gruesome.

Regarding these scars, You Rongyi recalled a dream he had after waking up.

In the dream, flames soared on a bridge spanning a river, and deafening explosions echoed. Amidst the earthquake-like tremors, he gasped for breath as he ran forward, hearing countless people’s desperate screams.

The explosion caused a hurricane that shook the long bridge, and You Rongyi felt himself tripping and falling, half kneeling on the ground. Blood streamed from his forehead where it had collided with something while escaping from the car, splashing all over his face, dripping down from his nose to the precarious ground.

A pair of long boots approached him, and the person gave a light chuckle.

Amidst the splitting headache, You Rongyi raised his head to look at the person in front of him. The figure faced away from the crimson firelight, their face concealed in darkness, everything within You Rongyi’s sight twisted and deformed by the intense heat.

“Did you cause the explosion?” You Rongyi heard himself hoarsely inquire, “Did you sacrifice so many lives just to launch the ‘God’s Descent’ tournament?”

“It’s just a holographic game,” the person laughed. He walked on the shaking and cracking bridge as if on level ground, the sound of his black leather boots still clear amidst the explosions.

He reached You Rongyi’s side, leaned down, and spoke with a gentle tone near You Rongyi’s ear:

“Both you and I know that ‘God’s Descent’ is more than just a holographic game.”

In the dim firelight, the person’s gentle lake-blue eyes and lightly curled light yellow hair were reflected in You Rongyi’s mirror:

“It heralds the advent of a new era.”

You Rongyi heard himself coughing and gasping, turning his head away without responding. The other person seemed to sigh and spoke softly:

“And the opening of a new era inevitably requires the downfall of the old one.”

“The era of humans is coming to an end, and the future belongs to the gods, to those with abilities and talents bestowed by the gods. Useless humans, like at this moment, will be submerged in the flames because of a small explosion.”

The collapse of the bridge approached from afar, and everything was rapidly sinking. Shattered debris and bricks continuously fell downward, and the screams of the crowd became more and more desperate amidst the firelight. Dizziness surged in You Rongyi’s brain, and he struggled to stand up, but the crumbling bridge surface reached him from behind. Behind him, the black river waters rolled and roared, engulfing everything.

You Rongyi heard himself hoarsely say, “… You won’t succeed.”

His body fell backward with the collapsing bridge.

The other person elegantly took off his hat, folded it in front of his chest, and gave a slight bow as if bidding farewell. With a mix of pity and contentment, he softly laughed and said:

“Goodbye, my dear Rongyi.”

“You were the most perfect human in the old era. Strong, beautiful, intelligent, determined, and invincible. But you brought us countless troubles.”

“You, as my greatest enemy, will witness the arrival of the ‘God’s Descent’ era with me,” he said with delight. “I feel extremely honored.”

The dream abruptly ended as cold water slid down the sink, and You Rongyi suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at his pale face in the mirror, with only the complex and indistinct voice of Dr. Liu echoing in his mind.

“You can log into the holographic game for a maximum of seven hours.”

“Exceeding the login time will cause serious damage to your brain domain. If your brain domain is injured again, you will become a fool and lose even the ability for normal behavior and cognition.”

Water droplets fell from You Rongyi’s long and curled eyelashes, creating ripples in the basin. He gazed at his reflection in the mirror for a long time, his jet-black pupils unwavering. Finally, he took a deep breath, and his chest heaved. Slowly, he withdrew his gaze from the mirror.

What was the connection between his past and the hugely popular holographic game “God’s Descent”?

Why did that man in his dream kill him before the launch of the “God’s Descent” tournament?

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