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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 21

Nightingale and The Rose

“Thank you for your sincere advice by setting an example,” You Rongyi withdrew his gaze and looked at the gift package icon on the system panel. “However, this time, I do want to buy the gift package.”

Huang Jinghui: “!!!”

“No, Teacher You, why?!” Huang Jinghui was very puzzled. “This thing will only give you trash!”

“Because I can’t use any of the items here,” You Rongyi answered logically, “I’m only at level one, with a maximum of one hundred hit points. In a game where monsters can kill me with one hit, even if I buy potions, I won’t have time to drink them, probably won’t even have time to drink.”

“Compared to potions, weapons are more useful to me.”

That was entirely correct. Like when he was in the opera house before, You Rongyi was just grazed by a monster, his health hit bottom and he passed out. He indeed didn’t have time to drink potions.

Huang Jinghui pointed to the Wooden Hatchet on the panel. “Isn’t this weapon good enough?”

You Rongyi remained calm. “Are you kidding me? What’s the difference between a weapon that’s scrapped after one hundred attacks and trash?”

Huang Jinghui weakly replied, “…At least it’s F-grade…”

“Alright.” Under You Rongyi’s silent gaze, Huang Jinghui sighed and scratched his head in resignation. “You’re right, this weapon really won’t do. But I have to tell you, the chances of getting something good from the gift packages in ‘Gods’ Descent’ are very low. Most of them are junk.”

Huang Jinghui sighed. “If you’re going to buy it, be prepared to waste your one thousand star coins.”

“Yeah, I know.” You Rongyi looked at the roulette, decisively clicked on it, much to Huang Jinghui’s surprise. He held his breath instantly, unable to help but clasp his hands together in prayer—

—Please let it be a D-grade weapon, please, even an E-grade weapon would do!!!

【System Prompt: Player purchases a gift package using 1000 star coins.】

A gift package popped up on the system panel, emitting a pleasant ding-dong music. After the music stopped, the gift package popped open with a bang, revealing something inside.

【Gift package delivery!】

Huang Jinghui leaned forward nervously. “What’s inside?”

As the gift package opened and its contents spilled out, You Rongyi’s system panel immediately displayed a long string of explanations:

【Silver Long Chain with Scythe】

【Rating: Undetectable, Unknown】

【Function: Undetectable, Unknown】

【Expiration: Undetectable, Unknown】

【This weapon appears to be severely damaged and requires the player to forge and repair it before normal use】

The moment Huang Jinghui saw this panel, he let out a sky-shaking scream of despair. “It’s indeed garbage!”

The gift packages in “Gods’ Descent” often yielded items with all unknown attributes. These unknown items typically had values so low that they couldn’t even match those of F-grade items. They couldn’t be detected by the system and couldn’t be used normally, making them the lowest-grade items in the game, hence the term “trash.”

Under normal circumstances, Huang Jinghui would simply advise You Rongyi to discard it, as these trash items served no purpose other than taking up inventory space.

But now… Huang Jinghui looked at the trash in front of him with a complex expression, feeling helpless and at a loss for words.

A thousand star coins, just like that!

In the past, he might have just felt a bit of regret, but now, in this situation, star coins were life-saving. Huang Jinghui sighed deeply and, looking at You Rongyi’s calm face, he felt relieved again. After all, Teacher You earned it himself. If it weren’t for Teacher You’s hard work, he wouldn’t even have managed to scrape together these one thousand star coins.

You Rongyi, on the other hand, showed no disappointment or regret. His gaze fell on the weapon in his hand with a discerning eye.

The weapon had a peculiar shape—it was a silver long chain, about three to four meters long, with a heavy black scythe hanging from one end. The scythe’s blade was covered in bloodstains, rusty and warped, with several notches.

Indeed, the description in the system matched “severely damaged.”

You Rongyi had an indescribable sense of familiarity with this weapon—it seemed like he had once wielded this weapon, facing many players with blurred faces in an icy standoff.

“This weapon does have a nice design,” Huang Jinghui tried to console You Rongyi with some brainstormed points. “It’s similar to the famous weapon ‘Grim Reaper Chain,’ quite exquisite!”

You Rongyi raised an eyebrow, “Grim Reaper Chain?”

“Oh, right!” Huang Jinghui slapped his forehead. “I forgot you don’t know about these!”

Huang Jinghui explained, “In ‘Gods’ Descent,’ besides purchasing weapons from the system, players mainly rely on materials for forging. The top-tier game weapons are all forged from materials, and weapons rated above S-level in forging are considered famous weapons.”

“Grim Reaper Chain is one of the famous weapons, crafted by the player who was ranked first in total points at that time, ‘Traitor.'”


In the moment of hearing this name, You Rongyi murmured lightly.

He felt, without any apparent reason, a deep compassion, a kind of empathy with the name, an inevitable and fate-related compassion.

“The Grim Reaper Chain in the hands of Traitor,” You Rongyi looked directly at Huang Jinghui, “what is its function?”

Huang Jinghui answered, “Control.”

“Traitor had the talent of a control-type player, so the Grim Reaper Chain he crafted is a top-tier control-type weapon. The Grim Reaper Chain is currently the highest-rated control weapon known in ‘Gods’ Descent.’ The user can ignore the suppression from the opponent’s talent level and skill level, controlling all NPCs, players, and even Priests.”

“With Traitor’s talent skills, it can be said that there was no opponent.”

Chapter 23

You Rongyi’s eyes fluctuated, “Can it ignore levels and directly control?”

“Yes, and yet not entirely.” Huang Jinghui explained, “The Grim Reaper Chain ignores level restrictions for control, but it needs to complement the traitor’s talent skill. Apart from this, there should be two additional limiting requirements.”

“What requirements?”

After a brief recollection, Huang Jinghui answered, “According to player analysis in the community, the Grim Reaper Chain’s two limiting requirements should be [Health] and [Binding Will.]”

“Health refers to the need to consume the user’s health points to implement control.”

“As for Binding Will—”

Huang Jinghui hesitated for a moment. Facing You Rongyi’s pure inquisitive gaze, he couldn’t help but blush a little. He slightly averted his gaze, clenched his fist, and coughed twice. “It means being emotionally bound to the user with a past experience of being bound.”

As expected, You Rongyi asked directly, “What is this emotion of ‘Binding Will’?”

“It’s the emotion of willingly being controlled by the traitor.” Huang Jinghui attempted to explain calmly, “Like liking, infatuation, love, and so on. In simple terms, it means being bound and willingly agreeing to be controlled. That’s how they analyzed it; I don’t know the specific details!”

You Rongyi pondered and asked, “So, it means that the objects to be controlled need to like the controller? That’s quite a significant limitation.”

Huang Jinghui coughed twice, his gaze wandering. “It’s more or less like that.”

—In reality, the most common ‘Will’ emotion played by the traitor is [Submission]. The other party is essentially a sadistic S demon king. The scenes are so intense that kids couldn’t handle it. Better not mention too much to You Rongyi…

As soon as Huang Jinghui finished speaking, You Rongyi’s system panel slightly vibrated:

【System Prompt: Player unlocks the weapon in the backpack (Silver long chain with a scythe at the end) – Function and Usage Conditions】

【Function: Control (Specific function unknown due to severe damage)】

【Usage Conditions: Requires strong positive or negative emotions from the controlled object towards the player. Emotional states described as extreme affection or fear and disgust. During control, the player burns health points, and the burning speed is related to the rated level, talent, and emotional state of the controlled object. The system needs to calculate and provide values in real-time.】

(Note: The weapon panel is a player’s private panel. It is visible only to the player when opened, and other players, including teammates, cannot see it unless the player cancels the privacy status.)

(Note: The weapon is severely damaged. Without repair, its usage condition may not match the panel attributes. This is considered a normal situation.)

You Rongyi glanced at this panel.

This garbage weapon he pulled out had the exact same usage conditions as the traitor’s Grim Reaper Chain that Huang Jinghui had just mentioned.

But the Grim Reaper Chain is a famous weapon, while the one in his hand is of such a low level that the system cannot even evaluate it… Is it a coincidence?

However, these thoughts are not the most important now. You Rongyi stopped overthinking and looked forward into the snowy night. “Let’s go, to the Sylviidae Valley Garden.”

At the same moment, Sylviidae Valley Garden.

Sylviidae Valley Garden is located in the center of Nightingale Island. It’s a relatively large elliptical garden, with concentric flower beds planted with various flowers from the outer to the inner circles, forming walls of blossoms.

From a distance, it looks like a magnificent maze of flowers.

At this moment, it was already night, but the Sylviidae Valley Garden was brightly lit, with lights shining like daylight.

Inside the flower walls, islanders were shuttling back and forth, carrying flower pots. From a distance, you could smell the intoxicating fragrance of roses drifting from the garden. It was a captivating scene of winter.

“Damn it,” someone, hiding beneath the flower wall with feathered clothing, couldn’t help but curse softly while looking at the scene. “Why are there so many islanders! Don’t they sleep?”

“The roses in this garden seem to be important for some ritual among these islander NPCs,” someone patiently explained. “So, before the ritual begins, many islanders come to guard these roses, and they won’t leave at night.”

Another person urgently said, “If the islanders keep staying, how do we get in?”

The person who complained at the beginning couldn’t help but grumble, “Why did you choose this instance in the first place!”

“Do you think I wanted to choose this one!”

“If it wasn’t you who chose, was it me!”

“You son of a—”

This was a three-person team named “Fun Seekers.” Apart from Leo’s team, the Pomegranate House, and You Rongyi’s team, the Wind Slasher Wing, they were the last team to enter the “Nightingale and Rose” dungeon.

This team had a combined rating of B, with the lowest talent in the team being B-. Their average level was 74, making them a relatively strong team in “Gods’ Descent.” They usually earned money by doing some bloody live broadcasts and selling items to players, which brought in considerable income.

This time, the three of them wanted to make a fortune in the league, but unfortunately, as soon as they entered the game, they were hit by “Gods’ Descent.”

“Alright, stop arguing!” Liu Ming, the lowest level and oldest member of the team, came forward to interrupt the bickering between the other two. He had a headache seeing the two argue so frequently, “How many times have you argued? Can’t you be a bit quieter!”

The other two, both looking more and more gloomy, snorted and maintained silence.

Liu Ming was getting a headache.

The three of them weren’t particularly close in the team, just together for the money. Now, encountering such a big issue, they quarreled every few days, making a fuss like a bunch of chickens and dogs.

“Who the hell wants to argue?” Wang Shun scowled, pausing for a moment. “The islanders probably won’t leave. If we have to force our way in, He Wei, you go in first.”

He Wei exploded at once, “Why should I go in first!”

Wang Shun, impatiently, retorted, “Your talent skill is shield-based. You’re supposed to absorb damage. If it’s not you going against monsters, who else? Usually, it’s you who tanks!”

“Is it the same as usual now?” He Wei, in a fit of anger, his eyes bloodshot, exclaimed, “Dying in this game means real death. Wang Shun, I think you want to kill me!”

“Who wants to kill you!” Wang Shun’s eyes flickered guiltily for a moment, but he quickly retorted, “He Wei, don’t speak so harshly. What killing you? It’s just the normal game process!”

“If we don’t win, how do we get out of here! I think you want to get us all killed!”

“Enough!” Liu Ming had to interrupt the two. He was getting irritated too, “If you keep quarreling, I won’t heal any of you even once!”

The other two immediately quieted down.

Liu Ming’s talent was a healing skill, usually not in high demand because it wasn’t necessary for fighting monsters or clearing dungeons. Players could just buy potions. But at this moment, with star coins hard to come by and potions limited, Wang Shun and the others didn’t dare to offend a healing player.

As a result, Liu Ming, who was usually isolated in the team by the other two, now became the center of attention.

“He Wei, take a look. Can you withstand the monsters and enter the center of the Sylviidae Valley Garden?” Liu Ming spoke.

“No.” He Wei’s face darkened. “It’s not that I don’t want to, but with this many islanders, I really can’t hold on.”

Liu Ming looked serious. “I’ll follow you and provide healing support. What do you think?”

He Wei shook his head without hesitation. “That won’t work either.”

Kidding, with so many islanders around, this was a B-rank instance. These NPCs, after being enraged, were at least level 40 or 50 B-rank monsters. How could he hold on?

Wang Shun chimed in from the side, sarcastically, “What won’t work? I think you’re just afraid of death, not willing to take risks at all.”

Wang Shun’s skill was in remote control, with the highest talent and skill level in the entire team—B+. Level 76. Before “Gods’ Descent,” he was the team leader and the most popular player type in “Gods’ Descent.” One could say the whole team revolved around him.

However, now the other two completely refused to obey his commands, making Wang Shun very displeased.

“F*ck your mother—” He Wei cursed.

“I see some people are ungrateful. You’ve benefited a lot from me. Now that the situation has changed a bit, you feel all powerful and completely disregard my words, huh?” Wang Shun sneered.

His words dragged Liu Ming, who was supposed to be persuaded, into the argument as well. Liu Ming’s face darkened, and he didn’t speak up either. The three of them stood outside the garden in a stalemate.

Liu Ming took a deep breath and softened his tone first, “So, Wang Shun, what do you think we should do?”

Wang Shun’s expression improved slightly, “Send someone to test the waters—”

“I said I can’t do it!” He Wei retorted angrily. “With so many NPCs, I’ll die if I go!”

“What’s your hurry?” Wang Shun interrupted him speechlessly. “I didn’t say you should go.”

He Wei was stunned, “Then who will go? You?”

“I’m not going either.” A hint of cunning and malice flashed in Wang Shun’s long, narrow eyes. “There are other players in this game besides us.”

“Aren’t there a total of eight players? That means there are five other players besides us.”

“According to the normal flow of the game, the other players should also be here at the Sylviidae Valley Garden.”

He Wei’s expression changed, “Are you suggesting—”

Wang Shun’s voice turned cold, “Let those players go test the waters first, attract the attention of these islanders, and we’ll sneak into the garden from the side.”

“But what if they think it’s dangerous and refuse?” Liu Ming clearly didn’t like this plan; he frowned, “We shouldn’t stir up trouble if we can’t achieve our goal.”

“We’ll see.” Wang Shun glanced at Liu Ming and replied, “If the opponents have higher levels and talents than us, then we’ll ask them if they’re willing to cooperate in breaking through.”

“But if they’re much lower than us.”

Wang Shun narrowed his eyes, “Then I’ll have to ask them to help us test the waters.”

As soon as he finished speaking, both He Wei and Liu Ming fell silent. It was obvious that Wang Shun was preparing to coerce the others into helping them test the waters.

He Wei clearly showed signs of hesitation, while Liu Ming disagreed, “In this game, dying means real death. Forcing others like this could lead to trouble.”

Wang Shun grew impatient and sneered, “Why do you care about others? Mind your own business!”

“When we went to the opera house this morning, the roses were all taken, and the clues were plundered clean, leaving us with nothing!”

“Do you care if the other side lives or dies?” Wang Shun insulted, “Do they care about us?!”

Liu Ming fell silent under the barrage of insults.

“This game is no longer the same as before; it’s a fight for survival from the start. Don’t talk to me about ethics. For us now, winning the game and staying alive is paramount.”

“Tonight, not only am I going to make this team test the waters,” Wang Shun’s face was filled with hostility, “I’m also going to snatch back that rose from the opera house they have!”

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