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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 21

Nightingale and The Rose

Huang Jinghui exclaimed, “It will fuse with me?!”

“Huang Jinghui, don’t panic first. Check if there are any other abnormalities on your panel,” You Rongyi’s calm and analytical attitude reassured Huang Jinghui, who kept turning his head to look at his own back in fear.

Huang Jinghui stopped the dog-like chasing of his own tail and exclaimed in terror, “Right! This thing must be draining my health points!”

He quickly opened the system panel and stared at the data for a while, looking up puzzled, “…My health points haven’t dropped.”

Huang Jinghui quickly relaxed, a bit puzzled, “Could it be that this piece of clothing just fuses with me without any side effects?”

You Rongyi’s gaze shifted to the health bar on Huang Jinghui’s panel, and he squinted slowly, “Huang Jinghui, how much hunger value did you have after dinner yesterday?”

“100,” Huang Jinghui replied without hesitation, “I stopped eating when I was full.”

“Are you full tonight?”

“Yes,” Huang Jinghui looked at the panel, surprised, “I ate so much tonight, why is my hunger value only 78?!”

He hadn’t even noticed!

“It means that what you ate tonight cannot restore your hunger value,” You Rongyi said softly, “Do you remember when I told you about Dylan and their food, that it’s not normal food?”

Terror crept onto Huang Jinghui’s face. “You mean, we’re becoming like Dylan and can’t eat normal food anymore.”

“Yeah, not just you, but me too,” You Rongyi opened his panel and raised his gaze. “I ate the same food as yesterday, but today my hunger value only restored to 75, decreasing by 25 points.”

“I’m afraid that as we wear the Nightingale clothes for longer periods, we’ll become less and less able to feel full from eating normal food, and our hunger value will keep decreasing.”

“What should we do?!” Huang Jinghui asked anxiously, “If the stamina bar hits zero, players will starve to death!”

“We should take off the clothes tonight!”

“No,” You Rongyi quickly objected, “Dylan said that the Sylviidae Valley Garden is full of islanders. If we don’t wear the Nightingale clothes, we might be attacked. Given our current abilities, if the islanders find us without the Nightingale clothes, it’ll be hard to survive.”

Huang Jinghui grabbed his head in despair. “Then what should we do?! We’ll die whether we wear them or not!”

“We need to act quickly,” You Rongyi said. “We’ll sneak into the Sylviidae Valley Garden as soon as possible, find the roses, and then come back to take off the Nightingale clothes to reduce the time wearing them.”

“…There’s no other way,” Huang Jinghui gritted his teeth. “Let’s go to the Sylviidae Valley Garden now!”

After confirming that Dylan had returned to his room, the two set off into the night.

By now, the heavy snow outside had stopped, leaving a thick layer of snow on the ground. The sky was pitch black, and it was almost impossible to see one’s hand in front of them.

Huang Jinghui took out a flashlight to light the way, trudging through the snow with You Rongyi. He then exhaled and said, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, after you complete the first task, you can activate the central shop on the system.”

“At the central shop, you can use star coins to buy some items. They’re pretty useful. Do you want to check it out?”

You Rongyi opened the system panel and found a small shop tag in the bottom right corner of the previously simple interface. He clicked on it, and the panel automatically expanded:

【Congratulations to the player for completing the first mainline task and activating the Central Store!】

【Current star coin balance: 1000】

【Based on the player’s star coin balance, here are the items you can purchase in the Central Store.】

On the interface that originally had tens of thousands of products, there were suddenly only a dozen or so items left. You Rongyi’s eyes swept over them. “Can we only buy these?”

Huang Jinghui, standing next to him, retorted with a touch of bitterness, “What do you mean ‘only these’? At least we can buy something now. I used to be so poor that I couldn’t even open the store.”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been forced to directly give You Rongyi a Grade C healing potion instead of buying a bottle of Grade F potion from the store.

You Rongyi remained indifferent to Huang Jinghui’s poverty. He carefully scanned and clicked on the descriptions of these dozen or so items:

【Woodcutter’s Wooden Hatchet】

【Rating: F-grade weapon】

【Function: +10 Attack Points】

【Usage Period: Automatically scrapped after enduring 100 points of damage】

【Price: 999 star coins】

【F-grade Healing Potion】

【Rating: F-grade Potion】

【Function: +50 Health Points】

【Usage Period: Single-use Item】

【Price: 999 star coins】

Without exception, all of these dozen or so items were F-grade items, and their prices were all 999 star coins.

You Rongyi finally understood why Huang Jinghui said he was so poor that he couldn’t even open the store before—there were simply no items priced below one thousand star coins in this store.

“Buy the potion, buy the potion!” Huang Jinghui couldn’t help but advise as he saw You Rongyi hesitating over his selection. “For items at this price range, healing potions are somewhat useful!”

You Rongyi’s gaze shifted to a butterfly-shaped gift package at the end of the store. “What’s this?”

Huang Jinghui caught sight of it and paused. “That’s a gift package.”

You Rongyi glanced sideways at Huang Jinghui. “What’s a gift package?”

“The root of all evil that left me so broke,” Huang Jinghui’s expression was pained, “Please, don’t touch it! You’ll bankrupt yourself!”

But obviously, You Rongyi wasn’t afraid of this root of all evil. He clicked on it with great interest, and a gift package icon instantly popped up on the system panel.

【The gift package contains random items. As a beginner, there’s a chance to obtain super high-level items or weapons when opening it for the first time~】

“Don’t fall for it!” Seeing You Rongyi click on the icon, Huang Jing quickly intervened, his expression filled with distress, “This gift package only spits out trash items that aren’t even F-grade quality!”

Huang Jinghui pleaded desperately, “Buy the potion instead. At least the potion is F-grade and useful. The gift package will only give you junk! Seriously, trust me, don’t buy it!”

You Rongyi seemed to understand something, glancing at him askance, “How much did you spend on the gift package?”

Huang Jinghui: “…A hundred thousand.”

“Oh, I see, no wonder you’re so broke,” You Rongyi nodded faintly, “You were a gambling dog.”

Huang Jinghui: “…”

His heart was pierced by an arrow.

“If I had known that star coins in this game were so useful, I definitely wouldn’t have spent on it!” Huang Jinghui covered his face, wailing in agony, “Who knew this would happen!”

Who could resist drawing gift packages while playing games ah?

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