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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 24

Chapter 24

At the same time, You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui arrived at the Sylviidae Valley Garden.

They had been walking through the snow for half a day, and Huang Jinghui, who was already panting, looked up and was instantly stunned.

“Damn,” Huang Jinghui exclaimed with a simple expression, “This is amazing!”

Before him was a garden nestled in the valley, with twinkling lights. The surrounding flower walls were covered with glistening white roses. Islanders moved back and forth, taking care of and guarding this winter wonderland in full bloom.

“So, there are really roses blooming in winter,” Huang Jinghui clicked his tongue. “I thought the dungeon was trying to scare me.”

You Rongyi looked up at this splendid garden, and from its scale and magnificence, he could glimpse the extravagance and reverence of the Nightingale Kingdom’s royal family two hundred years ago.

The garden was bustling with islanders, and the place they needed to reach—according to the pictures in the newspaper—was the central part of the Sylviidae Valley Garden.

It meant crossing several hundred islanders.

You Rongyi slowly blinked his long lashes covered in falling snow and exhaled a breath of white air.

In this circular garden map, if the players’ identity was discovered while passing through, they would have nowhere to escape. NPCs angered by players would rush from all directions and block the player.

The usual game strategy was to have one player attract the attention of the islanders with some distraction, while others slipped through.

But undoubtedly, as a two-person team with the highest-level player being only level 60 with a B-level talent, choosing this conventional method was not wise.

Letting Huang Jinghui be the decoy was the same as letting him die—though this idiot did volunteer, You Rongyi wasn’t planning to do that. He needed Huang Jinghui for the subsequent game process.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to distract these islanders?” Foolish Huang Jinghui volunteered again, his brow furrowed. “Is your plan really feasible? Are you sure you can deceive them and get through? Sure that they’ll let you pass?”

Yes, that’s right. You Rongyi’s plan was deception. He planned to disguise himself as an islander, deceive his way through a few hundred islanders, and blend into the Central Garden.

“If we get caught, it’s over,” Huang Jinghui, despite having witnessed You Rongyi’s remarkable bluffing skills twice, couldn’t help but feel nervous in the face of such a large group. “Shouldn’t I go and distract them, or…”

“You lure the mobs, and then what?” You Rongyi’s tone was flat. “After you die, should I just stay in this game waiting to die alone?”

Even though Huang Jinghui knew You Rongyi didn’t mean it that way, hearing those words still made him blush involuntarily. “The way you put it makes me feel awkward…”

You Rongyi glanced at him out of the corner of his eye. “I’m not complimenting you. I’m just saying if you’re going to die for me, you might as well die in a more useful place.”

Huang Jinghui: “…”

“Based on the information we have now, I’m pretty confident I can deceive these islanders,” You Rongyi said. “Of course, there’s still a possibility of things going south.”

“But it’s definitely an eighty percent higher success rate than you luring the mobs.”

Huang Jinghui: “…”

Then how low is his success rate at luring mobs?

Huang Jinghui took a deep breath. “I understand.”

“Yeah,” You Rongyi lowered his eyelids. “Understood. Let’s go then.”

Huang Jinghui tightened his feather cloak and followed You Rongyi into the Sylviidae Valley Garden.

The moment they stepped into the garden, Huang Jinghui’s nerves were on edge. Islanders kept passing by them from all directions, and occasionally, one would stop and strike up a conversation with them. Huang Jinghui couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat for You Rongyi:

“Which ceremonial group are you from?”

“Why did you just arrive?”

“Which family do you belong to?”

Each question made Huang Jinghui’s scalp tingle, fearing he would be discovered at any moment.

Trembling with fear, Huang Jinghui followed behind You Rongyi, not daring to breathe as islanders kept approaching them for conversation.

And each time, You Rongyi calmly replied:

“Sylviidae Snow Rose Cultivation Group.”

“We were entertaining guests today, so we arrived late.”

“We’re from the Isabelle family.”

The islanders on the outskirts were relatively easy to communicate with, and the two of them traversed through more than half of the garden as if they were in a deserted place, only to be stopped by a closed garden fence.

Surrounding this fence were a dozen or so guards, holding lanterns, wearing feather cloaks, and frowning as they held long forks, preventing anyone from entering further.

Huang Jinghui’s gaze sharpened—this was the most critical point: the garden center guarded by islanders, where no outsiders were allowed to enter.

Angelina mentioned that there were designated guards at the center of the Sylviidae Valley Garden, as if to prevent something from escaping and harming people, hence the extra tight security.

Another team, led by Wang Shun, had managed to infiltrate their way into the garden’s center, but were now stuck here. They were currently standing just outside the fence, glaring at the guards with frustration.

“Damn it!” Wang Shun cursed. “Why haven’t other players arrived yet?”

“Maybe other players aren’t planning to come tonight,” Liu Ming said irritably. “I told you we should figure this out ourselves.”

“Figure out what?” He Wei snapped impatiently. “We’ve tried communicating with these islanders several times, but they won’t budge. If we try again, we’ll definitely arouse suspicion!”

“I reckon those are NPC guards who won’t budge. If we want to get in, we’ll have to force our way through, but doing that will attract all the NPCs in the entire garden!” Wang Shun said angrily. “We didn’t get the rose at the opera house this morning, and if we don’t get this rose in the garden tonight, the mainline quest will be hopeless!”

The three of them remained deadlocked for a while, then suddenly, Wang Shun looked at He Wei with a sinister gaze, half jokingly and half coercively, “So, are there other players coming or not, He Wei? Maybe it’s your turn to lure the mobs.”

Liu Ming looked at He Wei and also began to soften his stance, “I’ll provide you with support. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Just as He Wei was about to retort, a calm voice from nearby interrupted their argument, “We need to enter the center of the Sylviidae Valley Garden to prepare for the ceremony.”

As soon as this calm voice reached them, Wang Shun immediately perked up. He raised his index finger to signal silence, then excitedly leaned out and said, “Quiet, other players are here!”

At this point, anyone attempting to break into the Central Garden must be a player!

The three of them simultaneously peeked their heads out towards the flower beds and saw You Rongyi conversing with the islanders.

He was wearing a long feather cloak and a black bird mask, revealing pale lips and a slender, smooth jawline. Standing behind him like a bodyguard was Huang Jinghui, whispering to the guards.

“Enter the Central Garden?” The guard’s expression became visibly confused and wary. “No one is allowed to enter the Central Garden before the ceremony starts! Who are you, and what are you here for?!”

“Take off your masks!”

The islander guards began to gather inward, alertly raising their long forks, enclosing You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui layer by layer.

Huang Jinghui stepped forward to shield You Rongyi behind him, sweat beading on his forehead.

Can the reason You Rongyi prepared really work or not?! If not, they could both be done for!

Wang Shun watched with growing excitement, unable to resist rubbing his hands together.

It seemed like he didn’t even need to intervene; the other side was about to anger the guards with their words, which would in turn draw away all the islanders in the entire garden! Then they could slip in unnoticed!

What an opportunity!

Silently, Wang Shun gestured to He Wei to get ready to move, and He Wei nodded in understanding. Liu Ming’s expression relaxed as well.

“Golden Nightingale,” You Rongyi answered calmly amidst the heavy encirclement, “we’re here to deal with an incident related to the Golden Nightingale.”

“They’re still spouting nonsense,” Wang Shun, preparing to sneak in, chuckled disdainfully. “They think they can fool their way in…!”

The smile on Wang Shun’s face hadn’t even faded when he saw the guard opposite You Rongyi suddenly hesitate, then surprisingly lower his fork and relax the encirclement!

Wang Shun’s smile vanished instantly!

“So, you’re here to deal with the Golden Nightingale,” the guard’s attitude even carried a hint of respect now, though still somewhat skeptical. “But we haven’t received any notification…”

“Waiting for a notification would be too late,” You Rongyi replied calmly. “The Golden Nightingale sisters from the opera house were active during the day.”

At the mention of the opera house, fear flashed across the guard’s face. Trembling, they bowed slightly and stepped back, making way. “…Then please be careful when dealing with those terrifying ancient monsters.”

You Rongyi simply nodded lightly, as if he were some lofty figure, and with his “bodyguard” Huang Jinghui, walked openly into the heavily guarded central garden.

The trio of Wang Shun nearby: “???”

“They just let him in!” He Wei almost couldn’t hold back, almost standing up before being restrained by Liu Ming beside him. “Why?!”

“The Golden Nightingale from the opera house,” Wang Shun’s face darkened, but his thoughts were clear. “They got a crucial clue from the opera house and fooled these guards.”

“The withered rose from the opera house must be in their hands!”

“Since they were able to obtain crucial clues from the opera house, their strength must be considerable,” Liu Ming said with a serious expression, somewhat timidly suggesting, “Why don’t we just let them have this instance? After they clear it, we can leave and find another instance…”

Wang Shun slowly turned his gaze towards Liu Ming, his eyes reddening. “Another one?”

“We only have twenty f*cking days left!” Wang Shun suddenly exploded, delivering a harsh slap to Liu Ming’s face. “Where the hell is another one coming from?! Huh?!”

“Twenty days and we don’t have a single copper coin in our hands, we’re all fucking dead! Where the hell is another one coming from?!”

Liu Ming’s mouth bled from the blow, lowering his head in silence.

Wang Shun took a couple of deep breaths, suppressing his anger forcefully. “Now that we know what pretext can deceive these guards, we’ll follow this team and sneak in later!”

He Wei was quite frightened by Wang Shun’s outburst, cautiously asking, “But what if the other party is very strong?”

“What’s there to fear?” Wang Shun’s eyes were bloodshot, his voice filled with malice. “Either way, death is looming over us. If we don’t take a chance, how will we know who’s gonna die in the end?!”

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