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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Sylviidae Valley Garden, central garden.

In contrast to the lively activity in the peripheral gardens, the central garden of Sylviidae Valley appeared dilapidated and desolate.

The flower beds here were in ruins, seemingly untouched for a long time. The ground was covered with dry leaves and spiderwebs, and many birdcages were lying around. The cages’ doors were decayed, and the birds inside had flown away long ago.

You Rongyi turned on his flashlight, sweeping his gaze over the birdcages on the ground. These cages were presumably used by the Nightingale King two hundred years ago to collect the nightingales he favored.

There were many birdcages scattered along the edges of the flower beds. Huang Jinghui accidentally stepped on several, and the crisp, cracking sounds startled him.

Huang Jinghui muttered softly, “So many birdcages. How many nightingales did this king keep?”

“Angelina said there were over ten thousand at the peak,” You Rongyi raised the flashlight, scanning the ground in a circle. “Now it seems there might have been even more.”

The numerous birdcages piled up along the flower beds, extending all the way to the central flower bed in the garden. You Rongyi illuminated the center flower bed with the flashlight.

When they saw what was in the center flower bed, You Rongyi’s gaze suddenly paused, and Huang Jinghui couldn’t help but exclaim.

In the center of the garden was an incredibly large gilded birdcage.

The cage was over five meters high, thirty meters wide, entwined with withered vines. The feeding and watering troughs for the birds inside were ten meters wide, with exquisitely carved patterns on the troughs. One could imagine how luxurious this birdcage used to be.

“This cage is so huge. How many birds could it fit?” Huang Jinghui circled around the cage, puzzled, and reached out to touch the gaps between the bars. “But these gaps are too wide. Wasn’t the king afraid the nightingales he painstakingly captured would fly away?”

You Rongyi calmly spoke, “This cage is not for birds, it’s for people.”

Huang Jinghui suddenly looked up, “What? For people?!”

“Slightly narrower than a person’s shoulders,” You Rongyi extended his hand to measure the distance between the bars of the birdcage, “The gaps in this cage can’t stop birds, but they are more than enough to stop people.”

You Rongyi continued, “Don’t you remember? Angelina said the Golden Nightingales were also kept in the Sylviidae Valley Garden. Since each of these collected nightingales has its own cage, it’s only normal that the Golden Nightingales have them too.”

“So, these…” Huang Jinghui pointed somewhat horrified at the feeding troughs and water troughs inside the birdcage, “Are they for…”

You Rongyi’s gaze swept over the ten-meter-wide feeding and water troughs inside the birdcage, and with a tone that could be described as ruthless, he stated the cruel reality:

“These Golden Nightingales, collected and brought here, have been locked in these cages by the king since the moment they entered the palace. They eat, drink, sleep, and excrete all within this birdcage until they die, never able to leave.”

Huang Jinghui instinctively released his grip on the birdcage bars, almost looking at the enormous feeding and water trough with a horrified expression. “Is this thing really for feeding people?!”

You Rongyi replied, “Yes.”

Two hundred years ago, the champions who gave their all in the Nightingale Night singing competition summoned by the king, the golden nightingales that were cheered by the audience on the bright stage, were now lying here, eating, drinking, excreting, and sleeping within this birdcage. It seemed that no matter how hard humans tried, in the end, it was only to become a more noble animal, eligible to be admired and played with by those higher.

“Search around the birdcage, inside and out,” You Rongyi raised the flashlight, scanning the surroundings. His peripheral vision glanced at Huang Jinghui, who was still stunned in place. In a calm tone, he ordered, “There should be many remains of these Golden Nightingales around. Maybe they’ll give us a clue about the Withered Nightingale Blood Rose. Angelina also asked us to find items related to Isabella.”

Huang Jinghui snapped back, taking a deep breath, and began searching around the birdcage. Meanwhile, You Rongyi entered the birdcage and carefully searched along the edges of the feeding and water troughs.

Huang Jinghui’s flashlight illuminated the ground as he earnestly searched around the birdcage. Suddenly, his gaze abruptly stopped, staring fixedly at the ground.

He saw the shadow of a pair of suspended feet behind him, swaying gently.

Huang Jinghui’s body stiffened suddenly. He forced himself to remain calm and moved the flashlight nonchalantly upwards and to the right, revealing the full view of the shadow.

The limbs of this shadow were tethered by chains, the head hung as if broken at the neck. Wrapped in a heavy feather coat, it swung up and down, as if flying while suspended, slowly descending towards them.

It seemed like the shadow noticed Huang Jinghui observing it with the flashlight’s shadow. Its head slowly lifted.

“You Rongyi,” Huang Jinghui made a great effort to keep any abnormality out of his tone, “Let’s get out first.”

You Rongyi seemed to be focused on finding something. Without lifting his head, he asked, “What’s wrong? Did you find something?”

“My little sister found something…” Huang Jinghui swallowed hard, his voice changing tone due to the effort to suppress his urgency, “You come over here first…”

Huang Jinghui, while retreating, felt a bump on the back of his neck. His whole body shivered, and he awkwardly turned around, lifting his head.

Finally, he saw the full view of the shadow.

Under the dim flashlight, numerous black chains hung from the top of the massive birdcage. At the end of each chain hung a person dressed in feathers.

Their eyes were wide, their flesh blackened and decayed, staring fixedly at You Rongyi and Huang Jinghui. Suddenly, they emitted a hoarse and chaotic cry:

“Caw caw yi—!!”

[System Warning: Player has triggered a monster (Golden Nightingale Horde)] [Monster Rating: B-level] [Monster Level: Level 50]

“F*ck f*ckk f*ckkk!” Huang Jinghui was scared pale, grabbing You Rongyi’s wrist and sprinting forward.

Huang Jinghui rushed out like a frightened sled dog, pulling You Rongyi along, running out of the garden.

It took some effort for You Rongyi to pull him to a stop. He spoke calmly, “Don’t panic; they can’t come out.”

“Why can’t they…?” Huang Jinghui, frightened, continued to scream and tried to pull You Rongyi away.

You Rongyi calmly said, “Take a closer look. These Golden Nightingales are chained; they can’t leave the cages.”

Hearing You Rongyi’s assurance, Huang Jinghui reluctantly calmed down. He shivered as he directed the flashlight towards the monsters inside the cages.

These ferocious “Golden Nightingales” writhed, attempting to come down from the chains, but their feet and bodies were entangled in bird chains, making it impossible for them to leave the cage too far.

They were suspended in the birdcage, struggling in extreme pain, emitting eerie bird-like cries.

Feathers and decayed flesh continuously fell from them, forming a thick layer on the ground. It was unclear how many years they had been suspended here.

Huang Jinghui’s scalp tingled, and upon seeing You Rongyi’s calm demeanor, he belatedly asked, “Did you already notice them on top of the birdcage?”


Huang Jinghui, full of grievances and despair, exclaimed, “Then why didn’t you tell me!”

“I thought you saw it.” You Rongyi glanced at him strangely, “Feathers and skin have been falling on you from above all this time; didn’t you notice?”

Huang Jinghui: “…”

He had been paying attention to the inside of the birdcage and indeed hadn’t noticed…

“But how did these Golden Nightingales end up suspended…” With a bit more courage after confirming that these monsters were restrained by chains, Huang Jinghui approached and inspected with the flashlight, “Did the islanders who guard them suspend them like this?”

“Probably not.” You Rongyi shook his head. “The chains on these Golden Nightingales have rusted, indicating it’s been a while. It doesn’t seem like they were recently suspended. Also, judging by how vigilant those islanders are, it doesn’t look like they have the ability to suspend them.”

“According to Angelina, these Golden Nightingales should be over two hundred years old.”

You Rongyi looked up at the struggling, decayed corpses emitting painful cries. “The islanders outside seem to be very afraid of these Golden Nightingales.”

Huang Jinghui, with goosebumps, remarked, “It’s normal to be afraid; I would be too if I were an islander here.”

“These Nightingales won’t fall down and crawl out, will they…” he said, trembling and stepping back.

Before, the two “Golden Nightingales” at the opera house nearly wiped them out. If these “Golden Nightingales” in the cage were not securely locked, their deaths would be certain!

In contrast to Huang Jinghui’s continuous backward steps, You Rongyi took a step forward, once again pushing open the door of the cage and entering.

Huang Jinghui almost stared blankly as he saw You Rongyi slightly bend down, lower his head, and walk into the birdcage. Countless “Nightingales” moved their feet, passing over You Rongyi’s lowered head.

The broken expressions of the “Golden Nightingales” distorted, reaching out to grab You Rongyi as he entered.

However, You Rongyi, as if he hadn’t seen these terrifying “Nightingales,” casually passed by these monsters, focusing on searching for clues inside the cage.

“Not…” Huang Jinghui screamed, “Professor You, why did you go in again!”

“We need to obtain the rose tonight and collect many clues about the game.” You Rongyi pointed to the ground, “This birdcage is the most central symbol of the Sylviidae Valley Garden. It must be the place with the most clues, an absolute must-search.”

“Don’t just stand there; come in and search together.”

Huang Jinghui looked at the Nightingales hanging on the cage, fearfully swallowed his saliva, and said, “If these Nightingales break free from the chains and chase us, with our abilities, we probably won’t even be able to run…”

And he didn’t have a healing potion in his backpack. Even if he bought one now, it could only be an F-grade, providing only 50 health points. With so many monsters in the cage, 50 health points wouldn’t be of much use to them!


So this is the last of the free chapters and I’m on the fence about starting to purchase the VIP chapters because there’s been some things the author has been going through and I’m not sure whether or not they’ll be able to complete the story. I don’t want to spend my money only to never see the conclusion of it. So until the author makes their intentions clear, I’ll put this novel on hiatus until further notice.

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