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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 3

Gods’ Descent Day

At 3 PM, in front of the community hospital reception, You Rongyi was in the process of checking out.

“This is the stuff you brought with you in the ambulance when you were brought to the hospital. Please verify it,” the receptionist said while sneakily stealing glances.

She couldn’t help but scream inside her heart – this patient who came to check out was just too stunning. It was rare even in this era of virtual entertainment. It would be hard to even create such a character in a game. She couldn’t resist the urge to take a photo and share it in the holographic community!

You Rongyi took the documents and politely nodded in thanks, “Thank you.”

The receptionist stumbled a bit, “No, no problem, it’s my pleasure!”

You Rongyi seemed to not notice the receptionist’s odd behavior, and he lowered his head to sign and complete the discharge procedures.

This outdated community hospital still followed the oldest method of having the patient sign the discharge form.

“Can I leave now?” After signing, You Rongyi raised his head and asked softly.

“Y-yes,” the receptionist snapped back to reality, her face slightly red, “After completing the discharge procedures, you can leave.”

“Thank you.”

“May I ask,” You Rongyi turned slightly and whispered, “Are there any holographic gaming internet cafes nearby where I can play ‘God’s Descent’?”

“A ‘God’s Descent’ gaming internet cafe?” The receptionist was taken aback.

“Yes,” You Rongyi said calmly, “I’m planning to participate in the professional league of ‘God’s Descent.'”

“The one that’s going live tomorrow?”

At 7:15 PM, in S City, at the Deep Blue Technology Bureau, Holographic Gaming Research Center.

This world-renowned center for holographic technology research was located on the outskirts of S City, a bustling metropolis. Its main development area was underground, accessible through a secretive entrance from the surface development zone.

Once inside the entrance, a pure white and flawless research center was revealed, filled with silver fiber-optic cables and projection screens. Overworked developers were collapsed on their desks, sleeping, while others who were still awake were running around the place in a frenzy.

In the afternoon at three o’clock, at the front desk of the community hospital, You Rongyi was processing his discharge. As the front desk staff worked on the paperwork, they couldn’t help but steal glances at him. They were amazed by his exceptional appearance, which was rare in this era of virtual entertainment. They wanted to take a picture and share it on the holographic community!

You Rongyi received his documents and politely nodded in thanks. The front desk staff stammered, trying to contain their excitement. He seemed oblivious to their reaction, focused on signing the discharge forms. This community hospital still employed the traditional method of patient signatures for discharges.

“Can I leave now?” You Rongyi asked softly after signing the documents.

“Y-yes, you can,” the front desk staff replied, her face slightly red. “Once you’ve completed the discharge process, you can leave.”

“Thank you,” You Rongyi responded.

“May I ask,” You Rongyi slightly turned his body and whispered, “Are there any holographic game cafes nearby where I can play ‘God’s Descent’?”

“A ‘God’s Descent’ game cafe?” The front desk staff was taken aback.

“Yes,” You Rongyi’s tone remained calm. “I’m preparing to participate in the ‘God’s Descent’ professional league.”

“You mean the league going live tomorrow?”

At 7:15 pm in S City, at the Deep Blue Technology Bureau’s Holographic Game Development Center, the renowned global center for holographic technology research and development was located on the outskirts of the bustling metropolis, primarily operating underground with a hidden entrance from the surface.

Upon entering, a pristine white technical development center revealed itself, adorned with silver optical cables and projection screens. Exhausted developers could be seen collapsed at their desks from overwork, while the ones still awake rushed around.

“This is due to the upcoming ‘God’s Descent’ league going live tomorrow.”

“Quick, quick, does the ‘God’s Descent’ brain domain synchronization system have enough capacity? The number of players going live tonight has exceeded 2.5 billion!”

“Has the combat value system passed the second inspection?!”

“How’s the latency rate handling for holographic storages of different brands? Can it be processed with an error margin of 0.001%?”

“Have the protective walls been set up? All other external brain domain devices must be strictly prohibited to ensure security!”

“God’s Descent will go offline globally in four hours and restart at seven o’clock tomorrow. The announcement hasn’t been sent to the players in the game!”

With less than twenty-four hours left, the “God’s Descent” player competition section was about to go live. This posed a tremendous challenge for every development department member, even though they had been preparing for the holographic competition system’s launch for two years. Now, as the moment approached, the sheer amount of data processing left them feeling overwhelmed.

This competition involved 2.5 billion players, an unprecedented feat in history.

Undoubtedly, this was a grand creation.

2.5 billion people were eagerly anticipating entering this meticulously crafted virtual new world. Despite their obvious exhaustion, they were brimming with excitement and enthusiasm. Everyone knew what the successful launch of this competition system meant—the true beginning of the virtual era.

They were about to become the creators of this era, and for this, they had worked tirelessly for more than half a year.

Everyone was ecstatic for the arrival of the new era, yet no one truly knew what it signified. It was like humanity opening Pandora’s Box, unaware of the centuries-long calamity it would bring.

“How foolish.”

On the spacious rooftop terrace of the development department, someone sneered with disdain, “To think that advanced intelligent species are so eager to build their own coffins, excited to the point of forsaking sleep.”

At the very top of the Deep Blue Technology Base, two people stood in the dark night, overlooking the brightly lit entire base. Through the faint light, you could see one person’s well-groomed, light yellow curly hair, and his extremely handsome side profile.

The cold night wind brushed his coat, and he smiled in response to the person’s mockery. His tone was gentle, “After all, this is the coffin for 2.5 billion people, worth being meticulously crafted.”

“In human terms,” the person paused, holding his chin in contemplation before smiling, “it seems like dying with a purpose. Humans seem to pursue that.”

“Zhu Heya, you really need to brush up on your human language.” Another person said with a hint of disdain, “Dying with a purpose doesn’t mean dying in the coffin you built. It means dying in a very pleasurable way!”

“Is that so?” The man with light yellow curly hair, Zhu Heya, replied softly with a playful smile, “I might have remembered the meaning wrong. After all, I haven’t been studying human language for long, and Chinese is one of the most difficult ones.”

Beside Zhu Heya, another man was crouching.

He was tall, with long limbs. Even in a crouched position, he exuded a strong sense of pressure. His long hair was tied into a messy braid, dirty and tangled, with traces of its original light color barely discernible.

He squinted, looking at the busy staff in the base with excitement on their faces. Suddenly, he sneered, “But you weren’t entirely wrong. These idiot humans do look quite enjoyable.”

“I’m annoyed by how much they’re enjoying themselves.” He licked his lips, and violent and bloody light flickered in his eyes. “I want to tell them right now that when the ‘God’s Descent’ league starts, they will all die.”

“Just thinking about the look of despair and helplessness on their faces, unable to resist.” His breathing became rapid, and his body made a creaking sound as his large hands stretched and turned into sharp claws.

His pupils dilated, and he burst into laughter, “I’m loving it!”

As the night darkened, the wind blew over the dark clouds, and the moon emerged from the clouds. The bright moonlight illuminated the dark platform, revealing the shape of this creature.

The man’s long and dirty braid danced in the night wind, his right hand transformed into a claw with a jumping flame at its center. The color of this flame was extremely abnormal, making anyone who saw it feel uncomfortable—

—This flame was black.

“Fa’etong,” Zhu Heya’s voice was faint, “Don’t cause destruction at Deep Blue R&D; it will ruin everything here.”

“Tsk.” Fa’etong impatiently waved his hand, retracting the flame. He propped his chin with boredom, as if suddenly recalling something delicious. He squinted with satisfaction and contentment, “Hey, when will we have another great event like the one where we burned a bridge and hundreds of people?”

“You’re still thinking about that?” Zhu Heya smiled and asked, “Aren’t you afraid? The wounds on your chin caused by Rongyi haven’t completely healed yet.”

Fa’etong’s expression stiffened for a moment, fear fleeting across his face, but he quickly regained his composure, nonchalantly waving his hand, “The previous You Rongyi was something to fear, but now, with his mind messed up by you and me, isn’t he already a useless person?”

“I’ll burn wherever I want. With his current abilities, can he stop me?” Fa’etong’s tone was arrogant and disdainful.

Upon hearing these words, Zhu Heya seemed to find it amusing. He chuckled lightly and gazed towards the sky.

As the moon shifted, a remarkably bright star appeared in the southwest sky. Its brilliance was so dazzling that it could be clearly seen from the ground, even overpowering the flickering lights of the city of S.

“The first star to appear in the night is called the Morning Star by humans,” Zhu Heya whispered softly. “And the reason humans call this star the Morning Star is that it guides them in the direction of progress.”

He murmured to himself, “Unfortunately, this Morning Star has already fallen into our hands.”

Zhu Heya slowly tilted his head back, with the delicate moonlight intermingling with the vibrant neon lights on his handsome face. He looked up at the night sky, his expression carrying a sigh of settling dust and regret, but also a smile of someone who had emerged victorious.

“Too bad…” he chuckled, “this Morning Star has already fallen into our palms.”

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