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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 4

Gods’ Descent Day

At 9 PM in the night, there are still 10 hours left until the login for the “Gods’ Descent” tournament.

In the originally tranquil night, a sudden anomaly occurred.

Amidst the dim clouds, aside from the stars, many unsettling red lights, resembling detectors, began flashing back and forth. Through the dark clouds, one could see unidentified flying objects, resembling whales in size, swimming. The celestial canopy was stirred as if a stormy sea was about to approach, with hidden currents surging.

In the year 2060, technological advancements had made humanity’s detection of the geostationary satellite belt precise to an unnerving extent. Any abnormal celestial movement would trigger immediate alerts. At this moment, space agencies around the world detected a massive group of unidentified flying objects. Their alarms blared in unison.

“Warning, a significant number of vessel-like non-physical structures are approaching, gradually decelerating to first cosmic velocity, attempting to circumnavigate flight and land on Earth!”

In the instant the warning was received, space agencies across the globe were thrown into chaos.

C Country’s National Space Administration.

After receiving the sudden alert, personnel within the space agency sprang into action. They moved anxiously, incessantly checking the functionality of various instruments. The room was filled with the echoing alerts and unsettling red warning lights of the instruments:

“How could such gigantic unidentified flying objects only be detected near the Earth? Did the satellite detection system fail?”

“Instrument check complete, no malfunctions detected.”

“Radar diffraction detection failed, it’s speculated that the other side might possess highly advanced stealth technology.”

“Could it be a holographic projection false alarm? Are they real entities?”

“They’re about to enter the outer atmosphere! They’re real!”

The colossal unidentified flying objects finally emerged from the clouds, like whales leaping out of the sea, bursting through the pitch-black mist to reveal themselves to everyone. For a moment, all the running personnel within the space agency froze, incredulously gazing at the massive black ship-like vessel in the night sky.

An entire row of immeasurable black vessels formed an orderly array in the sky. Ship cannons extended from the openings beneath the vessels, piercing through the cloud layer. Slowly and steadily, they approached the ground, a breathtaking sight that resembled the most high-end movie scenes.

“Is this some kind of joke…?” someone in the space agency was left dumbfounded. “What on earth is this?”

At the same moment, in the office of the Space Agency.

“Their starships have arrived,” said an elderly man with graying temples, looking at the screen of the transmission device. He trembled as he removed his glasses, a weary resignation evident on his aged face.

“… They have come after all.”

His mournful gaze lowered to the desk, where a dismantled yellow official document lay, adorned with a tag that read — [Extraterrestrial Civilization Invasion of Earth-related Information (Top Secret)].

At 10 PM, Extraterrestrial Civilizations Negotiation Bureau of the United Nations.

In the spacious and grand conference hall, a transparent elongated table floated in the center. There were a total of 23 seats around the table and 170 seats on the periphery. The walls were equipped with holographic image projection cameras.

Clearly, this was a holographic projection conference room. This type of conference room had been widely adopted worldwide since 2036, greatly reducing the time wasted in travel for less important meetings. As holographic technology advanced, holographic conference rooms became increasingly common, to the point where physical meeting rooms were nearly obsolete.

No matter how important the matter was, most meetings were conducted online.

However, this conference room that was originally meant for virtual projections was now filled with real people. Each person was dressed in neat standard uniforms, adorned with badges of merit. They sat with a grave expression, identity cards displayed in front of them.

This antiquated meeting format from the beginning of the century couldn’t diminish the significance of this meeting. A single glance at the identity badges was enough to confirm that this was a meeting that would influence the world’s dynamics.

Only one person seated had no identity card in front of them.

Zhu Heya sat at the head of the elongated table, hands interlocked serenely, a smile on his face.

“Everyone is punctual. I thought, given your positions, you might arrive a bit late, but I didn’t expect you all to be early.”

“Since we landed on Earth thirty years ago, I always thought lateness was a habit of yours.”

“No one will be late for this kind of meeting.” The first to speak was a blond and blue-eyed diplomat from E Country. His expression carried resentment as he spoke in English, “Mr. Zhu, except for you, you were two hours late!”

“I apologize.” Zhu Heya opened his hands slightly, his smile polite and seemingly sincere, speaking fluent English, “My flight was delayed.”

The emotional diplomat couldn’t help but slam his hand on the table, his anger evident. “You monster! You didn’t need to take a flight to come here in the first place…”

He was quickly restrained by someone next to him. An emissary from C Country, a composed-looking woman, stood up. Leaning on the table, she fixed a piercing gaze on Zhu Heya, “Mr. Zhu Heya, we are here to discuss the upcoming ‘Gods’ Descent Battle Protocol’ that is about to be implemented.”

“We don’t have much time left. Please begin.”

“Alright.” Zhu Heya instantly switched his response to Chinese. He straightened up and tapped the transparent table gently with his fingers. The table immediately lit up, projecting an agreement in the air. “This is the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement’ that we signed with all of you thirty years ago.”

“I believe none of you can forget that night?” Zhu Heya smiled gracefully, his tone composed, “Your satellites detected us, and for the first time, you heard the voice of a civilization other than humanity in the universe.”

He sighed, “It was truly a profoundly great third kind of contact, an exploration of communication between your civilization and ours.”

As he spoke, the faces of everyone in the conference room turned grave.

Thirty-six years ago, Earth’s artificial satellites received a patterned electromagnetic signal during one night. Humanity had discovered extraterrestrial life in the cosmos for the first time and responded with tremendous excitement.

Soon, one of them arrived on Earth, spending two months learning human languages and engaging in communication with humans. It displayed considerable goodwill, along with a highly advanced technological and civilized system.

Initially, the human negotiators were elated to encounter a friendly and advanced civilization. Quickly, diplomatic connections were established between the two sides.

However, things soon took an unexpected turn.

“Three months after our arrival on Earth,” Zhu Heya folded his hands together, his smile gentle, “to ensure the normal communication between humans and both our sides, we signed the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement’ for peace and friendship.”

Peace and friendship?!!

When everyone heard this phrase, they tensed up — the “Gods’ Descent Agreement” was in no way related to peace and friendship!

These extraterrestrial species that arrived on Earth had nothing to do with peace and friendship. They were parasitic, blood-sucking monsters!

Based on Zhu Heya’s communication, they learned that these beings had seemingly evolved beyond physical bodies, existing in a more highly dimensional state known as the “soul.” This mode of existence was incredibly potent, nearly invincible without a physical form. There had been no decrease in their numbers for tens of thousands of years.

Initially, the human side was very intrigued by this mode of existence. However, as the communication deepened, the true nature of these beings was revealed.

This evolutionary method had a terrifying downside — for some unknown reason, the souls of these creatures began to disintegrate and perish after tens of thousands of years. They decided to seek out civilizations with physical beings to host their souls and continue their civilization.

Ultimately, they found humanity.

“In other words, we decided to possess human bodies,” Zhu Heya said with a soft chuckle, “For you humans, we are immortal and all-powerful, possessing abilities beyond the physical and spiritual limits, akin to gods.”

“So, the process of us taking residence within your bodies is equivalent to the ‘Gods’ Descent.'”

Zhu Heya smiled faintly, “For you humans, being chosen by us should be considered a gift, right?”

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