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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 5

Gods’ Descent Day

“How could it possibly be a blessing?” Someone stood up in uncontrollable anger and exclaimed, “This is parasitism, it’s murder! You invaders should get out of Earth!”

“You’ve said these words too many times in the past thirty years,” Zhu Heya seemed to shake his head with a hint of helplessness, he spread his hands, “So, are you going to wage war against us?”

As these words fell, the entire room fell silent.

War… waging war was impossible.

The other side’s civilization was far superior to humanity’s, it wasn’t even a case of David against Goliath, it was beyond a comparison of military technologies within the same dimension, let alone touching them—war with them would be a complete joke.

The person who had angrily stood up sat back down in defeat.

“I don’t understand why you are so repelled by being possessed by us,” Zhu Heya mused, touching his chin with a sigh, “When you are possessed, you can use the abilities of our soul forms. It’s clearly an opportunity to ascend painlessly into a higher civilization…”

“But that way, our brains and bodies would belong to you,” someone shivered as they questioned, “Would humans still be humans?”

“Of course not,” Zhu Heya replied with a smile, elegantly spreading his hands, “But for creatures like you, wouldn’t it be a great chance to become containers for higher civilization beings?”

The person took a deep breath, “Humans will never agree to such possession!”

“Primitive creatures are always so stubborn,” Zhu Heya shook his head with a sigh, “Perhaps that’s why you can’t evolve.”

“Thirty years ago, you were willing to use nuclear weapons to threaten us into mutual destruction, rather than harmoniously coexist and evolve with us. Though nuclear weapons can’t harm us, they can certainly destroy your □□.”

Zhu Heya raised his gaze, “In order to facilitate smooth communication, we made concessions and agreed to your demands at the time.”

“We agreed, on the premise that neither side would employ massive weapons of destruction, to engage in a confrontation of an agreed-upon scale.”

“We win, and we evolve together; we lose, and we withdraw from Earth, not returning for ten thousand years.”

“After thirty years of negotiation, the human side finally devised a competitive mode,” Zhu Heya seemed to smile in a somewhat ambiguous way, his hands folded in front of him, “—and that is through holographic gaming.”

“Our soul forms enter the holographic game, assuming the role of bosses within the game. All of humanity becomes players. If you manage to clear the designated stages within the set timeframe, humanity wins. Conversely, if you fail, we win.”

“Now the league’s schedule is about to commence, do any of you have objections?”

“I do,” a female diplomat from Country C stood up slowly, “While we’ve established that the mode of competition is through holographic gaming, you haven’t informed us about the specific schedule. According to Article 412 of the ‘Gods’ Descent Duel Agreement,’ the human side has the right to know the detailed schedule.”

“Oh, that,” Zhu Heya chuckled, “That’s the punishment for your breach.”

“Article 117 of the ‘Gods’ Descent Duel Agreement’ explicitly stipulates that neither party is allowed, in any form, to disclose the specific contents of the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement’ to the public before the initiation of the Gods’ Descent League. You’re not permitted to interfere with the normal progression of the game, allowing ‘Gods’ Descent’ to operate within the natural state of human society.”

“But from what I know, all of you have been actively violating this provision,” Zhu Heya’s lips curved upwards, “Country A’s ‘Starlink Plan’ that blocked the launch of ‘Gods’ Descent,’ Country E’s ‘Exodus Manifesto’ mainly focused on developing light-speed spacecraft, Country R’s ‘Book of Rebirth’ focused on killing Gods’ Descent participants.”

Almost every time he mentioned a plan, someone’s expression at the table would darken.

“Of course, there’s also Country C’s ‘Morning Star Plan,’ mainly centered around cultivating humanoid weapons.”

The negotiator from Country C couldn’t help but grit their teeth upon hearing this.

“Of course, all these plans have failed under our interference,” Zhu Heya leaned back against the chair, his interest evident as he commented, “Though I’m amazed by your creativity, as a representative on our side, I must point out that you’ve violated the agreement between us.”

“It’s not only us who have violated it, right?” Another representative from a different country stood up, a man with a serious expression and a commanding tone, his skin tone and attire both indicating an Arab origin, “You’ve violated the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement’ as well!”

As easy as breathing, Zhu Heya naturally switched languages, countering in Arabic, “Where’s the factual evidence of our breach?”

“The launch and promotion channels of ‘Gods’ Descent’ are completely abnormal. For a normal game release, it’s impossible for it to expand to such a scale within a mere two years.”

The man speaking Arabic shouted in a questioning tone, “You monopolized the game’s release and promotion channels, indiscriminately promoting it to all of humanity within two years, causing the number of participants to reach 2.5 billion!”

“This is far from the natural state of human society! This is a state that you’ve interfered with!”

“That’s indeed our agreement,” Zhu Heya interlaced his ten fingers, elegantly retorting, “But it’s not us who’ve violated the agreement, but humanity.”

“‘Gods’ Descent’ didn’t start as a large-scale game release. According to the agreement, it had a limited initial release. The number of players at the beginning was less than five million. It was humanity itself that discovered ‘Gods’ Descent’ as a game and saw massive business opportunities within it. They couldn’t wait to exploit its value, expand the game’s scale, and attract more customers.”

Zhu Heya smiled, “Whether it’s the alleged monopoly of the game release or the expansion of promotion channels, it wasn’t us who did it.”

“We merely provided humanity with a game.”

“It’s the humans driven by the desire for profit who pulled in 2.5 billion people.”

Zhu Heya lowered his eyelids, his expression a mix of aloof pity for humanity. With a hint of a smile, he whispered softly, “So, I don’t acknowledge this as our wrongdoing; it’s humanity’s own sin. We haven’t violated the agreement.”

The man’s complexion froze for a moment, rendered momentarily speechless.

Indeed, as Zhu Heya stated, all of this was done by humanity itself. Zhu Heya had simply handed the game over to Deep Blue Technology for representation, only offering technical support and never intervening in the game’s development. They even requested a limited release in the agreement.

But humanity had breached the agreement.

Deep Blue Technology, the entity receiving the game, was unaware of the underlying significance of this game. According to the Gods’ Descent Agreement, they couldn’t even inform Deep Blue Technology about what “Gods’ Descent” truly entailed, only strictly requiring a small-scale release and prohibiting the expansion of the player count.

But no matter which game company, as long as they obtained ‘Gods’ Descent’ and saw this advanced holographic technology, they could see the enormous business opportunity behind it.

Deep Blue Technology wanted to profit massively from this groundbreaking game. Various countries had attempted to intervene, but the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement stipulated that the development of ‘Gods’ Descent’ had to occur under the normal, natural state of human society.

All of Deep Blue Technology’s actions fell within the bounds of the normal, natural state of human society. According to the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement, they didn’t have the right to interfere with or halt the release and expansion of the holographic game ‘Gods’ Descent’, even though they had attempted numerous times in secret and failed.

They couldn’t resist the immense popularity of this game.

Once ‘Gods’ Descent’ was introduced, capital flooded into the game like madness, instantly expanding it to an uncontrollable scale.

2.5 billion players, what a terrifying number, yet Deep Blue Technology proudly listed it as an accomplishment in their annual profit report for the year 2059.

These humans, who had never experienced the trials of battles, were about to step onto the battlefield against the gods for their survival. Just twelve hours ago, in the eyes of these players, ‘Gods’ Descent’ was still just a holographic game.

Despair flickered in the eyes of the man speaking Arabic.

“We haven’t violated the agreement.” Zhu Heya opened his hands, as if regretfully smiling, “But you have violated more than one clause.”

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