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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 6

Gods’ Descent Day

Three hours later, this lengthy meeting finally came to an end. As Zhu Heya nodded in farewell and smiled at everyone, one by one leaving the conference room, exhaustion and weariness were evident on the faces of all.

Being in a meeting with a single person and two hundred top-tier human negotiators had kept their thoughts so tightly knit that not a single loophole was revealed during those three hours…

The opponent’s strength left them without bargaining chips.

The group of people from country C negotiating with the Priests were two men and a woman. Now, they were slouched in their seats, gazing blankly at the ceiling.

Two years of negotiations had seen each and every one in this room striving to their utmost until the very end, yet it had all been in vain.

Human society’s countdown had less than ten hours remaining.

The female negotiator from C country closed her eyes, her fatigue impossible to conceal. She recalled the final words Zhu Heya had spoken to them.

“What you’ve done against us hasn’t been entirely useless; your plans have had a certain effect,” Zhu Heya smiled and said, “Although we are indeed powerful, we don’t understand humans.”

“We are beyond the realm of flesh, existing in the form of spirits in this universe for tens of thousands of years. We’ve long forgotten the logical thinking of the physical body. Even though I’ve learned every human language, I still can’t comprehend many of your logics—like how two humans, seemingly of the same kind, could have one betray the others and stand with us.”

“Your plans aren’t things we proactively investigate; many times, they are leaked to us by individuals who are privy to the information. That’s how we’ve discovered and disrupted them.”

Zhu Heya’s smile was gentle and even somewhat soothing:

“They claim they are willing to follow us, to become companions of the gods, leaders of the next era outside of the gods.”

“I hadn’t expected that some of your kind would actually betray you. Given this, I forgive your transgressions against the agreement, since it indeed isn’t fair to you.”

An indescribable sorrow welled up within the female negotiator, and tears glistened in her vacant eyes.

These were a group of beings who deemed themselves gods.

In the struggle between humans and gods, the greatest challenge wasn’t in killing the gods, but in how to counter their own kind—these humans who had long submitted to the gods.

Some humans who were aware of the gods’ existence hadn’t chosen to resist them; instead, they chose to stand with the gods.

These individuals believed that the gods could advance human society, that even if humans became livestock to the gods, it would still be better than being masters in their own civilizations by a factor of millions. They claimed that the advanced technology bestowed upon them by the gods had solved the economic and material predicaments of humanity—achievements that humans themselves could never have accomplished.

The gods could offer humans a better life, even if achieving that life required countless sacrifices; they depicted it nonchalantly as necessary sacrifices for societal advancement.

These people reaped massive profits through the advanced technology given to them by the gods, becoming some of the world’s wealthiest conglomerates.

—They deemed themselves companions of the gods.

[Gods’ Walkers]

“How did Zhu Heya find out about your [Project Morning Star]?” the blond and blue-eyed diplomat suddenly asked, “Didn’t you have the highest levels of secrecy for this project? How did it get leaked by the Gods’ Walkers?”

Perhaps due to the fact that human society had only a few hours left, the E country diplomat let go of all inhibitions and curiously inquired, “We’ve sent numerous spies, but none of them managed to learn the specifics, only that you had a project called [Project Morning Star]. We know nothing else.”

“Now that this project has also been leaked, it seems to have failed as well. I’m quite curious about your project. Can you tell me the details?”

The C country female negotiator remained silent for a while before slowly speaking, “The [Project Morning Star] is our country’s last plan to resist the gods.”

“We secretly scout for capable and talented humans within Gods’ Descent, using unconventional techniques to nurture and train them, preparing them for combat. Each of these individuals possesses extraordinary abilities and is referred to as a member of the Morning Star.”

“Among our original members of Project Morning Star, there was an exceedingly powerful member, the leader of Morning Star.”

The female diplomat paused, her voice hoarse as she continued, “He is the most powerful player in Gods’ Descent, [Traitor].”

The E country diplomat couldn’t hide his astonishment, “Traitor is one of your own?”

The female negotiator murmured in agreement, reminiscing, “Yes.”

Flames of joy lit up in the eyes of the E country diplomat, “If Traitor is on your side, then the human side’s chances of winning the league will increase significantly!”

However, the flames in his eyes were extinguished by a cold shower the next moment.

The female diplomat closed her eyes, her tone growing hoarser, “Six months ago, in a confrontation, he helped us deal with an accident, and due to that incident, he was prematurely exposed.”

“They discovered him.”

The hope in the eyes of the E country diplomat gradually faded, but he persisted, “What difference does it make if they know! The agreement states that they can’t directly interfere with humans! They can’t do anything to Traitor!”

“That’s true,” the female diplomat took a deep breath, her voice tinged with bitterness, “They can’t do anything to Traitor.”

“But humans can.”

“Zhu Heya leaked the existence of Traitor to his followers around him. They united with the God Walkers in the game, surrounded Traitor’s in-game character, and both in the game and outside of it, they penetrated our layers of protection, located Traitor, hunted him down, and physically harmed him to the point where he couldn’t continue playing the game.”

“Traitor was battered and injured, his brain damaged, almost incapacitated. He’s just an ordinary person now.”

When this statement was heard, everyone ceased their arguing and noisy chatter, quieting down to listen to the female negotiator’s further explanation.

“…After Traitor’s incident, to prevent further persecution, we unilaterally severed contact with him and halted Project Morning Star.”

“He no longer needs to fight for humanity. He’s done everything he can for humanity.”

The female negotiator lifted her head with a distant look, “Among the 37 members we selected for Project Morning Star, all of them were eliminated within the past year. Our last Morning Star member fell before dawn.”

“With the loss of Morning Star, humanity has lost its direction in the universe.”

“The fate of humanity can only be entrusted to themselves.”

At the same moment, midnight, just seven hours before the start of the God’s Descent League.

City S, New Era Square.

A massive floating canopy hung in the sky over the city, projecting a 24-hour countdown in the center, seemingly to commemorate the passing of the old era. The background was artistically stylized with black and white imagery, filled with noise, like the projection screen of early 20th-century outdoor black-and-white movies, starkly contrasting the modern holographic projections of the night sky.

The square was filled with young people who had stayed up all night, eagerly awaiting the start of the competition. Outside the holographic game cafes beside the square, queues extended even beyond the storefronts.

With the release of Gods’ Descent in 2058, holographic game cafes could be seen everywhere on the streets. Unlike the previous internet cafes, holographic game cafes no longer had screens and bulky consoles; instead, they featured individual holographic pods resembling metallic eggs. These pods were quite costly, and not every player could afford them, yet holographic cafes became increasingly popular.

To enter the game as quickly as possible once the league started, even though it was still seven hours away, almost every holographic cafe had a line outside.

The young people in line chatted excitedly and boredly with each other.

As an ordinary player, Huang Jinghui was also waiting in line, but after a while, he grew a bit tired of waiting. He asked his friend to hold his place and headed to relieve himself. He turned his head and saw someone standing at the edge of the square, gazing up at the countdown’s black and white screen.

The person was enveloped in the neon lights around the square, their face displaying a youthful and delicate appearance, slender figure, almost fragile, and a fair complexion. Amidst the bustling crowd, they resembled delicate porcelain that could shatter at the slightest touch.

Unforgettable beauty.

Huang Jinghui couldn’t control himself and walked over, a myriad of pickup lines he had practiced coming to mind, yet they all failed him at this moment. He awkwardly extended his hand, his mind blank, “Hello, I’m Huang Jinghui, a B-rank talented Gods’ Descent player, currently at level 60.”

“Are you alone?”

As soon as he spoke, Huang Jinghui wished he could bite his tongue off. What a ridiculous opening, making it sound like he was about to ask the next question—want to go out?

You Rongyi’s gaze shifted from the screen, sweeping past Huang Jinghui’s outstretched hand, and without even answering, he turned away from Huang Jinghui and left. His expression was indifferent, as if being interrupted by an insignificant person while engaged in something important.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Huang Jinghui immediately turned around in a hurry, instinctively attempting to catch You Rongyi’s right shoulder to stop him. However, as if predicting his move in advance, You Rongyi casually sidestepped to the left without even glancing back.

Huang Jinghui’s hand swiped the air, its force unchecked, causing him to stagger forward a couple of steps, nearly stumbling.

Only now did You Rongyi come to a stop. He turned his body slightly, shifting his gaze to the corner of his eye, and with an unconscious, habitual air of superiority, he appraised Huang Jinghui with a look that even he didn’t realize was so chillingly condescending, “What do you want?”

Huang Jinghui, who was barely managing to stand, looked up at You Rongyi, his expression faltering.

He hadn’t closely examined You Rongyi’s appearance amidst the crowd earlier, and now, at such close range… The sporadic fluorescent lights scattered around the square illuminated You Rongyi’s indifferent and pale face. Under the frigid gaze, Huang Jinghui felt his heart rate accelerate.

It was truly a captivating face.

Never in his life had Huang Jinghui’s brain worked this quickly. He rapidly pondered over the words he was about to say.

Just a moment ago, You Rongyi had been standing alone in front of the big screen, fixated on the countdown to the league. Clearly, he intended to participate in the Gods’ Descent league. The league was structured as a team competition, requiring at least two individuals to enter as a team.

Now, on the eve of the league, most of the league teams had already gathered in line for entry. However, You Rongyi was standing here alone.

“I’m part of a B-level league team,” Huang Jinghui began, choosing his words carefully, “Each team member has a game talent rated at B or higher, with an average win rate of 69%.”

“I noticed you’ve been waiting here alone for quite a while. Did your teammates stand you up? Do you want to join our team and participate in the league with us?”

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