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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 7

Gods’ Descent Day

You Rongyi’s expression showed a slight relaxation, and Huang Jinghui breathed a sigh of relief internally—he guessed it right.

You Rongyi didn’t have teammates for the tournament.

“Just seven hours left to enter the game, and if your previous teammates haven’t shown up by now, they’ve probably ditched you,” Huang Jinghui intensified his persuasive efforts, chuckling, “Gaming, you know, is fun no matter who you’re playing with. How about joining our team and participating in the tournament together?”

“My previous teammates?” You Rongyi lowered his gaze to Huang Jinghui, his gaze very peculiar. Within the jet-black pupils were reflected fragments of neon, giving it a dreamy yet strange quality, “This game requires teammates?”

Huang Jinghui was momentarily taken aback, “You don’t know that ‘Gods’ Descent’ requires teaming up?”

His surprise turned to shock, “You’ve never played ‘Gods’ Descent’?!”

“I guess I’ve had some exposure before,” You Rongyi answered.

Huang Jinghui queried, baffled, “Then you…” How could he not know that ‘Gods’ Descent’ requires team collaboration?

You Rongyi slightly parted his lips, his profile infused with countless dazzling yet decadent light and shadow, yet the underlying tone remained black and white—jet-black pupils, pale face.

“—I almost died, forgot everything.”

In the moment those words were spoken, the holographic screen beside them transitioned into a six-hour countdown, and an array of electronic fireworks erupted behind the screen. Enormous virtual fireworks bloomed in the sky, one after another, producing cascades of light that were more dazzling than countless stars, eliciting a resounding cheer from the crowd.

“Countdown, six hours!”

After the fireworks display counting down six hours concluded, Huang Jinghui patted his almost-deaf ears apologetically, “What did you say just now? The sound was too loud, I couldn’t hear.”

You Rongyi lowered his gaze, “It’s nothing.”

“Well, since you’re alone, do you want to join us?” Huang Jinghui probed, extending his hand with a jest, “Let us be your new teammates, fighting together for humanity until the end!”

The game world of “Gods’ Descent” was set in an interstellar background, primarily taking place in a location called the “Duate Galaxy,” where humans reside. It’s a remarkably beautiful galaxy.

However, one day, a non-corporeal extraterrestrial species known as the “Priests” descended from the sky, ruthlessly slaughtering humans and seizing control of the Duat Galaxy.

As players from the human side, they need to resist the Priests and reclaim their galaxy. This is why Huang Jinghui made that remark.

Nearly every player of “Gods’ Descent” would casually make such a joke.

You Rongyi glanced at Huang Jinghui, his gaze strange, appearing gentle and serene like water, yet also emanating a form of cruel pity.

The slight change in You Rongyi’s expression left Huang Jinghui momentarily bewildered. However, You Rongyi himself appeared completely unaware, extending his hand and slowly lifting his gaze.

“You Rongyi.”

“You agreed?!” Huang Jinghui was somewhat incredulous.

A person with such a remarkable appearance was following him just like that?!

“Mhm,” You Rongyi answered in a light tone. “You mentioned that entering the game requires teammates, right? I need to enter the game, and you invited me to be a teammate.”

Such straightforward and crude logic, completely incongruous with his demeanor and style—was he really that easy to convince?

“Does it only require one teammate to enter the game?” You Rongyi countered.

In his moment of confusion, Huang Jinghui slapped his forehead, realizing that he hadn’t consulted his other teammates before inviting You Rongyi.

“I have three other teammates, and they’re all good people. I’m personally completely willing to team up with you, but I don’t know how my friends feel. Stay here for a moment; I’ll go ask them!”

“Don’t move, I’ll be right back!”

With that, Huang Jinghui quickly dashed away, leaving You Rongyi alone in his spot.

He tilted his head back to continue looking at the black-and-white countdown screen. The massive screen was surrounded by an array of holographic projections, most of which were related to “Gods’ Descent” promotions.

One of the holographic screens displayed a soul projection advertisement, with the text:

“Let your soul depart from the burdensome flesh and enter a new world!”

“Welcome, all souls, to forsake the flesh and come to the vast Duat Galaxy to roam and settle!”

As You Rongyi saw these two lines, he narrowed his eyes. In his mind, fragments of vague memories flashed by—someone seemed to be reading books by his ear, softly reciting for him:

“Duat, in the Egyptian mythos, signifies the meaning of the inescapable underworld. Once a soul ventures to Duat, it endures eternal torment derived from nothingness and chaos, until the soul perishes, unable to return to the mortal realm or the afterlife—much like the technology of soul projection.”

“Soul projection is a one-way technique, which means once their souls are extracted from their bodies and projected into the game ‘Gods’ Descent,’ they can never return to their physical forms.”

“These ignorant souls will be imprisoned in the underworld called the Duat Galaxy, where the gods extract all their vitality, causing them to struggle until death.

In mythology, there’s only one circumstance that allows departed souls to return to their homeland in Duat—”

You Rongyi’s jet-black eyes reflected the holographic screen.

“—and that is by killing the god overseeing the underworld.”

The person reading the book paused, slightly turning his face, bathed in the hazy halo of backlight, whispering softly—

——”Rongyi, that is your mission.”

Before long, Huang Jinghui returned. He scratched his head somewhat sheepishly: “My friends said they don’t want to add someone last minute, so I left the team with them and came back to form a duo with you. Two people can still enter the Gods’ Descent League as a team.”

“My original team was called [Windslasher Wing],” Huang Jinghui extended his hand with a smile. “So, we can consider this new duo [Windslasher Wing’s Sub-Squad.]”

“Windslasher Wing’s Temporary Squad welcomes your inclusion.”

You Rongyi glanced at Huang Jinghui’s hand and playfully lifted an eyebrow. “Just shook hands with it.”

“… Haha,” Huang Jinghui awkwardly retracted his hand, mockingly cleared his throat twice, and changed the subject. “You’re new, so I’m sure you’re not familiar with the league rules. Shall I explain them to you?”

You Rongyi nodded.

“You should know that after the Priests seized the human homeworld, the Duat Galaxy was divided into twelve star systems, right?” Huang Jinghui spoke about the game unexpectedly seriously. “These twelve star systems correspond to our zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.”

“Each star system represents a different game type. For example, Capricorn is mystery-solving, Pisces is fairy tales, Cancer is romantic conquest. Each system has a Star Priest, who is the most powerful figure in the entire star system. Their strength is roughly equivalent to a human player with a maxed-out S-level talent.”

“Generally, playing the game involves completing instances, collecting materials, leveling up, and battling divine boss officials. The game mechanics in the Gods’ Descent League are mostly the same as those in normal gameplay, but there are still some differences.”

Huang Jinghui’s tone grew serious as he explained further, elaborating, “The Gods’ Descent League consists of two parts: the preliminary Divine Token Battle and the later Divine Tower Battle.”

“The Divine Token Battle?” You Rongyi inquired softly.

“In past planetary instances, players who completed the final stage received rewards such as materials, star coins, and talent books for leveling up. But in the league, players who complete instances can gain something more.” Huang Jinghui paused slightly, a look of longing lighting up his face. “—Divine Tokens.”

“Divine Tokens aren’t available in every instance and are extremely rare. They say the higher the difficulty of the planetary instance, the more likely you are to obtain Divine Tokens. Only players who acquire Divine Tokens within the stipulated time can advance to the next round.”

“The Divine Token Battle has three rounds: the Copper Token Battle, the Silver Token Battle, and the Gold Token Battle.”

“After completing these three rounds of the Divine Token Battle, players qualify for the Divine Tower Battle.”

“But I’m not sure about the format of the Divine Tower Battle. The Gods’ Descent official sources haven’t announced it yet.”

Huang Jinghui scratched his head. “But the Divine Tower Battle probably won’t concern us much. Rumor has it that there are only a hundred Gold Tokens, meaning out of 2.5 billion players, only a hundred can qualify for the Divine Tower Battle. I guess only players with S-level and A1-level talents from major guilds can make it. That’s a fierce competition that’s not relevant to us.”

“If we can get a Copper Token, it won’t be in vain!”

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