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God's Descent

God’s Descent: Chapter 9

Gods’ Descent Day

The news of countries being bombed spread across the internet in an instant. Human society’s order was rapidly disintegrating. Countless people on the streets were panicking, yelling, and running. Shops selling food and power equipment on the sides of the streets were blocked off, and signs of destruction were everywhere.

However, the collapsing order was quickly halted. The gentle voice from the holographic screens spoke, “Please calm down. We have no intention of launching another attack.”

The voice carried a soothing tone. This reassuring voice, accompanied by the synchronized sound of the black behemoth’s cannons reloading in the sky, became particularly persuasive.

Everyone’s actions came to a stop, and they stared at the sky in fear.

“After a brief introduction to everyone,” the voice carried a hint of amusement, elegantly introducing itself, “according to human communication protocols, we should get to know each other.”

“You should have some understanding of us. We are the boss monsters from the game ‘Gods’ Descent’—the extraterrestrial beings that come from the heavens to seize your habitats.”


“Priests…” Huang Jinghui inside the holographic pod muttered in disbelief, “…This can’t be…”

As if responding to his question, the system’s voice chuckled, “Yes, perhaps you can’t believe it, but we do indeed exist. Just like in the game, we have attempted to seize your civilizations and habitats.”

“But what matters more to us than your civilizations and habitats is—you, the humans yourselves. We need the power within your flesh to sustain ourselves.”

Huang Jinghui took a forceful breath. His face displayed a twisted fear. He vividly remembered the setting of the Priests in the game:

They were an immortal race without physical forms, possessing immense power. They were so powerful that they could manipulate the universe’s rules and truths.

And these monsters… In the game’s setting, they were flesh-eaters—unable to stably exist in spiritual form, they needed to periodically possess physical beings, namely, the bodies of humans, to absorb their life force and regenerate.

This was the price of immortality and power—a price so steep that it required all of humanity to pay.

“We traversed the entire cosmos, seeking our sustenance and vessels. Eventually, we discovered you—a vast population of human beings, a civilization progressing into its third stage.”

His voice carried a satisfied sigh, “You are perfectly suited to our needs.”

“We needed your contribution of bodies. Unfortunately, representatives from your side were initially unwilling. But after appropriate negotiations, we reached a consensus and established the ‘Gods’ Descent Agreement’.”

“The content of this agreement is to use your current population of 8 billion humans as the stakes. Whether a player can clear the final level of the ‘Gods’ Descent’ league—known as the Divine Tower Match.”

“If a human successfully clears it, it will be counted as a victory for the human side. We will withdraw from here and not return for ten thousand years. However, if no human can clear it,” he said with a smile, “I believe all of you within the Duat Galaxy have seen your fate.”

“Lastly, a piece of advice. Players who die in the league will also die in reality. Human players, please cherish your lives in the game. The current ‘Gods’ Descent’ is a game without resurrection.”

“Zzzt.” After a sound of electric discharge, the voice disappeared.

Inside the quiet and confined holographic pod, Huang Jinghui could only hear his own rapidly intensifying sharp breaths. He trembled as he spoke, “This can’t be real…”

He seemed to cry and laugh at the same time, “Surely this is just a prank by Deep Blue Technologies to create hype for the Gods’ Descent league!”

No one answered him. Around him were cries of despair and screams of panic, but no one dared to open the holographic pods. They trembled as they waited for the moment they would enter the game.

After a long while, the system’s notification sound rang out again. This time, the system’s voice turned into a cold, mechanical tone, no longer the gentle male voice from before:

“All players, logging into ‘Gods’ Descent’…”

The light strips on the holographic pods lit up, and they started spinning rapidly. The devices worn on players’ heads emitted dazzling milky-white halos.

Reflected in the pupils of You Rongyi were the spinning light strips on the holographic pod. If the tear-streaked Huang Jinghui could see You Rongyi’s face through the holographic pod, he would notice a calmness different from everyone else’s, as if the other person didn’t care about what was happening.

It was as if he had been waiting for this day.

The holographic pod spun rapidly. Amidst the mournful sobbing of those around him and a gradually weightless feeling, You Rongyi slowly closed his eyes.

The game between humans and gods had officially begun.

You Rongyi opened his eyes. Before him was no longer the chaotic internet cafe, but the pitch-black expanse of the cosmos, and a line of prominent white text in the sky:

“Welcome all players to the ‘Gods’ Descent’ login lobby.”

“Current number of participants: 2.56712 billion.”

The login lobby of ‘Gods’ Descent’ was filled with players who had just logged into the game.

Without exception, their faces displayed uncontrollable expressions of shock. Some were crying in despair, some were skeptically clicking their game panels in an attempt to leave, while others frantically dialed holographic video calls to contact people in reality.

You Rongyi glanced around and turned to face Huang Jinghui, whose eyes were teary. Holding up the floating game communication panel on the back of his hand, Huang Jinghui choked out, “The communication function of the ‘Gods’ Descent’ system is disabled. I can’t contact my parents.”

He sobbed, “Things are so chaotic outside now. I’m so worried about them!”

“Still worrying about people outside?” someone nearby paced anxiously and yelled at Huang Jinghui with bloodshot eyes, “First, worry about ourselves!”

“We’ve been trapped in this game. We might die any moment!”

As soon as this person finished speaking, the previously pitch-black cosmic canopy seemed to be pressed down with a “click,” countless points of light showered from above, and the sobbing crowd below stopped. Instinctively, they looked up.

You Rongyi stood on an infinitely extending ground, along with billions of humans, all looking up. They saw a vast and sparkling galaxy stretch out before them.

This is the Duat Galaxy, humanity’s homeland and sanctuary within the universe of the “Gods’ Descent” game.

An incredibly splendid and vast galaxy, a realm known as the “Underworld.”
The obsidian and dim expanse of the starry sky is distinctly divided into twelve regions, with countless stars scattered within them, shimmering brilliantly and captivatingly.

These stars, some colossal, others diminutive, all serenely orbit around the twelve central stars in each region, forming a magnificent and grand sea of shimmering star clusters.

These stars constitute the game map of “Gods’ Descent” – the planetary instances where players undertake challenges and engage in battle against the Divine Officials.

As the Duat Galaxy within the game illuminates, in tandem, hundreds of millions of holographic screens in reality also ignite. These screens resemble myriad cameras from diverse perspectives, capturing the endeavors of all players within the game world.

Someone discerns these illuminated screens and exclaims, “Look! It’s the in-game situation!”

“It’s being disseminated by the system!”

Three seconds later, all online media platforms commence live broadcasts concerning the game. Countless screens connect to various live streaming chambers, simulcasting the in-game occurrences. Nearly every live streaming room garners millions of spectators.

Everyone closely scrutinizes the players within the game – 2.5 billion humans contending against the gods.

Within the game, the system’s voice reverberates across the galaxy: “Greetings, players, as you participate in the ‘Gods’ Descent’ league. The specific regulations have already been elucidated in the real world and by sundry commentators.”

“Ten minutes hence, the first round of the Copper Ticket Battle shall officially commence.”

“The Copper Ticket Battle extends over 20 days, encompassing a total of ten million Copper Tickets. Battle arenas encompass the Pisces Galaxy, Scorpio Galaxy, Taurus Galaxy, and Sagittarius Galaxy.”

“After 20 days at midnight, the Copper Ticket Battle concludes, and players without Copper Tickets shall be directly ousted.”

The mechanical timbre of the system turns exceedingly frigid: “Elimination results in real-world □□ death.”

“The first round of the Divine Ticket Battle in the Gods’ Descent league has officially commenced.”

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