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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

When Ji Bie was awakened by the vibration of his phone, he was sleeping on Duan Zhu’s leg.

Ji Bie always felt excited at night, slept late, and couldn’t get up early in the morning. On the way to school every day, he could sleep for as long as the driver drove.

Duan Zhu’s legs were all muscles, very hard, not really good pillows, but Ji Bie was just too sleepy. As long as there was a place to lean on, he didn’t care about anything else.

Ji Bie raised his head and saw his phone lying on the armrest of the car seat.

The phone screen was lit up, still buzzing. Ji Bie complained to Duan Zhu, “Can’t you help me get it?”

He propped himself up on Duan Zhu’s leg and reached for the phone. He couldn’t reach it, so Duan Zhu helped him get it. Ji Bie took it, glanced at the caller ID, leaned softly against Duan Zhu, and answered the phone, asking, “What’s up?”

“I’m just letting you know, don’t forget about the rehearsal at noon,” Zhu Yin, the president of the school’s debate club, said anxiously, “It’s best if you can join us for lunch. The schedule for the competition has been arranged.”

The debate team is going to represent the school in the city debate competition next week. Ji Bie is the third speaker of the school team and bears a great responsibility, playing a crucial role.

“Just wait a moment,” Ji Bie turned to Duan Zhu and asked, “Young Master, can I have lunch with my teammates at noon?”

“No,” Duan Zhu replied.

“President, did you hear that?” Ji Bie asked Zhu Yin, “I might be a little late, around twelve-thirty.”

There was silence on the other end for a moment, then Zhu Yin said to Ji Bie, “Do as you please, but whoever arrives last will stay behind to clean the classroom.”

Ji Bie hung up the phone, turned to Duan Zhu with a look of grievance, and said, “The president wants me to clean the classroom.”

Duan Zhu pinched Ji Bie’s chin, not letting him turn away, looked at him for a few seconds, and said, “Shall I help you clean?”

Ji Bie, feeling uncomfortable under Duan Zhu’s scrutiny, shrank back slightly and said, “I wouldn’t dare inconvenience the Young Master.”

Duan Zhu let him go, leaned back in his chair, and said, “Duan Yuan is coming back tomorrow.”

Ji Bie was surprised again, opened his mouth, and said, “So soon?”

Duan Yuan is Duan Zhu’s younger brother, in the same grade as Ji Bie. He went to Germany for an exchange at the beginning of the semester and was supposed to return at the end of the term. It was only halfway through the semester, so it was unexpected for him to return to the country suddenly.

Ji Bie and Duan Yuan had a very poor relationship. Upon hearing this news, he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t help but maliciously speculate after a while, “Was he expelled or something?”

Duan Zhu glanced at Ji Bie, then said plainly, “He said he missed home and wanted to come back to rest for a few days.”

Ji Bie rolled his eyes.

With Duan Yuan’s return, Mrs. Duan would also come back.

Duan Zhu put down the book in his hand, looked at Ji Bie, and asked him, “Are you not happy?”

Ji Bie shrugged indifferently and said, “Do I have a right to speak?”

Mrs. Duan feared her eldest son and spoiled her youngest son. As long as Ji Bie didn’t upset Duan Yuan, she could ignore him.

But the time when Ji Bie and Duan Yuan could coexist peacefully was too short.

“If you don’t like Duan Yuan, just stick close to me,” Duan Zhu said, raising his hand to tidy up Ji Bie’s messy hair.

Ji Bie tugged at the corner of his mouth and said nothing.


Another short story I found in my stash! If you’re interested here’s the other one. A bit longer than the other one, 22 Chaps, and less on the sweet and more on the spicy side~ A bit of drama and angst. Forewarning: There are explicit scenes! I won’t put warning tags before the chapters so proceed with caution. There’s no schedule for this. I just randomly release the chapters once I read through it.

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