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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

One year later, on a spring evening in the suburbs of Boston, Ji Bie sat in the study, facing his laptop, writing a small essay assigned by his teacher.

Not long after his eighteenth birthday, he had been living with Duan Zhu in a new place for six months, living relatively low-key and going with the flow.

These days, Ji Bie was on spring break, but Duan Zhu’s vacation hadn’t started yet, so Ji Bie had nowhere to go and stayed at home every day.

A few days ago, a lawyer contacted Ji Bie about the issue of claiming the trust fund. Due to the large amount involved, it would take some time for the procedures to be completed. The lawyer asked Ji Bie when he would be available as there were some clauses that needed to be explained and signed in person.

On this particular morning, Ji Bie received an email from his birth mother. When he saw the salutation “baby,” he was momentarily stunned, thinking it was Duan Zhu suddenly acting crazy. But when he scrolled down to read the content, he almost burst out laughing at the nonsensical ramblings. Without bothering to read the rest, he deleted the email after seeing the signature.

Ji Bie paused in his essay writing as he heard the sound of the door downstairs, indicating that Duan Zhu had returned.

After moving to Boston, Duan Zhu had only hired a chef and a cleaner who came regularly to cook and clean. He hadn’t hired live-in servants.

At first, Ji Bie didn’t understand why Duan Zhu did this. He thought Duan Zhu, as a young master who had always been attended to, was willing to live a self-sufficient life without constantly relying on others for food and clothing. It was truly admirable and different from others, and Ji Bie had been moved for a few hours.

Later, he realized that Duan Zhu simply didn’t want anyone in the house to hinder his actions.

Thick carpets covered the stairs in the house, muffling any sound of footsteps. Even when Ji Bie listened attentively, he couldn’t hear Duan Zhu’s movements. Three minutes later, the door to the study clicked softly.

Purposely, Ji Bie didn’t turn his head, pretending to type on the keyboard. Then, someone hugged him from behind and kissed his neck.

Duan Zhu’s breath sprayed on Ji Bie’s neck, his lips carrying a hint of coolness. Ji Bie felt ticklish and laughed, turning around to push Duan Zhu away. “Don’t disturb me.”

Duan Zhu lowered his head and looked at Ji Bie, saying, “What are you writing? Let me teach you.”

Finishing his words, he closed Ji Bie’s laptop.

“Is this what you call teaching?” Ji Bie curled up his legs and used his knees to keep Duan Zhu away.

Duan Zhu said, “I don’t need to see those things to teach you.”

“Alright, alright, then teach me,” Ji Bie said, seeing Duan Zhu reaching out. He quickly used his own hand to meet his and shook it, shivering from the cold. “You’re so cold.”

Duan Zhu withdrew his hand, grabbed Ji Bie’s hand, and wrapped it in his scarf. He asked Ji Bie, “Am I that cold?”

“Just had a minor car accident. I saw it wasn’t far, so I came back first,” Duan Zhu explained.

“What accident?” Ji Bie was surprised, nervously asking, “Is it serious? Are you hurt?”

Duan Zhu looked at Ji Bie, shook his head calmly, and said, “It’s nothing.”

Ji Bie pulled Duan Zhu’s hand back, warming it with his palm and not letting Duan Zhu take it back. He stared at Duan Zhu and insisted, “Even if it’s minor, tell me about it.”

“A minor rear-end collision,” Duan Zhu lowered his head and gently kissed Ji Bie, “No big deal.”

“How far did you go?” Ji Bie asked Duan Zhu, feeling his hand warming up a bit. He then jumped out of the chair and said, “Let me go fetch some water for you first. You can take a bath and warm up.”

Ji Bie hadn’t taken two steps before Duan Zhu pulled him back and placed him on the other side of the desk. Without saying a word, Duan Zhu pressed Ji Bie’s hand back, but Ji Bie easily pulled it away and rested his hand on Duan Zhu’s shoulder, saying knowingly, “What does the young master plan to do without a bath?”

As he spoke, Ji Bie’s hand rested on Duan Zhu’s belt buckle. With a bit of force, he undid the buckle and said, “Let me see if it’s cold here.”

Duan Zhu held Ji Bie’s hand, preventing him from speaking.

Duan Zhu took off Ji Bie’s pants. At first, Ji Bie’s legs were still strong enough to squeeze Duan Zhu, but later, they could only sway with Duan Zhu’s movements, showing the pale thighs tinged with pink where Duan Zhu had touched.

Duan Zhu pinned Ji Bie on the table for a while, then lowered his head to ask, “Is it cold?”

Ji Bie couldn’t even complete his sentences, his eyes filled with tears that dripped down as he struggled to curse Duan Zhu for being cheap and smart mouthed . He couldn’t even answer a word before Duan Zhu’s lips sealed his own.

Ji Bie celebrated his eighteenth birthday on an ordinary day at the end of February.

He hadn’t attended school before the age of five when his mother took him in, so he was a year older than his peers. Ji Bie’s father owed a debt to Mr. Duan, whether by chance or fate. Considering everything that had happened, the Duan family always treated Ji Bie with a bit more kindness.

Ji Bie resented his background and struggled many times, trying everything to escape the shackles of his birth. But when Duan Zhu wished him a happy birthday, he temporarily set aside his hidden grievances and hugged Duan Zhu’s neck, happily saying, “Young Master, I’ve grown up.”

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