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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Ji Bie woke up to find that it was already noon.

The sun was shining brightly that day, its rays seeping through the cracks in the curtains and falling directly onto Ji Bie’s face, waking him up after a while. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Duan Zhu lying beside him.

Duan Zhu’s hand was resting on Ji Bie’s back, still exerting pressure on him even in his sleep, as if he needed Ji Bie to be pressed tightly against him without any gap for him to feel satisfied.

Ji Bie quietly observed Duan Zhu for a few seconds, feeling the heat emanating from him. He gently tried to lift Duan Zhu’s hand to put it back, but as soon as he grasped Duan Zhu’s forearm, Duan Zhu opened his eyes.

Ji Bie withdrew his hand, but Duan Zhu reached out and grabbed him. With a pull from Duan Zhu, Ji Bie ended up lying on top of him. Feeling even hotter now, with something pressing against his thigh, Ji Bie tried to prop himself up on the bed, but Duan Zhu’s strength was greater than his, and he circled his waist, not allowing Ji Bie to move. Duan Zhu whispered in Ji Bie’s ear, “Are you used to sleeping alone when you’re back in your country?”

“Not used to it,” Ji Bie loosened his grip and pressed back against Duan Zhu, then turned to lie beside him, looking up at Duan Zhu.

“Having fun?” Duan Zhu stroked Ji Bie’s hair and asked.

Ji Bie murmured in response, then realized, “I haven’t been having fun.”

“If you haven’t been having fun, why have you been video calling me so late every day?” Duan Zhu said, “You’ve been making plans with classmates every day.”

Ji Bie smiled and kissed Duan Zhu’s chin, asking him, “Is the young master jealous? Then I’ll make plans with you every day when I come back. Will you be free?”

As expected by Ji Bie, Duan Zhu didn’t answer whether he would be free or not. Ji Bie reached out and held Duan Zhu’s hand, saying, “One of my classmates is coming to your school to study and will be your junior.”

“Is that so?” Duan Zhu said casually, not showing any interest in knowing who it was, but instead asked Ji Bie, “Do you regret choosing this university?”

When he saw Ji Bie’s first acceptance letter, his first words to Ji Bie were, “Why did you apply to a school so far away?”

Ji Bie’s excitement upon receiving the acceptance letter was completely overshadowed by Duan Zhu’s somewhat indifferent expression.

“It’s alright,” Ji Bie averted his gaze and said softly, “I’ll stay in Boston.”

Duan Zhu pinched Ji Bie’s chin with his fingers, forcing Ji Bie to meet his gaze. This was a gesture Duan Zhu would make when he wanted to see Ji Bie’s expression, to read Ji Bie’s true thoughts.

“Boston is pretty good,” Ji Bie lifted his eyes to look at Duan Zhu and said.

“Good boy,” Duan Zhu nodded in satisfaction, kissing Ji Bie’s forehead, “You’re still young. My friend recommended me an agency that specializes in transferring schools. As long as you stay in Boston, try to transfer next year.”

Ji Bie agreed, and Duan Zhu then pulled out the delicate chain hanging around Ji Bie’s neck to take a look.

He had someone set the pearl he gave Ji Bie into a small square box made of 904 steel, two centimeters on each side, and let Ji Bie wear it around his neck. Duan Zhu skillfully opened the gap in the box, revealing the smooth and round side of the pearl. Ji Bie joked, “What, is the young master afraid I’ll take it out and sell it?”

Duan Zhu closed the box and said, “Let’s see if you throw it away.”

“It’s so precious, why would I throw it away?” Ji Bie replied.

“I’m thinking, when can you let it show?” Duan Zhu said slowly. Ji Bie didn’t understand at first, but then he grasped Duan Zhu’s meaning and felt a sudden shock.

Ji Bie stared at Duan Zhu for a while before reluctantly finding an answer that could pass muster, vaguely saying to Duan Zhu, “Young Master, we’re not in a hurry.”

Duan Zhu kissed Ji Bie’s lips, then trailed down to his jaw, his collarbone, and the nipple on his chest. Ji Bie had been away from home for so long without release, and just as he was getting emotional from Duan Zhu’s kisses, Duan Zhu moved away and said to Ji Bie, “I’m in a hurry.”

“I’m in a hurry,” Duan Zhu pressed against the hollow of Ji Bie’s ribs, saying.

Ji Bie felt a bit bitter and helpless in his heart. He knew Duan Zhu really loved him dearly.

Duan Zhu’s openness, Ji Bie’s hidden troubles hard to mention, Duan Zhu’s unintentional pressure, Ji Bie’s reluctant compliance—all mixed together, brewed into a bitter medicine that couldn’t be supplemented. Medicine is bitter, and Ji Bie has to drink it.

Duan Zhu was born with a kind of unyielding arrogance. He liked Ji Bie a lot, but that didn’t mean he would restrain his cruelty in front of Ji Bie.

“What’s the rush?” Ji Bie, afraid of pausing for too long and being caught drifting off by Duan Zhu, pressed against Duan Zhu, pushing him back, confidently straddling Duan Zhu and saying, “We agreed last night that you’d carry me, and I’d blow you for it.”

He knelt between Duan Zhu’s legs, pulled down his underwear without hesitation, and skillfully took Duan Zhu’s half-hard member into his mouth, moving up and down without hesitation. This time, Duan Zhu didn’t stop him, and soon he was fully erect, his hand pressing against the back of Ji Bie’s head, thrusting into Ji Bie’s throat, making it dry and sore.

After a while, Ji Bie got tired of swallowing and began stroking Duan Zhu with his hand, licking his tip. When his hand became sore, Duan Zhu ejaculated into his mouth.

Ji Bie obediently swallowed everything, looking up at Duan Zhu with a bit of the fluid from earlier at the corner of his lips. Duan Zhu used his fingers to wipe it away, offering them to Ji Bie. Ji Bie obediently took Duan Zhu’s fingers into his mouth, licking them clean before saying, “Young master, you’re so generous and potent.”

Then he leaned in to kiss Duan Zhu, but just before their lips touched, seeing Duan Zhu make no move to avoid it, Ji Bie turned his head aside and said to Duan Zhu, “I was teasing you.” Then he jumped off the bed and went to rinse his mouth.

Just as Ji Bie finished rinsing, Duan Zhu walked in and lifted Ji Bie onto the edge of the sink.

Duan Zhu parted Ji Bie’s legs, urging Ji Bie to wrap around him, and demanded passionate kisses from Ji Bie. Ji Bie’s mouth was becoming numb from Duan Zhu’s suction. With one foot on the sink, he saw Duan Zhu’s two fingers moving in and out of him, stretching him open. It didn’t take long for the fingers to be replaced with something else.

Ji Bie was quite uninhibited that day, moaning loudly. Duan Zhu was a bit out of control because of Ji Bie’s lascivious demeanor. Wherever he carried Ji Bie, they did it there. Lubricant mixed with other fluids oozed out with Duan Zhu’s movements, dripping all the way. Ji Bie’s legs couldn’t even close, but Duan Zhu didn’t stop.

Compared to love talk, Ji Bie preferred to have sex. He didn’t have to ponder deeply, just to pass the test luckily. He didn’t have to rack his brains to say things he didn’t want to say, and Duan Zhu would be satisfied.

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