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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Duan Zhu lied to Mr. Duan, saying he had school matters to attend to and slipped out. He didn’t stay at home for long before leaving.

For the next week, the Duan family stayed in Boston.

Duan Zhu’s great-grandfather passed away in Boston ten years ago, and in his will, he requested to be buried here. Duan Zhu’s grandparents would come every three years to pay their respects.

In the old residence of the Duan family in Boston, there was also a small house dedicated to the memorial tablet of Duan Zhu’s great-grandfather.

When the Duan family came to Boston, Duan Zhu didn’t return to his and Ji Bie’s house but stayed with them at the old residence. Duan Zhu’s grandparents wanted to visit his house, but Mr. Duan stopped them, saying it wasn’t necessary.

Although Duan Zhu wasn’t staying at home during this time, wherever he went, he would send a message to Ji Bie, even specifying who was at the same table, as if reporting his schedule like an office worker adhering to strict family rules set by his wife.

Ji Bie told Duan Zhu twice that he didn’t need to do this, but Duan Zhu seemed to ignore it and continued to send updates. Ji Bie felt that Duan Zhu had already found pleasure in this behavior and couldn’t be bothered to say anything more.

With Duan Zhu away, Ji Bie had nothing to do these days and spent every day in the library from morning till night.

On Sunday evening, the Duan family finally prepared to leave. Duan Zhu accompanied them to the airport and then went to the library to find Ji Bie.

Ji Bie opened the car door and greeted Duan Zhu. Duan Zhu suddenly remembered the things he bought for Ji Bie while shopping with his family, which were left in the other residence, so he asked the driver to turn back and retrieve them.

The old Duan family residence was much larger than the house where Duan Zhu and Ji Bie lived. The car drove through the iron gate and along a path, passing through greenery and scenery before reaching the front door of the house.

Ji Bie had been looking out the window the whole time, staring at the fountain in the center of the garden. Duan Zhu then asked Ji Bie, “Do you like houses with fountains like this?”

Ji Bie turned to look at Duan Zhu and said, “I’m just looking around. I still prefer where we currently live.”

“What’s good about it?” Duan Zhu asked casually.

“At ease,” Ji Bie said.

Duan Zhu and Ji Bie looked at each other for a while before Duan Zhu said, “Wherever you like, that’s where we’ll live.”

Freedom couldn’t be considered a benefit of the house.

If talking about preferences, Ji Bie actually liked small houses, no more than fifty square meters, suitable for living alone. However, if he were with Duan Zhu, they probably would never live in a small house.

Duan Zhu was thoughtful enough, Ji Bie looked down at his fingertips, thinking that if something was insignificant, it didn’t matter if he didn’t have it. Why bother thinking about what you don’t have?

Duan Zhu led Ji Bie into the house and asked him to wait downstairs for a moment while he went upstairs to get the gift. After a few minutes, Duan Zhu came back downstairs with a large box and handed it to Ji Bie, saying, “Open it and take a look.”

Ji Bie opened it to find a pair of watches inside.

“It looked good to me, so I bought it for you,” Duan Zhu took the slightly narrower one out, took Ji Bie’s hand, and helped him put it on. “I removed a few links from the strap; I hope it fits.”

“Couple watches?” Ji Bie raised his hand to look; his wrist was slender, and the watch was still a bit loose, so he held onto two links of the strap and said, “It’s still a bit big.”

Duan Zhu then took off the watch again and said, “Let me remove two more links.”

Ji Bie took the watch from Duan Zhu and looked at the dial. Duan Zhu placed the box aside and asked him, “Do you like it?”

Ji Bie wouldn’t dare to say he didn’t like something Duan Young Master gave him. In order to express his gratitude fully, Ji Bie said he liked it and leaned over to kiss Duan Zhu’s lips.

After not seeing each other for a few days, it was hard to keep away from each other. Ji Bie couldn’t help but kiss Duan Zhu passionately, and before long, he found himself sitting on Duan Zhu’s lap, unable to resist grinding against him.

The indoor temperature in June wasn’t cold, so Ji Bie asked Duan Zhu to take off his shirt. The marks Duan Zhu had left on his upper body were gone, but soon enough, Duan Zhu made new ones.

Duan Zhu wanted Ji Bie to lower his head while he teased Ji Bie’s nipples with his fingers. Ji Bie’s body was very sensitive; after a while of teasing from Duan Zhu, he couldn’t help but moan “Young Master” and “Duan Zhu” uncontrollably. Duan Zhu enjoyed Ji Bie’s reaction, and the hard object in his pants pressed against Ji Bie’s buttocks, making their kisses more urgent, causing Ji Bie to feel tingling sensations all over.

“Young Master,” Ji Bie took off his pants, his soft buttocks rubbing against Duan Zhu’s thigh, and whispered with a nasal voice near Duan Zhu’s ear, “Make me soft.”

Duan Zhu didn’t say anything, just pulled down the edge of Ji Bie’s underwear and rubbed his entrance.

Just as Ji Bie softly told Duan Zhu that was enough and let Duan Zhu in, the door of Duan Zhu’s house was opened.

The four people that Duan Zhu sent to the airport at noon, plus the newly arrived Duan Yuan, were all standing outside.

Duan Zhu reacted quickly, grabbed the coat from the side, draped it over Ji Bie, and calmly said to Mr. Duan, “Dad, close the door first and let Ji Bie put on his clothes.”

Ji Bie turned his head and saw Mrs. Duan and Mr. Duan standing in front, while Grandpa Duan, Grandma Duan, and Duan Yuan were standing behind them.

The door of the house was wide, wide enough for everyone standing at the door to see the whole living room. Fortunately, the edge of the sofa was high enough, so they could only see Ji Bie sitting on Duan Zhu’s lap with his upper body bare, but they couldn’t see their entangled lower bodies.

Ji Bie’s back felt cold, his mind dull as if it had been swung empty by rapid rotation, his hand still holding onto Duan Zhu’s, his fingertips nervously trembling. The heat and desire turned into fear and shame in an instant, as if being dragged into the sky, flying half a meter, and then slammed down violently.

After a few seconds of silence, the bag in Mrs. Duan’s hand fell to the ground with a muffled sound, and then Mr. Duan closed the door.


F*ck that’s embarrassing. If there are more mistakes in this chapter it’s because I was too embarrassed to actually read it! Now I remember why I never got to finish this despite it being so short! I couldn’t bear to get passed this chapter(like walking through a field of landmines). I’m overreacting but I’m the type that get’s embarrassed so easily it’s insane!

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