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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ji Bie’s father was Duan Zhu’s bodyguard. When Ji Bie was five years old, he died protecting Mr. Duan from a gunshot. His father was an orphan, and his mother didn’t want him, so Ji Bie also became an orphan. Mr. Duan, seeing Ji Bie’s pitiful situation, arranged for adoption procedures and brought Ji Bie into the Duan family.

Ji Bie had only met Mr. Duan a few times. Mr. Duan was a workaholic who was rarely at home, only coming home for two days during Chinese New Year each year before leaving again.

Mrs. Duan was a typical wealthy housewife, sleeping until mid-morning and doing what wealthy housewives do.

Duan Yuan was a vacant-minded fool, incredibly clumsy, had repeated a grade, and was in the same grade and school as Ji Bie.

As for Duan Zhu—when Mr. Duan wasn’t around, Duan Zhu was the head of the Duan family.

Ji Bie didn’t remember much about his life before the age of five, but he could easily recount the fights he had with Duan Yuan, both overt and covert, during the twelve years from five to seventeen.

When he was young, Ji Bie couldn’t beat Duan Yuan and often got beaten up. But when he reached his teens and grew taller, Duan Yuan couldn’t beat him anymore. So, Duan Yuan enlisted the help of his friends, and they would have brawls at the Duan household every day.

Mrs. Duan was extremely protective of her sons. If Ji Bie hit Duan Yuan, she would glare so fiercely that her eyes seemed about to pop out, and she would scream for the butler to fetch the family doctor. But if Duan Yuan beat up Ji Bie, she would turn a blind eye, just pick up her small bag, remind her son not to stay out too late, and calmly go play cards with her girlfriends.

On Ji Bie’s eleventh birthday, he was chased and beaten by Duan Yuan and his violent friends to the auxiliary building. Ji Bie, thinking quickly, darted into Duan Zhu’s fencing practice room.

Until then, Ji Bie had hardly spoken to Duan Zhu.

In reality, Ji Bie understood why Mrs. Duan was afraid of Duan Zhu; he was a little afraid of him himself.

Duan Zhu and Duan Yuan were different. Duan Zhu was like one of those emotionless young masters from TV dramas, with his head held high. A single glance from him could make anyone tremble with fear, and the area around him seemed to freeze for miles.

However, when Ji Bie was being chased and beaten, it didn’t matter whether Duan Zhu was a young master or not; the one who could save his life was the best young master in the world.

As time passed, Ji Bie couldn’t remember clearly anymore. He just felt that initially, Duan Zhu had driven him away, his face cold, telling him to leave or something.

Ji Bie’s life was at stake, so he had to use all his tricks to save himself. He used every trick in the book, refusing to leave no matter what.

Later, when Duan Zhu saw Ji Bie obediently squatting in a corner, neither leaving nor speaking, he couldn’t be bothered with Ji Bie and started practicing by himself.

Duan Zhu never intervened in the conflicts between Ji Bie and Duan Yuan. His domain was like a demilitarized zone of the Duan family. It didn’t actively invite Ji Bie in, but once he was inside, he was safe. Ji Bie had escaped many disasters in the fencing practice room, where he studied, did homework, and slept. Later, he thought he had become familiar with Duan Zhu, joking around with him and talking nonsense with him.

But Duan Zhu teaching Ji Bie fencing was a later development.

The classroom building for first-year students was separated from the third-year building by a standard playground. Ji Bie got off the car first when they arrived at the first-year building.

Entering the classroom, he found that morning reading had already begun. The class monitor glanced at him indifferently, continuing to recite English without stopping. Ji Bie hurried to his seat, and a girl behind him poked his back, asking, “Did you manage to steal Duan Zhu’s autograph for me or not?”

Ji Bie exclaimed, “Ah,” and said, “No, I forgot.”

“But,” he leaned over, showing his right hand to the girl behind him, and whispered mysteriously, “This is the hand Duan Senior just touched. Do you want to touch it?”

The girl made a disgusted face, took off her pen cap, and threw it at him. Ji Bie blocked it with his hand, chuckled, then turned back to open his backpack and started studying.

As he studied, Ji Bie took out his phone and secretly sent a message to Duan Zhu under the desk, asking, “What would you like for lunch, Young Master?” 

In the morning, Duan Zhu had knocked on Ji Bie’s door for twenty minutes before Ji Bie finally got up. Once in the car, he fell asleep in Duan Zhu’s arms again. Now that he was feeling better, he finally felt a little guilty and thought it would be better to take the initiative to find Duan Zhu and please him a bit.

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