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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The building where Ji Bie rented had no elevator. He opened the door and waited for quite a while at the entrance before seeing a dark figure slowly coming up from the stairs.

Duan Zhu’s steps were light, but the motion sensor light didn’t come on. There was no light in Ji Bie’s foyer, and the living room was dimly lit, leaving the hallway in darkness.

Ji Bie was afraid Duan Zhu couldn’t see the way clearly, so he coughed, and the motion sensor light turned on. Duan Zhu was wearing a white shirt and black trousers, with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and carrying a travel bag.

He felt Duan Zhu had lost weight. He dared not look into Duan Zhu’s eyes, only at his chin. Duan Zhu’s chin had a hint of stubble, and Ji Bie felt a bit uncomfortable, but it was all because of him. He seemed to have no right to feel sorry for anything.

He lowered his head and retreated to the room, taking off his slippers for Duan Zhu to wear. He stood barefoot on the wooden floor and said to Duan Zhu, “You go in first.”

Duan Zhu changed his shoes without a word. He looked around Ji Bie’s small apartment, his expression not very pleased. He asked Ji Bie, “Couldn’t afford a hotel?”

“Not really,” Ji Bie said, “I like smaller places, and it’s okay if they’re a bit older.”

Duan Zhu looked at him without commenting on his peculiar preferences, threw his bag into Ji Bie’s foyer, and followed him in.

Ji Bie led Duan Zhu to the sofa, asked him to sit down, and went to pour water for him.

The sofa in the living room was small, and Duan Zhu was tall. When he sat down, there was hardly any space left for Ji Bie to sit, so he had to stand by with his own water cup. He struck up a conversation with Duan Zhu, “Where are you staying tonight? Did you come straight here from the airport?”

Duan Zhu looked at Ji Bie as if he didn’t intend to answer, but didn’t express a desire to leave either. Ji Bie couldn’t figure out Duan Zhu’s mood, so he asked, “Are you fully recovered?”

Duan Zhu looked at him standing still and said, “Sit.”

Ji Bie was afraid it would be awkward if their thighs touched, so he tried to keep a distance from Duan Zhu. Duan Zhu noticed his little movements and mocked, “What, afraid I’ll do something to you?”

“Not at all,” Ji Bie looked at Duan Zhu helplessly and said, “I’m afraid you’ll feel uncomfortable.”

Duan Zhu gave a wry smile, put the water glass on the small coffee table beside him, and said nothing.

Ji Bie was not used to the awkward silence with Duan Zhu, so he tentatively asked, “Did you book a room? Did you sleep on the plane?”

“I slept, didn’t eat,” Duan Zhu.

Ji Bie thought for a moment and asked, “Would you like me to cook some noodles for you?”

Ji Bie didn’t like eating out, and he had been cooking for himself recently, learning some simple dishes that were not too greasy and were palatable.

Duan Zhu nodded almost imperceptibly, and Ji Bie stood up and went to the kitchen.

The kitchen in Ji Bie’s house was small and cramped. He boiled some water first and waited. After half a minute, Duan Zhu coughed, and Ji Bie turned to look at him. Duan Zhu said to him, “I’ll watch the water, you put on some socks.”

Ji Bie was taken aback, then nodded and asked Duan Zhu, “Can you watch the fire?”

Duan Zhu glared at Ji Bie, and fearing Duan Zhu might accidentally set the house on fire, he turned off the stove and then went to put on socks in the bedroom.

Ji Bie cooked a bowl of noodles for Duan Zhu, boiled an egg, added some vegetables, and when he was about to serve it, Duan Zhu asked him, “When did you learn this?”

“Just these few days,” he said, putting the noodles in a big bowl.

Duan Zhu said to him, “You learned quickly.”

“Cooking isn’t difficult,” Ji Bie said to Duan Zhu as they exchanged a few words. The discomfort and unease in his heart diminished a bit. He picked up the noodles, but Duan Zhu was still standing foolishly. Ji Bie said, “You go ahead and sit.”

Duan Zhu’s table manners were very refined and cultured. His hands were large, and his slender fingers held the chopsticks. From the joints to the veins on the back of his hand, they were all out of place in Ji Bie’s simple indoor environment.

From what Ji Bie knew about Duan Zhu, he wouldn’t like this kind of place, nor would he love to eat such rough food. But Duan Zhu didn’t complain at all. He ate all the noodles, probably because he was really hungry.

Duan Zhu put down his chopsticks, and Ji Bie took the bowl to the kitchen to wash but Duan Zhu followed him in.

Ji Bie still had to wash the pot, and accidentally bumped into Duan Zhu several times with his elbows. He wanted Duan Zhu to sit in the living room, but Duan Zhu refused. When Ji Bie finished washing the dishes and saw that it was already past ten o’clock, and Duan Zhu showed no sign of leaving, he had to ask, “Where are you sleeping tonight?”

Duan Zhu looked at him expressionlessly.

Ji Bie couldn’t completely guess Duan Zhu’s thoughts, but he couldn’t harden his heart. He plucked up the courage and said to Duan Zhu, “Do you want to make do here for a while?”

Duan Zhu looked at Ji Bie’s bedroom, his expression not very good. He was dissatisfied with the small bed, but still reluctantly agreed in a condescending manner.

Ji Bie’s bathroom was even smaller. When Duan Zhu walked in, his face turned black.

“Forget it,” Ji Bie saw Duan Zhu’s expression change and felt very uncomfortable. He didn’t want Duan Zhu to suffer such unprecedented grievances for him. He pulled Duan Zhu out and said to him, “Forget it, Young Master, let me take you to a hotel. There’s a decent one nearby.”

Duan Zhu glanced at him coldly, closed the bathroom door, and said, “No need for a hotel. My joints are inflamed, and I can’t move much. Help me wash.”

Ji Bie watched as Duan Zhu took off his shirt, his back facing him. The wounds left by his grandfather’s beating had not fully healed, and the purplish marks covered his entire back, looking terrifying and cruel. Ji Bie felt that Duan Zhu was deliberately showing him. He dared not look up, but Duan Zhu took off all his clothes, pulled Ji Bie over, and turned on the water.

The cold water from the showerhead poured down, soaking Ji Bie as well.

“Take off your clothes,” Duan Zhu said.

Ji Bie didn’t move, stood a little away, and as the water gradually warmed up, he roughly washed Duan Zhu. Just as he was about to go get some shower gel, Duan Zhu grabbed his chin. He exerted a lot of force, as if he wanted to crush Ji Bie’s bones, forcing him to lift his head.

With a kiss full of resentment, Duan Zhu tore open Ji Bie’s pajamas without any tenderness, throwing them on the ground. He grabbed his legs and lifted him up, with Ji Bie’s feet dangling in the air against the wall.

Ji Bie’s eyes were filled with water, and everything was blurry. He only felt a hot and hard organ pressing between his legs. Duan Zhu widened him with a few thrusts and then broke in. Ji Bie couldn’t even make a sound from the pain, but the heart that had been swollen like an overinflated balloon suddenly deflated, no longer feeling any joy, anger, or pain, nor fearing it might break. The sword hanging over his head finally fell.

“You ran away from me just to stay in a place like this?” Duan Zhu whispered in Ji Bie’s ear, slowing down a bit, deliberately pressing against Ji Bie’s sensitive spots. Ji Bie’s pain eased a bit, he held Duan Zhu’s shoulders, instinctively wanting to find Duan Zhu’s lips, but Duan Zhu turned his face away, one hand supporting Ji Bie’s hip, the other hand holding the back of his head, forcing him to lift his head.

Ji Bie bit his lip, his mind blank except for Duan Zhu’s low, cold voice, making him feel cold all over. Yet the thrusting made him feel hot, like a mix of ice and fire. Ji Bie could only emit intermittent moans, unable to say anything.

“When?” Duan Zhu lifted Ji Bie up, opened the bathroom door, and the two rolled wet onto Ji Bie’s bed.

Ji Bie was pinned underneath by Duan Zhu, legs wide open as Duan Zhu thrust in and out. The soundproofing of the house was poor, but Ji Bie couldn’t help but moan, feeling as though Duan Zhu had drugged him with an aphrodisiac. Each touch from Duan Zhu felt so good, making him moan in pleasure. Suddenly, Duan Zhu forcefully thrust against Ji Bie, causing Ji Bie’s hands on his shoulders to slip down weakly. His legs tightened around Duan Zhu, trembling, and he ejaculated.

“Why aren’t you running now?” Duan Zhu wiped away the cum on Ji Bie’s abdomen and leaned in, asking, “When I held you just now, you didn’t run. When I took you to Boston, you didn’t run. Now that I can finally marry you, why did you run from me?”

Ji Bie looked at Duan Zhu’s cold face weakly, unable to answer a single word.

“Why?” Duan Zhu’s voice contained a frustration and grit that Ji Bie had never heard before. As he mercilessly thrust Ji Bie’s body again as he asked, “Didn’t you come to the fencing room to find me on your own? Didn’t you follow me every day? Didn’t you willingly stick to me?”

“Ji Bie, didn’t you like me first?”

“What are you running now?”


Thanks again Cee for saving my life! She got up to this chapter and told me I was safe~ I’m too dramatic for my own good. Two chapters to go and we’re done!

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