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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

At noon, Ji Bie was delayed by Duan Zhu and didn’t arrive at the activity center until quarter past twelve. He pushed the door open and walked in to find the whole debate club, along with two advisors, looking at him with disapproving eyes.

The president was discussing the debate competition, and as Ji Bie walked in, he happened to be saying, “Everyone should gather at the school gate on Saturday morning with three days’ worth of clean clothes.”

“Why do we have to stay overnight for the debate competition?” Ji Bie casually tossed his bag onto the vice president’s head. The vice president agilely dodged it, and Ji Bie sat down in the seat next to him.

“I already mentioned it last month,” the president said coldly.

“From Saturday to Monday?” Ji Bie calculated quickly, realizing it would conveniently coincide with the time Duan Zhu was at home, which made him particularly happy. He then asked, “Can we stay a few more days?”

The president glanced at him with disdain and continued with the briefing.

“Why are you so late?” the vice president leaned over and asked Ji Bie. “Wasn’t it supposed to be at twelve-thirty?”

Ji Bie sighed and said, “Don’t mention it. The young master insisted on having the bento from the northern cafeteria, so I ran over to buy it after class and delivered it to him.”

The northern cafeteria was next to the activity center, while the third-year teaching building was at the opposite end of the campus. Ji Bie had to cross the campus three times in an hour just to reach the debate rehearsal venue.

As the competition was approaching, the school also attached great importance to the performance of the debate club, so the members would spend the entire afternoon at the activity center.

“Have you eaten?” the vice president asked Ji Bie, looking at his flushed face and red lips from running.

Ji Bie patted his stomach and said, “Yes, the young master rewarded me with food.”

Lately, Duan Zhu had been acting strangely, insisting on watching Ji Bie eat every day. Ji Bie was fed up with it. Today, he had some business at the debate competition and had only taken a few bites before wanting to leave. However, Duan Zhu had made him stay and forced him to finish his meal.

“Does the latecomer really have to stay back to clean?” Ji Bie asked the vice president. “Isn’t it quite clean already?”

The vice president shifted his gaze away, looking at the president who was standing above, rallying and inspiring morale. He asked Ji Bie, “So, are you in a hurry to leave?”

“Not really,” Ji Bie said, “I’m just afraid my young master will get angry if I’m late.”

In the end, Ji Bie didn’t actually stay back to clean. They rehearsed until late, and both of the school’s cleaning ladies waited at the door for twenty minutes. The final mock debate ended.

Ji Bie picked up his backpack and ran towards the school gate. He saw the car from his family in the distance and sprinted another hundred meters.

Once inside the car, he leaned back against the seat, catching his breath. Duan Zhu handed him a bottle of water and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

“How long have you been waiting?” Ji Bie took the water, unscrewed the cap, and took a sip.

Duan Zhu looked at Ji Bie for a while before saying, “Not long.”

During dinner, Ji Bie suddenly remembered the overnight stay and excitedly told Duan Zhu about it.

Duan Zhu frowned and asked Ji Bie, “Why three days?”

Ji Bie raised an eyebrow and said, “It’s arranged by the organizers. And isn’t Duan Yuan coming back? I want to avoid any trouble.”

“It ends on Sunday, so why return on Monday?” Duan Zhu asked again.

“It ends on Sunday night, so why not enjoy an extra night’s sleep?” Ji Bie rested his chin on his hand and asked Duan Zhu, “The young master won’t miss me too much, will he?”

Duan Zhu didn’t say anything. After finishing his meal, he put down his chopsticks and went to the study. Duan Zhu was busy applying to colleges; he would be attending university next summer.

Thinking about all this, Ji Bie felt a faint sense of worry. If Duan Zhu left and Duan Yuan returned, he would truly have no one to rely on in this family. He hoped Duan Yuan would come back a bit more sensible after this trip; otherwise, once Duan Zhu left, it would be a fight for survival between him and Duan Yuan.

Duan Zhu, this guy—was also quite strange.

After taking a sip of juice, Ji Bie glanced around, then jumped off his chair and slipped up to find Duan Zhu.

He boldly pushed open the door to Duan Zhu’s study. Duan Zhu was busy tapping away on his laptop. He glanced at Ji Bie once, then returned his gaze to the computer screen.

Ji Bie walked over, pretended to look at Duan Zhu’s computer screen, then reached out and pushed the computer away. He sat down on Duan Zhu’s desk, leaned his hand on Duan Zhu’s shoulder, and smiled at him.

Duan Zhu raised his hand and placed it on Ji Bie’s leg. Just when Ji Bie thought Duan Zhu was going to push him away, Duan Zhu leaned in and kissed him.

Duan Zhu’s breath was hot, his hands were hot, his lips were hot, and his pursuit overwhelmed Ji Bie’s tongue, which also felt hot.

Ji Bie’s waist tightened in Duan Zhu’s grip, feeling his strength and warmth even through their thin shirts. Duan Zhu dominated Ji Bie’s lips and tongue, engulfing himself in a hormone-fueled sensation that was both comfortable and scorching, hot yet satisfying. Ji Bie’s bare feet curled up, revealing his round and fair toes.

Duan Zhu gripped Ji Bie’s b*tt, carrying him as they continued kissing their way into the study’s small lounge.

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