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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

After kissing for a while, Duan Zhu pressed Ji Bie back down and tucked him in tightly from head to toe, saying, “I’ll send you off tomorrow morning.”

“Young Master, don’t you usually sleep in on Saturdays?” Ji Bie asked, then discussed with Duan Zhu, “Since you’ll send me off, don’t bother picking me up. Considering the situation with Duan Yuan today, do you think it’s appropriate for me to come back?”

“Where will you sleep if you don’t come back?” Duan Zhu asked.

“I want to ask if any classmates can accommodate me, closer to the school,” Ji Bie said. “Staying here means I have to wake up very early every morning. You knock on my door at half-past six.”

Duan Zhu’s residence was more than forty minutes away from the school by car, and sleeping in the car was never as comfortable as in bed.

Saying this, Ji Bie stretched out his arm from the blanket to hold Duan Zhu’s hand, trying to get Duan Zhu to agree to his request to stay elsewhere.

“No,” Duan Zhu refused flatly, not letting Ji Bie hold his hand and tucking it back in, saying, “I’ll pick you up on Sunday. We’ll stay outside until Duan Yuan leaves, then come back.”

Ji Bie found this strange, furrowing his brow. He subconsciously wanted to refuse, but before he could speak, Duan Zhu helped him turn off the light.

“Duan Yuan will continue his exchange program next semester,” Duan Zhu said, touching Ji Bie’s face with his fingers. “But he’ll come back for a few days at Christmas. I’m not sure about Chinese New Year. If you don’t want to stay at home, I’ll take you somewhere.”

With the room plunged into darkness, Ji Bie could only see the silhouette sitting by his bed leaning towards him. Lips touched his forehead, moved down his nose, and caught his lips.

Ji Bie hesitated for a moment, not cooperating with Duan Zhu. Duan Zhu’s demeanor seemed a bit unilateral.

Duan Zhu pried Ji Bie’s teeth open and kissed him with a touch of desire. Ji Bie also felt a bit moved. Just as he was about to pull down the blanket, Duan Zhu moved away again, paused for a moment, and said, “Forget it, it’s too late.”

“Duan Zhu, are you…” Ji Bie’s words circled around his mouth but didn’t come out.

What Ji Bie was thinking was actually, “Have you wanted to f*ck me for a long time?” He usually had thick skin, but for some reason, he couldn’t say it today.

“What is it?” Duan Zhu asked him.

“Forget it, it’s too late,” Ji Bie imitated Duan Zhu’s tone.

Duan Zhu didn’t pursue it and left Ji Bie’s room.

The next morning, Ji Bie didn’t run into Duan Yuan.

When Duan Zhu knocked on his door, he got up immediately. During breakfast, only Duan Zhu and he were present. Duan Zhu escorted him to the school gate and watched him board the bus.

The debate went smoothly, and Ji Bie’s school team won the championship. On Sunday night, the club president treated everyone to dinner at the hotel where they were staying for the competition. After the mentors left, a few teenagers in their puberty didn’t want to go back to their rooms and sleep, so the vice president suggested ordering some alcohol.

Ji Bie disliked alcohol and didn’t take a sip, but he inevitably ended up smelling like it.

Duan Zhu arrived at nine o’clock, and Ji Bie saw the text message, so he made an excuse to leave first. As he walked downstairs and out of the hotel, Young Master Duan’s car was parked at the entrance. Ji Bie opened the car door, bringing the smell of alcohol inside. Duan Zhu wrinkled his brow when he smelled it.

Seeing his expression, Ji Bie obediently kissed Duan Zhu and said, “Young Master, I didn’t drink.”

He was wearing the school’s autumn uniform, with the taste of juice in his mouth and bright eyes. Ji Bie rarely put away his thorns, taking off his jacket and placing it aside.

Duan Zhu glanced at the partition between the backseat and the driver’s seat, pulled Ji Bie over, and had him sit on his lap, where Ji Bie kissed him quietly yet sensually.

Duan Zhu had booked a room at a hotel near the school. Upon entering, Ji Bie saw the large bed and turned to ask Duan Zhu, “Are we sleeping in the same room?”

Looking at him, Duan Zhu walked over. Ji Bie sat on the bed and said, “That would not be a waste.”

Duan Zhu was quite aggressive that day, making Ji Bie kneel down and tightly clamp his legs, applying plenty of lubricant between his legs. There was even a feeling for Ji Bie as if they were truly joining together.

After being pressed down by Duan Zhu for a while, Ji Bie felt something warm trickling down his lower back, sticky and unpleasant. Duan Zhu silently wiped it away, and Ji Bie’s own thing also trembled, rubbing against the sheets but he was too embarrassed to say anything.

Duan Zhu flipped him over, and Ji Bie pushed back against Duan Zhu, stiff and erect. Duan Zhu reached out to help him.

As Ji Bie lay underneath, watching Duan Zhu’s serious expression, he thought of the breathy sounds Duan Zhu made when he was moving against his back earlier. He lifted his legs, moaning playfully.

After moaning for a while, it became real and Duan Zhu got hard again.

As soon as Duan Zhu touched him, Ji Bie came quickly. Duan Zhu energetically grabbed what was still hard, rubbing them together.

After resting for a while, Duan Zhu hugged Ji Bie from behind to sleep. It was their first time sharing a bed, and Ji Bie wasn’t used to it, tossing and turning to find a comfortable position, but Duan Zhu couldn’t hold him down.

Later, Ji Bie decided to chat with Duan Zhu. Duan Zhu was quiet, while Ji Bie was talkative. He talked about the debate competition for half an hour until he got thirsty and climbed out of bed to drink water.

When he crawled back into bed, Ji Bie remembered to instruct Duan Zhu, “Tomorrow morning, the debate club teacher has arranged for all participants to take a day off. Don’t wake me up in the morning or disturb me when I wake up.”

Duan Zhu held Ji Bie’s wrist, letting him lie in his arms, and asked, “When have I not waited for you until you’re late? How can I disturb you?”

Duan Zhu’s tone carried a playful smile, relaxed and familiar. Ji Bie rested his head on his chest, hearing Duan Zhu’s strong, steady heartbeat, feeling a bit awkward for some reason.

Physical intimacy was one thing, but emotional intimacy was another.

Duan Zhu was too intimate with him.

Ji Bie instinctively felt that continuing like this would be dangerous, but he didn’t want to call it quits first.

Ji Bie was weak; he only craved Duan Zhu’s warmth, but he didn’t dare to demand his heart.

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