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Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Ji Bie had dinner with Duan Zhu’s friends in the evening. They hadn’t eaten for long when Duan Zhu said Ji Bie still had homework to do and couldn’t stay out too late; he had to leave first.

Duan Zhu’s friends teased them, asking how Duan Zhu suddenly transformed into a loving family tutor. Ji Bie grabbed Duan Zhu’s arm, leaned on him, and retorted to Duan Zhu’s friends, “Because your family lacks an outstanding student like me.”

Duan Zhu’s friends waved them off, urging them to leave quickly.

Back at the hotel, in the elevator, Ji Bie asked Duan Zhu, “When we stay out like this, does Mrs. Duan not ask about it?”

Ji Bie always felt that the relationship between Duan Zhu and Mrs. Duan was strange, but Ji Bie didn’t have a reference point to explain what was odd.

Duan Zhu shook his head, saying she didn’t ask, and then added, “Oh, by the way, my dad’s secretary called me yesterday and said we’re going to my grandfather’s estate in the south for the Lunar New Year. Everyone’s invited this year.”

“Am I invited too?” Ji Bie asked.

He didn’t share the Duan surname, so every time he attended these large gatherings of the Duan family, he felt particularly awkward.

Duan Zhu reached out and touched Ji Bie’s face, saying, “You’re coming.”

Ji Bie sighed inwardly, thinking that once he turned eighteen, he would celebrate the Lunar New Year outside on his own.

As the elevator doors opened, Duan Zhu walked out and said to Ji Bie, “From now on, we’ll only stay for one day. Wherever you want to go next, I’ll take you there.”

Ji Bie felt a bit flustered and turned to look at Duan Zhu, asking him, “Not even for one day, is that okay?”

Duan Zhu stared at Ji Bie for two seconds and said, “No.”

“Why?” Ji Bie asked.

Duan Zhu stopped at the door of their room, swiped the card to open it, pushed Ji Bie inside, and said, “Because I have to go.”

Ji Bie dared not ask further. He was pressed against the door by Duan Zhu and kissed, unable to catch his breath.

Duan Zhu looked immaculate, but when he got angry, he could be deadly. He wouldn’t go all the way with Ji Bie, but he had a hundred ways to tease Ji Bie. Ji Bie did indeed have homework to do in the evening. He resisted and begged Duan Zhu, “Young Master, please wait for me to finish my homework first.”

Duan Zhu pressed him for a while before letting him go.

Ji Bie performed well academically; he was intelligent and diligent. Once he started a practice paper, he wouldn’t stop until it was done. Duan Zhu watched him for a while and commented, “Indeed, you’re nothing like my little brother.”

Ji Bie glanced at Duan Zhu and said as he wrote, “You don’t look like Duan Yuan either.”

“Half siblings. It’s not surprising if we don’t look alike,” Duan Zhu casually remarked as he glanced at the paper Ji Bie had finished.

Ji Bie’s pen immediately stopped, and he looked up at Duan Zhu.

Seeing Ji Bie’s puzzled expression, Duan Zhu explained briefly, “She raised me, but she’s not my birth mother.”

Ji Bie was somewhat bewildered. After a moment, he asked Duan Zhu, “Do you know where your birth mother is?”

“She passed away. Complications during childbirth,” Duan Zhu replied, placing Ji Bie’s paper back on the table.

Listening to Duan Zhu speak about such matters so casually stirred up a vague sense of bitterness in Ji Bie’s heart. He grabbed Duan Zhu’s hand and kissed the back of it, saying, “Nine out of ten things in life are unsatisfactory. You see, I have a mother but it’s better to not have her.”

Seeing Ji Bie’s unusually serious expression, Duan Zhu smiled, his fingers rubbing Ji Bie’s lips where he had just kissed, then he bent down and kissed Ji Bie’s forehead, saying, “No need for that. I’m not sad.”

“Really?” Ji Bie looked into Duan Zhu’s eyes, and Duan Zhu looked back at him.

Duan Zhu’s face showed little expression, but his eyes were very gentle, almost to the point of making Ji Bie feel frightened.

Ji Bie looked away, lifting his hand to press against Duan Zhu’s chest, saying, “Why is your heart so hard? Let me feel it.”

Duan Zhu grasped Ji Bie’s wrist, asking him, “Have you finished writing?”

Ji Bie hadn’t actually finished, but he lied to Duan Zhu, saying he had.

They undressed and fooled around for a while. Suddenly, Ji Bie pushed Duan Zhu down, clumsily climbing on top of him, saying, “Come inside.”

Duan Zhu held Ji Bie’s waist and said he would wait until Ji Bie was a bit older. Ji Bie then leaned down, burying himself between Duan Zhu’s legs, taking in Duan Zhu’s hot, hard member, sucking and licking.

It was painful in his throat and made his mouth ache, but Ji Bie struggled to pleasure Duan Zhu more. Ji Bie had seen plenty of films, and for his first time, judging by Duan Zhu’s reactions, he felt he was doing quite well.

Duan Zhu didn’t let him continue for long before pulling him up and wordlessly kissing him. Ji Bie dodged a couple of times before letting Duan Zhu have his way.

Ji Bie felt confused, distressed, and hesitant. He had been alone for over a decade, despite the hardships and difficulties, his heart had always been free and easy.

Only Duan Zhu made him unable to understand, unable to push away, and thus, he felt a little reluctant to part, neither too much nor too little.

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