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Peach Blossom Spring (Utopia)

Author: Wu Zhe 巫哲

Raws: 桃花源

Chapters: 109 (Completed)


They were born because of humanity, once close friends standing side by side. When an unknown disaster struck, some chose to turn away. After the slaughter between bio-beings, the remaining humans found solace in a corner, establishing a stronghold and struggling for survival in a desolate world.

As the once seemingly secure and pure human stronghold began to experience disappearances, the gears of fate started turning, and the past that was once deemed unbearable seemed to repeat itself.


Content tags: Apocalypse, Drama

Search keywords: Protagonists: Qiu Shi, Xing Bi ┃ Supporting characters: ┃ Others:

One-sentence summary: The Peach Blossom Spring in the apocalypse.
*peach blossom spring – a hidden land of peace and prosperity/utopia

Concept: In the midst of hope, a Peach Blossom Spring can be found everywhere.

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