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Recruitment: Proof-Reader


If you’ve been reading the novels on this site then you’ve probably had the thought: “Damn this person needs an editor/proof-reader to spot all these low-level oversights”. But ironically, I’m already an editor not a translator and sadly I still miss a lot of small mistakes and errors while editing(blame it on my low-attention span). So I need a proof-reader or even an editor for my editing😭. If you’re interested in helping me out with any of the stories or all of them, hit me up on discord. I can’t give you monetary compensation but at least you get to read the chapters in advance. The only qualification is for you to be fluent in English and to have read all the chapters of the story you want to proof-read and be willing to re-read them. Because you’ll need to do this starting from chapter 1.

Genius Mechanic – Found!

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