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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow [eSports]: Chapter 1


1. Capital eSports Academy

The bright crimson flames and explosive roars seemed to still be right in front of him. The scorching heat wave that burned his cheeks left a deep sting imprinted in his memory. Then, everything froze in that moment, followed by a blank void.

When he woke up again, Chen Xingran found himself in an unfamiliar environment.

He struggled to open his drowsy eyes, and without curtains to block it, the sunlight pierced through the floor-to-ceiling window, directly hitting his eyelids.

He squinted and surveyed his surroundings. The decor was completely unfamiliar to him. The room wasn’t large, resembling a luxurious single-person dormitory: tea, sofa, coffee table, television… Though small, it had everything one would need.

The television in front of him was still on, playing a variety show he didn’t recognize. The exaggerated laughter of the host and guests filled the living room, while his neck ached faintly from an incorrect sleeping position on the couch.

The scene before him and the flames in his memory felt equally real. Chen Xingran couldn’t distinguish for a moment which one was a dream and which one was reality.

On the coffee table, a mobile phone was casually thrown. It wasn’t a model Chen Xingran recognized, with its silver-white casing exuding a futuristic feel. Chen Xingran furrowed his brows and picked up the phone, illuminating the screen.

Stellar Calendar, year 2047.

The current time was clearly displayed on the screen.


He stared at the time displayed on the phone for ten seconds, then flipped the phone back and forth in his hand, glanced around the environment several times, and finally pinched his own face hard.


The genuine pain on his face dispelled the remnants of drowsiness. Chen Xingran finally confirmed that he wasn’t in a dream.

What the hell?

He vividly remembers that he had just celebrated the New Year with his friends, but on his way back, he encountered a car accident and then lost consciousness.

Why is it that when he woke up, not only the surroundings were different, but even the time had changed?

… Did he time travel?

As soon as this speculation arose, it was as if a switch had been flipped, and a large number of fragmented memories flooded into his mind from the depths of his consciousness.


In an instant, Chen Xingran’s face turned pale, and the excruciating headache made him instinctively support his head with his hand.

After a few minutes, he gradually regained his composure and let out a sigh.

Alright then.

The transmitted fragments of memories were like fragmented movie scenes, not complete enough, but they gave him a general understanding of his situation.

It was evident that this place was no longer the familiar Earth.

Blue Star. That was the name of this planet, and his current identity was that of a native Blue Star resident, a freshman at the Capital eSports Academy.

Yes, the Capital eSports Academy.

It was the first time Chen Xingran encountered this term in his memories, and it made him chuckle a bit.

It doesn’t sound like a serious school, ah…

However, he soon stopped laughing.

Because the information in the fragments of his memories clearly told him that in this world, gaming was not an unserious industry. On the contrary, the gaming industry on Blue Star was more developed than most entertainment industries. It was a nationwide sports and competitive activity.

And the Capital eSports Academy is not some mediocre school. It is the top-tier prestigious institution in the Xia Kingdom, annually producing various professional players, eSports analysts, game designers, and many other talents for the gaming industry. Its status is comparable to Tsinghua University and Peking University on Earth.

Chen Xingran had a slight headache.

Most of his time was spent on martial arts training. As a member of a martial arts family, he had been immersed in various cold weapons for over twenty years. Due to his exceptional talent in ancient cold weapons, he held the title of “Weapons Master” in the world of martial arts.

He extended his hand towards the light and observed his palm.

The skin was tender, the joints were slender, and it was a pair of hands that looked quite beautiful, like those in comics.

It was completely different from his original body, which was covered in calluses and scars from martial arts practice.

He rarely played games and had limited knowledge about eSports-related matters. Coming to a world like this, he probably wouldn’t fit in easily…

He hadn’t fully processed the massive amount of information brought by the fragments of his memories, nor had he figured out what to do in the future, when suddenly, there was a knocking sound at the door—”knock, knock, knock.”

Someone’s here?

Chen Xingran hadn’t decided how to handle familiar acquaintances to this body in this world, so he pretended not to hear.

However, the knocking grew more intense, almost as if someone was hammering on the door.

“Chen Xingran, stop playing dead and come out! I know you’re in there!”

The shout was full of vigor, with an unwavering determination to achieve the goal.

Chen Xingran: “…”

After a moment, the door to the dormitory was opened.

Standing at the doorway was a short-haired boy. Seeing that Chen Xingran finally appeared, he had a frustrated expression on his face. “So, you still know how to open the door ah?”

Chen Xingran: “…Wasn’t it you who asked me to open it?”

The fragments of his memories in his mind told him that the short-haired boy in front of him was called Wu Feiang, his classmate, and they seemed to have a good relationship.

“Do you know what time it is now? You’re hiding in the dorm and refusing to come out,” Wu Feiang said. “The New Star Cup is about to start, and I haven’t seen you training. Did you forget about our bet?”

New Star Cup? Bet?

Chen Xingran searched for these two terms in his mind, remaining silent.

Seeing Chen Xingran not uttering a word, Wu Feiang sighed and said, “I don’t know what’s going on in your head. You made a bet with Dong Qiyi to achieve a ranking in the New Star Cup, even though you haven’t even reached the Silver Tier yet. Now, the whole school is laughing at you. What are you going to do?”

Chen Xingran didn’t want to reveal his current situation, so he continued to play dumb.

Wu Feiang seemed to be accustomed to Chen Xingran’s demeanor. He wasn’t annoyed and continued speaking to himself, “Anyway, we may lose the game, but we won’t lose our spirits. Even if we can’t win, we should at least put up a fight. Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand at Chen Xingran.

Chen Xingran: “Where are we going?”

Wu Feiang: “We’re going to practice! I’ve arranged a spot for you. The New Star Cup is just a few days away, and you should at least make a last-minute effort.”

He was determined, and Chen Xingran couldn’t resist him. Without fully understanding the situation, he was pulled out of the dormitory with a bewildered expression and walked away.

It was still class time, and there weren’t many people on the road in the school. Chen Xingran didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he felt that his classmates around him were casting ambiguous glances at him, with mockery, disdain, and even some sympathy.

While pulling him along, Wu Feiang said, “You see, all these people are waiting to see you make a fool of yourself.”

After saying that, he glanced back at Chen Xingran helplessly and said, “Could you stop acting so indifferent? It’s making me even more nervous than you.”

Chen Xingran thought to himself, “I’ve just arrived, and it’s not even my business to begin with…”

But the whole situation of transmigrating was too absurd, and he didn’t know how to explain it. He could only observe his surroundings and follow Wu Feiang as they walked toward a gaming cafe outside the school.

Soon, they left the Capital eSports Academy and arrived at a gaming cafe outside the campus.

Capital eSports Academy, as one of the top eSports universities in the country, boasts a student street at its entrance that can be called a gaming paradise. It not only has numerous shops selling gaming peripherals and merchandise, but also various gaming cafes, creating a lively atmosphere.

Upon entering the “Starlight Gaming Cafe,” a receptionist girl at the front desk immediately spotted Wu Feiang and greeted him, saying, “You’re here, Feiang.”

“Hello, Sister Jiangman,” Wu Feiang responded with a smile.

Following his lead, Chen Xingran also greeted her.

Jiangman’s gaze fell upon Chen Xingran’s face beside Wu Feiang, and her eyes lit up. “Is this your classmate? He looks handsome. Does he have a girlfriend?”

Chen Xingran had just transmigrated into this body and hadn’t had a chance to look in the mirror. Fortunately, there was a small mirror at the front desk, so he leaned forward and took a glance, finally seeing the appearance of his current body.

Appearing to be around seventeen or eighteen years old, with soft black disheveled hair and an excessively refined face, his eye color was slightly lighter than usual, revealing an amber-like hue in the sunlight.

From any angle, it was a face that would make people turn their heads multiple times on the street.

A trace of surprise flickered in Chen Xingran’s eyes.

It was nearly identical to his original appearance, but he looked younger and more vibrant, even sharing the same name…

It was too coincidental.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with Jiangman, Wu Feiang asked, “Sister Jiangman, are there any available seats now?”

“We’ve reserved it for you.”

Jiangman withdrew her gaze from Chen Xingran’s face. “Operation Cabin A91, you know where it is, right?”

“I know, I know.”

“Today, there are two teams from your school competing in our gaming cafe. Many people have come, and the seating is crowded. It was quite a challenge to reserve a spot for you, so remember to thank me.”

“Competing?” Wu Feiang was taken aback.

No wonder there were so many people at the Starlight Gaming Cafe today.


“The angle of that assault was amazing!”

“No wonder they’re the strongest freshmen this year. Their reaction speed is impressive.”

“That combo is so cool!”

Suddenly, the crowd gathered in the gaming cafe erupted in gasps and cheers, causing Chen Xingran and Wu Feiang to turn their heads.

In the center of the gaming cafe’s hall, there was a large holographic screen playing a match.

Curiosity sparked in Chen Xingran’s eyes as he looked at the holographic screen.

Throughout their journey, the facilities and environment had been similar to Earth, but in terms of gaming, it seemed to be far more advanced than Earth’s technology. They had entered the realm of holography, and just by looking at this holographic screen that allowed multi-angle viewing, it was clear that it surpassed Earth’s science and technological capabilities.

On the screen, two teams were engaged in a 4v4 frontal team fight.

Various dazzling visual effects filled the screen, creating a magnificent display. In the front row, there were two warriors wielding enormous shield-swords, engaging in combat. They were tall and seemed to resemble frontline tanks.

The camera on the screen shifted, focusing on two individuals on the other side of the battlefield engaged in a fierce melee.

One person wielded a longsword, while the other held a broadsword, making it difficult to determine the outcome of their clash.

Chen Xingran’s gaze fell upon the weapons held by the two individuals, and his eyes lit up slightly.

As the heir of the Chen family, a renowned ancient martial arts family on Earth, he was extremely familiar with these types of melee weapons. From a certain perspective, these weapons emanating a cold and dangerous aura were like his second life.

Although it was just a game, the visuals were incredibly realistic. The trajectory of the weapons cutting through the air, the slight tremor in the air caused by the collision during close combat, and the buzzing sound of a sword cutting through the air—all of it was indistinguishable from reality.

In a daze, Chen Xingran was reminded of himself in the martial arts hall, tirelessly wielding his sword day after day, diligently training with various melee weapons from dawn till dusk.

Had the games in this world truly reached such a level?

“It’s actually Dong Qiyi, that guy.”

Wu Feiang looked at the adjacent operation cabin, surprised.

Chen Xingran had heard the name mentioned by Wu Feiang before. It seemed there was some kind of bet or wager between himself and that person.

Following Wu Feiang’s gaze, they could see a young boy lying half-reclined inside the translucent operation cabin. With his eyes closed, his flamboyant red hair stood out prominently.

He was the player controlling the character with the longsword on the screen.

In the footage, another player wielding a broadsword was engaged in a fierce melee with him, displaying an unstoppable momentum that forced Dong Qiyi into a defensive retreat.


The sound of the blades clashing reached Chen Xingran’s ears, particularly captivating.

“That guy with the broadsword is really strong.”

Wu Feiang couldn’t take his eyes off the screen as he exclaimed, “Broad swords naturally have high attack power. He must have maxed out his attack runes. Dong Qiyi can’t withstand a single strike; he’s almost depleted of health.”

The surrounding spectators also agreed.

“It looks like Dong Qiyi is going to lose.”

“It’s not easy for a longsword to fight against a broadsword. Dong Qiyi has already used up his skills and is still at a disadvantage. It seems like he’s going to lose.”

“Is this the strongest newcomer from the Capital Academy’s eSports Department?”

“It seems like Dong Qiyi isn’t as strong as everyone says.” Wu Feiang stroked his chin and said to Chen Xingran, “It looks like you might actually have a chance to win your bet against him.”

Chen Xingran shifted his gaze away from the holographic screen and calmly replied, “No, Dong Qiyi is going to win.”

Wu Feiang was taken aback.


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