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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow [eSports]: Chapter 13

13. This audience is not good.

At this moment, in another live streaming room of the Destiny section, the barrage and gifts filled the entire room. If you didn’t enable the screen blocking, you could hardly see the screen. Even the top Destiny anchor of Starry River Live, who had a recommended slot during prime time, probably wouldn’t have this kind of momentum.

And now, it was just approaching noon, not even during prime time, and the streamer who went live didn’t even give any notification or warm-up. It seemed as if they casually started the live stream without making a fuss. However, within five minutes, the number of viewers flooding into the live streaming room almost overloaded the server.

There was only one person who could achieve this level.

Former Black Tide professional player, the world-class gun god who won multiple world championships, and the eSports male god who still maintained his popularity after transitioning to Destiny— Yang Yunche.

“Yaahhhh, God Yun! God Yun!!”

“Damn it, you finally realized you were streaming. The live streaming room is going crazy!”

“If you don’t stream for a full ten hours today, don’t even think about ending the stream!”

“God Yun’s number one wife fan sent a Starship X99.”

“Yang Yunche, come home and see me and the kids. Sent a Galaxy Warship X50.”

“Has God Yun started streaming today? Sent a Galaxy Treasure X1.”

Wave after wave of gifts filled the entire screen, including highly valuable Galaxy Warships and the most expensive Galaxy Treasure on the Galaxy platform. Each time a gift was sent, the entire Galaxy platform would have a banner broadcast on the homepage, startling other live-streaming anchors who were currently streaming, as if they had come back from near-death.

Holy shit, Yang Yunche started streaming?

Hasn’t this guy been off the air for over a month?

This is big news!

A rustling sound could be heard in the live streaming room, as if someone was adjusting their headphones. After a while, a deep and magnetic voice resounded.

“Stop sending gifts, just let me stream for a while.”

“Ahhh, my husband spoke!”

‘So awesome! Bedtime lullaby material acquired!”

“God Yun, show your face, don’t make me kneel down and beg you.”

In truth, Yang Yunche didn’t really want to stream. He thought it would be better to spend this time playing a few training matches. However, ZMD team and Galaxy platform had a contract that required him to stream for a certain duration every month. Currently in the off-season, the official team members at the base had all gone out to have fun. Seeing that the streaming target for this month hadn’t been met yet, Yang Yunche was coerced by Fu Zhou to go live, with half a bag of potato chips as the price.

“Don’t make that face, want some potato chips?”

Fu Zhou whispered behind him, threateningly, “If you want them, then serve the viewers properly and put on a smile!”

Yang Yunche: “…”

Fu Zhou looked at the screen filled with gifts, and his smile almost caused crow’s feet to appear.

Indeed, popular players like Yang Yunche are in high demand. He’s only been streaming for a short while, but he’s already close to surpassing the weekly earnings of the other team members combined.

Team funds are going up!

“Let’s greet everyone first.”

Fu Zhou looked at the screen filled with rainbow-colored messages and wished he could personally respond to each one, expressing his gratitude to the viewers. Seeing Yang Yunche standing still, Fu Zhou raised the half bag of potato chips in his hand and whispered threateningly.

Yang Yunche had no choice but to comply, “Good afternoon, everyone. Long time no see. How have you all been? Is everything going well, even in terms of your bowel movements?”

Fu Zhou: “…”

The barrage of comments went crazy with laughter.

“Everything is normal, thank you for your concern, God Yun.”

‘As soon as he speaks, it’s the familiar formula.”

“Why does a handsome eSports god need to talk?”

“I was eating, but now I don’t feel like it anymore. Thank you, God Yun.”

“Okay, maybe you shouldn’t show your face. I’m afraid my fantasies will be shattered.”

“Laughing to death, his face and mouth have a mind of their own.”

“Is Fu Zhou there? Is Fu Zhou there? Haven’t you guys given God Yun the mute potion I sent to your base? Please hurry up. We’re organizing a party here to celebrate. Don’t be ungrateful.”

Fu Zhou twitched his mouth corner. “I didn’t ask you to greet them like that.”

Yang Yunche raised an eyebrow. “Then how should I greet them?”

Fu Zhou demonstrated, “Like this—Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for your support, and please continue to follow ZMD in the future.”

Yang Yunche shook his head. “Too official.”

Fu Zhou asked, “Is it? Then… ZMD will always be with you, forever?”

Yang Yunche replied, “Make it cuter.”

Fu Zhou suggested, “ZMD will always be with you, forever, kiss muah?”

Yang Yunche nodded, “That’s better.”

Finally satisfied, Fu Zhou nodded in agreement. But in the blink of an eye, he noticed that Yang Yunche’s microphone had somehow been placed in front of him.

Fu Zhou: “…”

“Hahaha, kiss muah!”

“Muah muah muah”

“Manager Fu, you missed it!”

“Today is another day completely trapped by God Yun’s schemes, Manager Fu!”

“Hahaha, I’m laughing so loudly. My mom asked if the water was boiling.”

“Manager Fu, are you still there? Can you give us another kiss? I want to set it as my phone ringtone.”

“Manager Fu’s dark history +1. God Yun is still cunning.”

Manager Fu: “…”

Tired and defeated, Manager Fu, whose once glorious reputation was now ruined, left the training room in a daze, forgetting to take the potato chips with him.

Yang Yunche picked them up casually, putting a chip in his mouth. “Let’s play some solo games today.”

The deep, magnetic voice of the male god mixed with the sound of potato chips resonated through the microphone into the ears of the audience. It tickled their ears and removed any sense of distance. Closing their eyes, it felt as if God Yun himself was lying next to them, casually snacking and chatting in a cozy home scene.

“I’m feeling refreshed again.”

“God Yun, who doesn’t speak provocatively, is still my husband.”

“God Yun, have you forgotten about your stomach condition? And you’re still eating potato chips!”

“Where’s Manager Fu? I’m reporting this! Someone is openly violating the rules!”

“Manager Fu is too embarrassed to show his face. He’s probably hiding in bed, crying.”

“This is our little secret. Don’t tell Manager Fu, or else…”

Yang Yunche smiled.

His voice carried a hint of tenderness and ambiguity, like whispers between lovers, causing people’s faces to turn red and their thoughts involuntarily wander.

Or else?

It feels like there should be some teasing words following that…

God Yun is really good at this!

“Or else, I’ll eat ten bags of potato chips and turn myself into a pig.”

Yang Yunche said it with a straight face, “Then you won’t see ZMD’s captain with his eight-pack abs anymore.”



“Seems like you have that serious illness.”

“Are you punishing us or rewarding yourself? So cunning! Playing long-range games can be hard on the heart.”

“I had already taken off my pants, but after listening to you, I’ve already become a monk at the Cangyang Temple. Thank you, God Yun.”

“If you can’t talk, just keep your mouth shut. Just turn on the camera and put it next to you.”

“Eight-pack abs? Are you saying you have eight-pack abs? I don’t believe it unless you show me “drooling” “drooling”.”

“Did the tranquilizers I sent work or not? Can you hurry up with it? If not, just use some duct tape.”

Yang Yunche calmly entered the operation cabin and casually started the game, feeling quite content.

Soon, the livestream switched to the game interface.

“Aren’t you playing squads?”

“What about Xiao Nan and Luobaibai? Let my other three husbands come out for a walk.”

“Them? They’re on vacation.”

Yang Yunche glanced at the barrage and casually said, “I’ll just play some solo matches today and entertain you all.”

“Thank you for entertaining us.”

“You’re so thoughtful, God Yun.”

“I’ll also be moved by your casualness.”

“God Yun is only Platinum in solo matches?”

Yang Yunche’s account displayed his own Destiny ID, ZMD-Yunche, prominently. However, his solo rank was only Platinum, which surprised many people.

But it was normal. As long as professional players registered in the Destiny eSports League, they would receive official tournament accounts provided by Destiny. The data in the tournament server did not sync with the main server. These accounts had access to all weapons and hero skins, and the players did not need to purchase them separately.

In fact, some skins that had not yet been released on the main server could be obtained by players in the tournament server in advance.

This was mainly for promotion. It was proven that new skins used by popular players during matches would always sell exceptionally well when they were available on the main server.

Most of the time, Yang Yunche played training matches on his tournament account. He didn’t spend much time on his main account, which resulted in his solo rank being only Platinum.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to play on a higher-ranked account. The Destiny eSports League had regulations that prohibited professional players from logging into other players’ accounts on public platforms like livestreaming. They were only allowed to use game accounts registered under their own identification cards.

This was to prevent certain professional players from creating smurf accounts for entertainment purposes during livestreams. Although it was common for high-ranked players to create smurf accounts and play in lower ranks in private, as a professional player registered with the eSports League, they had to lead by example and act as role models on public platforms like livestreams.

“What’s so interesting about Platinum rank? It’s just random killing.”

“How about asking God Yun to demonstrate a pure melee knife chicken dinner?”

“Hahaha, I agree! Ban God Yun from using ranged weapons and let him win with knives only!”

“In that case, isn’t Platinum too high? How about God Yun plays on a Bronze account? We don’t mind.”

“Hahaha, you guys are so ruthless.”

Yang Yunche’s lackluster knife skills were no longer a secret.

Back when they had public training matches, the captain of the All Stars team, Lu Mingyu, exclaimed, “Your blade skills are truly plain and unadorned.” It has become a famous saying in the gaming community.

To this day, whenever viewers witnessed a streamer’s poor knife skills and getting backstabbed by opponents, the barrage would always be filled with comments like, “Your blade skills are truly plain and unadorned.”

After Lu Mingyu’s remark, the scene where Yang Yunche calmly pulled out his bow and headshot an opponent became a regular feature in the “Destiny’s Top 10 Reckless Moments” highlight reel.

“My blade, I don’t usually take it out easily.”

Yang Yunche clicked on ranked mode, entered the matchmaking queue, and saw the barrage suggesting him to play with melee weapons. He shook his head and said seriously, “Once I strike, blood will be spilled.”

“Will it be your blood that I see?”

“You already cut your hand with a knife before the fight even started, didn’t you?”

“Knife: Are you *trying to touch porcelain here?”

*”碰瓷” (pèng cí) is a Chinese slang term that refers to a fraudulent act where someone intentionally creates a situation or accident in order to extort money or take advantage of others. It involves deliberately causing or faking an incident, such as a minor collision or injury, with the purpose of claiming compensation or benefits.

“Don’t usually take it out easily’.”

“Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing.”

Yang Yunche: “…”

This audience, they’re really no good.

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