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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow [eSports]: Chapter 15

15. Aerial Sniping

The scene shifted, and all 100 players spawned.

Chen Xingran didn’t have much luck this time. He spawned in a corner of Huntian City, far away from the heavily resourced Lord’s Mansion.

Chen Xingran quickly sprang into action, rushing towards the nearest house and swiftly searching for supplies.

Two armor pieces, a health pack, a weapon repair tool, a white armor, and a blue crossbow.

Chen Xingran moved with incredible speed. He stashed the armor pieces, health pack, and repair tool into his backpack. He put on the white armor, and two white armor bars appeared on his screen.

Without even sparing a glance at the blue crossbow on the ground, he proceeded to the next house.

“Hahaha, lively and absent-minded”

“Crossbow: Hello? Didn’t you see me?”

“Crossbow: So love disappears, right? (Feeling wronged)”

<Turning a blind eye>

“Ye Shao: You’re great, but we’re not compatible”

The barrage of comments erupted in laughter.

Chen Xingran’s close combat skills were unquestionable, but his notorious incompetence with ranged weapons, like the crossbow, was equally well-known. Every time he missed a shot and let a low-health enemy escape, it became a comedic scene that amused the viewers.

However, as a master of close combat, it was normal for him to struggle with ranged weapons.

This weakness didn’t make Chen Xingran lose fans. After all, with his exceptional close combat skills and the “secret techniques” like “Thunderclap” and “Jing Ke Presents the Dagger,” which were both impressive and powerful, the importance of ranged weapons seemed less significant.

In fact, the perception of Chen Xingran’s “terrible ranged weapons” gave people a sense of comical cuteness, like discovering that even goddesses have their flaws. It made the renowned master of close combat, supported by his halo, appear more approachable.

However, when it came to teasing, the viewers never held back.

Chen Xingran coughed lightly, pretending not to see the mischievous smiles filling the barrage of comments, and hurriedly ran towards another house.

Finally, he spotted a weapon.

Purple Tang Sword.

The Tang Sword, emitting a shimmering purple light, was quietly placed on the weapon rack, exuding its enchanting charm.

“Ah, this?”

“Alright, break it up. The game is over.”

“Purple Tang Sword enthusiasts rejoice! Will we get to see Thunderclap again?”

Without hesitation, Chen Xingran approached and grabbed the purple Tang Sword from the rack. The snowy-white blade smoothly slid out of its scabbard, and the sunlight from outside Huntian City seeped through the latticed window, casting a faint purple halo over the Tang Sword, mesmerizing anyone who laid eyes on it.

The hunt began…


A barely audible sound of a bowstring being pulled reverberated through the air as an arrow swiftly sliced through the sky, hitting a Shadow Dancer player who was searching for supplies.


An astonishing amount of damage floated up, leaving the white armor on the Shadow Dancer in tatters.

The sudden arrow startled the Shadow Dancer, who quickly took cover and began using healing items.

Before he could even reach the cover, another arrow flew like lightning, precisely targeting his next intended position, delivering a headshot with a whopping 500 damage. The Shadow Dancer’s health plummeted!

Oh, damn!

The Shadow Dancer was taken aback. He hadn’t even located the archer yet, let alone exchanged blows, and he was already left severely wounded.

Not daring to hesitate any longer, the Shadow Dancer swiftly entered one of the small wooden houses in the Dark Village to use healing items.

Luck was on his side as he found a new set of white armor inside the house. The Shadow Dancer quickly equipped it, used a healing potion, and replenished both his armor and health.

Feeling restored, the Shadow Dancer’s mind started working, deciding to venture out and investigate who the archer was.

Outside the wooden house, it was eerily quiet, with only the sound of a gentle breeze. It seemed like the archer from earlier had already left.

With uncertainty, the Shadow Dancer cautiously poked his head out, scanning the surroundings. Not spotting anyone, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and stepped out of the wooden house.


Once again, a crisp sound pierced through the air. The Shadow Dancer, being cautious, swiftly sidestepped, avoiding his original position.

However, he still got hit by the arrow.

The arrow didn’t come straight at him. It seemed to possess foresight, precisely targeting his next move. From a third-person perspective, it appeared as if he was intentionally moving towards the arrow.

Such incredible archery…

Nevertheless, the Shadow Dancer wasn’t empty-handed. Although his armor was pierced by the arrow, he also discovered the archer’s location.

In his right front direction, there was a Chainman half crouching on a tree branch at the entrance of the Dark Village. Most of his body was concealed by dense foliage, but the sunlight reflecting off the arrowhead exposed his position.

Found you.

The Shadow Dancer quickly consumed a piece of armor and charged towards the Chairman’s location.

Yang Yunche drew his bow and shot another arrow, but missed.

Ranged weapons like bows have remarkably high damage, but they also come with obvious drawbacks. Their attack speed is slow, and the arrows follow a ballistic trajectory, requiring significant prediction when shooting at medium to long distances.

Yang Yunche wasn’t surprised. Seeing the Shadow Dancer rushing straight towards him, he calmly took out a weapon repair tool and began fixing his bow.


A barely audible sound of the air being split was heard as the Shadow Dancer swiftly reacted, sidestepping and evading his original position.

But he still got hit by the arrow.

The arrow didn’t come straight at him. It seemed to possess a premonition, precisely targeting his next move. From a third-person perspective, it looked as if he willingly walked into the arrow’s path.

Such extraordinary archery skills…

Nevertheless, the Shadow Dancer wasn’t completely empty-handed. Despite his armor being pierced by the arrow, he managed to locate the archer’s position.

To his right, a Chain Man was half-crouched on a tree branch near the entrance of the Dark Village. Most of his upper body was concealed by dense leaves, but the sunlight reflecting off the arrowhead exposed his location.

Found you.

The Shadow Dancer quickly equipped a piece of armor and charged toward the Chain Man’s position.

Yang Yunche drew his bowstring again but missed.

As a ranged weapon, the bow had high damage, but its disadvantages were evident—slow attack speed and arrow trajectory. Shooting at medium to long range required substantial prediction skills.

Yang Yunche wasn’t surprised either. Seeing the Shadow Dancer charging straight toward him, he calmly retrieved his weapon repair tool and started fixing his bow.

The whip swung again! Blocking Yang Yunche’s retreat directly.

Yang Yunche decisively disconnected the chain, abruptly halting his motion in the direction he was flying.

This skill interruption was exquisite. It narrowly stopped just before grazing the tip of the whip, narrowly avoiding the attack. Without the support of the chain, he quickly descended.

The Shadow Dancer also descended, and the two faced each other in mid-air. Maintaining their falling postures, they exchanged rapid strikes.

Yang Yunche’s melee weapon was a randomly picked blue longsword. His swordplay skills were considered inferior among professional players, but among ordinary players, he was still quite formidable.

Pursuit, chain flying, Blink Step chasing, interrupted skill descent—all of this happened in the blink of an eye, dazzling the onlookers. In this dilapidated village, the two of them resembled martial arts masters from a movie, leaping and darting, moving like geese, leaving spectators in awe.

This is the charm of Destiny. With the aid of motion corrections, every ordinary player can experience the feeling of leaping and darting like a martial arts expert. The combination of skills and weapons creates enchanting flashes of blades and swords, pleasing to the eye with every frame.

Yang Yunche’s playstyle focused on defense. He mostly sparred with professional players, and it was impossible to gain an advantage in melee combat against them. His goal was to ensure he could effectively defend against lethal attacks and avoid being quickly killed in close-quarters combat. He aimed to delay the fight until his teammates arrived to engage in team battles. That was his mission.

The Shadow Dancer could clearly feel that the archery and swordplay of Yang Yunche were in completely different leagues. While pondering this, he suddenly saw Yang Yunche’s defensive stance shift, assuming an offensive posture.

The Shadow Dancer immediately became alert, intending to retreat with his whip.

To his surprise, Yang Yunche’s attack was a feint. As his sword edge shifted, he swiftly changed weapons, transforming his longsword into a large bow. In an instant, an arrow was shot, a headshot attack!

At such close range, it was no different for Yang Yunche than shooting a target.

Gunfighting technique.

This is a highly distinctive playstyle of Yang Yunche, causing numerous professional players a headache.

Although melee combat is Yang Yunche’s weakness, if you think that simply getting close to him will confuse him and render him ineffective, then Yang Yunche would never have become the captain of ZMD Team, let alone lead them to achieve second place in the Destiny Cup total rankings.

Yang Yunche’s swordplay is highly deceptive. Just when you think he is about to attack or defend, he always manages to skillfully draw out a ranged weapon, catching you off guard. Even among professional players, his hand speed is top-notch, switching from melee to ranged weapons and back in a fraction of a second, leaving no time to react.

By integrating gunfighting into his footwork and swordplay, as long as he seizes an opportunity, Yang Yunche can immediately create distance and exploit the ranged weapon’s damage output. Every professional player who intends to engage him in close combat finds themselves restrained by the threat of his bow and arrow, mentally strained and extremely difficult to deal with.

“Here it is! Gunfighting technique!”

“The opponent must be baffled once more.”

“His footwork is as slippery as an eel. Whenever he has a chance, he switches to his bow at close range. This playstyle is really sneaky!”

“It’s the most frustrating thing when you know it’s dirty, but you can’t do anything about it.”

“In the professional league, only God Yun can use a ranged weapon like this.”

With a close-range headshot, the opponent’s health was instantly depleted to a sliver. The Shadow Dancer became anxious, losing his composure, and couldn’t resist the urge to charge forward and engage in melee combat with Yang Yunche.

Without a word, Yang Yunche took a step back and glided backward, raising his hand for another arrow.

The outcome was decided.

A dim soul mound appeared in front of them. Just as the audience thought Yang Yunche was about to lick his wounds, the chained man in the scene moved again.

After killing the Shadow Dancer, Yang Yunche showed no signs of hesitation. He swiftly released the chain wrapped around his left hand, coiling it onto the roof to his left, and then leaped into the air!


A series of rapid crossbow shots rang out, turning the spot where he had just stood into a honeycomb.

There’s someone else!

Initially, there were three people in the Dark Village. Yang Yunche took care of one Shadow Dancer, but there was another person lurking nearby.

Even in the midst of intense close-quarters combat, Yang Yunche wouldn’t forget to gather other information. While utilizing gunfighting techniques and engaging with the enemy, he also remained vigilant of his surroundings. Just as they descended from the treetops, he heard footsteps approaching from nearby.

Being a competent ranged assault specialist, accuracy in shooting alone wouldn’t suffice.

As the captain of ZMD, while providing long-range support with his bow and arrows, he also enjoyed the best panoramic view of the entire battlefield. He couldn’t afford to miss any information—whether there were ambushes around, how many enemies there were, whether to fight or flee, and which direction offered a safer retreat.

The skill of the Chain Scythe was called “Hook Bind.” Its effect was straightforward: it allowed him to leap to any terrain using the chain. The skill could be interrupted at any time during its use and stored for up to two consecutive uses. It was a remarkable technique for pursuing enemies and ensuring survival.

Yang Yunche leaped into the air, and at the highest point of his ascent, he interrupted the skill effect. With the inertia of the chain, he soared even higher, resembling a giant flying goose, momentarily pausing in mid-air.

Calm and composed, he drew his longbow to full moon, arrow gripped in his right hand, his gaze instantly sharpened.


The player launching a surprise attack hesitated for a moment, only to see the figure of the chained man disappear before him. He looked up and could only catch sight of a dark silhouette shooting up into the sky, blending with the dazzling sunlight, momentarily bewildering him.

He blinked, finally able to discern the Chain Man’s position.

However, within his line of sight, what arrived first was an arrow gleaming with terrifying cold light. The sharp arrowhead whirled and whistled as it pierced through the air, gradually growing larger in his widened pupils—

Single arrow headshot.

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