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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow [eSports]: Chapter 2

2. Motion Correction

It seems to be confirming Chen Xingran’s statement. In the next second, the situation in the holographic screen suddenly changed.


The broadsword wielder executed another horizontal cleave, sweeping towards the wounded Dong Qiyi in front of him. Just when everyone thought Dong Qiyi, with his low health, was destined to lose, he suddenly tilted his body and narrowly dodged the blade of the broadsword.

Then he swiftly closed in, his long sword slicing through the air, emitting a chilling gleam. The blade grazed along the contours of the broadsword, producing a sharp metallic humming that tickled the eardrums, accompanied by a burst of sparking sparks.

The broadsword wielder clearly didn’t anticipate this move. By the time he tried to defend, it was already too late. After enduring the damage and attempting to regain the initiative in the attack, he was denied any opportunity by Dong Qiyi. Leveraging the agility of his long sword, Dong Qiyi swiftly launched a follow-up assault, firmly controlling the rhythm of the offense.

The broadsword wielder was caught in a relentless barrage of attacks, completely manipulated and unable to force Dong Qiyi to retreat. As he attempted to counter, he was easily evaded once again by Dong Qiyi, who exploited the moment when he adjusted the angle of his blade to inflict a significant amount of damage.

Panicked, the broadsword wielder’s performance deteriorated further. He lost the momentum he had earlier and, after five seconds, his health was completely depleted, leaving him lying on the ground.

With the loss of the broadsword wielder, it became a 4 versus 3 situation. Soon after, Dong Qiyi’s team denied them any respite, swiftly regrouped, and focused their fire, instantly eliminating the shielded warrior at the front.

The outcome was decided.

From a balanced confrontation to a clear victory, the whole process happened swiftly, even before the surrounding audience could react.

“Oh my god, seriously?”

“He managed to counter-kill?”

“No, how did the broadsword guy dodge that? I didn’t see it clearly?”

“Wow, this agility is impressive. He’s got some skills.”

Unaffected by the surrounding exclamations, Wu Feiang turned his head and looked at Chen Xingran with a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“How did you know Dong Qiyi would win?”

“The broadsword style relies on strength and has more weight compared to conventional weapons. So when dealing with a long sword, one should always reserve some strength and rely on the power of the waist and legs to defend. Using full force with every strike, like he did, may appear fierce, but it actually exposes significant openings and vulnerabilities.”

Chen Xingran shook his head. “Once an opportunity is seized, there is no room for counterattacks.”

For someone from a martial arts family like Chen Xingran, the broadsword wielder’s attack technique appeared amateurish, like that of a beginner. With just a casual sweep, countless lethal attack paths flashed through his mind.

Youngsters tend to be too impulsive in their playstyle.

After finishing his words, he looked around and asked, “Where’s A91?”

“…I’ll take you there.”

Wu Feiang was at a loss for words, as if he was meeting Chen Xingran for the first time. He examined him from head to toe and commented, “I didn’t expect that. Your theoretical foundation seems quite solid.”

Indeed, considering that the Capital eSports Academy, as the top institution for gaming majors, had a ridiculously high admission standard, not everyone could get in. Although Chen Xingran lacked practical skills and hadn’t even reached the Silver Rank after half a semester, his academic and theoretical scores must have been exceptional.

Chen Xingran smiled faintly and didn’t respond.

Wu Feiang led Chen Xingran to the back of the gaming cafe, where a row of gaming booths were occupied, except for booth A91, which was still vacant.

“My cousin is in the AUG team’s training camp, and I’ve already talked to him. He’ll make time to give you some special training,” Wu Feiang said to him. “I’ll send you his ID later. Add him as a friend when you go online and start a martial arts room to practice a couple of matches. If you don’t understand something, just ask him. Don’t hesitate.”

“What about you?” Chen Xingran asked.

“I’m going to team up with a girl and have a sweet duo session. You can play on your own,” Wu Feiang waved his hand, and when he saw Chen Xingran still standing there, he asked curiously, “What are you staring at?”


Chen Xingran looked at the semi-transparent gaming booth, unsure of where to start.

He tentatively asked, “Do I just sit inside directly?”

“Do you have your ID card?” Wu Feiang questioned.

Chen Xingran, “?”
He reached into his pocket and searched around, finding nothing but emptiness. He shrugged and said, “I don’t have it.”

“If you don’t have your ID card, how are you going to play?” Wu Feiang said impatiently. “Wait here, I’ll go to the front desk and buy you a new one.”

After Wu Feiang finished speaking, he left, and Chen Xingran stood still, surveying the gaming booth in front of him.

With its silver-white exterior, it had a futuristic look. The overall shape resembled a capital letter “C” tilted on its side, with the hollow part covered by semi-transparent glass material. The body of the booth was adorned with numerous ARGB light strips, emitting colorful lights and giving it a cool and dazzling appearance.

Chen Xingran reached out and pressed the most prominent button on the gaming booth. Shortly after, the glass cover automatically opened with a soft sound.

The interior of the booth was made of soft leather material. Once Chen Xingran lay down, the leather gaming chair beneath him automatically adjusted and snugly fit his spine, causing his muscles to relax involuntarily.

Quite comfortable, Chen Xingran thought to himself.

Just as he settled in, Wu Feiang returned, holding a card with a crystalline-like material in his hand.

Chen Xingran took it from him. The ID card had a faint transparent blue color, and there was a silhouette of a man printed on it, wearing a team uniform with the words “ZMD” written on it. The facial features were smooth and profound. Even as a silhouette, it was evident that he was a handsome guy.

“Cough cough, only Yang Team’s joint ID cards are left at the front desk,” Wu Feiang said casually.

He inserted the ID card into the card slot inside the virtual booth on behalf of Chen Xingran. “It’s been selling like hotcakes lately.”

“Yang Team?” Chen Xingran asked.

“Yang Yunche, the captain of ZMD team,” Wu Feiang replied.

Wu Feiang found it strange and said, “No way, you play Destiny and don’t know about Yang Team? Last month, the teacher even introduced him during the classic battle appreciation class.”

“Oh, I remember now,” Chen Xingran lied. He had no idea who Yang Yunche was, but to avoid revealing that he was currently experiencing a memory gap, he casually agreed.

“Well, you go ahead and play. I’m going to team up with the girl,” Wu Feiang said with a playful smile, making a cheering gesture. “Good luck, and remember to add my cousin’s ID when you go online.”

“Got it,” Chen Xingran replied helplessly. “You go ahead.”


With a skip and a jump, Wu Feiang left.

Chen Xingran closed the operation cabin, and the next moment, the cabin went dark. A holographic screen appeared in front of him, displaying various game icons. In the center was the icon for “Destiny,” with a dynamic ink painting style, slightly larger than the other game icons, and particularly eye-catching.

Chen Xingran casually clicked on the game icon for “Destiny.”

The next second, his vision went completely dark.

It was a rather strange sensation.

The ink painting game icon in front of him suddenly enlarged, engulfing his entire field of view. It felt as if he was traversing through a time and space tunnel, where bizarre lines and colors intertwined. Then, all the colors merged, and a new scene unfolded before his eyes.

Chen Xingran snapped back to reality and felt that his body could move.

He lowered his head and extended his hand, grasping the air.

How amazing.

Although he knew clearly that he was inside a small operation cabin, his movements were incredibly natural. Stretching his hand, lifting his leg, running, and jumping, he couldn’t feel the presence of the cabin at all. It was as if he had crossed over to another dimension.

Moreover, the tactile sensations were incredibly real and delicate. The feeling in his fingertips was no different from that in the real world.

If the players on Earth knew about this gaming technology, they would go crazy, one by one.

Chen Xingran marveled silently in his heart.

“Welcome to the world of ‘Destiny.'”

A gentle female voice sounded in his ears.

“We haven’t detected any character information from your ID card. Would you like to create a new account?”

A window popped up in front of him.

Chen Xingran extended his hand and clicked the confirm button.

“Please name your account.”

Chen Xingran thought for a moment and casually inputted two characters.

“Ye Shao.”
*Ye Shao – Night Burn(his name Xing Ran is Star Burn)

This was the title he had been using in the ancient martial arts community. In his original world, the name “Ye Shao” was known to everyone in the ancient martial arts community.

Born into the prestigious Chen family, Chen Xingran began practicing martial arts at a young age. At the age of 5, he started learning various weapons, and by the age of 10, he had reached a state of mastery. At 16, he gained fame in the ancient martial arts community with his stunning knife techniques, and at 20, he achieved the highest honor in the community. By the age of 25, he established his own martial arts school, holding a transcendent position in the community.

When it came to unarmed combat techniques, Chen Xingran could only be considered above average. But when it came to using weapons, even the renowned “Smiling Spring Knife” Wang Ran had to show respect. His skill with weapons was unfathomable. Swords, spears, staffs, axes, hooks, forks—there was no weapon he couldn’t wield.

The phrase “Weapons like dragons and snakes, difficult to evade like ghosts and gods, astonishing talent” from Wang Ran, uttered after their battle at the martial arts school, had been circulating in the ancient martial arts community, delighting people to no end.

Now, in this new world, Chen Xingran continued to use the title “Ye Shao.”

Burning galaxies, the night ablaze like fire.

“Account named successfully.”

“Please select the motion correction ratio.”

Motion correction ratio?

Chen Xingran was momentarily puzzled.

After reading the accompanying explanation, he understood what it meant.

“Destiny” was a large-scale next-generation game created by the Blue Star Federation’s largest game company over several decades. It caused a huge sensation in the gaming community as soon as it was released. The intense clashes between ancient cold weapons and the popular 100-player battle royale mode captivated players, making it the most popular game of today.

However, although the game emphasized realistic combat, if players were required to start from scratch and learn to use weapons, the entry barrier would be too high. It would take more than a decade or even twenty years of practice before anyone could make sense of it. Moreover, if that were the case, during battles, everyone would simply swing their weapons randomly without any techniques, resulting in a lack of spectacle.

The so-called motion correction is when the system automatically corrects the player’s movements, allowing for more precise and efficient actions. This enables players, including novices, to showcase the prowess of martial arts masters as depicted in novels. It reduces the learning curve, eliminating the need for extensive training in fundamental skills. Instead, players can focus on strategy and timing their movements, resulting in enhanced visual appeal during battles.

The higher the motion correction ratio, the more standardized the movements become. Players no longer need to worry about how to adjust their body positions for optimal power delivery. They can simply execute fluid combinations and counter-movements, similar to playing a regular game.

However, setting the motion correction ratio too high has its downsides. Every action becomes textbook-perfect, lacking variation, which can make it easier for opponents to predict and exploit the player’s patterns.

Therefore, apart from beginner players, those with some experience usually adjust the motion correction ratio to around 90%. Higher-ranked players tend to keep it around 60%.

Professional players typically set their motion correction ratio at or below 50%, allowing for a balance between precise movements and the development of individual play styles based on personal preferences. This leads to a diverse range of approaches in gameplay.

“Please select the motion correction ratio.”

After taking some time to read the description, Chen Xingran responded confidently, “Zero.”

“Setting the motion correction ratio to zero means full manual control throughout the game. However, this may result in potential issues such as failed movements and the inability to evade attacks. Please consider this carefully. Are you sure you want to set the movement adjustment ratio to zero?”

With a determined tone and no hesitation, Chen Xingran replied, “Yes, I’m sure.”

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