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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 11

11. Heavenly Realm City

The next day, Chen Xingran woke up early.

After a quick wash, he left the academy and went to Starlight Gaming Cafe.

In fact, there were gaming rooms within the Capital eSports Academy as well, and there were quite a few of them with high-quality equipment. However, using the on-campus gaming rooms required submitting an application to the Student Affairs Office. In comparison, Chen Xingran preferred the atmosphere of the gaming cafe.

He grabbed a quick breakfast on the way and entered Starlight Gaming Cafe. Skillfully, he opened one of the gaming booths and logged into the game.

“Your followed streamer ‘Ye Shao’ has started the stream. Quickly open the portal to support the streamer!”

At the same time, Chen Xingran’s followers also received notifications about the stream starting.

“Front row!!”

“Is the stream starting this early today?”

“Another day to watch Ye Shao’s chaotic kills.”

“Streamer, can you explain the Thunderclap move from yesterday again? I’ve been practicing it for a long time, but still can’t get it right.”

“When will you do the Asura raid, streamer?”

As soon as the stream started, Chen Xingran was momentarily stunned by the influx of viewers into his livestream room.

He had… so many fans in his livestream room?

After fermenting overnight, the video of Chen Xingran using Thunderclap had gone viral on the forums. Several gaming media outlets also followed suit and quickly published articles about it.

Anyone who had a slight understanding of Destiny, the game, knew what such a technique like Thunderclap meant.

It was an invincible instant burst of power, an incredibly high kill threshold that could determine victory or defeat in a match with a single strike.

What’s more, it was incredibly stylish!

If it were just an ordinary technique, it might not have garnered such attention. After all, since the launch of Destiny, players had already discovered various different techniques for dueling. Initially, only a few people knew about them, but as time went on, they were widely spread and became common techniques. No one really cared about who the original creator of the technique was.

But Thunderclap was different.

Until now, only Chen Xingran knew how to perform it. Whether it was famous solo players, high-ranking players on the leaderboard, or even professional players, none of them had heard of anyone else using this technique.

It was like a unique secret manual, similar to the legendary Nine Yang Divine Skill in the martial arts world. Once the news spread, everyone became envious. They flocked to the livestream room, some wanting to witness the brilliance of Thunderclap, and others hoping to learn from it.

“Let’s start with ranked matches today.”

Chen Xingran opened the game interface and said, “Before the stream ends, I’ll go to the practice room to teach it again.”

The barrage of comments was filled with excitement, with each one obediently saying, “Sure, sure,” like elementary school students attentively listening to a lesson.

Typically, if a streamer possessed such an exclusive technique, they would at least keep it to themselves for a while to gain more popularity. Streamers rarely shared it openly and provided detailed instructions like Chen Xingran did. It was a rarity to have someone who willingly shared and taught, let alone such a kind-hearted person. Teaching alone was already amazing, so what more could one ask for?

[Human Peach has sent ‘Starlight’ x10 as a gift.] [Qing Shan Bu Du has sent ‘Starlight’ x99 as a gift.] [An octogenarian lady is dealing and sends ‘Starship’ x1.]

The barrage of comments continued with a series of donation messages.

“Thank you all for the gifts.”

Chen Xingran expressed his gratitude. He never actively asked for gifts during his livestreams, but if viewers were willing to support him through donations, he wouldn’t refuse it.

Chen Xingran clicked on the ranked interface and joined the queue.

In the Platinum rank, playing solo was considered a solid position. Players in this rank had already surpassed lower-level players in terms of skill and awareness. Occasionally, streamers would also use their alternate accounts to help boost the rank or play with higher-ranked players to entertain their audience.

As the saying goes, “If you don’t blow me up, I won’t blow you up. When will the fish grow bigger?”

Soon, he found a match and the scene in front of him disappeared, transporting him to the spawning island.

After a day of ranked matches yesterday, Chen Xingran had learned his lesson. He quickly opened the settings menu and disabled all microphone options. The “Action time!” from the plaza only rang out briefly before it was immediately silenced.

The world became quiet.

“Hahahaha, your hand speed is so fast!”

“I’m shaking here, and you pull off something like this?”

“No shaking, no fun! Let the music and dance continue!”

“I’m getting old, can’t shake anymore.” Chen Xingran laughed and then opened the preparation page to configure his spirit jades.

There were a total of ten slots for spirit jades, and he directly equipped ten attack spirit jades. After all, he was aiming to climb the ranks, and having high attack power would make it easier to secure kills.

“How old is the streamer? His voice doesn’t sound that old.”


Chen Xingran instinctively wanted to mention his own age, but the words halted at his lips. “…I’m eighteen.”

“Damn, calling yourself old at eighteen? What’s the world coming to?”

“Wuwuwu, I’m heartbroken. I thought he was my husband, but turns out he’s my younger brother.”

“Oh? Talking about this got me wide awake. Eighteen is great, eighteen is marvelous, a diamond in the rough.”

“??? You guys really love driving cars.”

“Is the streamer a student?”

“Yes, I’m from the Capital eSports Academy.”

“Wow, a top student too!”

“Is it the Capital eSports Academy I know? The one that’s ranked first in the country for eSports?”

“No wonder! The streamer must be famous for this skill in the school as well.”

“Wow, alumni! I also graduated from Shoudian.”

Chen Xingran casually selected “Huntian City” as his spawning point.

He primarily played solo matches, often jumping to high-resource areas with lots of players like Huntian City. He never lacked in equipment, always having at least a purple armor and purple blade whenever he killed his way out of Huntian City.

As the countdown ended, Chen Xingran was instantly transported into the game map.

His luck was good this time as he spawned directly on the second floor of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Chen Xingran moved swiftly. As soon as the spawn protection disappeared, he started moving. He picked up a blue longsword from the table, equipped a blue armor, and then searched the second floor, finding some armor plates and health packs.

By this time, there was already commotion downstairs. Two players rushed into the City Lord’s Mansion, engaging in a fierce battle in the grand hall on the first floor. The chaotic sound of footsteps intermingled with the clash of weapons and the shattering of tables and chairs, creating an intense atmosphere.

“Go and intervene!”

“Downstairs is lively!”

“With armor and weapons, why not just join the chaos?”

Chen Xingran pondered for a moment. “Not yet.”

After saying that, he quietly moved to the stairs on the second floor and lay in ambush in the shadows.


“You’ve changed. You’re not the streamer I knew.”

“Are you here? Why be an Old Six?”

“So, the world has reached the point where you become an Old Six. A streamer known for such fierce swordplay is now playing the role of a bystander.”

“Old Six” is a term used in the game, referring to players who enjoy taking advantage of others fighting by sneaking up and launching surprise attacks, or those who are more cunning and act as a hidden enemy. Originally a neutral term, it acquired a slightly derogatory meaning as it spread widely in the gaming community.

Almost every player who has played battle royale games has been greatly harmed by “Old Six.” Just when they finally defeated their enemies and were about to heal up, Old Six, lurking in ambush, would launch a surprise attack. All their well-equipped gear would be taken away, as if it were a dowry for someone else.

There’s a saying that goes, “Everyone hates Old Six, yet everyone becomes Old Six.”

Chen Xingran gradually developed a liking for the feeling of deception and intrigue in battle royale games. Here, it wasn’t just about overwhelming opponents with sword skills but also using tactical coordination and cunning thinking to achieve victory, which brought a sense of accomplishment.

Soon, the battle on the first floor concluded with a clear winner. The victorious player healed up and searched the first floor before heading straight for the second floor.

The moment his figure appeared at the stairs on the second floor, Chen Xingran sprang into action.

He was like a venomous snake lurking in the shadows, his entire body concealed within the darkness. It was difficult to notice him without careful observation. His breathing was steady, and his body rhythmically rose and fell, always maintaining the optimal state for striking.

When the player downstairs revealed himself, that flash of cold light hidden in the darkness suddenly emerged!


Too fast.

Even the audience in the live stream, who watched the game in real time, couldn’t react in time. Chen Xingran’s sword had already pierced through the air, swiftly and unexpectedly, into the enemy’s throat.

Weak point attack!


The opponent was wearing purple armor, but this sudden strike left him with no chance to dodge. The armor bar above his head instantly dropped by one notch.

An Old Six!

Players who could reach the platinum rank were not weak. With a slight chill in his heart, the enemy immediately reacted.

He swiftly moved, quickly creating distance between himself and Chen Xingran. Then, a green light flickered in his hand as he used the Witch Doctor’s skill on Chen Xingran.

A dark green poisoned state appeared above Chen Xingran’s head. During the duration of the skill, each attack would stack toxins, bypassing the armor bar and directly damaging his health. This was one of the most annoying tricks of the Witch Doctor.

Chen Xingran’s expression remained unchanged. With a step, he activated the Blink Step. His figure flickered, once again closing in on the enemy, forcing them into a close-quarters fight.

Although he initially chose the Shadow Dancer hero simply because he liked the look, after playing for a while, he found that the playstyle of the Shadow Dancer and Chen Xingran were remarkably compatible.

As an incredibly powerful mobility skill, Blink Step had both offensive and defensive capabilities. It allowed Chen Xingran to chase down low-health enemies or create distance to engage in a new battle. In a complex terrain like Huntian City, Blink Step could even be used to instantly teleport from the ground to the rooftops, disappearing from the enemy’s sight. Coupled with the invisibility granted by the secret technique and the cooldown reduction effect, the Shadow Dancer in Huntian City was virtually an invincible existence.

This was also one of the reasons why many solo players despised the Shadow Dancer.

Therefore, not only was the Shadow Dancer jokingly referred to as the “Rat Man,” but the complex map of Huntian City, which was suitable for the Shadow Dancer to excel in, was also collectively known as the “Rat City.”

Under Chen Xingran’s mastery, Blink Step, a skill primarily designed for evading and survival, was cleverly transformed into a pursuit technique. The two of them engaged in close-quarters combat, and the Witch Doctor on the opposing side was forced into a melee state.

If Chen Xingran’s knife techniques were fierce and elusive, then his swordplay was an entirely different style. His sword tip resembled a myriad of stars, with a gentle flick unleashing countless sword lights, akin to an endless drizzle that silently eroded the enemy’s health, layer by layer.

The Witch Doctor’s skills were not weak, but they couldn’t withstand such an onslaught. The sword lights in front of him were too fast to track, and just when he started to defend against the attacks from the lower body, the sword lights had already appeared in front of his face. Like a gentle spring rain, they seemed unremarkable but were impossible to defend against. Every inch of space could become Chen Xingran’s breakthrough point.

Soon, the Witch Doctor’s health dropped to a critical level.

On the other hand, Chen Xingran, apart from losing one-fifth of his health due to the toxins, had only lost half a bar of his blue armor, which was not even in the same league.

Although the Witch Doctor’s toxins were disgusting, they needed to stack to a certain level to take effect. He could barely touch the edge of Chen Xingran’s clothes, and every time he attempted an attack, Chen Xingran’s sword was much faster, forcing him to abandon his offensive and switch to defense. As a result, the toxins couldn’t stack up.

Two seconds later, the Witch Doctor was defeated.

The purple dagger slipped from his hand, and his whole body entered a brief state of stiffness.

The outcome was decided.

Chen Xingran casually stored the purple dagger in his backpack, then made an unremarkable straight thrust that pierced through the Witch Doctor’s throat.

The additional 30% attack bonus from the Spirit Jade was terrifying. Combined with the Shadow Dancer’s passive ability, it instantly depleted the remaining health of the opponent, turning them into a beam of light that disappeared within the Lord’s Mansion, leaving behind only a tombstone in the original spot.


“You’re amazing with the longsword!”

“I haven’t even learned the Tang Sword yet, and now I’m captivated by your swordsmanship. When can you start giving lessons?”

“How many action adjustments did you make, streamer? Why do I feel like I can’t perform a single one of your moves…”

“This is the correct way of using a sword in my mind. Wuu wuu wuu, graceful like a startled swan, elegant like a wandering dragon, free and unrestrained, gentle as a breeze and drizzling rain…”

“Sister, you’re so eloquent!”

The barrage of comments flooded the screen, interspersed with numerous gift messages.

Chen Xingran expressed his gratitude one by one to the viewers who sent gifts and then began to loot the spoils.

With the acquisition of the purple armor, as well as another purple dagger, along with armor fragments, health potions, and weapon repair tools in his backpack, he had gained quite a fortune from this battle.

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