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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 16

16. Provocation

    Utilizing the chain’s displacement to fly into the air, evading the enemy’s attack range, and then shooting arrows with the bow in one seamless motion.

    It may sound simple, but there are only a few individuals who can achieve this, even in professional leagues.

    This move was created by Yang Yunche himself, without an official name. As a result, players spontaneously named it “Aerial Sniper.”

    During the descent in the air, the player is also moving rapidly, constantly adjusting the aiming angle. At the same time, the enemy below is also moving, and one must consider the arrow’s trajectory…

    Just by listening, one can grasp the amount of information involved. It’s not something an ordinary person can achieve.

    This move is not only highly practical but also extremely stylish and cool. After Yang Yunche first used the Aerial Sniper move in the arena, that scene became a staple highlight of various “spectacular kill moments” in Destiny. Whenever remarkable plays in Destiny are reviewed, Yang Yunche always makes an appearance.

    At the same time, the barrage of comments went crazy, quickly flooding the screen.



    “Darn it, he got us again.”

    “Can’t God Yun just stay quiet for a moment and let me savor that cool play?”

    “Why is it that a man so handsome in appearance and so cool in gameplay isn’t mute? It pains my heart.”

    “I’m truly amazed. Is it necessary to praise such gameplay so excessively? After you all praised him, what is there left for me to praise? Seriously, it’s frustrating.”

    “? Unsheathes sword, looks around in confusion.”

    “? I’ll put away my thirty-meter-long sword and cut you a watermelon.”

    “F*ck you… Stay healthy and may everything go well for you.”

    “I was quick, and the blade has already fallen. Be careful in your next life.”

    Yang Yunche put away his bow and stood beside two soul mounds, motionless.

    Just when the barrage of comments thought that Yang Yunche had disconnected, a very conspicuous ID suddenly appeared in the scrolling comments.

    ZMD-Yunche: “”Streamer, that move was too cool! Streamer, I love you!””

    The IDs of professional players have unique official verification symbols, making them easily recognizable among the numerous comments.

    After this comment appeared, the in-game Yang Yunche finally moved and started opening the soul mounds to collect the rewards while responding, “Thank you for your support.”

    Audience in the livestream chat: “…”

    So, you were standing still in the game while sending that comment, right?


    “Streamer, no self-indulgence allowed.”

    “Baobei, can you create another account and post again? It’s really awkward.”

    “After so much effort to livestream just once, can you please shoulder the burden of being an idol for once? Please?”

    “I couldn’t help but look at the picture of God Yun on my phone case… Is this really the same person?”

    “Don’t be fooled by his handsome appearance, sisters. It’s not too late to unfollow him now.”

    “I don’t get it, is this ZMD Captain’s livestream room?”

    “Oops, wrong place. This is Yang Yunche’s cousin, Yang *Ersha’s, livestream room.”

    *er – stupid in Beijing dialect, sha – foolish

    Yang Yunche was completely unaffected by the barrage of comments. After collecting the rewards and searching around the Dark Village, he ran towards the direction of Huntian City.

    At this time, Huntian City should be almost finished with the battle.

    Suddenly, Yang Yunche’s gaze focused on a series of kill notifications that flashed in the corner.

    “Ye Shao used a Tang Sword to kill Lonely No More.”

    “Ye Shao used a Tang Sword to kill Seven Liang Liquor.”

    “Big brother, can you give me Golden Armor? I’m cold. Used a Dagger to Kill If You Dare, Come and Peel It Yourself.”

    “Ye Shao used a Tang Knife to kill Galaxy Livestream’s – Ta Xue.”

    In the consecutive kill notifications, the same name appeared prominently, causing people to take notice.

    Yang Yunche looked at that ID and inexplicably felt a sense of familiarity.

    In the consecutive kill notifications, the same name appeared prominently, causing people to take notice.

    Yang Yunche looked at that ID and inexplicably felt a sense of familiarity.

    “Ye Shao?”

    He remembered. It was just two days ago when he mentioned this name to Fu Zhou.

    They were in the same game?

    Yang Yunche paused for a moment, then continued running towards Hun Tian City.

    He had asked Fu Zhou to pay special attention to this streamer before. Now, he had the opportunity to test the waters.

    As for the name of the player killed by Ye Shao, Ta Xue or something like that, Yang Yunche seemed to have some impression, but after thinking for a while, he couldn’t recall it, so he let it go.

    “I can’t believe it!”

    There was a momentary look of astonishment on Ta Xue’s face, followed by frustration. “Why is it this guy again?”

    This guy named Ye Shao just wouldn’t go away!

    Last time, he was killed by him with a dagger, and now they ended up in the same match again. There were countless Platinum-ranked players, and thousands of matches were generated every minute. How could it be so coincidental?

    And this time was even worse. Previously, they could exchange a few moves, but this time Ta Xue was directly blown away by Ye Shao’s explosive sword attack. And while Ta Xue was still recovering from the recoil, the opponent unleashed a fully charged Thunderbolt, dealing nearly 1000 points of high damage and instantly killing him.

    It was unbelievable!

    Ta Xue was in a terrible mood. Ta Xue didn’t even have the mood to read the barrage. He could imagine how the barrage would mock him. A skilled streamer known for his sword fighting techniques, and yet he was blown away by a sword attack? It was a great humiliation to be known for.

    “I’m ending the stream.”

    Ta Xue said in frustration, disregarding the scrolling barrage. He opened the system panel and swiftly ended the stream.

    Sitting in the control room, Ta Xue became angrier the more he thought about it. Why?

    Why me?

    I refuse to accept it!

    He must be cheating!

    Ta Xue’s face turned red with anger. Suddenly, he remembered that the barrage had mentioned this person called Ye Shao, who seemed to be a new streamer on the Galaxy platform. Just started streaming recently?

    An unknown streamer like him could be so strong? If he truly had such skill, he would have been scouted and gone professional long ago. Why would he still be streaming here?

    There must be something fishy.

    Ta Xue thought indignantly. He quickly got up, opened the Galaxy streaming platform, and swiftly searched for the name “Ye Shao.” Sure enough, Chen Xingran’s stream appeared at the top of the search results.

    He opened the stream and saw the first-person perspective of the streamer. This Ye Shao, the Shadow Dancer, was still battling fiercely in Huntian City. The flurry of swordplay filled the screen, and the barrage was flooded with “666” messages.

    Ta Xue turned off the barrage, his gaze fixed on the screen, filled with a cold smirk.

    Others may not see it, but can’t I, a top fifty player in the solo ranking, see through it?

    I want to see for myself what cheat you’re using.


    Chen Xingran acted decisively, leaving no time for the opponent to catch their breath. A series of oppressive sword techniques swiftly shattered the Divine Frost’s defenses, causing them to explode with a burst attack. Then, with the long-accumulated power, Chen Xingran unleashed Thunderclap, a relentless onslaught accompanied by faint thunderous rumbles, severing the Divine Frost in two!


    The Divine Frost’s body fell to the ground, dissipating into white light as the soul mound quietly materialized.

    The sixth kill was recorded.

    As expected, Chen Xingran once again proved himself as the God of War in this match.

    Thunderclap was swift and forceful, but its shortcomings were also apparent. Sacrificing all defense for offense left no room for retreat. It required a brief moment of power accumulation to build up momentum and engage the muscles. Even in the previous life, Chen Xingran dared not use this move lightly.

    However, Destiny, the game they were in, perfectly suited Thunderclap.

    The cost of the burst attack was a brief period of stiffness that couldn’t be dispelled by any control skill. It was a solid form of control. Although the stiffness time was short, it coincided perfectly with Chen Xingran fully charging Thunderclap.

    It was as if the game’s mechanics were tailor-made for Thunderclap.

    As long as the enemy was caught in the burst attack, they would suffer the terrifying high damage of the fully charged Thunderclap. This turned Thunderclap from a move with risks and rewards into a stable output technique, minimizing the risks and exponentially increasing the rewards.

    In four words, it could be described as “Blade burst imminent death.”

    The barrage erupted with a burst of intense rainbow-colored compliments.

    Chen Xingran’s Tang Sword was a delightful sight, a perfect blend of danger and elegance. It was a visual pleasure that never grew tiresome no matter how many times you looked at it. Instead, it made people increasingly amazed at the exquisite mastery of his swordsmanship.

    As Chen Xingran observed the surroundings, he took the opportunity to consume a healing item. The Divine Frost in front of him seemed well-equipped, having likely killed many people within the Huntian City. Their backpack was filled with purple weapons, along with a dazzling golden armor piece.

    Without hesitation, Chen Xingran switched to the golden armor. With all three armor pieces in optimal condition, he began sharpening his sword using a repair tool right where he stood.

    The Huntian City was exceptionally quiet. The second poisonous zone had already started shrinking, and while the city remained within the safe zone, there were very few living players left. There were no sounds of footsteps around him.

    Suddenly, Chen Xingran’s ears twitched imperceptibly.


    A barely audible sound of air being pierced. The sharp arrow whizzed through the main road, creating a gust of wind that sent cherry blossoms fluttering in the air like pink silk.

    Chen Xingran swiftly sidestepped, tilting his upper body backward. A feathered arrow grazed past his throat, heavily embedding itself into the wall in front of him.

    The tremendous impact caused the arrowhead to bury completely into the wall, while the feathers trembled rapidly in front of him, causing Chen Xingran to squint his eyes involuntarily.

    An archer?

    In the next instant, he swiftly turned around, drawing his Tang Sword like lightning. The speed was so fast that it produced a brief, sharp whistling sound in the air. The sword’s gleaming blade swiftly passed by, a fleeting brilliance!

    A feathered arrow was sliced in half, splitting apart along the razor-sharp edge of the Tang Sword. The impact carried by the arrow caused Chen Xingran’s right hand, gripping the sword, to tremble slightly. Then, the split arrowhead fell to the ground with a dull thud.

    Chen Xingran had a sense that something was amiss. He lifted his head and gazed into the distance.

    A few hundred meters away from him, a figure clad in a white assassin’s garb, with two severed chain-linked iron scythes wrapped around his arms, half squatted on the rooftop of the City Lord’s mansion. From this vantage point, he could oversee a large portion of the Huntian City.

    Within his field of vision, beneath the cherry blossom trees, the slender figure of a white-clad assassin seemed to have noticed him and gazed in his direction.

    The cherry blossoms fluttered down gracefully, tracing a path along the exposed sharp edge of his slender Tang sword hanging at his waist. It appeared as if drops of crimson blood were dripping from the tip of the blade, staining his white assassin’s attire. It was like an unfolding, fiercely intense painting, slowly revealing its killing intent.

    One arrow was an ambush aimed straight at the throat, while the other arrow was a lethal move from a blind spot in the field of view.

    With utmost confidence, he managed to repel both arrows, something that had never happened before.

    Yang Yunche’s expression grew more serious. He stood up slowly, causing the chains attached to his arms to produce a soft rattling sound, resembling the drumbeats before a battle, heralding the beginning of a fight.

    In the vast Huntian City, there were countless dim gray soul mounds scattered around, bearing witness to a fierce battle that had taken place here. Knife marks could be seen all over the walls, dilapidated houses, and shattered wooden scaffolding. Danger lurked everywhere, like a ravenous beast with its jaws wide open, ready to engulf the two figures standing apart from each other.

    Amidst Yang Yunche’s serious and inquisitive gaze, Chen Xingran made a slow movement.

    He resembled a true ancient assassin. Before the next cherry blossom petal touched the ground, his figure subtly shifted, vanishing like a ghost into the nearby building beside the main road, disappearing from Yang Yunche’s line of sight in an instant.

    Yang Yunche was momentarily stunned.

    He hadn’t been mistaken.

    Before the white-clad assassin beneath the cherry blossom tree vanished, he made a gesture towards him.

    Extending his right hand, he brought his fingers together like a blade and lightly pressed them against his own throat, then gave a slight motion—

    It was an unmistakable provocation.

    Yang Yunche couldn’t help but chuckle.

    —It was a gesture straight out of a period drama, somehow inexplicably cute in its teenage naivety.

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