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Sharpening The Knife Doesn't Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow

Sharpening The Knife Doesn’t Delay The Cutting of Vegetables With The Bow[eSports]: Chapter 22

22. Theory Analysis Course

The courses in the eSports department are not many. Apart from some industry-related knowledge and mandatory eSports theory courses, the rest of the time is relatively relaxed.

However, the students in the eSports department have practical assessments every half semester, similar to mid-term and final exams. At the end of each semester, in addition to theory exams, credits are calculated based on the highest in-game rank, average number of games, and other in-game data. If the combined credits from theory and practical assessments do not reach the passing line, the graduation certificate becomes quite risky.

On the way to the classroom, Wu Feiang talked to Chen Xingran about some recent gossip in the school.

“That guy, Dong Qiyi, has reached the Asura rank in the fourth division.”

Wu Feiang sneered, “He keeps posting match result screenshots on his Moments, along with captions like ‘hard work pays off, there’s no such thing as genius, just secretly working hard when it’s quiet at night.’ This guy is as fake as a plastic bag, pretending so much!”

Halfway through his words, Wu Feiang suddenly stopped, glancing at Chen Xingran with caution.

“Quite impressive.”

Chen Xingran smiled, showing no change in expression.

“…Aren’t you worried?”

Wu Feiang asked curiously, “The semester assessment is in a week. How’s your practice going? I heard that the practical assessment requirements for this season will be higher. If your rank is not good enough, I can ask my cousin to team up with you and boost your rank?”

Chen Xingran was surprised, “Is that possible?”

“In theory, it’s not allowed.”

Wu Feiang cleared his throat, “The teachers will check the ranks and records, but it should be fine. At that time, you can play on a smurf account, and my cousin will play on your account, just try to get higher KDA and more kills. They probably won’t check that closely.”

He had Chen Xingran on his gaming friend list and checked his main account’s rank last night. It was still hovering on the edge of Silver, and the rank hadn’t improved much in the past two days, which made him a bit worried.

In fact, Chen Xingran had been playing on a newly registered account these days, and his solo rank had already reached Diamond. Solo rank tests individual skills, which is much harder than the squad rank. The practical assessment requires the squad rank to be at least Diamond, but for solo rank, it only requires Gold.

Chen Xingran shook his head, “No need, I can do it myself.”

Seeing Chen Xingran looking calm, Wu Feiang felt like he was trying to prove something, but he didn’t say anything else.

If Chen Xingran’s rank really doesn’t meet the requirement at the time, he could ask his cousin to help a day before the assessment. It’s relatively easy for the training camp players to boost an account to Gold in solo rank.

The two arrived at the public classroom and found adjacent seats to sit down.

As the students gradually filled the classroom, among them was Dong Qiyi’s figure.

Seeing that there were no vacant seats next to Chen Xingran and Wu Feiang, Dong Qiyi hesitated for a moment. Instead of going to another seat with his friends, he walked a little further and sat down a bit behind Chen Xingran.

“He’s really persistent.” Wu Feiang glanced at Dong Qiyi from the corner of his eye and sneered.

The morning class was a mandatory theory class, taught by a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties. He was also a graduate from the first electrical engineering university and was once a famous professional player when he was young. After retiring, he became a teacher at the university and also worked part-time as a tactical coach in the gaming club. He was a highly respected senior in the gaming community.

As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, the previously chattering public room immediately quieted down.

After a brief introduction and roll call, the class began.

The teacher played a video on the holographic screen in the classroom, showing two players fighting in the city of Hun Tian. One was a Shadow Dancer, and the other was a Iron Chains Scythe. They were battling fiercely in the square in front of the Lord’s Mansion, and the outcome of the fight was hard to predict.

The more Chen Xingran watched, the more familiar it seemed, and then he realized—

Wasn’t this the video of his match with Yang Yunche from yesterday?

The students in the audience were whispering to each other.

“I think I saw this video on the forum yesterday…”

“Is that Iron Chain Scythe player God Yun?”

“It must be him. Who is the other Shadow Dancer player?”

“Ye Shao? I haven’t heard of him. Is he a professional player?”

The gaming world updates rapidly, and new tactics and strategies are constantly developed. Therefore, in theory classes, apart from classic battles, videos from not too distant past are usually not used as teaching materials.

After playing the video, the teacher asked, “Have you all seen this video?”

“Some of us have…”

“I haven’t…”

“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen it. Some of you may recognize the players in the video, while others may not, but that’s not important.”

The teacher smiled slightly, “The main purpose today is to analyze the game theory elements in this video.”

“You should all be familiar with Yang Yunche, right? He’s a unique player in the Destiny Professional League.”

The teacher paused the video at a certain frame, where Yang Yunche had just evaded Cheng Xingran’s tricky attack angle and changed his sword to a bow and arrow in an instant.

“Let’s start by looking at this move. Yang Yunche’s style focuses on defense. At this moment, his sword is in a defensive position, capable of defending against most frontal attacks. Now, observe the opponent, the Shadow Dancer. He is very clever; his attack angle cleverly avoids Yang Yunche’s horizontal block. He chooses a cunning angle to strike at the weakest point of Yang Yunche’s defense. From Yang Yunche’s perspective, this is challenging, as no matter which position he chooses to fight from, he would be forced to defend and be dragged into the opponent’s rhythm. So, he chooses to retreat and switch to the bow…”

The teacher continued the detailed analysis, and the students below were captivated, hearing numerous psychological strategies in what seemed to be just a simple encounter.

Cheng Xingran was equally engrossed in the explanation.

Although he was one of the main characters in the video, he didn’t think much during the fight. It was like something etched into his instincts – when to attack, when to pursue, and when to defend.

Now, listening to the teacher’s detailed theoretical analysis, he realized why he deliberately exposed his vulnerability at that moment, attempting to trick Yang Yunche into attacking, but the latter chose to retreat.

No wonder Yang Yunche was the captain of ZMD.

“Now, let’s take a look at the Shadow Dancer.”

The teacher froze the frame, zooming in, “His movements are very coordinated and smooth. While his right hand strikes, his waist and legs are exerting force simultaneously. In fact, this even violates the motion correction rules because the system doesn’t usually consider such fine adjustments. This is the advantage of having high freedom. If the motion correction is over 60%, it’s impossible to do this. So, I estimate that the Shadow Dancer’s motion correction is probably below 30%.”

“Isn’t that similar to Captain Lu Mingyu’s style?”

“No wonder I felt something strange while watching the video. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to perform such moves even if I tried to imitate them…”

“Teacher, do you know whose alternate account this is?”

The teacher shook his head, “I don’t know. His style doesn’t match anyone in the current professional league. He might be an exceptional amateur player or someone who practices in the training rooms regularly. Not only me, but many professional teams are also trying to find information about this Shadow Dancer. Whether they have any leads, I can’t say. Anyway, those of you interested in practicing the game should study this player’s style as there’s much to learn.”

The teacher lectured while continuing to play the video, pausing and zooming in from time to time, breaking down each move.

The video finally stopped at the scene where Yang Yunche leaped into the air, turned back and released a stunning mid-air shot, and was then intercepted by Cheng Xingran’s thunderous strike.

“The timing and angle of this shot are impeccable. I can confidently say that in the entire professional league, there are very few who can react to and receive this shot, let alone respond with an attack.”

The teacher marveled at Yang Yunche’s archery, then asked, “According to common sense, making a counterattack so quickly in such a short time is beyond the human reaction limit. Does anyone know how this Shadow Dancer achieved it?”

The students below looked at each other.

How did he do it? No one knew.

If they were to answer, they might even think about hacking, but the teacher already ruled that out.

Seeing the students remain silent, the teacher glanced at the class and randomly pointed to someone, “You, answer this question.”


Suddenly, Wu Feiang was chosen, and he stood up looking puzzled, “Me?”

“Yes,” the teacher encouraged him with an expectant look.


Wu Feiang froze.

Why did they pick him? There were more than a hundred students in the class. Why did he have to be the one?


While he was at a loss, he heard Cheng Xingran’s low voice saying something.

Wu Feiang subconsciously followed Cheng Xingran’s words, blurting out, “…intuition.”

The teacher looked satisfied, “Well said, please sit down.”

Wu Feiang sat down, still feeling dazed, as if he had survived a disaster.

“Thank goodness for you!”

Wu Feiang quietly patted Cheng Xingran’s shoulder, “You’re really good at theory classes. I almost died just now… Thanks, I’ll treat you to something later.”

Cheng Xingran shrugged, neither confirming nor denying.

At that moment… he did rely on instinct to respond. It wasn’t exactly intuition, but rather the kind of alertness that belonged to a warrior, a moment when he felt danger like being locked onto by a falcon, sending chills down his spine, and making his body instinctively tense up, reacting faster than his brain.

Dong Qiyi was sitting not far behind them and observed their whispered conversation.

He had been paying attention to Cheng Xingran throughout the class, not fully focused on the lecture. Although he couldn’t hear their conversation clearly, he clearly saw Cheng Xingran’s lips move when Wu Feiang stood up and subsequently answered the teacher’s question.

Dong Qiyi looked at Cheng Xingran with some confusion, his gaze carrying a hint of curiosity.

This guy, whom he had known since high school, had always been somewhat reclusive, silent, and even cowardly in his impression.

But now, Dong Qiyi realized something.

He seemed to have never truly understood Cheng Xingran.

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